Last night was a fairly slow one in the Big Brother 19 house with it eventually getting to the point where everyone was sitting around staring at the clock waiting for 10pm.  This season they carried over the forced awake time they had during OTT, so all houseguests must be awake from 10-10.

The biggest thing I picked up on was that Elana and Jessica are in a massive battle for attention yet I don’t think they realize it – or maybe they do. I should say Jessica is more into the fight than Elana is because Elana is winning and Jessica doesn’t seem to like that. Last night around the table, Elana was the center of attention with everyone around her while she mostly spoke with Matt leaving Mark kind of standing there lost and lonely (it was pathetic). After some time, Elana and Mark made their way into the living room and that is when Jessica decided to turn it up to 11 by getting louder and a bit more obnoxious.  It is fascinating to watch this unfold because they don’t realize it’s happening.  The crux of it happened when Jessica yelled out how funny it was that they were both wearing see-thru tops with no bra. Elana kind of shrugged it off while Jessica went back to fumbling over her own words.


(pervy note – Neither shirt was very see-thru. She probably would have been more accurate to note that neither was wearing a bra which was very obvious for both of them)

The things I notice when I’m overtired and watching the feeds.  No, not the braless part.  The attention battle.

Time to jump right into the feed updates….

  • 11:15am – The backyard was opened last night and today is the first full day they’re going to use it while on feeds
    • The camera points to Cody and he says he’s probably the least interesting person in the house.  Go find Josh
    • Alex chimes in saying how Josh has been weird and trying to climb in her bed
    • She says he asks her to be in a showmance constantly and it’s driving her nuts
    • Jillian comes over and says he has been doing that to her as well. Josh apparently wants a showmance with both of them.

      Mark can relate to feeling like he’s in a showmance with two people – Except his other is Matt

    • They say how Josh keeps talking to the camera saying how he’s not crazy (he is a bit crazy)
    • Mark thinks Josh is going to end up self-evicting
  • 11:35am – Jessica is sitting outside with Jillian and Ramses talking about temptations
    • Jessica says that Pandora’s Box isn’t a temptation.  ???
    • She also says all temptations are good.
    • They talk about how the next person who takes it will probably punish the house and joked they should be anally r*ped.. ok.
  • 12:15pm – Alex is talking about using the veto on Jillian which would result in her going home and saving Jason… weird
    • Alex is saying Christmas has daddy issues who is crawling into Kevin and Jason’s laps despite them being married
    • Cody comes in and talks to Jillian and Alex. He is saying he is loyal to Alex and is going to try to make a deal to keep them until jury
  • 12:45pm – The whispers are done for now. People are outside hanging out
    • Mark was using Ramses as weights for squats and now Paul is using him as examples for MMA moves
  • 2:15pm – Not a lot going on in the house. Paul chatting with Christmas and a few people are outside.
  • 3:45pm – Christmas and Jillian have been in the bathroom for awhile talking about various things. Nothing super exciting.  I am going to take a little break and run to the store. I will create a new thread when I get home