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Don't look so excited!

Big Brother 19 – Veto Competition Today!

Don’t look so excited!

Last night began the first step in finally getting out the extremely tough competitor – Matt.  Yes, Matt.  He was nominated alongside his girlfriend Raven for a week that will likely be forgotten by around Thursday night at 9:45 pm est when Matt is gone and only one person cared. Well, Matt’s family probably care as well. So one person outside his family.


What is sad about Matt leaving is not that he is leaving, it’s that you look at the remaining houseguests and say ‘well, I can understand that’.  Sure, it would be great if someone actually made a big move in the house, but I’ve come to terms with that not happening unless Alex has some major reality check that Paul is not really working with her. That’s right, Alex is our only hope to salvage a potentially very boring end to a very disappointing season. Look at the remaining house… Josh and Christmas are actually working with Paul so they’re not going to ever target him. Jason is clueless without Alex’s guidance. Kevin is entertaining but useless. I’m still not sure Matt realizes where he has been all summer while Raven is just happy to get any form of attention from anyone. Once Matt is gone (not that he was a big help anyway), Raven is completely on her own and will probably be quickly controlled by Paul.

I’ve said it a few times over the past few weeks but it’s just becoming more and more clear that Alex is the only thing stopping Paul from cruising to the end, and I only give that like a 30% chance of happening.  Look, this is nothing against Paul. Another thing I’ve said and I’ll stand by it is that he’s playing a fantastic game and really is the only person who actually deserves to win this year. However, from an entertainment standpoint, he’s a dud.  By controlling every aspect of the house removes the best parts of the show which is the unpredictability (expect the unexpected) and turns the feeds into a snooze fest. Even the lame twists this season couldn’t spark life into the show because as if they didn’t learn from BBOTT, having fan involvement with a fan favorite in the house is just flat out stupid.  Fan involvement is great, but don’t do it when you put a player in the game who already has a massive following.  Or better yet, stop putting returning players in the freakin’ house. Out of the 300m people in this country, I’m sure they can find 16 new people per season without resorting to bringing veterans back.

That’s my rant for the day.  The veto is going to happen at some point today but it doesn’t matter who wins. Matt or Raven are leaving the house this week no matter what happens this afternoon.  The only thing that can save them is adding another twist to the game which doesn’t seem to be happening (nor should it right now). Shit, even the apple tree twist is a bust. Paul made sure nobody picks an apple from the tree because for some reason they decided to only make that available prior to nominations when everyone was feeling safe.


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  1. HappyHippo

    This is so extremely depressing and so very accurate….

  2. Avatar

    Steve, you seem to have some connection to some production people at CBS from the time they reached out to their BB bloggers and invited you to be an audience member. Is their any way that you can reach out to them and convey your thoughts above, as well as ours here to let them know how we feel ?

    Surely BB is a moneymaker for them, otherwise it wouldn’t be on. But their revenues could be so much better if they provided a better product in hg’s and perhaps daily or weekly entertainment in order to get more viewers interested in the show & the feeds.

    These hgs are so dull, I tape & zip through Monday’s & Wednesdays shows just see the first few & last few minutes. Thursday is usually the best night to watch, but when it’s too predictable, it’s tough to even bother.

    It is dusappointing to see what has been and what could once again be great show, flatline the way it has.

  3. hogwild

    Well that was as predictable as the sunrise and sunset as the rest of the week will be. I wonder if they will work in some time this week to bitch about Cody and Jessica some more?

    • Shivani33

      Not to worry. There was more than one gloating session last night about the tremendous skill used by by this motley crew to get Cody and Jessica out of the house. Virtually every one of the people still left in BB19 are patting themselves on the back about their masterful actions used to evict the demonized pair. Oh, by the way, not only were Cody and Jessica hideous fiends. They were STUPID fiends. The legend continues, har-dee-hah-hah. Only the brilliant ones are still in the house, ya know.

      Meanwhile, Jessica has stopped asking for AFP for herself and has mounted a substantial campaign to make sure that Cody gets the votes to be America’s Favorite Player. Over and over again BB fans comment that Cody is getting their vote. Most add that it’s not because he’s really their favorite. Some don’t even like him but plan to vote for Cody to give Paul the finger.

      • hogwild

        Yeah it took them 51 days to get Jessica out and 58 days and two evictions to get Cody out by all means brag about that I would vote Cody for AFP over any of them and I would do it just for the way he left after the second eviction it’s rather telling that is likely to be the most memorable momet of the season.

      • AIO_7

        …..”give Paul the finger.”

        Yep, the biggest reason I’d vote AFP for Cody. If Cowpoke doesn’t waste his HOH on getting rid of Kevin, then he will get my AFP votes. (assuming Poke is not F2)

      • Helen

        He can’t have mine…..mine is going to Kevin. The one man who has made me laugh till I had tears streaming down my face!!

      • Avatar

        Any hoh that backdoors Paul, gets my favorite player vote. Otherwise it’s a toss up between Cody & Kevin.

        If there was a best bikini category, Jess would get my vote.

      • Avatar

        If Paul wins 500k how much will he care about AFP? I think it will bother his minions because they think following Paul makes them seem smart and likeable. Finding out America likes Cody more than any one of them or their elected leader Paul would be be a great disappointment. And I would like to see that!

      • AIO_7

        Susan, anyone who finishes in the money (first or second) is not eligible for AFP.

      • Avatar

        I meant if he wins he might not be concerned about Cody getting $. He told hgs that he hates Bridget in house but really likes her out of it. That things feel diff when you leave. So w that logic he may not locked in to liking Alex when he leaves house and hating Cody the most.

      • AIO_7

        “I meant if he wins he might not be concerned about Cody getting $”

        I’d bet that Paul doesn’t want to see Cody anything.

      • AIO_7

        Let me try this again:

        I’d bet that Paul doesn’t want to see Cody *win* anything.

      • Shivani33

        Helen, Kevin was wise to amass money when he could get some profit. We can sense that Paul would’ve been brought into BB19 whether anyone took the $25,000 or not. Though Paul is the best, if not only, player this Season, Kevin has been my favorite character in the group. Maybe that’s not saying much, but for me, he’s the one individual that it’s been a pleasure to meet. I felt that way about Paul in BB18.

