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Big Brother 19 Sunday Feed Updates


Good afternoon, everyone!  This season is so crazy where I am jam packed with information between Thursday and Saturday and then once the veto competition is over, the week can sometimes slow to a crawl. This appears to be one of those weeks.

With this week basically sealed minus some crazy coup against Paul that likely is not going to happen until after Cody is gone and possibly not until jury.  I did talk about how Paul is cruising through the game and compared it to Boston Rob, but one key factor I left out was the differences between the games. Survivor is fast paced where there is an eviction maybe every 2nd or 3rd day while Big Brother goes a full week. In that week, there is a lot of down time with a ton of paranoia. People begin reading into simple DR questions as if they’re being dropped hints (and sometimes they are) but with nobody to really talk to outside of each other, things get crazy between Sunday and Thursday every week.

Needless to say, controlling a group of people is much harder over the course of a summer in the BB house than it is on a remote island with plenty of places to roam for only 3 or so weeks.  That means Paul is no lock, and it also means the flip can happen at any time – including, but unlikely – this week.  All someone has to do is begin the momentum turning and suddenly whoever is sitting next to Cody will be sweating on Thursday night.


Alright, time for updates!

  • 12:20 pm – The frog family are out in the pool chatting.  I have a feeling they’re going to be spending a lot of time in this location until Thursday.
    • This is because they’re finally allowed to take off their suits, so expect this image a lot.
    • They really need to put a lily pad in that pool
  • 12:28 pm – Jason asks Jess/Cody what is so good about jury.
    • They tell him stuff Paul has told them, but Jason points out how he wasn’t even in jury
    • Cody says they over-glamourize things like that (he’s right)
    • Jess points out how he’s using jury as a gift to people before he goes on to win $500k.  Pretty sure the only people who can see the game for what it is are in the pool minus maybe Alex and Kevin
  • 12:39 pm – Cody is talking about what he wants to keep from the house
    • Jess jokingly asks if he wants her friendship bracelet – too soon, Jess.
  • 12:45 pm – Josh is doing some camtalk in the apple room
    • He is saying he completely trusts Christmas and Paul
    • He is saying how he has come a long way since the beginning. He had a lot of anxiety and said stupid stuff. This part is definitely true, he is by far the most changed since night 1
    • His strategy now is to make it to jury for now. Lay low. Keep quiet
    • Ramses is out the door, he’s done with him. He will work with Jason, Alex, and Kevin
    • He wants to cut the showmances and get in with Paul and Christmas. He doesn’t realize how far down that totem pole he would be.
  • 1:20 pm – I was pretty far behind to jumped live
    • Christmas is in the kitchen with Kevin talking to the camera about food
    • The frog family + Ramses are still out in the pool
  • Christmas moves into the apple room to talk to Josh
    • She is telling him he needs to be a floater. He can’t be mad at Ramses.
    • He is safe with Christmas and the team and will go far (jury)
  • 1:30 pm – Josh says he can’t believe he’s going to make it to jury
    • She tells him “we’ll make it further than jury if we play it right” – That’s when you know she’s lying.  Unless she’s proposing a final 2, he should see right through that (he won’t)
    • Christmas lets Josh know that Paul is using veto on him. He has a big sigh of relief.
    • Note – this is a classic mental trick. Put someone in a shitty situation and then offer them a lifeline. They’ll be so happy for the lifeline they’ll forget you put them in that shitty situation.
  • 1:40 pm – Elena comes in and Josh leaves to do some stuff
    • The two (Elena and Christmas) talk about how improved Josh has been
  • 2:30 pm – Kevin, Paul, Mark, and Elena are talking in the bedroom and Jason comes in
    • Paul insists there won’t be a battle back because they did it last year. Apparently he forgot to take account that someone quit which changes things
    • Paul tells Jason that he needs to make Alex feel comfortable because she’s on the block.
    • She won’t feel comfortable with Jason talking to Cody and Jess (so now he’s saying not to talk to his friends)
    • Jason asks who he is pulling off, and Paul says Josh
    • Paul asks Jason how he feels about Ramses after he (Rams) tried to win the PoV. Jason says he feels the same as day 1 when he threw the first HoH comp.
    • They all think he won the $25k (Kevin did)
    • Jason says Ramses is still trying to convince people that Jason (or Kevin) voted out Jillian.  It was Kevin
    • Paul says he is concerned Ramses is trying to make sidedeals with Jess/Cody and Jason says ‘no way, them two hate that somabitch’
  • Hilarious how nobody is on to Kevin throwing a huge wrench in this house
    • Paul tells Jason to make Alex feel comfortable.  Jason says “If Alex feels uncomfortable around me, she can kick rocks” lol
    • Jason doesn’t think Ramses is gay, either.  Elena says ‘no way, he’s seen my boobs so many times’
    • Paul asks how he (Jason) feels about Jess. Jason says he thinks she’s a sociopath and wants to slam her head into a toilet (ok)
  • 6:00 pm – Took a break, watched the CBS episode. It was okay but didn’t really leave much to recap
    • Kind of frustrating watching everyone just hand Paul the tickets. Nobody is even trying
    • Meanwhile, the house is on indoor lockdown because there was a plane with a banner outside. Probably wasn’t Big Brother related but they like to play it safe
  • 6:50 pm – Paul and his crew talking in the HoH about how they still feel Ramses tried to win
    • They are talking about confronting him about it. Poor kid

