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Big Brother 19 – Thursday Feeds – Paul Still Pushing


If you were to describe Paul in one word, what would it be?  No matter what it is, I have a feeling that word would not be ‘lazy’ or ‘unmotivated’ or ‘quitter’.

No matter how you feel about the guy, you have to hand it to him. He’s playing the game. That is more than you can say about 13 other people this season with Jessica, Cody, and Cameron as the exceptions. Sure, Cameron didn’t get enough time to see if he was going to be a dud, and Jessica & Cody are pretty terrible at the game during the periods when they decide to play, but at least they play. The rest of the house has been treating it like they need to survive 5 evictions before they’re set for life in the jury house. Paul is the only person who has been playing the game since day 1 and still playing some 40+ days later. Some may say he’s been playing too hard – shit, even he would probably say that – but whatever he is doing, it’s more than most other people combined.

Let’s be real here. There is almost a certainty had someone else won HoH this week and Jessica revealed the hex, this would have been one of the slowest weeks in BB history (unless they fell for the bluff and didn’t nominate Jess/Cody and created drama with the others in the house). Paul immediately said he was going to call her bluff, and he did. After nominating her, he came up with a few plans to get around the hex and then had to change on the fly when he got full details of the temptation. Rather than just giving up entirely and waiting for tonight, Paul kept trying to do the impossible which was to nominate the pair and then convince Jessica to not use the hex.  Some nasty fights, name-calling, and some bird flips by Raven, here we are with Paul still thinking of ways to get Jessica to not play the hex.


Was it a poor move on Paul’s part to blow everything up in order to brag at the end of the season that he got Cody out twice?  That is yet to be determined, but seeing as we’re more than a month into the season and only two people – both who are on the block – are Paul’s only competition, it makes sense for him to keep going at them hard. He’s even willing to trade the bragging rights of getting Cody out twice to the bragging rights of evicting someone who had the chance for safety.  That is his plan today as he’s going to give it one last shot to convince Jessica to not use the hex, and this time if she doesn’t, he’s telling everyone to vote her out instead.  Cutthroat.

Also, people may call Paul crazy for second guessing this temptation, but I will agree with him that Jessica’s odd handling of it made the thing far more confusing than it is. I still don’t understand why she was so adamant on not using it at all. I don’t understand why she only wanted 2 weeks of safety just so she wouldn’t be forced to ever use it.  That made it sound like there was a consequence to using it.  Whether she realized it or not, her ambiguity on the hex definitely altered the way Paul handled it.

Anyway, I expect it to be slow this afternoon which is why I wrote more in my intro.  Here are updates regardless

  • 10:30 am – Paul is chatting with Kevin and Jason telling them to definitely vote Jessica if she changes her mind today.
  • 1:30 pm – Feeds have been down for awhile now. They are typically down around this time on Thursday’s while the house preps for the live show
    • I feel I explain this weekly but there are always new people to the site, so I don’t mind.
    • The house spends a lot of time in the HoH room while production goes through the house and makes sure everything is good for the night
    • Meanwhile, when they’re not in the HoH room, the cast typically does a walkthrough of the episode (at least to the point of the couch/vote). From what I understand, that’s when they decide on the voting order, the order of speeches, etc. I know people always assume there is this big staging thing going on when the feeds are down, but it’s mostly to polish the show.  BBOTT gave us a huge insight as to how sloppy evictions and things are without any rehearsals. Man, I miss BBOTT and the feeds being almost always on. I hope they do that again this fall

Check back for updates


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  1. Mimi Ryan

    Thank you Steve, as always, this is the best blog ever ;). I agree wholeheartedly about Paul, I believe he’s doing everything possible and it’s great. Jessica didn’t think a lot of things through well enough, of course Grody is partly responsible. She’s tried to “intimidate” the House w/ how she chose to reveal her Hex, but she just didn’t really think this through. Grody, saying, “I will throw myself onto a grenade to save Jess’s game.” Is laughable. Jess confronted him about his behavior, realizing he’s not really a wholly actuated person and it will not work outside of BB. Grody also stated, she will blame him for everything that goes wrong. Grody is far more concerned about his squeeze, then about her game play and he’s hooked on the drama of “keeping his princess.” I may not care for Paul, but at this point the man is in Game Beast Mode and I hope it pays off soon. I’d like to see either Jess or Cody gone, I’d like to see Kevin or Jason Win BB19.