        However, importing him again for BB19 has been too much, too soon. I thank Kevin for most of the entertainment he’s given simply by being himself and especially for not bowing down to that f*cking corny Zingbot robot.

      • LindsayB

        I wish they would do away with AFP. I feel like we would get more honesty in DRs and cam talks if they weren’t so worried about getting that vote.

      • AIO_7

        You might get more honest cam talk, but the DR sessions are whatever Production wants to show for the network episodes.

  4. Avatar

    If they were going to put Paul on the show then Cody should not have been the only Hh who disliked Paul last year. If there were a few people who disliked Paul house could have split more evenly. But some things can’t be predicted. Christmas not being against Paul once he became an obvious threat was a surprise to me plus so many male cast members following him and not seeing him as a rival would also not be expected.

  5. Avatar

    One thing I liked and Jessica and Cody is they did not care about being liked by other hgs. They liked themselves regardless of what others said. Because these are strangers they never have to see again. The rest of hgs were way too into having everyone’s approval.

  6. danmtruth

    Susan Cran you make a good point. The problem was the one tome Jess had power with a HOH She tried to make nice with the house and evict there target Josh Sure Cody and her did not like Josh But the better move would have been to go after Paul True they might not have had the votes but they could have forced some people to take a stand
    I’m not convince Paul wants Raven out Again he is thinking end game His choice are people he feels he can beat In physical or mental comp To give himself final say who he faces for the vote The Jason baby news is not good for him To much sympathy votes for him Add that Jason is a physical threat but lacking in BB mental type comps
    Xmas physical even with the walking cast she is limited She also is limited in mental comp a mid major competitor Vote wise not a lot of support
    Josh one of Pauls perfect house plant
    It just shows what a weak season it’s been When we are already talking final Jury votes

  7. Avatar

    It seems like as soon as they found out Paul had 3 weeks safety they gravitated to him, now you can’t say anything because they all run & tell Paul

  8. Shivani33

    Highlights from last night. Not to be missed moments! Kevin walked past Josh. Kevin grabbed his own nutsack and shook it vigorously at poor Joshy. Raven screamed for twenty minutes in orgasmic delight as MattRess hung nearby, tongue dangling out of his mustache while fingering his goatee, completely overstimulated. And this display happened because the storage room had been restocked. The Battle of Gettysburg longed for a razor, uncertain whether she wanted to scalp Raven or to slit her own wrists.

    Most importantly, Alex demanded that Paul teach her some Lebanese. She wanted him to add to her worldly sophistication by instructing her how to say, “I want to eat your babies and burn your village.” She must be planning for her diplomatic career. Cowpoke insisted that Alex is the prettiest girl in the entire cast. Everyone concluded that Raven is not good-looking. Paul babbled nonstop and like an ape, groomed this week’s head monkey, Cowpoke, by stationing himself next to the Cowboy and pretending to listen to his babble.

  9. Avatar

    Alex is a weirdo and not the fun kind.

  10. AIO_7

    With so many spare beds available, then someone needs to explain to me……why?


  11. Avatar

    Spot on Steve! Sadly they think they ARE making big moves. I mean Christmas was patting herself on the block and announcing to America that she put up 2 huge targets–Matt and Mark. This is how clueless this cast is this season. Everyone in that house this year except Cody and Jessica… have been suspicious of everyone else but never suspicious of Paul. No one left in the house is remotely suspicious of Paul but they are all suspicious about everyone else left in there–and that tells you all you need to know about this ditzy cast. I blame BB/CBS for their new approach to casting… it’s all about who has the most Instagram or Twitter followers… thinking that the cast member’s followers will add to their viewing audience. So BB/CBS has sacrificed entertainment and the actual game for random clueless people out in the country who are followed by lots of people for one reason or another. That is a quick way to ruin the brand and lose long-time followers who are your bread and butter year in and year out. Clearly no one in the house watched Paul’s season… he isn’t doing anything this year that he didn’t do last year, yet, they don’t see any hints or signs of the Paul that made it to the final 2 just one season ago. When the house doesn’t even have a suspicion, doesn’t even nominate, and doesn’t even whisper to their partner… “but what about Paul,” after seeing how slimy he was just one season ago… you know you could be seeing the beginning of the end for BB.

    • Avatar

      I agree, Kenn. I was thinking about the social media follower stuff. Christmas was bragging awhile back about how big a following she has. If she really does have so many followers, it’s surprising that she’s not doing better in popularity polls.

      It also raises the question …. is there a term for people who follow followers? We should coin one … but, it can’t be “gumpy” because Paul is trying to get that to catch on. Therefore, I don’t think it should.

      • Avatar

        Hopefully all of Christmas’s followers have left her realizing she is a fraud… they have been following someone who is a follower herself so she can’t preach leadership so effectively anymore. She has been a puppet as much as everyone else in there has been. I really hope Dr. Will blasts that jury for how stupid, clueless, and out of touch with the game they were. If I was a past player, I would be embarrassed with the product this year and what this group has done to the brand.

      • feltso gudinya

        the word for people obsessed with their own followers is delusional……..twitter is like your appendix…a superfluous appendage….

  12. Avatar

    I think if Paul manages to get Kevin on the block he’s going home

  13. Avatar

    It makes me laugh that Paul is trying to make a big deal out of Kevin winning the 25,000 when he just got 50,000 a year ago, so many clueless people.

    • Avatar

      Winning the $25k was the first temptation , which most of the hgs didn’t go for because there would have been big consequences. ( In this case, the b.s. story that someone gets evicted to make room for Paul)
      So tge big deal is that he went for it when most didn’t, and that he kept it a secret except to Paul.

