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Big Brother 19 – Round 1 Of The HoH Competition Results


Good morning, everyone!

Quick update from the house. The feeds remained down last night until round 1 of the HoH competition was finished because why would we want to watch such an important competition play out on the feeds?  Well, it’s usually important, but we all knew what was going to happen. That said, the biggest surprise is that Christmas was able to compete and lasted longer than Josh. Well, it’s not a surprise that she outlasted Josh, but a surprise that she was able to play.

As far as the update – Paul won. Shocker, right?  He will advance to the final round and play against the winner of the next competition which will be Christmas vs Josh. It should be Josh considering the second round is usually much physical than any other round, but I have no doubt they’ll find a way to make her play. Not that it matters because I have almost no doubt Paul will win the final round against either of them. Looking at the jury last night, it’s clear Paul is not going to have a very difficult time getting the votes to win. Alex already showed resistance against Jason when he suggested voting anyone but Paul. That means she’ll easily talk him into voting for Paul to win. Raven is obviously going to vote for him which means Matt will as well. And from listening to Kevin post-eviction, he holds no grudge against Paul and thinks he was the best player in the house.  There are 5 votes right there even if the other 4 go rogue (they won’t).  Paul should have at least 7 votes to win this season.


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  1. Avatar

    Raven saying they were the “Puppet Masters” lol I almost fell out of my chair!! 😀

  2. Wendy

    Seriously everytime I see Christmas it’s like she is falling deeper and deeper in love with Paul. At this point she looks like a 12 year old girl following around her teen pop star sensation. I just turned on the live feeds and even in her sleep she is smiling in his direction. Yuck. If they ask her to be a returning player… I will just throw up. That seems to be her only goal this season… to return next season!! And she is in final 3 what is wrong with her. Fight and win beat Paul at his own game. Instead she is his right hand man, left hand man. At this point I want Josh to upset Paul and take him out win it all.

  3. Avatar

    Take a ways from last night show.

    I found Jury House Feeds far more interesting and entertaining than the Contestant House.

    Cody was hilarious and you can tell he is very salty. Will someone please get Raven some therapy she may not only be the stupidest person ever to play Big Brother but she maybe the stupidest person on Earth. Jason really needs to clue in. Even when Alex showed him the footage and proved she was not in on his eviction he still had a hard time putting two and two together that Paul was the master mind behind all those on Jury now.

    Speaking of Paul he is the true definition of a douche. He is overplaying now. I will grant him he has played the best game of BB you can possibly play and thanks to the producers and other factors everything has gone his way without a hitch. So there was no need to lie to Kevin after telling Alex the truth. Why did he play so hard in the Veto if he 100% trusts his alliance. Tells me he is not fully on board with Josh and he will be taking Christmas to the end. Which is no surprise given they all ready knew each other before they even got into the house and had a final two deal in place before production even started. But once again he has to lie to Kevin and say “Christmas must of went rogue” little does he know Josh once again ran him over with a bus. Which makes Paul look like an idiot which in fact he is.

    My 8 yr old daughter figured out on her own that the answers to the Veto competition are feed to the contestants in some way. Either prior to the comp or someone off camera is showing them the answers or they have an ear piece in. We are talking about a group of people that can barely spell their own names suddenly remembering the exact days when people did what? I don’t buy it for a second not after what I saw with the Word Race Comp. (Worst job of acting in history btw). I also noticed Kevin buzzed in with the correct answer when and had to press his button twice by that time he was the last to ring in despite ringing before the others with the correct answer. “Can you say rigged?” I know the contestants cannot spell Rigged.

    So Paul wins the first leg of the competition to be in final 2. He is going to final 2 no matter what due to Christmas is head over heels in love with him and Josh talks a lot but does NOTHING! Also, Production would have none of it. They want Paul in the final for ratings and to complete their mission.

    If Paul doesn’t win BB this time then he needs to give it up. He has hand picked contestants helping him, Production helping him and God knows how many sheep (Fans) supporting him.

    I still strongly suspect he will be the Bridesmaid and I will laugh my ass off. “Best laid plans of Mice and Men” that is a quote from a book people something no one in that house has ever read beyond the Bible.

    VOTES (as I see them. I am sure the Paul Minions will disagree)

    Christmas vs Paul

    Cody.. Christmas
    Elena. Christmas
    Mark. Christmas
    Matt. Paul
    Jason. Christmas
    Raven. Paul
    Alex. Christmas
    Kevin. Christmas
    Josh. Christmas

    Cue Julie.. By a vote of 7 to 2 “CHRISTMAS Congratulations you have won Big Brother”

    Paul vs Josh

    Cody. Josh
    Elena. Josh
    Mark. Josh
    Matt. Paul
    Jason. Josh
    Raven. Paul
    Alex. Paul
    Kevin Paul
    Christmas Paul

    Cue Julie by a Vote of 5 to 4 Paul you have finally won a fixed BB.

    • Avatar

      Paul has already said that he will take Josh to the end in his private talks with the camera while no one else is around. He is under the impression that he can’t be Christmas, so he said that he will take Josh. I think this is great because I can’t wait to see the look on her face when he doesn’t take her 🙂

    • Avatar

      I’m not so sure production wants Paul to win or even be in final 2. The way they are editing things makes me think they are sick of him too. But who really knows!

