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Big Brother 19 – Tuesday Stuff


Good evening, everyone! Obviously slow on the update but that is because there is nothing to update.  Thursday is the double eviction which will bring us down to 5 people and in two weeks we’re done. I typically get sad around this time of year because I really enjoy blogging the show but this cast has really beat me down. It’s so difficult to watch such a group of terrible people like this.

Here is the season in perspective.  Other than Kevin, the only fairly decent person in that house has been on the news twice this season. Once for the rape joke and the other for referring to Audrey as “it”. That’s how far this season has sunk. Unfortunately, we also got robbed of some major drama by Paul this week when he pulled Alex off the block because he knows fans just love sitting around watching everyone talk about the same topics they’ve discussed 20x already this season.

This update isn’t going to be very large since I’m playing a game and AHS is on tonight, but I figured I’d give you guys a new post to chat about.  Here is something to talk about. Assuming Kevin wasn’t in the f2, who would you vote for to win this season and why?


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    Frankly, I think the houseguests who get to final two should pay out instead of win. they are all losers…..so bad…..don’t even watch anymore they are so annoying. Glad Kevin got the $25K. Paul et all…..the Lord of the Flies…..he manipulates….they buzzzz.

  2. Alda

    I would vote for Paul.Like him or not he has been working this house from day one,24/7.It’s not his fault that these dimwits look to him for every move in this game.Odd,they don’t ask him if they can shower,or eat,or sleep,or even breathe.How he can keep all his alliances in check is remarkable,but it’s working.When he says jump,they say how high? If he tells them to start trouble they eagerly start trouble.If they are told to retreat and don’t speak,they go to their corners in silence.That’s my reasoning for giving him the money.He has never held a knife to anyones throat either,so there you have it.

    • Helen

      So following that reasoning I would vote for whoever sits next to him….after all,they have done all his work for him…..

    • Avatar

      I agree Alda. A million and one percent. 🙂

      • danmtruth

        Misty how could you change to paul & Pablo as your avatar ouch now we see even more of him

      • Avatar

        Well, I wasn’t doing it to punish you guys & make you look at him more! I just did it because I like him! It’s going to be insane if I start getting thumbs downs now because of a damn avatar. This wasn’t even the one I really wanted. I couldn’t get it to fit in the box. I’m gonna keep trying to make it fit though. 😉

      • Avatar

        Lol misty that one is even worse! Steve, make our avatars disappear again! 😛

      • Avatar

        Dag gone KelBel! 🙂
        I was trying to make it better for you guys! Please don’t hate on me because of my avatar you guys! I love ya’ll!!

      • NKogNeeTow

        You’re fine Misty. Your avatar, your choice. People don’t have to like it or accept it. We all have the same choices you have.

      • Alda

        Misty,Paul might not have put a lot of physical work into it,but he has definitely used his brain.Why would you give the money to someone that never had one single thought or idea? Makes no sense to me.If you were a pitcher in a ballgame and struck out 27 batters and your opponent gave up 27 runs-who deserves the win here? no brainer!

      • Avatar

        Thank you NKog! You always make me feel better! 🙂

        And, Alda, once again, I agree with you a million and one percent. 🙂

      • Avatar

        Hopefully you know I was totally joking Misty! I may not like Paul, but you can put whatever the heck pic up that you want 😀

      • Avatar

        @kelbel..Yes, I knew you were joking, and I was joking right back with you! 🙂
        I am a WAY overly sensitive person, and I know I really shouldn’t be on a BB blog, but I had really come to think of you guys like a family and my friends in a way. I’m really sorry I’ve offended you all with my avatar pic, and I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten the most thumbs down that ever seen anyone get. I’m going to back to just reading this blog and enjoying the comments, but not commenting. I never meant to make you guys mad. Thank you for accepting me while you did. 🙂

      • Avatar

        Oh nooooo! Don’t quit because of some thumbs down! Those of us who are not Paul fans are just bitter that he is the only one attempting to actually win the game! 🙁

      • Painter1

        Misty don’t quit, people got opinions so do you. I got your back and sure others do to.Paul is running the house and peeps are mindless followers until they wake up.

  3. hogwild

    I would do a write in vote for Cousin IT of the Addams Family.

  4. Avatar

    Crap! Totally forgot AHS started tonight!

  5. Avatar

    No Kevin. Okay then F2 of Paul and Christmas. Christmas wins. The winner of BB19 having one leg and being admittedly high most of the season seems fitting.

  6. AIO_7

    * “Assuming Kevin wasn’t in the f2, who would you vote for to win this season and why?”

    Assuming you mean those left in the house after Jason goes ….. Slosh. The lesser of the remaining evils, and his family could probably use the money. If you mean the whole house, probably Jillian or Cameron.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I kind of want to recuse myself, or abstain or whatever you call it.

