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Big Brother 19 Veto Ceremony Results Week 1

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Good afternoon, everyone! I hope you’re enjoying your weekend so far.

Today is a fairly interesting veto ceremony as Cody has been playing his cards real close to his chest. Most of his allies don’t know what to expect, although many are anticipating Jason to be the replacement nom. Paul could be the nom which would shake up the house because he’d be forced to reveal t hat he won the first temptation and that would increase the target on his back.

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Ok, feed updates….

  • 12:42 pm – Feeds back up!
    • Christmas is the re-nom and she is pissed!
    • A lot of f-bombs being tossed out by Christmas. She is PISSED because Cody gave her his word.
    • She walks out of the HoH room “A man of his fucking word”  Cody replies “So says you, Christmas”
    • Her reply “Have I fucking lied to you??”
    • After Christmas leaves, Cody walks around and says to himself “3 weeks of safety. Fucking assholes”.  I’m guessing he tried to put up Paul?
  • Feeds are good right now. Join!
    • Paul is walking around the house pissed. Yup, he must have been the re-nom.
    • Jessica is trying to defend herself and Cody to Paul.  Paul says the temptation was put there to see if he’ll get stabbed in the back and he was
    • Dominique is in the room playing dumb about it all
    • Christmas comes in the room and starts yelling. Paul is asking if she set him up
    • Paul leaves and Christmas is left ranting at Dom and Jess.
  • 12:55 pm – Jessica is up in the HoH room talking to Cody
    • Cody is pissed that Paul has 3 weeks of safety. Pissed at production.
    • Jess says she’s angry at Paul for lying to her, and she’s angry at Cody for ruining the peace.
    • Cody walks away mid conversation and heads down into the kitchen
    • Jessica follows him outside and tries to talk to him.   Calms him down for now
  • 1:00 pm – Paul comes out to talk to Cody….
    • He says ‘3 weeks, but good move buddy’ then gives him a hard handshake
    • Cody complains about the friendship bracelet. Oh jeez
  • Meanwhile, Jess, Elana, Matt, and Raven are up in the HoH room trying to do damage control with each other
    • Jessica is telling them that Cody wants to keep the couples safe
    • Elana is claiming she’s not voting Christmas out.  Jessica is trying to say they need to in order to avoid the war in the house.
    • Raven is upset but it’s pretty funny to watch.  She is pissed that Paul can no longer trust them.
  • 1:05 pm – Paul has moved into the side room with Cody
    • Cody is still trying to justify the nomination. I can’t wait to see this on CBS
  • 1:15 pm – Jessica is upstairs talking to Matt and Elana how Cody ruined her game and she’s pissed
    • Cody walks in the room and is saying how there is no going back to Paul. He is going to push for Christmas to leave
  • 1:25pm – Elana went downstairs to ‘pray’. By pray she means talk to Paul.
    • Elana is trying to convince Paul that she was next in line for nomination
    • Raven is kissing some serious Paul ass and saying how great he was to enter this house.
    • All are saying they’re not voting Christmas out.
  • 1:35 pm – Paul still has Elana and Raven eating out of his hand.  They are seriously kissing his ass
  • 1:40 pm – Cody is upstairs with Mark and Jessica.
    • Cody thinks that he’s cool with Paul now. Jessica tells him they’re not at all cool
  • 1:50 pm – Paul is outside campaigning for Christmas because he knows Cody really pissed off a strong competitor.
    • Not a good move by Cody at all.
  • 1:55 pm – Paul is done with Jason, and now he’s talking to Alex.
    • Paul is actively campaigning against the showmances now. No wonder why Elana and Raven were doing some hardcore ass kissing
  • 2:05 pm – Christmas and Cody are in the HoH room, we’ll see if anything develops. Right now they’re just talking about lifting.
    • Cody tells a story about what happened in the gym.  Christmas is not interested. She changes the topic back to the nomination.
    • Cody’s logic is that Christmas and Paul were allies and as soon as he put Paul up, he was going to be the target from her anyway so he took a shot.
    • He drops how it’s his fifth nomination and Christmas sympathizes with that. He said he just wanted Megan out and got screwed
    • She asks why Paul was his target, and he says just from individual conversations.
    • Christmas begins crying.
  • 3:10 pm – Christmas, Paul, and Jason are talking on one cam and Cody/Jessica on another.
    • This is going to be an interesting week because it would be stupid to keep Christmas but she has a lot of support.  Could come down to the wire.
  • 4:00pm – Checking in before the CBS episode.  Christmas is still campaigning hard. It’s going to be a long week in the house.

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