Good afternoon, everyone!  This season is so crazy where I am jam packed with information between Thursday and Saturday and then once the veto competition is over, the week can sometimes slow to a crawl. This appears to be one of those weeks.

With this week basically sealed minus some crazy coup against Paul that likely is not going to happen until after Cody is gone and possibly not until jury.  I did talk about how Paul is cruising through the game and compared it to Boston Rob, but one key factor I left out was the differences between the games. Survivor is fast paced where there is an eviction maybe every 2nd or 3rd day while Big Brother goes a full week. In that week, there is a lot of down time with a ton of paranoia. People begin reading into simple DR questions as if they’re being dropped hints (and sometimes they are) but with nobody to really talk to outside of each other, things get crazy between Sunday and Thursday every week.


Needless to say, controlling a group of people is much harder over the course of a summer in the BB house than it is on a remote island with plenty of places to roam for only 3 or so weeks.  That means Paul is no lock, and it also means the flip can happen at any time – including, but unlikely – this week.  All someone has to do is begin the momentum turning and suddenly whoever is sitting next to Cody will be sweating on Thursday night.

Alright, time for updates!

  • 12:20 pm – The frog family are out in the pool chatting.  I have a feeling they’re going to be spending a lot of time in this location until Thursday.
    • This is because they’re finally allowed to take off their suits, so expect this image a lot.
    • They really need to put a lily pad in that pool
  • 12:28 pm – Jason asks Jess/Cody what is so good about jury.
    • They tell him stuff Paul has told them, but Jason points out how he wasn’t even in jury
    • Cody says they over-glamourize things like that (he’s right)
    • Jess points out how he’s using jury as a gift to people before he goes on to win $500k.  Pretty sure the only people who can see the game for what it is are in the pool minus maybe Alex and Kevin
  • 12:39 pm – Cody is talking about what he wants to keep from the house
    • Jess jokingly asks if he wants her friendship bracelet – too soon, Jess.
  • 12:45 pm – Josh is doing some camtalk in the apple room
    • He is saying he completely trusts Christmas and Paul
    • He is saying how he has come a long way since the beginning. He had a lot of anxiety and said stupid stuff. This part is definitely true, he is by far the most changed since night 1
    • His strategy now is to make it to jury for now. Lay low. Keep quiet
    • Ramses is out the door, he’s done with him. He will work with Jason, Alex, and Kevin
    • He wants to cut the showmances and get in with Paul and Christmas. He doesn’t realize how far down that totem pole he would be.
  • 1:20 pm – I was pretty far behind to jumped live
    • Christmas is in the kitchen with Kevin talking to the camera about food
    • The frog family + Ramses are still out in the pool
  • Christmas moves into the apple room to talk to Josh
    • She is telling him he needs to be a floater. He can’t be mad at Ramses.
    • He is safe with Christmas and the team and will go far (jury)
  • 1:30 pm – Josh says he can’t believe he’s going to make it to jury
    • She tells him “we’ll make it further than jury if we play it right” – That’s when you know she’s lying.  Unless she’s proposing a final 2, he should see right through that (he won’t)
    • Christmas lets Josh know that Paul is using veto on him. He has a big sigh of relief.
    • Note – this is a classic mental trick. Put someone in a shitty situation and then offer them a lifeline. They’ll be so happy for the lifeline they’ll forget you put them in that shitty situation.
  • 1:40 pm – Elena comes in and Josh leaves to do some stuff
    • The two (Elena and Christmas) talk about how improved Josh has been
  • 2:30 pm – Kevin, Paul, Mark, and Elena are talking in the bedroom and Jason comes in
    • Paul insists there won’t be a battle back because they did it last year. Apparently he forgot to take account that someone quit which changes things
    • Paul tells Jason that he needs to make Alex feel comfortable because she’s on the block.
    • She won’t feel comfortable with Jason talking to Cody and Jess (so now he’s saying not to talk to his friends)
    • Jason asks who he is pulling off, and Paul says Josh
    • Paul asks Jason how he feels about Ramses after he (Rams) tried to win the PoV. Jason says he feels the same as day 1 when he threw the first HoH comp.
    • They all think he won the $25k (Kevin did)
    • Jason says Ramses is still trying to convince people that Jason (or Kevin) voted out Jillian.  It was Kevin
    • Paul says he is concerned Ramses is trying to make sidedeals with Jess/Cody and Jason says ‘no way, them two hate that somabitch’
  • Hilarious how nobody is on to Kevin throwing a huge wrench in this house
    • Paul tells Jason to make Alex feel comfortable.  Jason says “If Alex feels uncomfortable around me, she can kick rocks” lol
    • Jason doesn’t think Ramses is gay, either.  Elena says ‘no way, he’s seen my boobs so many times’
    • Paul asks how he (Jason) feels about Jess. Jason says he thinks she’s a sociopath and wants to slam her head into a toilet (ok)
  • 6:00 pm – Took a break, watched the CBS episode. It was okay but didn’t really leave much to recap
    • Kind of frustrating watching everyone just hand Paul the tickets. Nobody is even trying
    • Meanwhile, the house is on indoor lockdown because there was a plane with a banner outside. Probably wasn’t Big Brother related but they like to play it safe
  • 6:50 pm – Paul and his crew talking in the HoH about how they still feel Ramses tried to win
    • They are talking about confronting him about it. Poor kid

Check back for updates