    • NKogNeeTow

      “Slosh. The lesser of the remaining evils, and his family could probably use the money.”

      See, I don’t think that someone needing or could probably use the money has anything to do with it. You could use that argument for any of them. It all depends on what your perspective of need. If you look at it from their point of view, their reasoning would be:

      Jason: Because he has a growing family, a truck and land to pay off.

      Josh: Because it would help his family and expand his business.

      Kevin: Because he’s a stay at home dad and this would eleviate some of the financial strain on his wife.

      Paul: Because he could expand his brand help his band.

      Christmas: Because she could expand her business and do more motivational work.

      Alex: Because she doesn’t work that much anyway and could continue to roam the world without a care.

      Raven: Because she and her family can maybe stop bilking innocent people out of their money.

      What’s important to “us”, may not be important to someone else. What “we” might need might not be the need of someone else. 🙂

      • Painter1

        Josh has been telling live feeders he got Paul figured out,only thing I don’t have live feeds and read on Jokers about it. Says Christmas keeps shuting him down and arguing,sounds like Jasons problem too with Alex. These guys have partners googly eyes on Paul. Christmas used to be with Kevin ,what went wrong there?

  7. Avatar

    I would vote for…

    Not Paul.

    This is whoever might be in the other chair against him.

    To me this would be poetic justice for him to come in 2nd again. The best of the losers as it were.

    Sure he “played” a great game – so long as your measure of a great game is manipulating a bunch of people into bullying weaker players into submission while never once owning said manipulation, “playing” the mentor, the leader, and the teacher to this same group and somehow selling them on the idea that, when it comes to Big Brother, you are the resident expert.

    I am afraid that once Kevin is gone my interest will exit also. My measure of the remaining guests:

    A liar who could not tell the truth if a script was provided.
    A cry baby – bully who does the dirty work, sobs about it, apologizes, and then repeats as ordered.
    A vulgar girl who has no real sense of decency and whose claim to fame is video games in the basement.
    A workout “Superstar” who should have been gone when had to leave the house wounded but was allowed to remain because of her stellar personality and kind acts towards others given her name.
    A rodeo clown who calls another human being an “it” and thinks it’s ok to make comments about raping the wife of a fellow house guest while his kids watch as a joke.
    A past house guest who has seemingly been given a lot of breaks by production to insure he isn’t gone too soon.

    Remove any one of the above and you are still left with nothing interesting to me.

    My wife and I look forward to BB every summer. It’s an innocent pastime we like sharing along with coming here and reading the comments. (Amazing job as usual Steve!) I am afraid that this season is going to leave some scar tissue and I will be glad when it is over and I can go back to watching kindler and gentler shows such as Snapped, Killer Couples, and perhaps a little Cold Justice.


  8. Avatar

    Well, I’m am getting sad. I am gonna miss talking to you guys so much! It sucks that I’m going to have to wait a whole year for us all to get back together! 🙁

    • NKogNeeTow

      Misty, you can always send out Friend Request here and exchange messages anytime throughout the year. 🙂

      • Avatar

        Really?! That is so cool! Do people really come here much throughout the year though?

      • NKogNeeTow

        I’m not really sure. I usually check back for about a week or 2 after the show is over, then I’m off until next summer. Since BB is the only game show that I watch, I’m not on any other blogs, so far. But you could alway check with whoever you send your request to, because some of them might still come here to check messages throughout the year.

        To send a Friend Request, just click on their name, then click on the “Add A Friend” button (?). I’m not really sure what it says because I’m not looking at that screen, but you will see it. Once they accept, you will see a notification next to your name at the top of the screen (upper right corner). You have to be signed to see any notifications. 🙂

      • Avatar

        Thank you for the info. I’ll definitely check in every now and then. I’ve made several friends on here, and I’ll probably send out a few friend requests before the season is over.

  9. Avatar

    I became addicted to BB during season 16. I found this site and have always enjoyed my summer catching the feeds and reading your updates and everyone’s comments love all the thoughts and opinions. But this year I have found myself not involved and waiting days before watching the recorded episode. I enjoyed Paul last year somewhat and while I give him credit for some… I think this season would have gone better with stronger players and without a VET. Even away from who I like or dislike, it’s made for boring live feeds and tv in my opinion! Looking on the bright side I have time to start watching old seasons I’ve missed instead of live feeds… any particular season you guys recommend as a great one? I’m half way thru 6 and love the food competition aspect! That was a fun idea I wonder why they stopped? But boy have the competitions gotten better!

  10. Avatar

    The BBOTT cast would have been so much better for season 19. I’ve had less interest in this season than any previous ones. They should title it “Paul and his sheeple.”