    • Avatar

      It has really been a joy, for the most part of this Summer, to read these comments without being unduly drug down by infighting. And where some squabbles did break through, I’m grateful and extend a “thank you” to our fearless moderator for dealing with things before the exceptions became the rule. With that said, I continue to be impressed that so many of you are able to express your opinions and otherwise comment or even analyze House activity without it coming off as some form of pack-like attack or bullying. Now, on to my game-related 2 pence. Bubbaj, thank yiuuuuuu for your rightful questioning of the impact of Kevin’s being 25K ritcher! You gotta smile! So what, Right?! Geeze. This is a game, right? And even if we were to set that fact aside, may I revisit to a time early on in this (blah) season wherein,…errrr: “Josh!” Did he not “claim !his! prize” like right outta the gate and sell his own (gasp) group down the gully first crack? I know, I know….it was the crippling so-claimed “new-player” paranoia that made him do it and everyone has forgiven and forgotten, right? sigh. No Big Sigh! Are you kidding me? No one screams louder than Josh when it comes to foul play, (or lying) but ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the double standards by which these folks do play! And I just wonder how long it will now be before Paul begins to remind the house guests of Josh’s earlier game-related indiscretions. Oh! House of Hippocrites it is! Too perfect.

  14. danmtruth

    remember how Josh complained how Mark & Elena would kiss up to who ever was HOH Can Josh explain the difference between them and Paul’s parking himself next to every HOH Paul thinks of himself as the self appointed hand to all HOHers Like he is part of the room Win HOH here is Paul with howyou should run it

  15. Helen

    Prayer to the BB gods……
    Please let Kevin win the POV

  16. AIO_7

    This was in my main e-mail box. I don’t even have a PNC account. Watch out for this crap, my Peeps.


  17. Avatar

    It’s so sad! I used to look forward to reading the live feed recaps online and watching the show. I still do those things, but it’s sooooo freaking boring now! These people are so annoying, obnoxious and clueless. I’m so tired of their groupthink sessions about Cody and Jessica being evil just to justify taking out the only real competition they had. I think they believe the narrative they created AND I think they are dumb enough to think all of us watching will also believe it if they keep talking about it. Even people who didn’t like them must be getting tired of it. The only remotely likable people left are Kevin and Jason and they are probably not going to last much longer.

    Christmas says she’s a “bad bitch.” She’s half right.

    Alex says she’s a gamer and the showmance killer. The only game going on in the BB house this summer is Game of Bones and she’s not even playing. Regarding the showmance killer moniker she’s given herself, I bet she kills any “mance” she’s been in in the real world too. She is one shrill and annoying chick.

    Josh has basically been mainstreamed into the BB house. Dude is a 4 year old trapped in a moron’s body.

    If he cares enough to try to rehab his image, Matt’s should get “welcome” tattooed on his forehead because at least a Welcome Mat is useful. (See what I did there? Lol)

    Raven’s claim to fame will probably be to become known as the woman who singlehandedly destroyed the likelihood of Stephen King’s “It” doing well at the box office. We have all had enough of watching scary, evil clowns eat everything in sight on screen. Why pay for more?

    Paul’s legacy will be beating a bunch of intellectually challenged people who probably lick windows for fun. Now THERE is an accomplishment.

    I think they also have themselves convinced that this snooze fest is enjoyable to everyone on the outside. At this point, I can’t wait for the season to be over because I want (almost need) to see how they react to the bad reactions people are having to the season and to them as individuals. I doubt they are expecting the unexpected! Finally, we’ll get to see some big moves when they turn on each other to lay blame anywhere other than on themselves. Until then …. YAWN!

    • LindsayB

      Welcome mat… thank you for that. Lol

    • NKogNeeTow

      “Paul’s legacy will be beating a bunch of intellectually challenged people who probably lick windows for fun.”

      Hilarious! I have been wanting to call them window lickers for a while now but was afraid to say it out loud…lol.

      “I think they also have themselves convinced that this snooze fest is enjoyable to everyone on the outside. At this point, I can’t wait for the season to be over because I want (almost need) to see how they react to the bad reactions people are having to the season and to them as individuals. I doubt they are expecting the unexpected! Finally, we’ll get to see some big moves when they turn on each other to lay blame anywhere other than on themselves. Until then …. YAWN!”

      My sentiments exactly. I’m a dedicated all-nighter during BB season and even I’ve checked out to get some much needed sleep. For the past week, I’ve missed more of the Live Feeds than I’ve watched. I keep nodding out on it and waking up a different intervals, watching a bit then nodding off again. I’ve been checking here on and off and trying to get interested again, but every night, watching BBAD and Feeds have been the same thing over and over again and leaving us with the same things to discuss over and over again. I keep hoping for something different (as all of us have), but nooope! Same old, same old. But I’m not gonna lie, I’ll keep hanging in there because that’s what WE do. We b!tch, moan and complain because that’s all these HG have given us to work with.

      I use to only want Paul to win. I’m still a Paul fan, but at this point, I don’t care who wins (well as long as it’s NOT #RAVENSTFU). Besides, no matter who wins, nobody’s sending me a check so what the heck. Not only that, but by next year, I’ll be lucky if I remember 5 names of this years HG. What started off as being a possibly exciting season, has scaled down to lackluster. The best we can hope for is to get through this season and look forward to the next.

  18. Ann

    Quick question anyone. I didn’t get any roof damage at all but please tell me why my floors are getting wet? My carpet is getting sopping wet from under the floor in my livingroom & in 2 of my bedrooms.

  19. Avatar

    I don’t get you people. Paul is playing a great game..ohhh you don’t like when someone plays a good game? That’s stupid to me.. And liking Cody who’s game sucked..and he was mean and made that girl cry and his whole alliance turned on him..but hey you keep praising Cody. I understand now..you all must be Trump supporters.

  20. Avatar

    I wasn’t a Cody fan, I liked Jason, but anybody came play a good game, when they start out with all those advantages. Cody was mean ? All he said was he didn’t like her, look at all the stuff that was said to him, & she wasn’t a girl she was a grown ass woman supposedly an interrogator. I am not a trump supporter but what does politics have to do with this game.