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    I wonder if the pendant Ramses got has the power to replace a nominee? It has BBR on it

  2. Shivani33

    Dominique has consistently been gathering information about which players she could shift, if and when she makes her moves to usurp Paul’s influence and power. Matt would be very useful to her. My opinion is that Paul is aware of Dominique’s tactics to some extent and is careful about what he says to her. Paul is good at keeping things civil and at disguising what he’s really thinking game-wise.

    I think that he knows, for example, that both Ramses and Dominique are smart enough to be threats to his dominance. Paul pretends to be done with Ramses because “he’s not trustworthy & loyal,” but Paul’s more realistic anti-Ramses thought could be that Ramses is a superfan who could become a smart wildcard of a player. In other words, Paul rallies the group of acolytes with whatever will distract and sway them. But I think that Paul sees potential threat coming from both Dominique and Ramses. With Dominique, Paul has to stay subtle and watch closely. He needs to be able to make a move against her, if necessary, before she comes after him. Poprah’s benevolent guru act is a cover for ambition.

    • Avatar

      Christmas is the same…..although I like her she is very manipulative…..she and dominque are the two of the houses biggest manipulators with their gift of smooth talk, questioning people but making them believe what they want to believe….they don’t really have to dig much…most of these people open up to them quite willingly.
      Alex is on to them both

    • NKogNeeTow

      Told you Shi, she soaks up stuff like a sponge. Up until later this week, you hardly ever heard a word out of Dom. She’s just sit drinking from her cup, and take in all information. And yep, I agree about the covered up ambition.

  3. Shivani33

    Christmas plays well as a spy for Paul, and Dominique keeps things to herself. I think Dominique is Paul’s most dangerous opponent and that she keeps her eyes on the goal of winning the game. I wonder when she’ll get nominated, since she works hard to be liked and trusted. It might not be easy to vote her out of the game. Alex seems more clever than smart. She’s kind of a tempermental cynic. That could end up making her expendable, especially since she’s also a definite physical comp threat. I don’t see her as a great mental player, though, either intellectually or psychologically. Kevin treats Alex like she’s a little grenade!

    • Avatar

      That’s why I’m rooting for her, I could deal a little less with her “talk show” segment, but at times it is interesting, but she could be the right player to take down Paul. I do realize that others are catching on little by little, but because she keeps quite about it, she could use that information to get others to get him put as well

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        I also noticed the other night during the pre-nomination HOH room pow-wow, Dom was the only person (other than Mark) who openly challenged Paul’s nonsensical logic in nominating Raven and Matt. She was the first person to challenge his logic, she did it multiple times throughout the conversation, and she was able to do it a much more diplomatic and composed manner than Mark. I knew then that Dom is definitely not under Paul’s spell like some of the other HGs, and I think if she ever got the opportunity to strike, she would take it.