  11. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    “Assuming Kevin wasn’t in the f2, who would you vote for to win this season and why?”

    *cough* Gerardo *cough*

  12. LO1004

    Paul. He’s the only one playing Big Brother.

  13. NKogNeeTow

    I posted this on the last thread:

    For anyone interested, this morning Kevin and Jason had one of the best conversations in the house (9/5/17 starting around 11:30 AM PT Cam 3).

    Jason tells Kevin that Alex is a “male repellant”.

    They both say the only way to beat either Paul or Xmas is to get rid of 1 of them. They both figure it’s pretty much over for them, but they have figured out everyone in the house and they openly discuss it.

    Jason even tells Kevin that the reason he (Jason) is on the block is because last week they wanted him to put Kevin on the block and he wouldn’t do it.

  14. Avatar

    “Assuming Kevin wasn’t in the f2, who would you vote for to win this season and why?”

    One of the inflatable pool toys….or perhaps the ants.

  15. Avatar

    Imagine inviting a 6’10 college basketball player down to play against a bunch of 8th graders who are 6’0 and under. He gets to be the only captain to pick all of the tallest kids on his side. You spot the collegian 20pts automatically in the stat book before the game even tips, and then he gets to hack and foul anybody on the court without ever getting a foul called against him.

    When all is said and done, his final stat line is 10 dunks, 10 layups, and ten free throws added to the 20 points already in the stat sheet for a total of 70 points 25 boards and 10 blocked shots; he is thus awarded MVP for the game; would any of you realistically walk away and say that he deserved that award, because he played such a flawless game from start to finish?

    Would any of you cry foul for such a blatant disadvantage that the other 8th graders faced? Would any of you ignore the fact that he is a seasoned vet (College vs 8th graders), and an athletic 6’10 dunking machine who obviously cannot be stopped by some kids? If you were the other 4 players on his team, wouldn’t you feel invincible and whenever you wanted the path of least resistance, simply pass him the ball and let him go to work?

    This is what it is like when I hear somebody say that Paul deserves $500K, because he is the only one playing (this is true), he has played from day 1, he is such a manipulator and puppet master, he is playing so flawlessly. But all the while the elephant sitting in the room (the perks and advantages he alone had) are not included in the equation. If not for those perks and the long lasting effects it continues to reap for him, he would have been gone many weeks ago.

    • Avatar

      @Ritchie Great analogy. The only other thing is that the vet (Paul) is also thought to be a “celebrity” by the 8th graders who can “show them the way to their own celebrity status”. After the 8th graders get their asses whooped they will realize the “vet” was only using them but it will be too late for the money. It will be about 6 months after the show is over that these dopes will realize that the $500K is more than any other money being thrown their way. I’m sure when they get out and see Frankie in a Nickelodeon movie they will think it’s because of BB when we know that he is usually billed as “Ariana Grande’s Brother”. So he gets work before the thousands of other people just as talented as he is.

  16. Avatar

    Did they decide who is going home next week or are they waiting to see who gets HOH? Serious question.

  17. Jannie

    Hi everyone!
    What a house full of deplorables this summer…except for Kevin. I know we say this every year, but, c’mon, every last damn one of them(again, except for Kevin) is pond scum.
    So if I had to pick a F2 I would say Kevin and Labor Day. Or Josh. Yes, they suck, but Alex and Raven are THE WORST! And, even though I agree that Paul has been playing his ass off, I just can’t tolerate his loud, horrible personality. Yes, he got the others to do his dirty work, but, like Ann said, I couldn’t sleep at night. Others have won the game without having to resort to those tactics…
    By all that is holy I am hoping that by some miracle…and my fingers are crossed, too, that Kevin could win the HOH during the double and throw up Alex and Paul. Maybe they will finally wake up and vote out the Gnome.

    Kevin, April Fool and Josh for the final 3!!
    Ps…NK! I have no BBAD so will be checking in for updates. Thanks, sweetie!
    Keep up the awesome posts everyone – Ann, you make me(almost)pee my pants at times…good job!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Hey Sweetie! Hope all is going well.

      I’m not sure I can hang in here tonight. I am trying to watch BBAD now and fading fast. I also have the feeds on a different cam. I put the cam on the kitchen, and Gremlin is talking so fast and mumbled that I can’t understand a word she is saying. I put the cam on the pool, and The Corpse Bride is talking so fast and mumbled that I can’t understand a word she is saying. Maybe I’m just to tired tonight, because they are wearing my ass down…FAST! These people are drainers….ball busters even, and I don’t even have balls…lol.

      I think I’m going to cut them loose tonight and check back on them tomorrow. Maybe when I wake up, they will all be better people…lol.