  21. danmtruth

    Ms. Padecky i wont speak for others What I don’t care for in Paul’s game is The way he thinks he is so much smarter than everyone else That he has battled big odds as a returning player How he has battled on his own First it it was a massive advantage to have the 3 weeks of safety It allowed him to get other people out Also make alliances with people who knew that he was safe It also help that most of the other HG were star struck Raven Alex Elena ,Xmas and Josh were big fans So with this built in fan club he went to doing things as he pleased He was the person who set the tone for the game Many used the word bullying To me thats a bit harsh With that being said it was a lot of personal attacks this season I’m not going to get into who threw out the first insult Who was meanies What was game play what went over the line All i’m saying Paul set a tone of personal attacks in the house Target a person and grind on them Sorry not a game plan I like So Paul will have his money and followers such as you Me I will sit back and hope for a better season next year

  22. danmtruth

    Ann as many homes in Texas and the south are built on slabs like Tiger said you get water under your foundation and slab If you have a crawl space under your house where your ductwork for your heat and air conditioning come in the house from the floor All that rain had to go some where With all that ground water pressure any cracks in your slab gave a path Get those fan running Good luck Find a repeatable contractor to have a look

  23. Mimi Ryan

    Stevie, (hope you do mind), I pray CBS actually pays attention to this blog and our comments!!!! Thank you and Mel for dissecting BB. This hole Paul thing is very old and very sad. Where did these HG’s get so blinded by him? Paul I’m sure came in w/ a plan and probably worked out his game, only it’s working better than expected. I’m surprised at how many HG’s took up the opportunity for Showmances, probably a play out of Nicole’s play book last season.

    • Avatar

      With 8 friendship bracelets and the guy handing them out having absolute power
      4 straight nomination free from eviction as well as the ability to play in HOH and POV’s, it only made sense to join up with the majority (ring bearers) and shack up with somebody till further notice.

  24. LindsayB

    Question: those who are super disgusted by this season (for whatever reason), have you written CBS yourself? You can reach them through various forms of social media and/or send an email. I don’t think complaining on here is going to do much other than give a little bit of relief via venting. No shade here. Just an idea of something you could do if you’re that disappointed in things

  25. Avatar

    Well, I’m off like Matt’s dirty shirt. I have to go to a Cody worshipping festival/Trump rally. It’s one stop shopping and whatnot. JUST KIDDING! I have to drive my daughter around because she has an actual social life. Peace out, Scouts!

  26. HappyHippo

    Any word on what the veto comp is about that they are playing right now?

  27. jimbo

    This is why they need to change the veto, to try to energize Big Bully because it gets dull when a steam train just keeps rolling thru the season, like this one. Make whoever wins the veto (or atleast make it a 50-50 chance draw from a hat) have control of who goes up in their place, and don’t let the HOH decide. This causes instant chances of flipping the game, or atleast that week, which could ultimately flip the game. With these dummies this week (matt and raven) it wouldn’t matter. But, many times this will add drama.

    • Avatar

      BB needs to be more flexible when it comes to groups of people all getting together to figure out a way around the game so that they can control it… BB should see how the players take advantage of things and then find a way to address that the following season and beyond. However, they don’t and they let the players do as they please seemingly never caring how that is making the game less and less entertaining for viewers.

  28. Helen

    I just want Kevin safe this week!! Please please don’t send him out!!

  29. Ann

    Guys, I need to apologize for taking up so much of everybody’s time the past couple of days. I know my troubles had nothing to do with big brother which is What this site is for but you have all have proven to be true friends to me & I Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I promise I will never forget any of you.
    I’m so far behind on big brother & I have to catch up soon. Keep me updated guys. Talk to you tonight.
    Love you all so much,
    Felts new best friend. 🙂

    • Avatar

      Ann, please don’t appologize.

      I don’t log onto any other online forums except for this, and I never imagined that I could become so concerned for someone I don’t even know.

      But like you said above, we are like family, and whether we agree or disagree on the various topics, I have really come to appreciate all of you here.

      Best wishes,


      • NKogNeeTow

        DM, I’ve been calling us a little Dysfunctional Family or Band of Misfits for years, even though it’s only 3 months out of a year…lol. This is the only BB site I visit too, with the exception of Jokers every so often. The thing I love most about here is that most of us have been together so long that we figuratively know each other and our BB online personalities. I look forward every year to more people joining in on the fun. I still think this is the best group on the world wide web 🙂

      • Avatar

        So true. Cheers Nee !

    • Alda

      We are all here for you Ann.Don’t ever apologize. We love you too.

    • Jenny

      Ann, I’ve been checking in just to make sure you are still posting! I don’t know you personally but I sure as heck want to know you’re okay!

    • kneeless

      Never apologize, Ann! We’re one big dysfunctional family here. I like that we can be supportive & not keep everything all about BB again is site. Life situations are more important than BB!

    • feltso gudinya

      it was just being neighborly……

    • ChiKelz

      Ann; No need to apologize. I’m glad there were people on here able to give advice. Most importantly, I’m glad you and your family are safe. Maybe you have wet feet, but safe! Stay safe and stay dry! You are in my thoughts and prayers!

  30. Avatar

    Feltso, so you were confused, but have a drink for me it’s not after 5 here yet lol

  31. Avatar

    that was supposed to say sorry you were confused

  32. Helen

    Must be an individual comp……
    Could be comic book?

  33. Avatar

    Wow, I spend the day away from here and it all go to shit in a handbag. What happened to the good natured banter from the past few days and who let the nut job in here?

    • Avatar

      See what happens when you wander off, Wayne? 🙂

    • kneeless

      You can NEVER step away again, Wayne! We need you. Speaking of stepping away, where is Nk & Mell? Do we have other “junikes” dealing with Harvey other than our beloved Ann? If so, hope everyone is OK.

      • Avatar

        Sorry, brother asked if I’d drag the boat out last minute to get some riding in.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I’m here Knees. I’ve had a helluva week between family staying from our reunion last weekend, getting some work in, catching up on sleep and extremely boring feeds that I keep falling asleep on. But nope, still not giving up on the only game show that I watch religiously…lol. Thanks for asking Sweetie.

        Luv you all 🙂

      • feltso gudinya

        nk – but u had the time to remove the hilarious miyoshi umeki joke…and who wouldn’t love a ride to pixley on the hooterville express…admit it nk…u laughed while u were removing it…..