      • Avatar

        exactly Gerardo! that’s why I like her, I might be in the minority of liking her, but I still enjoy her standing up to Paul, and hopefully getting him out. As much as I like Paul, I want him out

    • ElaineB

      Sometimes the quiet ones do well, in that they are hard to read. I haven’t seen Dom too much on the feeds, but if she is building relationships with some of the HGs, it could be good for her game. Alex is a pistol and can do some damage. Times I see her on the feeds, she can get a bit erratic though. Kevin might be a good balance for her.

  4. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    “Paul insists there won’t be a battle back because they did it last year”. Yeah Paul, they also brought vets back last year, so they definitely wouldn’t do that again this year. Oh wait…

    • Ann

      I think Paul is telling them there won’t be a Battle-Back so he can throw them off their game. He needs them to believe whatever it is that will further his game. I could be wrong but that’s just one way of looking at it.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Good point Ann. Some of the HGs really do take everything Paul says as gospel, so it could be a smart strategy on his part.

      • Shivani33

        I agree with every word, Ann. Same thought here. Paul is so good at psyching people out.

      • Ann

        But then again, if there is going to be a battle back is it a smart move to take Cody out now instead of Jess? Won’t it be an endurance comp? If so, that gives Cody a good chance of coming back. Is Paul letting his wanting to get back at Cody get in the way of his game? Is this a dangerous move for Paul?

        Hell I’m not so sure what the best move is. Maybe Paul is getting Cody out now because he’s not so sure he can beat him in endurance comps & he’s hoping like hell there won’t be a battle & if there is he’s praying Cody won’t win it.. WTH….IDK but I guess we’ll find out.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        The only thing I question though is that I’ve sometimes seen him use that same tactic on himself, when he’s trying to talk himself into a questionable game move against the advisement of his allies (i.e. this week’s nominations). It also seems to me that he really does believe that there won’t be a battle back this season, because it doesn’t seem that he’s allowed himself to consider the possibility of Cody coming back into the game after this week.

      • Avatar

        Here’s a twist: Last season-victor coming back in the game 3 times and this was a huge win every time for Pauls game. In an unexpected twist, somehow this season, Cody wins his way back in 3 times (or how ever many he can), THAT would be a curse for Paul…

  5. Mel

    Good insight Shiv, I’ve been trying to figure out why Paul is on such a mission to get rid of Ramses since he isn’t the most obvious threat. Paul pits everyone against each other so it isn’t always easy to tell what he’s really thinking. I agree about Alex too. She’s alert and catches on to things but she runs her mouth too much, gets mad too easily and has some strange game ideas. She’s doing well so far but time will tell.

  6. Shivani33

    I never paid for anything online in my life and didn’t know how to do it. But HOORAY! At last Stevie Beans and his Junkies gave me the reason and the guts to send him a thank you. Thanks, Stevebeans. It’s no big deal to most people familiar with PayPal and all that, but for me it’s like interstellar travel. ♡♡♡

  7. AIO_7

    I think that Production should strictly limit Lug-nuts and Bonnie & Clyde’s time spent at the pool and not wearing their frog uniforms.

  8. g8trgirl

    Hi guys,
    My job is taking me on the road this week so I will have limited time to watch the show at all. I will however, try to keep up with all things here.
    Have a good week and I’ll see you on Friday.

  9. Avatar

    I am not at all convinced that Cody is leaving…..Ramses has a pendant that has BBR on it…..it means something cause Alex told Kevin last nightt about making “them” think it’s fake? I’m afraid it might mean Bb replacement (for nominee) or maybe even rewind

  10. Avatar

    Think it’s funny how we tend to speculate about production manipulateing the game (which is likely) but instead of America’s Vote one year they should give Production a vote….would love to see the outcome

  11. Avatar

    OK! Watching Paul’s HOH ball go in, just before it gets to hole there seems be some kind of yellow flap that moves before the ball is there. And it’ looks like the ball slowed. Did you guys see that? Thoughts? I watched 3x.

