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Big Brother 19- Overnight Recap 7/10


Hey everyone! I’m finally back for the summer to cover your overnight recaps and probably some afternoon updates as well whenever Steve needs it. I had knee surgery the day before BB19 started so I had to be MIA for a couple weeks. I’m so excited to be following another season with all of you guys again!

Okay enough intro…lets get into the feeds:

  • 9:00- Cody and Jess are in the have not room talking about the possibility of a battle back. Jess thinks Paul will be planning to try and evict Alex so that she can be the one to come back. Cody doesn’t think Paul is even thinking about a battle back.
    • The frog couple decides to go take showers and the feeds switch to the kitchen where Paul and his crew are snacking and chatting about random stuff.
    • Elana and Mark leave to go to the back bedroom. (What are we calling this room? The flower room? The showmance room?)
    • Paul and Raven join them and Paul is bitching again about Ramses clearly not throwing the comp and said  if he keeps talking about it he’s going to kill him.
    • Mark decides to go pull Ramses aside to let him know that he’s pissing off him and Paul. He leaves the room but doesn’t seem to be making any moves toward Ramses yet.
    • Paul talks to Elana and Raven about tattoos and out in the kitchen Christmas and Jason are making toad jokes.
  • 9:30- Mark has rejoined Paul, Elana, Raven, and Matt in the showmance room.
    • Paul is telling the girls they need to be careful because some people dedicate their summer to catching nudes on the BB feeds.
    • He’s rambling about things from his season and talking shit on James. He’s mentions how hardcore his fans are.
    • Meanwhile in the money room Alex is taking off her makeup and Kevin is awkwardly watching her do it.
  • 10:15- Paul has gone to the kitchen and he notices the camera following him so he starts dancing for us.
    • They take out some cookies they made earlier and someone made a mess with them which causes Raven to lose her shit because she bleached everything earlier to get rid of the ants.
    • Lockdown is over so we have a very happy house now.
    • Paul is bragging because he apparently called the exact time the yard would open.
    • All cams are outside, not much going on now except pool, working out, and cuddling.
  • 11:30- People are starting to head to bed or just hanging out.
    • Side note: I am so entirely amused watching the frogs hopping everywhere.
  • 12:00- Jason and Alex are in the money room where Alex is talking about how much she can’t stand Jessica. She’s saying that shes mean and fake.
    • Alex asks Jason if he was talking to Cody about a battle back and that he shouldn’t talk to him about that stuff.
    • Jason is torn because he promised he wouldn’t vote against Cody but Alex says that the house wants it to be a landslide so he really should vote Cody out because the house will know it was him.
    • Jason is thinking about who he might put up if he wins HOH and suggests Ramses and Josh. Alex agrees but then says they need to get Christmas out because she’s stirring the crazy pot.
    • Alex says she wants to get the girls out before a wall comp because then she’ll have a better chance of winning. She points out that Raven is a strong physical threat since she is a dancer.
    • Alex says to suck all their dicks until jury and then they’ll get them out.
    • Alex continues to coach Jason for a while and he basically is sitting there worshiping her.
    • Outside Paul is talking again about last season to anyone willing to listen and then after a while Elana begins to school him on longhorns.
  • 12:45- Alex and Christmas are in the kitchen talking about Christmas’ injury.
    • She says that she would never forgive herself if she got evicted because of it and that she’s fine with being evicted based on game play but not an injury.
    • They start talking about Ramses not throwing the veto and about how he is telling everyone a different story about who he voted for on Thursday.
    • Cam switches to Kevin and Paul in the HOH room and Kevin is mad that Ramses is trying to convince people that Kevin is lying about his vote (he is).
  • 1:45- Alex and Josh go to the apple room to talk and Josh is pretty much just venting about Jess. He is saying he wants to call her out and Alex just warns him to be careful because he has to live in the house with Cody for four more days and her for 7 more days.
    • He says he will stay calm and won’t curse but is mad that she called him a little bitch on live TV in front of his family.
    • He apologizes to Alex for Jillian leaving and she kind of shrugs it off but points out that they would be in control of the house right now if she was still here.

I’m going to wrap this post up. Nothing else really interesting happens the rest of the night. Stay tuned for afternoon updates!


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  1. ElaineB

    Good to have you back with us Amy!

  2. AIO_7

    Welcome back, Amy.

  3. Mel

    Welcome back!

  4. Mel

    It seems like Paul still wants to kill Ramses! He’s good at pointing targets on other people and getting his followers to get on board. Kevin has to want Ramses gone soon to keep his voting secret safe. It won’t stay safe forever becauae Paul knows and he’ll use it when he needs to.