      • Avatar

        Wasn’t Mark trying to book passage on the “Hooter”ville express? I wonder if he was able to get onboard in the jury house. Who thinks they’re pulling a train on Elena right now???

        I’m sorry, I got off track with that one. I need to conduct myself better as to not derail again.

        Maybe he was able to finally hook his engine up to her caboose. Damn, did it again.

      • Avatar

        Wayne, the top line of the second paragraph fits right into that express train theme.

  34. danmtruth

    Not that it matters but in polls i watch and yes add too What does it say when 6 out of 8 players are the BOTTOM 6 guess who are the only two in the top 8
    I get worked up but bottom line is I care more for Ann’s safety and the other BBJ family in harms way Than if Paul wins or who ever My life will go on

  35. Avatar

    Paul has this game on autopilot right now, running things in the BB house, and accordingly the very few supporters and groupies he has outside of that house are on cloud just living the gloating life.

    If it should happen, you know what I’m looking forward to more on finale night than just Paul being the last evictee, is what his groupies reaction will be to him being anywhere but the $500K winners circle.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I’m a Paul fan, not a groupie, and my reaction would be the same as it is every year when somebody wins…..On to next year. I seldom remember the names of half the HG from year to year, much less who won. It’s just a game, one that I get no financial gain from either way. 🙂

  36. Edsel

    Jason has won power of veto.

  37. Shivani33

    With the rumors about James hosting, this could be the housewrecking comp. I don’t remember its name, something like hide & go hunt, wherein everything in the house is searched for some token hidden by all players. James enjoyed making big messes while playing it, and every time it gets played, at least one houseguest gets mad at the savage discombobulation. But since it’s taking so long and we have so few mental giants playing, hey! – maybe it’s only a puzzle comp.

  38. Shivani33

    The house is a wreck. Jason won veto.

  39. g8trgirl

    I’ve said it before and I don’t mind saying it again: when these people get into the jury house and start comparing notes, they will realize how badly they were played by Paul. And they will be pissed. And they don’t strike me as the type of people that will reward him for playing a great game. They will vote for whoever is sitting beside him on finale night. Even if it is Zingbot.

    • Avatar

      Agreed! Anything short of that $500K check for Paul, will be an EPIC failure for him.

    • Avatar

      You would think. But nothing from this group strikes me as cerebral. Hey g8trgirl, You heading for the swamp next weekend? Looking forward to that game. I’ll be in Atlanta watching my Noles’ try and beat bama.

    • kneeless

      Most jury members might do that but I think with these folks who have been so awestruck with Paul they will be happy to give him the check. I don’t know if any of them would admit to getting played.

    • LindsayB

      Whatever bit of dissent that may occur in the jury house will be quickly forgotten when he starts his F2 speech. He will speak the trigger word that puts them all in the team Paul trance and he’ll laugh all the way to the bank.

    • Avatar

      I kind of wish we could watch what happens in the jury house as these people get evicted. IF they allow themselves to realize how much Paul played them all, they will be “pissed” at their “boy” for not playing with “friendship.” Now, I’ll say this, I’m not a Paul fan, but he’s playing the game. The problem is, everyone who is left is also playing Paul’s game. Not one of these mental midgets is mature or enlightened enough to take responsibility for throwing their own game away. The conversations in that jury house will be light years more juicy and interesting than anything that’s gonna happen in the BB house.

      • Avatar

        That’s for sure, and spear-heading that charge will be Cody trying to rally the troops against Paul, and he already has two people in their now who are not for sure votes for Paul; this is even if Paul actually makes it to final two which is in no way a for sure thing.

      • Avatar

        Exactly, Ritchie. The only leaders are Cody and Paul. As more followers get evicted, they will be looking for a leader in the jury. Cody is it. If Cody plays it right, he could end up being the force behind Paul not winning the $500k. That would really be ironic considering everyone turned on Cody for trying to put Paul on the block the 1st week and it turns out Cody was absolutely right. It would also be ironic because Paul busted his ass to get Cody out when maybe he should’ve left him in the game where Paul could keep an eye on him and let everyone go to the jury hating Cody.

    • danmtruth

      g8trgirl have you ever meet anyone who went to Vegas and lost ? 83% of people say either they brook even or won a small amount No one ever says they lost Yet Vegas stays open Same thing as this no one wants to amid they were so dumb to be fooled Same as multi level marking You sell and get people to sell for you and everyone pays the person above them but you never seem to get high enough in tje food chain to make money Just like Paul sells to these people Keep Paul safe and you move on But people keep getting cut So that’s where Paul is at Banking on the jury not wanting to admit they were fools to buy into it

      • g8trgirl

        Could be dan. But remember Cody is in there to egg them on too.

      • Avatar

        But they didn’t really like Cody while he was in the house. I think they will take Cody’s suggestions as sour grapes.

        Besides, half of these zombies are just happy to get to jury. Once they are evicted, I don’t see them caring too much how they got there.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Right DM. The goal for most of them was to make it to Jury from the very start of the game. They had no greater aspirations. That should have told us something in the very beginning…

      • Avatar

        It’s true, Nee. They just should have cloned Paul 15 times, and have them all play against the original.
        At least that would have been fun to see which one wins.

  40. Avatar

    Well, let’s see what Jason does. Do you think he leaves them on the block? Maybe Paul gets him to replace one with him knowing the votes aren’t there to vote him out. This way he can say he went on the block. Is this the move to get Kevin out? Is Raven’s days numbered? I personally hope he leaves them as is and Raven gets shown the door.

  41. kneeless

    Raven will certainly be sacking up to Jason.

  42. danmtruth

    Paul will NEVER EVER trust these people and put himself on the block It all works well for Paul Matt is gone Raven has no one but Paul to cling on to Next up Jason or Kevin for Paul

  43. g8trgirl

    I live 3 blocks from the Swamp. Unfortunately, the game is being played in Dallas for some stupid reason. I will be tailgating most of the season.
    Wish I could cheer for you. I’m sorry. If it’s any consolation I hate Bama too.