  4. LindsayB

    Kevin was classy last night. He understood he was on a tv show. He understood he was playing a game. He actually lived through the things that have so many people passionately upset and isn’t bitter about it. Based on that, I think the only thing he will be upset about will be Alex’s and Jason’s molester and rape comments. He set a great example.

    • Avatar

      Kevin has been the only person with class on the show. That is the maturity factor he handles himself with grace and is well spoken. Doesn’t get sucked into any of the games the kids want to play.

      Shame he was not taken to the very end for sure he would of beat Paul. I really hope Kevin gets AFP! The show needs more people like Kevin and less people like Josh, Raven, Matt, Alex…et al.

  5. kneeless

    Yes, Xmas is definitely showing more signs of her love for Paul. After feeds came back, they were getting called to the DR one right after the other. Josh & X were getting something to eat & after they sat down at the table, X looked in the mirror & couldn’t get over how long her hair has gotten. Paul comes out of DR, Josh called in. Now Paul & X are eating & X keeps tossing her hair back. Didn’t happen a few times but over & over. She gave him a come hither smile. Later she crawled into bed with him. She is very obvious & I want to gag!

  6. Avatar

    I am confused why CBS, BB Houseguests and folks on this blog are so eager to give Paul the money?

    Yes, he played the best game but he F’d over everyone to get there even when he did have to. He didn’t have to win Veto at all costs last night. He didn’t have to toss a vote to Alex and make Josh and Christmas look like the bad Guy’s. He didn’t have to give Kevin his word and then lie about Christmas going Rogue.

    I don’t like Josh but good on him for setting the record straight and calling Paul out on his B.S.

    Alex gets royally screwed over by Paul and she still wants him to win?

    I need more friends and clients like that that want to give me all I ask for no matter how badly I lie and mistreat them.

    Blows my mind.

    I maybe the lone voice here but I say F Paul! If I was on the Jury and it was my turn to ask a question to Paul. I would say “Paul I don’t want to hear any more of your lie’s or self congratulation. Whoever, you are up against I am voting for that person. I will not reward a dick”

    • LindsayB

      Probably because everyone is different. Everyone has their own experiences, thoughts, and opinions. It’s perfectly acceptable for you to think Paul hasn’t earned the title of BB winner just like it’s perfectly acceptable for me to think he has. Your reasons for thinking your way are no more or less valid than my reasons for thinking my way. You’re not going to change my mind. I’m not going to change yours.

      • Avatar

        I am not saying Paul has not earned the right to win BB. If it was strictly based on game play he wins hands down. He is the only one this season that actually played the game. The rest were just happy as a pig in shit to make Jury.

        I liked Paul a lot last season. I was into the whole friendship thing and the way he played he should have won BB18 over Nicole.

        However, this season he came across as a bit of a dick and over playing. He didn’t have to do a lot of the crap he did and when he watches it back and the rest of the cast watch it back they are going to say to themselves. Man Paul is a total douche. He out played me but what a slime.

        The only reason why I think Paul will lose is the flew a little too close to the sun. He could have eased up a little and got the same result and shown himself in a better light.

        I like he was honest with Alex. I hated his BS to Jason in the good bye speech he should of just said I cannot beat you in final two and ended it. Instead Josh called him out and exposed Paul. He could have been honest with Kevin like he was with Alex and said hey its the game thanks for your loyalty but I have a final two deal with Xmas and Josh and I am a man of my word. Kevin still would have handled it with class and Paul would come across as a snake.

        He did have to throw Christmas under the bus when Kevin left. He had Kevin’s vote in the bag now he has planted a seed of doubt especially when Josh again called Paul out.

        If Paul loses and he sees Josh’s comments post show. He is going to know Josh killed his game and he will see he comes across as a lying douche.

        I hope Paul wins so we can be done with him once and for all and not need to bring him back for BB20 to try and win again.

        I hope production picks a much better group for BB20. My gut tells me it maybe an All-Star show and we will be faced with Paul for a 3rd time. God help us all.

        Not sure I can endure a 3rd season of Paul. Just give him the $500K and ask him to go away.

    • Avatar

      Normally you can’t win BB without being a dick or doing something to make the other HG pissed off at you. Usually that’s the case. Dirtbag actually played a great game of BB, problem with him is he is not likeable. I think he’s prolly a fuckin asshole outside of the house too. Can’t wait til it’s over. Hopefully CelebrityBB is good and BB20 doesn’t disappoint. If they ever brought back Christmas for BB20 I’d be done with it for sure.

    • Avatar

      Part of playing a great game is treating people in a way that they WANT to vote for you to win. Last year Paul acted like an obnoxious ass to key people on the jury, hence the votes for Nicole. This year he had Josh act like an obnoxious ass. Yes, Josh had a choice, but he wasn’t thinking about the end game and votes like Paul was from the very beginning this time.
      He played Boston Rob’s Survivor game, with the exception that he was still obnoxious and still an ass to people.

      • Avatar

        Good point about last season v. this season with Paul. One thing Josh could argue is that even though Paul was the “puppet master” Josh was the one who did all of the heavy lifting and told the truth in goodbye messages and to people’s faces at various points. I hate the way Paul didn’t own his stuff.

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