    Alex wants the girls out before the wall comp to increase her chances at einning. She says it’s a better comp for women. I hope she remembers it’s not the only comp they play and doesn’t get tunnel vision. I think the truth is that she gets along better with the men and and that’s the real reason she and that’s the real reason she wants to target the women
    It’s true so I can respect that.

    I’ve thought Dom was playing a good game (with the exception of all the voices she’s hearing) and she’s smart to take Mark away from Elena. She’s pushing way too hard and too fast for it imo. If she isn’t careful, it could backfire. She needs to keep being his therapist and the mother figure he obviously wants and lay off the jealously angle. Elena has his desire but Dom has his trust. It’s been a smart gameplay but it’s also been painful watching her break him down in order to rebuild him better, stronger and team Dom. That guys going to need some serious therapy when this shows over. It’s a perfect example of why people should have a license to practice almost anything. The voice of God angle isn’t terrible completely. I think it’s going to be her way of not taking responsibility for anything she does in the game. Fair is fair-if half the house can say “Paul told me to” then why can’t Dom say “God told me to?”

    • danmtruth

      Dom is a very smart person Who also is very good at manipulating people Her dime store deep thoughts are not deep or profound She does a good job at delivery making it sound more important

    • Avatar
      Helen (5154 comments)

      Dom plays the jealousy card a lot….she told Mark yesterday that she was building a relationship with Kevin earlier in game but now she’s getting closer to Paul that Kevin is jealous.

  5. Colby

    Welcome back, Amy.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  6. Colby

    I saw something on Joker’s last night that Christmas said her surgery was pushed out until Wednesday. Whoever she was talking to (Paul I think) asked if she still had to leave today and she said yes, but then fish…….

  7. Avatar

    I’m voting for Ramses to win the halting hex. He has gotten a raw deal so far. I believe he could benefit the most from it, use it the most wisely, and it will have the largest effect in his hands.

  8. Katheryn

    UUG. I am so sick of Paul already

    • Avatar

      Me too! His ego is atrocious. I also really wish he would shave that hipster beard. Maybe they can make it a punishment for one of the temptations! I think he’d be easier to look at without it.

      • feltso gudinya

        his cartoon billboard body is a sea of bad ink. the bacteria infested beard is the rancid icing on the cake. he is repellent…

      • Mel

        Feltso, glad to see
        you’re being your happy self. Lol

      • Avatar

        Rancid icing on the cake. Hahaha. I wouldn’t want to find those beard stragglers all over my house. Yuck!

        I wouldn’t mind Matt short ones! Haha

      • feltso gudinya

        i just don’t care for people who look like they need to be flea dipped….he also has beady eyes and thin lips….don’t trust people with beady eyes and thin lips…and i really enjoy your (mell) posts.

  9. feltso gudinya

    according to jokers it appears the pov ceremony has taken place. i don’t see any changes in hg status. did paul let noms stand?…..

  10. Shivani33

    Alex looks like a pint-sized jock yet said that she’s had 5 plastic surgeries. She joked about getting some boobs, so what else? It can’t be 5 boob jobs or her rack would look like Michael Jackson’s nose. One guess is that she had her eyes done. I think that she didi her her pre-ops homework and looks good. I don’t love her hair color choice.

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  12. Avatar

    The more this group plot on Ramses the more inclined I feel to give him a temptation soon. I’d like to see him stay and make it because he’s only guilty of trying to save himself. And I think he’ll give the group a run on those mental comp’s.

    • Avatar

      I understand he was trying to save himself but it would have also blocked replacing Cody. He should have thrown it for the greater good in this case. Of course under a normal veto a player wouldn’t block a replacement, that’s why Paul wasn’t stopping Alex and Josh from trying to get it. Ramses wouldn’t have even been 2nd choice to evict if Cody wasn’t on the block for some reason.

  13. Mel

    Normal day in BB house. Josh has argued with Cody and Jessica, Josh must have been a smart ass in his speech and it wasn’t well rec’d. Highlights: Josh called Cody a meatball and said something about him having his last supper, Jessica is going to ask Josh even day if his diapers been changed and Cody is going to tell people on the ‘outside’ that Josh is a pervert.

    Jason’s been busy trying to get back in with Paul. It isn’t working because Paul told Kevin to vote for Ramses on Thursday to cause suspicion. Paul knows it will be blamed on Jason. Kevin agreed after he made Paul agree that no one would know about it. Shortly after, Kevin started telling Elena the votes would be 9-2 and he knew someone was going to throw a hinky vote. ???? Why Kevin, why?????

    * I don’t know when this happened but I just saw a clip of Kevin advertisin. He g for oil absorbent wipes and it was fantastic. He cracks me up but I still can’t tell who he’s playing, Paul or Jason. Maybe both?

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