  44. Apopkedave

    Poor Raven… LOL I hope she can make it through the week.

    • Avatar

      Would love to see her still on the block and absolutely behaving like a mentally disturbed, third world country hag. Would love her to pull every sob story possible and have it fall on deaf ears, that’s of course if she hasn’t developed deafness herself, but I’m sure she’ll spin that as well into a terminal diagnosis.

      I also hope Capt Crunch gets as many hummers as he can between now and Thursday. There should be enough material for Queen of the Deep (throat) to start her own porn site. I’m sure her hag of a mom is already having it produced. There has to be a gofundme site setup for it.

      At least if she’s voted out, Matt can replenish his hydration levels. I’m surprised he’s not a shriveled up sponge with all of the stick action he’s gotten.

      • Avatar

        Wayne, this is why you can’t wander off! I almost peed my pants laughing.

        Just a couple points:

        1. Raven probably actually suffers from “deaf ears.”
        2. Previously, I actually thought about Raven’s mom leaking sex tapes of Raven to try to make her famous, but it wouldn’t work out as well as it did for Kim. Raven is not so much of a Kardashian as she is a Jitneydashian.
        3. You may have uncovered the fatal flaw in Paul’s game. Raven gets evicted. Matt recovers from a dangerously low sperm count, starts winning comps and sends Paul home.

      • Avatar

        Plus, Raven may not be safe in the jury house with Cody trying to “get with that” in the beginning of the season and all. But, who wouldn’t want a broke down, poor man’s Princess Leia? For reals, those hair buns are haggard! I think she gets her hair styling tips from an IHOP menu.

      • Avatar

        I do what I can to bring a little laughter in here.

  45. danmtruth

    liking Bama is the same as liking Paul Never a big Bama fan did love when the war eagles shocked them a few years back

  46. Shivani33

    Remember how Jason nearly went nuts with indecisiveness the first time he won Veto? I just hope he’s not going to get all haywire again. Most everyone will try to influence him. MattRess might not, because he’s the self-designated loser who seems to think that he’s a laugh a minute. Alex has talked Cowoke’s head off all Season between punches and tackles. Why would she change? I don’t think Alex is capable of changing, but that’s another subject. Paul will do his best to babysit the cowboy, subtly and persuasively to control any and all outcomes.

    Jason isn’t likely to get a moment to himself or to contemplate what an opportunity he has right now to change the game, even if he got evicted later for trying. Patrick Henry: Give me liberty or give me death. Yeah, yeah. BB is only a game. Let’s all be popular and be good sports about going home emptyhanded. Chee wah. Excellent work, Abrahamian!

  47. Avatar

    So unfortunately looks like many of you were right about how this week will play out. Jason talking to Kevin about going on block as replacement pawn wants Kevin to agree. Kevin saying he does not want to pack a bag. Paul telling Christmas and Josh right move is to vote out Kevin. If Jason doesn’t want Kevin gone I don’t get why he would nominate him.

    • Avatar

      The fact that Jason is even asking is a warning to Kevin. Hasn’t anyone figured it out that anyone that’s put on the block as veto replacement when the HOH has POV is a death sentence!!!!!

      If he’s selling that the target is Matt, why mess with nominations. Keeping Raven on block keeps a vote to keep Matt out of play.

      If anyone ever calls this a backdoor, I’ll scream. Kevin needs to convince to keep the nominations locked. He’s gone if he’s on the block.

  48. Avatar

    Kevin says if he is HOH going to nominate Raven and Raven. I hope there is an apple that makes this a possibility : )

  49. Shivani33

    Alex is mad at Jason. Really mad. All that she wants is for him to change the noms and to nominate Kevin. She doesn’t understand why he won’t just say yes to this immediately. Cowpoke said to the group up in the HoH room, ” who wants Raven gone?” Everyone raised their hands, and Paul raised his hand last.

  50. danmtruth

    Why do these people always want to complicate things Keep the noms the same get Matt out No need for a pawn except to let Paul tell Raven he tried to save Matt What good does it do to evict Kevin ? You STILL have the power couple in Matt and Raven no need not to break that up

  51. Yael Sara

    I don’t think I have ever been so confused (scratches head)

  52. LindsayB

    Has anyone kept up with any of the pre jury evictees? Have any of them commented on the whole Raven thing?

    • Avatar

      I haven’t fully kept up with any of them but I have looked at their social medias from time to time. Jess is of course going off on/making fun of Raven every chance she gets (side note – she is actually bashing everyone left every chance she gets…she says it’s because he was constantly attacked in the house but it’s coming across very mean girl and bitter…it’s not flattering to her but I don’t think she cares). I have also seen Ramses make a couple comments about Raven. Norhing really mean, just seems like more shock/disbelief at things he is seeing and hearing from her. And MANY houseguests from past seasons are having a field day with Raven as well. Evel Dick is RELENTLESS on her!! His stuff is quite funny though.

      • LindsayB

        Yeah. I follow Evel but haven’t been on twitter that much. He’s hilarious except when he’s bashing Paul of course.

      • Avatar

        I would also like to explain why I think it’s ugly coming from Jess and funny from Dick. Evel Dick is an ass and everyone knows it. He doesn’t give a shit…I don’t agree with how far below the belt he tends to go but I do like the fact that he is who he is and he doesn’t try to make excuses. Jess is playing the victim card (just like she did in the house) and I don’t like tbat. She is bashing these people and saying mean, below the belt things but then basically saying the houseguests made her say it because they were mean to her in the house. Be an ass or don’t be an ass but pick a lane and stay there. Don’t be an ass but then not have the backbone to give zero fucks about your “asshole-ness”.

        End rant. Sorry. LOL

  53. NKogNeeTow

    Linds, don’t hate me but I’m about to say something that’s going to make you want to kick my a$$. I have the Feeds on in the background and it sounds like Paul is trying to talk Jason into putting Kevin up and voting him out. If that’s the case, then I want Paul’s ass gone. If Jason succumbs to it, I want Jason’s ass gone. I don’t care about them going after the rest of the house, but I do want them to leave Kevin alone. Sure he’s done some hinky crap, but haven’t they all. He’s not the worst of the bunch, far from it.