  2. danmtruth

    paul is smart covering his bases with the Dog Pound If Jess does not use hex they are to vote her out
    @aio_7 Whistle-Nut in Orange now

    • strwar1

      Paul is like Trump! He can’t be stop and he always gets shit done,but I think he is smart ever to know and how to play game and he is doing good and things just go his way.I like it and I have been rooting for him since day 1 in his entrance in the Big Brother house.

      • strwar1

        *how to play the game has it is damn typosssssss curse you!

      • LindsayB

        Ummmmm….. no….. let’s leave trump and all political references out of our BB conversations.

      • strwar1

        OK Lindsey, but you know what I mean,right? Paul is doing insane gameplay in the house! He is my favorite to win! TeamPaul

      • LindsayB

        I agree that Paul is amazing but hard disagree on the comparison which is why we aren’t supposed to bring politics into the conversation. Things can escalate very quickly. Just trying to prevent that.

      • Avatar

        Somebody besides Paul needs to make BB great again. It could be YUUUUGE. whoever wins will win bigly.

  3. Avatar
    Helen (5154 comments)

    Latest speculation from The Department of Speculation……
    Jessica uses Hex….HOH comp played..everyone minus Paul
    Paul remains HOH and winner of HOH is a co HOH

    • strwar1

      Interesting,but idk last year they did this,but Jessica and Cody’s days are numbered.

    • Avatar

      Paul is not remaining HOH. I can guarantee that. He should get the same treatment that Chima got when Jeff used the Coup D’etat in season 11. (i.e. screwed)

    • Alda

      That’s exactly what I was thinking last night,Helen.That would be great !

    • Avatar

      I would love to see Kevin or jason win HOH. I swear if I have to watch Jody win another one or Paul for the matter I will sleep through next week. It’s been a ping pong of the two and I am ready for it to change up a little. I am 100 percent for Paul. Sorry I was a fan last year and as most of us said he is playing the game. Jody has lost so many chance this week to stir this house and no one is doing it. We have had more drama amongst the couples then anything. No one is stirring the pot but Paul

    • NKogNeeTow

      Helen, wouldn’t it be crazy if your speculation was right. And wouldn’t it be crazier if the co-HOH was either Grody or Messi? If it was Messi, Paul could make Grody a HN so he couldn’t sleep up in the HOH Room. If I didn’t dislike Messi and Grody so much, I’d almost be rooting for it. It would make for some good drama though.

  4. Avatar
    Helen (5154 comments)

    However tonight goes the HOH comp should be interesting……

  5. Avatar

    Paul is really playing hard. I don’t like Jess, but you have to give kudos to the only other person really playing the game. I can’t believe I am even thinking this…but if she and Paul could work together…they could go to the end. But she is too blinded by “love”! With that, I am and always will be Team Paul, since he walked in the house this year. Last year, it took me a couple of weeks, but I was hoping he would win last year. I am excited to see what exactly unfolds tonight at the live voting! BB first can be good or a flop! So we will see where tonight’s Hex falls in those categories. And…..how long was Christmas’s temptation good for? I don’t remember her using it but don’t remember how long it is good for either. For that matter, I have almost forgotten what it was….she can replace someone at the POV competition? Hmmm! So for that, her temptation was a flop because it didn’t (hasn’t) changed the course of the game. However, Paul and Jessica’s have (had) great changes on the game. Oh…it will be exciting!

    • LindsayB

      I believe xmas has all season to use it. It’s been so long it’s hard to remember.

      • Avatar
        Helen (5154 comments)

        She does have all summer…down to 6 when everyone plays anyway
        It could be very important when Jessica uses hex tonight….if Jessica loses temptation comp christmas could block Cody from playing POV to save her…..