    • Avatar

      And the flap didn’t move the first time his ball passed through and didn’t hit the hole. Production!! But it was fixed enough because he was getting all the ticks anyway. I know this happened 3 days ago. Haha

      • Avatar

        AND…..Notice they didn’t read all of Paul’s letter in the Sunday show? They know too many people (like many of us) might think Paul’s mom sent a coded letter. I, personally, don’t think she got Victor’s input I think Victor wrote the damn thing. Paul’s moms English isn’t that good, from what I remember hearing. Production can and should gently tug some strings but not manipulate to the point of ridiculousness!

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I’m not saying it’s not possible (since I don’t put anything past production these days)– however, I will say that as I watched that HOH comp live, as soon as I saw that ball leave Paul’s hand I thought to myself “yep, that one’s going in”. I could tell that roll was perfect. I will say though, as you and other HGs have pointed out, that this comp was definitely heavily in Paul’s favor anyway.

      • Avatar

        I agree he still had to get it in but they had the 2 ‘level’ of difficulty to pass, even if they got it down the ramp it wouldn’t automatically go in the hole. I would think getting through the ramp would be the comp, and as soon as you pass the ramp it should go in hole.

        Oh well I’m just being suspicious I don’t know for sure. Lol

        I’m curious if production will mess with Dead Eyed Codys eviction on Thursday

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Ohhh I see what you mean Holly. You mean, Production couldn’t make Paul have a good roll, but they COULD potentially stop someone else’s good roll from getting in the hole? Interesting, I’ll have to watch that again…

  12. Avatar

    Has Alex told anyone else what Mark told her about Kevin??? That Kevin Voted Jillian out, & not Ram. Knowing Alex she just might hold onto that Info a bit longer.

  13. Alda

    OK.So now the Halting Hex Temptation.Whether on the block or not they can halt anyone of the next 4 evictions during the live show,making it a non-eviction night! But with the temptation comes a consequence.This could be a BIG one,don’t you think?

  14. ElaineB

    Am watching the episode. Though I enjoy all the production conspiracy theories, I get more tickled each season by some early gross-mance that alienates themselves from the group (aka this season Cody and Jessica) and then they are ‘so surprised’ by the alienation from the other HGs during a comp. Lol. Jessica and Cody, bless their hearts.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Ain’t it the truth EB. All they did throughout the entire HOH contest, is complain how they were alone, everybody was against them, Paul has a team supporting him, everyone in the house is against them, wah, wah, wah…. They were in that position because they put themselves there. Oh well, they still have each other. *shrug*

  15. jimbo

    So in tonight’s episode the CBS edit, of course, promoted Cody as sinisterly without emotion during Paul’s victorious “come see my HOH room” moment. First, he went, and didn’t complain. He wasn’t happy (who would be) but he showed up. He did the “big boy” thing to do. However, what was more freaky, in my opinion, was the uproarious laughter and smiling at EVERYTHING Paul did. They looked like complete cult followers/star worshippers, kissing his ass beyond belief. Yet, I guess, that’s not weird. Like I said before — The Couples Elena/Mark/Matt/Raven simply anointed Paul (and Xmas) the Leaders of their cult. And how exactly is this better for them than aligning with Cody/Jess; Cody, the guy who was smart enough to try to cut the cancer, Paul, and Xmas out of the house? I know I know — Cody didn’t share this with them so they are just so angry at him. (roll of the eyes)

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      “However, what was more freaky, in my opinion, was the uproarious laughter and smiling at EVERYTHING Paul did.” To be fair, that’s pretty much what the HOH room reveal is like for EVERY HOH, not just Paul. That’s why I never watch them. There’s just way too much fakeness for my poor stomach to handle.