    It also sounds like Jason’s eyes are starting to open up about his “ride or die”, the Gremlin. They can put Kevin up but if he’s voted out, then I want the Garden Gnome (Paul), the Gremlin (Alex) and Jason’s asses on the block and any one of them out next week.


    • LindsayB

      I’m watching it NK. I know you love yourself some Kevin. I get it. It’s better for Paul’s game if he goes. With that being said, jason is flipping out about Alex now. He’s sick and tired of her. He’s either gonna put her in her place and stick to his guns or just succumb to what she wants so she’ll leave him alone. I’d say the determining factor of whether Kevin will go up or not is gonna be Alex and Jason’s relationship.

      • NKogNeeTow

        As much as Jason is talking, I still wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t cave and do what she wants (what the Gnome wants). He told Paul that listening to Alex was like being married (to her). If that’s the case, you know what they say “Happy wife, happy life”…Alex will win the fight. 🙁

      • danmtruth

        why is it better for Pauls game to get Kevin NOW ? Why leave the bed bugs in the house ? Kevin is not a threat to his game Break up a couple now Or Paul will need to win a HOH and get the dreaded BLOOD ON HIS HANDS ,,,,,Oh please ,,,,

      • LindsayB

        Cuz the bed bugs are very loyal to Paul. Both of them. Kevin isn’t. He’s got some brain cells kicking around up there and realizes that Paul is gonna win this whole thing. Matt and Raven will go after Jason and Alex, who in turn will return the favor. Josh and Christmas also want to break up the other two duos. Kevin is a wild card. If Alex were to leave, jason and Kevin would become a duo. Kevin has to go sooner rather than later.

    • Avatar

      OMG NOOOOO!! Jason and Kevin are the only two I like in the house anymore (simply because I find then likable and super entertaining) and I have a soft spor for Kevin so I do not want him to go. Please BB Gods, let Jason hold his ground and open his eyes!! He needs to tell Paul and Alex that if they want a pawn up there so bad, then one of them can be it!!

      I don’t want Kevin to go but if he does, one good thing will likely come of it. Jason will realize that Alex and Paul misled him and I think Paul’s cover will be blown. Jason will know Paul lied to him so maybe that will light a fire up him. It may be too late by then though.

  54. LindsayB

    RavenSTFU update:

    Ladies and gentlemen we have a new disease:

    Rough kneecap syndrome

  55. Helen

    Poor Cowboy!! Alex is really going to cost him that money!! Paul does not want Matt gone. Or Raven. He wants Kevin out so his crew can take out Jason and Alex. Alex is too stupid to see it!! Hope Jason can withstand the shit until Monday. He should just lock his door and keep them all out!!!

  56. NKogNeeTow

    He should Helen, but he won’t. My bet is that he’ll cave as he always does, just so they’ll leave him alone. I just wish he’d get or stay so pissed at the Gremlin that he won’t change his mind and put Kevin up out of sheer spite. But realistically, he knows that if he doesn’t do what they want, he’ll be OTB next week (which he most likely will be anyway, unbeknownst to him). The Gnome’s stranglehold on the group is so strong that they’ve painted themselves into a corner. They couldn’t turn on him if they wanted to. On the bright side…we only have about 3 or 4 more weeks left of this madness Folks…lol

    • LindsayB

      I’m always amazed when I hear jason talking game with Kevin. He really sees what’s going on but for some reason is content to just let it be that way.

      Kevin just asked why Josh has lasted so long. Jason explained that he was a weapon. A well used weapon. The guy knows what’s up.

      They both know Paul knows everything. Jason just said it would take an act of God to beat Paul or Alex.

      • Avatar

        I agree, and I’m always disappointed when he kowtows to Paul and Alex despite his instincts. I hope Jason is not immediately caving because he realizes he may need Kevin. Hopefully, he knows he has a huge target on his back between winning a lot of comps lately, being half of a strong duo, not being able to play in the next HOH, and tugging at heartstrings from the news that his wife is expecting. It’s not like rolling over and nominating Kevin is going to save him in a week or two. On the other hand, he may need the number in his favor by saving Kevin.

  57. Shivani33

    The pressure on Cowpoke is intense but he hasn’t folded yet. Alex has resorted to threats, backing off and then resuming threats at a higher pitch. Christmas asking why Jason won’t protect Alex by putting up Kevin and saying look at the trouble Kevin is causing. Kevin is causing NO trouble! Paul tells Jason that Kevin is “counterfeit.” Cowpoke could kick all of these a**holes out of the HoH room and take a long nap until the Veto ceremony and save himself a lot of grief. But he seems to be too absorbed in the household’s symbiotic relationship ( relationshit) to see that he can do this, can make his own decision and have everyone else go somewhere else to dissolve into their massive pile of squawks. Be like that guy on the movie “Network” and bellow “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

  58. Shivani33

    When I lived in India, an old joke was told there often. It referred to how easy it was for a man to end a rotten marriage in another group of nations which I’ll leave unmentioned. All that the man needed to do was to say 3 times emphatically, “I divorce you! I divorce you! I divorce you!” That would be the end of the matter. Cowpoke, give it a whirl and free yourself of that nagging hyena tv wife, Alex.

  59. NKogNeeTow

    Skuzzy and Skuzzette in bed in the Rose Room talking. He just said he told her where he hid is whatever for the Veto Comp. *smh*

  60. Mel

    Hey guys, been gone all day.Sooo glad your still checking in Ann. I sent you a msg if you havent checked them. Glad your on tonight Nk. I was going to let it go one more day before researching how I could get the National Guard to track you down with your avatar and BBJ info. I think we may have to track down Steve…

    I’m so annoyed with these nuts. If Kevin goes up, I’ll have to lay out some soft things that I can throw at my screen. I don’t understand why they spend all that energy going over the order they want to evict people 50 times a day and change it the second the veto is over. It was just last night they were discussing throwing it to Josh or Kevin and letting them be the bad guy so they can get Matt out. Why did it suddenly become life or death that Kevin needs to leave?