      • Avatar

        Helen, I think if she pulls someone it’s so she can play in their place (unless I’m not remembering it correctly). So I guess it really depends on what the challenge is since she may not be cleared to play. I guess she could “play” and throw it but I think she would still need medical clearance to even get to that point. I keep thinking about how that could come into play at this point. I think if she even thinks about it at all she should save it for further down the line when it could help her save herself.

      • Avatar
        Helen (5154 comments)

        Say codyis one of the random picks. Christmas can use her temptation and take his place preventing him from playing. It makes no difference if she can participate or not just as it made no difference when she was picked for the POV comp when Jason won…she couldn’t play but she was still one of the POV players….

      • Alda

        She might have till Christmas to use it.Lol

  6. Avatar

    I think Paul questions the temptation because he can’t possibly fathom that anyone but him could get a better deal. He’s extremely jealous of that and therefore acting out. I feel Jessica thinks by striking a deal and not using the temptation she can somehow keep she and Cody safe longer. Or at least she’s hoping.

  7. Avatar

    Just wondering if anyone knew this: When Paul was yelling to Cody after the conversation in the HOH room, he yelled about the age thing “26 or 32 or whatever you are” something along those lines. Did I miss that information being known and shared in the house? Who would Cody have told?

    • Shivani33

      @antsal When everyone was first starting the game, Cody shaved 5 years off his age. He said that he thought that usually houseguests are in their mid-to-late twenties and thought he’d blend better being in that age bracket. Then he saw a couple of older contestants were in the house and that it wasn’t such a big deal this Season. So he shared his real age and how come he’d lessened it. It wasn’t treated as a big deal by anybody. Paul brought it up during their HoH encounter, but that’s about it.

  8. danmtruth

    No need for Xmas to use it All the noms and POV comp has gone how Paul and the dog pound want it She will only use it to lessen the chance of not being able to evict the person they want It is the least interesting or game changing

  9. Avatar

    Jason wins hoh will put Cody and Paul on the block

  10. Avatar

    I think the most interesting possible HOH winner tonight could be Will. I think half of what he does is just to stir up the house.

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  12. Avatar
    Helen (5154 comments)

    Feeds must be down for the day.

  13. Avatar

    I hope Jessica doesn’t pull a markel and fail to use the hex.
    She screwed up her HOH. The house has screwed her over twice. It’s time to stop trust them. I hope Jessica or Cody win HOH and nominate Paul and Josh. If one wins POV replace with Alex or even Matt. (I do like Matt, but they have to get competitors out).
    I would love to see Jody, Mark, Kevin, and Jason playing together….quietly of course.

  14. Shivani33

    It is of interest to me how tonight’s CBS show will air the various houseguests who consciously wanted to provoke Cody to either fight or flight – before, during and after the culminating big scene. Will STFU Raven be shown going fully bananas? Will Paul be shown as the propelling agitation force…or not? Will production be represented as being who shut the whole thing down? Or will footage air of Paul saying (after he was called into DR and warned) that “we don’t want to provoke a fight” ?

    There’s a lot of footage to edit and present before the noneviction ceremony. I loved the bit about the eggshells and when Cody told Paul to ” hold that thought.” I do give Paul credit for playing intensely, but still, he is who he is. When does he shut up? For once, ” hold that thought” left Paul without a comeback. How rare is that!? And at last, Cody was witty and very funny.

  15. Avatar
    Helen (5154 comments)

    Irritating that feeds are down all day with no otification that they would be off most of the day…..usually they tell subscribers when they are going to do that

  16. danmtruth

    need to build up the drama Not to mention call people int DR Paul was complaining that he got called in at 3 am and 5 am
    Now that the feeds are down I would like to join Sherman and Mr. Peabody in the wayback machine Just think if Paul did not have the safety How would Paul had survived the backdoor by Cody my uneducated guess is Raven and josh with stars in there eyes would vote to keep Paul at the time Alex so that means Jason also would go to evict Poo Matt would be flopping like a fish Jess backs he man Mark backs his bromance That leaves Xmas Elena, and Dom and the ever elusive Kevin You tell me would Paul have survived

    • LindsayB

      I absolutely think he would’ve. The “proof” of that was how the whole alliance (sans the banana rider) turned on Cody in that instant in defense of Paul.