      As for Cody, while the producers may intentionally make him look like this season’s villain, there’s not much they need to do to make that happen. Cody gives them all the material they need. I watch the feeds everyday and what I’ve seen on the broadcasts is a pretty accurate depiction of how Cody is 24/7. He just doesn’t seem to be a very nice person.

      • Mel

        The screaming too Gerardo! I can’t do the hoh room reveal. Cody was right when he said that nobody would really get that excited over a box of cereal so he thought it was dumb. He’s a jerk but he does speak some truths. Lol

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Oh god Mell, I know! I can’t handle all that damn squealing and screeching. I have to say I empathized with Cody on that one. I don’t think I could muster up the strength to pretend to care about the HOH reveal either.

      • ElaineB

        Yes. The HOH reveal has some of the most fake reactions to the silliest things…..even a box of cereal. At least Cody stuck to his truth.

      • Mel

        Top 3: Hoh room reveal, when they get their keys and “told” they made the cut, when they first enter the house. TORTURE!

      • jimbo

        Villain? Too far. Paul made the statement, “He’s stabbed everybody in the back.” No, he stabbed Paul, then Xmas. The Couples “stabbing” was not letting The Couples know he was going after Paul — which, if they Couples were smart (theyre not) — and then Xmas (but, there, he had to do it on the spot).

      • jimbo

        Geez sorry for the typos! It meant to read: “The Couples “stabbing” was not letting The Couples know he was going after Paul — which, if The Couples were smart (theyre not) they would have welcomed — and then Xmas (but, there, he had to do it on the spot).”

    • Avatar

      I had a good laugh at Cody’s response to the den of temptation and they his dead eyed awkward silence into the camera. I don’t like him at all, but going to hate to see him leave because I love to hate him.
      I’m probably alone in that.

      I felt the same way about Joffre in Game of Thrones. No one agreed with me on that either. Hahaha

      • Mel

        You’re not alone Holly! I said I would give him the next temptation if he wasn’t already going to be gone just to keep the drama going and those expressionless facial expressions!

      • ElaineB

        I am with you Holly, I will miss Cody. As I thought about it more, it is really Jessica that is draining the BB life blood from me. If she were to go, I think Cody might actually be a player in the house, and would be worth a longer stay. Oh well.

  16. Mel

    I don’t get the consequences that come with the temptations. I think the person who takes the temptations should suffer the consequence or the entire house should. If not, they need to stop acting like there’s an actual decision that needs to be made. There are no real consequences so why wouldn’t they take it. If Xmas was presented with a “you get this but you have to wear a frog costume all week” or Paul was told “3 weeks of safety but the entire house has pb&j and cold showers for 1 week” it would be more true to how it’s being presented to us. There would also be more possible consequences for the person who takes it because they may piss off the other houseguests.

    • ElaineB

      The temptation aspect, good in theory. The HGs are sucking up those temptations like they are oxygen. Meanwhile, the consequences (also good in theory) are starting to overlap, and get quite confusing. Good point Mell, in the fact that of the whole reward-consequence paradigm isn’t revealed, the HGs are going to take the temptations, often because America ‘chose’ them for it.

      • Mel

        I like the idea of it for sure but I thought it would be more like Pandorasbox. Someone gets something good while the house suffers or the house gets money while the one who said yes to the temp gets locked in a room with a prerecorded ratpe of Rachel laughing for an hour. Something like that…

  17. Mel

    Did you guys notice Cody walk up to the hoh hallway after the blow up following the live show? Do you think he was doing his usual walking off to his room thing but forgot he couldn’t get in anymore?

    This is old but the show clips reminded me. Did you guys see Josh smell his underwear while he was getting his clothes? This was when Cody was telling him to stfu and not talk to them. They didn’t show it on the TV show but it was on the live feeds.

    I also can’t believe we had to watch paint dry, I mean Jillian’s interview with Julie instead of seeing the hg’s go at it!