  18. Tinkerbell

    Very concerned about @feltso-gudinya. Boca Raton is in the path of Hurricane Irma. We have our Ann still reeling in Texas, and now Feltso facing another disaster. He was so sweet in guiding and directing Ann before, during, and after the Texas hurricane. Feltso, You are thought of, loved, and prayers going up for you, your family, and everyone in the path of Irma. Prayers continue for Ann. Love and hugs to both of you xo

  19. Tinkerbell

    Final picks – Tinkerbell and Dumbo. My two all-time favorites. They split $250,000 – $250,000. Over, Done. Ready for BB20.

  20. Tinkerbell

    Jessica is going to be thrilled beyond words to see Dead Girl Walking wearing a scarf tied around her hair.

  21. HappyHippo

    This season has beat me down too. Normally I’m so sad it’s ending but honestly I cannot even stomach to turn on the live feeds. It makes me so sick seeing the updates that say Kevin was flipped off to his back on his way out of the room. Or he was trying to say how nice of an evening Labor Day was and still had to listen to their BS. None of these people besides Kevin deserve the money and it’s because we like him not because he played an excellent game. I really was a fan of Jason and yes his comments were disgusting but what Has made me the saddest with him is his talking about Kevin with the mob. So between checking on my family after Harvey and now closely watching Irma headed my way I can honestly say I won’t be seeing much. I’ll definitely keep checking here though! Y’all sum it up great. I have never been so disappointed in a season and cast that I quit watching. Hell bring on Survivor at least they actually COMPETE!!

  22. Shivani33

    What’s been going on in BB “game” tonight? Josh and his matriarch, Christmas, fought a lot. She alternates between yelling at him and then giving preachy sympathy. Josh has continued saying to her that he doesn’t like what Paul is doing and planning, while Christmas defends Paul and promotes that BB is going to be won by their trio, and Josh needs to shutup and behave. She does hear what Josh says but wants to stay put with Paul. She wants Josh to be a good robot, definitely not to make any waves. She doesn’t think the jury will give Paul the win and has an eager fantasy about herself playing again next Season. BARF.

    Paul, Christmas and Kevin discussed Raven at length, although Kevin was mainly just a listener. At least he had some human contact. Raven beat the hell out of the guys playing the corn bag game. She was so much better at it than Paul/Jason that she offered to play it with her left hand. Paul talked about being confused about wanting to bust Raven for her b.s. versus maintaining “political correctness” and is struggling to maintain self-control, he said. Christmas, same boat.

    Josh became very weepy and dramatic after DR called him in to make good-bye messages. He ended up tucked away in the HoH bed boo-hooing his ass off. Right now he’s the only rebel in the house, but he drains himself via emotionalism. Wait til he hears about this hurricane, too late to be home with his family. God bless and protect them. And Josh, too. I’m sorry, but I don’t think it’s okay to have held back this hurricane information from him, and I feel that he should have been given the chance to contact his family and maybe to leave.

    As for Paul, no way does he want the next HoH, because he wants to win the PoV and make sure Alex doesn’t. If she wins the next HoH, Paul has plans how to run it, but she remains the last person wanted to win anything anymore, as target #1 after Jason goes. Josh could really, really mess things up by voting to evict Kevin instead of Jason and spilling his load about Paul to Alex and Jason, but he seems to feel helpless/hopeless about it. Again, very emotional but not strategic or gaining steam, except for those tears running down his face.

  23. Avatar

    I am ready for BB 19 to finish. This has been the worst cast ever. Apart from Kevin I cannot say one nice thing about any of the other boring cast members.

    I think CBS is going to be very disappointed in the numbers when they come out and Julie Chen better hope CBS opts to pick this up for another Season. If they do BB 20 I hope and pray they do a better job of picking the Cast and please do some proper mental examinations before you put a group of people into a house for 100 days.

    Bringing back former House Guest is one way of getting ratings I guess but tells me the show has jumped the shark. If BB 20 is “Celebrity Big Brother” then you know the show is done.

    I am also disappointed in production picking and choosing when to enforce the rules and when not to and when to manipulate things to ensure a House Guest gets an advantage.

    To not drop the hammer on Matt but punish Kevin when he eats 1 minute early? Are you F’n kidding me. To let Jason away with 3 Rape Jokes? THREE!

    To paint Alex with a brush that she is this little sweet playful thing when she is a unholy bitch. Paint X-Mas with this Ms. Nice title when she stirs most of the shit in the house.

    I could go on but I think we all know this useless cast.

  24. Avatar

    1000% agree — this season is seriously so depressing. I typically count on BB to help me stay excited and motivated through the “back to school” swing here in late August/early September – but it’s just not fun to watch people who fully embody a Lord of the Flies mentality. There’s a really big difference between what we’ve seen this season and interesting strategic/social gameplay.

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