    • g8trgirl

      I LOVED Sherman and Peabody! They were some of my favorites growing up.
      In answer to your question…Paul would have been gone. No doubt.
      Also, can I just say how cool it is that everyone here calls her STFU Raven. I hope she finds this site when she gets out. Lol

    • Mel

      I’m not sure if Xmas hadn’t been put otb by Cody that it would have gone down the same way. If Paul had gone otb, some may have been pissed but he would have had time to get them on board. Xmas going up was what made everyone blow a gasket. We’ll never know just like we’ll never know if Jessica would have played better if she hadn’t gotten a boyfriend. Lol

  17. Avatar

    I don’t ever comment, but this year is making me nuts, all I do is sit & yell at my tv kids think I’ve lost my mind I have. Please let Jess or Cody win hon just to mix things up for awhile because the pound will have to turn on each if only for awhile. Kevin or Jason for the win. #RAVEN STFU

  18. Avatar

    By the way PAUL hasn’t won anything they threw it to him

  19. Mel

    Guys I hate to shatter any possible excitement for something different but it will be a normal hoh. Paul is outgoing hoh so he doesn’t play. Jessica will play regardless of what she does with the temptation. Jessica having a temptation has nothing to do with hoh just like the ones Paul and Xmas rec’d. The voice of Grod (Grodner) gave an interview this week and confirmed it.

    • Avatar

      Do you think it’ll be a double eviction night?

      • Avatar

        “Double eviction” aka single eviction if Jess uses the hex…?

      • Avatar
        Helen (5154 comments)

        Would be a single if jess uses hex……they would just do a quick HOH,nom,POV and evict……

      • Mel

        No. It’s just a regular week. I mesn, if it is, it has nothing to do with Jessicas temptation. They usually tell us if a double is coming too. The hex is just a prize. It doesn’t effect anything else.

      • Avatar
        Helen (5154 comments)

        I agree Mell they tell us if a double is coming but this would not be a double

      • Mel

        I personally don’t think they’re going to combine anything with Jessica’s temptation. They’ll lose the wow factor of stopping an eviction tonight if they do a fast forward/double and have an eviction. I don’t believe there will be any eviction of any kind of anyone tonight. I’m assuming they’ll briefly recap the veto comp, we’ll have the veto ceremony, then we’ll have clips of the craziness that’s gone on in the house this week, then we’ll go into the eviction ceremony and Jessica will halt it, at that point Julie will announce there’s no eviction this week and they move right into the HOH comp which will probably show us a winner since it isn’t endurance.

      • Avatar

        It should of been , justan observation

  20. Avatar
    Helen (5154 comments)

    These people just have no active brain cells!! Either that or they have two and one is out looking for the other!
    Despite being told several times the hex totally stops the eviction they just keep going back to it saving only one of them.
    Can this night be over?

    • Mel

      They also think Jessica gets a curse if she uses her temptation. Lol

      • Avatar
        Helen (5154 comments)

        Lol. I know. The reasoning is beyond my comprehension

      • Mel

        They’ve had way too much time to overthinking this one. I think Jessica was just pissed when she threw out vague information in the beginning. She also didn’t want to come clean and was trying to do her own Bluff so she could be safe this week and save her hex for next week. Like Steve said, I guess her being vague is what led to some of the confusion. It cracks me up because Jessica finally told Christmas and Paul exactly what it was and they still can’t grasp it. Lol

  21. Mel

    I know a practice doesn’t mean everything but I’m still uneasy about STFU Raven getting the best practice score yesterday. I pride myself on not getting emotionally invested in these people because let’s face it, no matter who wins I’m not getting a check. However, if she wins HOH tonight I may actually cry a little bit…or vomit.

    • Mel

      Paul must finally need to rest. He has said that is is over the hex and he just wants to watch one of his allies win hoh today. FINALLY!!
      Alex still thinks Jessica is a whore and Jessica’s new plan is to twist Alexs” neck repeatedly. These women are cut throat. Lol

    • ElaineB

      Well if #STFURaven gets HOH it will end up being STFUPaul’s HOH, so I sure hope she doesn’t get lucky.