  18. Seattle Kari

    1. What does seeing somebody’s boobs have to do with whether or not someone is gay? Did I miss something?

    2. And I’d say it’s a little bit more Psychopathic to admit you want to ram someone’s head into the toilet. Am I alone in this?

  19. Avatar

    Who are we voting for this week for the temptation? I guess the individual chosen will be able to stop an eviction. That’s pretty powerful.
    And off topic, when has Matt showered? I swear he’s been in the same attire for the last two days.

    • Avatar

      Well I’m hoping it isn’t Jessica who people are voting for. Can they use the eviction block this week? I have a feeling Alex will win. Kind of hope so.

      • Avatar

        No next week would be the first time it could be used. I’m voting for kevin

      • Avatar

        Okay, I think it’s been btwn Alex, Dom and Kevin on twitter. I don’t see why anyone would give anything to Jessica, she’s mean spirited person especially how her and Cody attacked Josh. Why didn’t they do that with anyone else?

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Cyn: Because they know they can’t. Anyone else would rip them to shreds but everyone sees how fragile Josh is, which makes him easier to pick on. A bully always knows who to pick on and you’ve never seen a bully go after anyone they didn’t think they could torture. I’d LOVE to see them try that with Alex, Xmasor Paul. They know better.

  20. NKogNeeTow

    Off topic: I’m sitting here watching Candy Crush and it’s Survivor vs Big Brother. On the BB team I saw DaVonne and Paul, and Frankie and Caleb (Beastmode Cowboy). Caleb’s wife was sitting next to Nicole (BB18), in the audience. But that’s not what bothered me. It was FRANKIE. God, I didn’t want to ever see that face again. And he was doing his usual…hamming it up every time he could find the camera. SO over the top. I just want to say I hate him so much….but that wouldn’t be nice.

  21. Avatar

    It irritates me that Jessica never has her toad head on but Cody and Jason get called out about it!! Camera men and production seem to be obsessed with Jessica….she won’t be leaving anytime soon

    • ElaineB

      As soon as Cody leaves, she will be jiggling for everyone that will pay attention and keep her off the block.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I noticed that about her head too. It seems that every season, we have someone who won’t follow the rules. Last season it was Pieman Paulie. I’m pretty sure that when they got picked for the show, they had to sign some kind of waiver to follow the rules. I think that when they don’t, they should be given a penalty.

      • ElaineB

        I think of all the other HGs who wore silly costumes, especially Nicole in that frog costume. They were good sports and followed the rules about it. Course this is diva Jessica we are talking about, who seems to think that she is above all of the pesky rules and silly HGs. Hopefully her BB days are numbered.

    • Shivani33

      Helen, Jessica said right away when she got the toad outfit that the head hurt her neck. There might have been a production decision to be more lenient with her wearing the toad head. Just a thought.

  22. Avatar

    Per jokers….

    6:57 Jessica in wave room alone. Starts laughing while looking at the camera. She leaves to join Cody in the kitchen andtells him she really likes the camera man. He’s making me laugh

    • ElaineB

      Glad to know that Jessica is a legend in her own mind. By the way, I think I read that she is in the hospitality arena. Well, as seen on TV, it is not her charming personality (*cough*) that wins people over.

  23. Avatar

    The funniest thing about watching Cody and Jessica losing their minds is that they keep forgetting everyone is there to play the game, not there for them to play the game. I feel like I am watching a teen romcom where the underdog is turning the page on the proud crowd mean kids

    • Avatar

      yea..I thought maybe Cody would actually start to play instead of pout..but not now..he is blowing it by isolating w/Jessica who is going to latch onto someone else as soon as he is gone..they are no Brendan and Rachel.

      • Avatar

        They are definitely not Brendan and Rachel. Cody is in it to win it for himself. Rachel should have went home, if you recall, but Brendan chose to get evicted himself and used the veto to save her and not pull himself off the block. Cody would never fall on his sword for Jessica.

  24. Avatar

    Dominque has moved right on into the HOH room……lol.

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