    • Sassy

      Regardless of who wins HOH, with the exception of J & C the nominations should be pretty predictable… Unless they are “trying” to blindside one of them which will also be predictable. I hope J or C win HoH just to get the mob down one. It would be a week of EVERYONE sweating because they will ALL be targets. They will HAVE to turn on each other and spill some secrets if they want to stay off the block.

  22. Mel

    Matt: is there anything last minute you want me to deal with here?
    Jessica: What do you mean?
    Matt: I don’t know
    Jessica: I don’t get it.

    Paul asked Matt to have one more talk with Jess and try to get her to not use the hex. This was it. He needs to stick to eating cereal.

  23. Avatar
    Helen (5154 comments)

    Breaking news….all employees at The Department of Speculation have gone home for the day claiming need for a Bloody Mary after being forced to work overtime for the past week….we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause

  24. Mel

    Kevin isnt pleased that all the little cups of yogurt are gone because he only likes the little ones. Jason isn’t a fan of the turkey bacon but Kevin wants him to cook some anyway. They also dont get why there is so much butter in the frig.

    Jessica accidentally cut Cody’s forehead when she head butted him.

    Josh screwed up his hair with the clippers and is asking Paul to fix it.

    Paul and Alex are thinking Jessica is going to leave because she’s wearing Cody’s dog tags.

    Paul’s debating if he should talk to Jess again about not using the hex or if he should have Elena do it.

    Matt stole some clothes because his shirt is purple.

    Alex said the rosary and told Jason she prayed for him to have hair but told him it didn’t work.

  25. Shivani33

    News has hit webspace about Jessica telling Cody exactly what her late father did for a living. I didn’t see her tell Cody on the feeds, but what’s being reported is salacious. Sex industry stuff, parts one and two. Some of what Jessica supposedly said is that her dad was a male stripper, which could be thought of as not such a big deal. The other part of what she (again, supposedly) said is more heavy duty. What I know is that I don’t know, not having seen it myself. It is likely that Jessica has had to grow up the hard way and with plenty of questions, perhaps best left behind and unanswered.

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  27. Avatar

    Just got home form and I’m catching up on last nights BBAD. It cracks me up when Cody and Jess walk through the house when everyone’s sitting around talkin. Are those two connected by an invisible rope? Do they ever do anything separately?

  28. Avatar
    Helen (5154 comments)

    I’m just so ready for something different…every week it is Cody/jess vs Paul….Paul vs Cody/Jess….jess/Cody bs Paul…..Paul vs Cody/Jess…
    Is there anyone else in the BB house this year? Can someone else be a target just for a week or two?

  29. danmtruth

    Helen clean off those desk pull down the flow charts give the Department of Speculation a few hours off Order up a few pitchers of Magritte, pass the load up the BloodyMary’s with all the garnish you got
    This golf crap shoot comp sets up well for production They can time it so just at the end of the hour we get to see the new HOH Depending on who wins the tone will be set

  30. Avatar
    edwin (2 comments)

    I watch on every episodes that when Paul is hoh, he always is the only players that gets to pick and put his hand inside the pov box.

    If someone else is hoh, each player puts their hands inside the pov box to pick a player….

    I think production is rigging the game for the puppet master to win the whole game…..

    And notice on the last hoh…. Paul is so smart that he got all the true and false questions right….

    Give me a break big brother, BB is full of shit.

  31. Avatar

    No matter who wins from the pound it’s Paul’s hoh

  32. danmtruth

    Bubbaj that is so tru
    Helen this might be the only comp Josh has a chance in No skill No ability no thinking need

    • Avatar
      Helen (5154 comments)

      I just think it might be interesting. Josh kinda dances to his own pots and pans. There are several people he don’t much care for..I think he would go for putting up Cody but he may have other ideas for that second nom

  33. NKogNeeTow


  34. Avatar

    can I give multiple one words, yes, ok then…
    need I go on

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