    • NKogNeeTow

      Hey Sweetpea! Nope, I’m still here, just partially checked out. These HG are DRAINING! Your last paragraph is mostly why I’ve been nodding out on them most of the time this past week. Oh, and since I’m an avid thrower of things at the TV, I use socks….they leave no marks and won’t hurt the screen…lol. I use them when watching BB and also when watching scary movies (why do they always go investigate instead of getting out, when they know the killer is in the house; why do they always run upstairs instead of out the door when they’re standing right in front of it; why do they always flood the car when trying to start it; why do they always fall when running…that crap drives me nutz!)

    • Avatar

      Kevin is one of the few remaining that I like. I think Jason seems like a good guy, but he is too much under Alex control. I hope he stays strong and keeps noms the same, but I don’t have a lot of hope that he will.

  61. NKogNeeTow

    The Gremlin was eating cucumbers and suddenly said “F*ck, I didn’t pray”. Now if there were ever 2 words that don’t belong in the same sentence….

  62. Avatar

    Watching BBAD, Alex dropped more F bombs in 5 minutes in casual conversation than I have in my whole life. Am I the only one who thinks her dirty mouth is extremely disgusting? I can’t handle her.

    • Avatar

      Its time for Jason to cut Alex Off, & to start Playing his own Game….Paul has got Alex believing that its going to be Paul, Alex & Jason…

      But it is Quite to the Contrary…Paul wants Jason, Kevin, & Alex Out Pronto?! Paul only wants people in the House that he can Beat…Christmas, Josh, & Raven/Matt. Right now the Whole house wants Jason onboard the EVICT KEVIN TRAIN….Sadz

    • Tinkerbell

      Stemmie, She is one of the most disgusting people to ever be cast. She is like the broads on Lockup. She is nothing but a foul mouth bully.

  63. NKogNeeTow

    Scoots has a new basket hanging on her Gimpmobile. Who is she, Dorothy?

  64. NKogNeeTow

    The Gremlin and the Gnome are in the HOH telling Jason how much Josh adores him and think of him as his big brother. In the meantime, Josh was in the Wave Room telling Bastille Day how he’s tired of Jason and no longer trust him.

    Bastille Day and Josh join the group in the HOH room. They now want to boot MattRess and save Kevin for next week. They’re saying that because he’s talking like he wants to leave.

    Sidenote….The Gnome is really starting to get on my nerves the way he talks to Josh. He uses him as his yard dog, then every time he comes into a room or tries to say anything, Gnomey tells him to either “Shut up and get the f*ck out”. Now what I’d call irony, is if Josh ever wins HOH, and puts Paul up and gets him out. That might just secure Josh the $500K whether he’s been playing the game all along or not.

  65. NKogNeeTow

    I know I’m going to get a boatload of thumbs down for this, but I’m starting to hate National Potato Day more than I hate the Gremlin.

    Okay, bombs away. I’ve got my thumbs down shield up.

  66. danmtruth

    so does Paul think he needs to keep Matt and Raven around to help beat Alex next week for HOH ? so the dumb vote thing can come back to haunt Alex and Jason Could it be Paul is out thinking himself in his crazy BB math world Get Kevin out ,, no threat no loss to his game Than Jason can not play for HOH You have Alex on her own Verses Matt,Raven,Xmas and Josh for HOH that way Paul does not need to win and he gets to target Alex & Jason with the other 4

  67. NKogNeeTow

    The Gang (Jason/Alvin and the Chipmonks (Paul, Gremlin and SendAKidToCamp) are all in the HOH messing with Jason’s head again. First Alvin ask him if he’s going to use the Veto, then before he can answer, he says “Do what you want, I don’t care”. Then the rest of them chime in and say the same thing, then turn around and start to try to subliminally tell Jason to put up Kevin.

  68. Ann

    Hey everbody I’m still here. I’m fine & my family is fine too. We’re still getting wind & rain but nothing like last night & this morning. This is supposed to be all over with on Tuesday or Wednesday. The reason for trying to get people to evacuate now is because of the flooding to come, not to mention what we already have. Still no power, same water restrictions & we still have curfew. That damn tree is still in my yard. Lol
    I’m going to have to get foundation work I think because water keeps coming in. I can get through that because there are so many people who lost their homes so I’m grateful.
    My phone is dying so I will check in tomorrow.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Night Annie. We’ll be looking out for your update tomorrow.

      Love You!

    • Tinkerbell

      @ Ann It’s so good, and so relieving, to hear from you. I know things are far from good for you, but I’m so thankful that you and your family are safe. I’m sorry I didn’t post sooner, I was off-line just a little. I have been watching the Weather Channel. Such horrendous destruction. Oh my goodness. I just cannot imagine. When the rains cease, I hope so much that things will go as smoothly as possible in putting your lives back together. Sending prayers, love, and thoughts across the miles to you.

  69. NKogNeeTow

    The Gremlin is telling Jason that their “team” is looking out for them and only wants the best for them. HA! Wrong again Sparky!

  70. NKogNeeTow

    Since when is BB a team sport? Do they think that if 1 wins the money, they all share it?

  71. NKogNeeTow

    National Lake and Streams Day just told the Gremlin that Kevin has to “say” he wants to be there and wants to play the game. Who the f*ck made her cruise director? Why does she get to decide who should declare whether they want to be there or not and why? The more she talks, the more I can’t stand her. She’s even passed the Gremlin on my dislike list. I’m waiting with baited breath for someone to throw her gimpy ass up OTB. I will giggle like a silly little school girl when that happens.

    Now the Gremlin is back in the HOH to verbally torture Jason again. He’s telling her in so many words that he still doesn’t want to put Kevin up (in spite of him talking about Kevin like a dog with the others). She’s pretty much going along with it now (because the rest of the henchmen aren’t around), but you can bet as soon as she’s surrounded by the rest of them, that will change. She’s telling him stories about Kevin again…trying to change his mind without actually coming out and saying it. She’s trying her best to get Jason riled up against him.

    May she rot in hell also.

    • Shivani33

      There’s a morning walk coming faithfully, waiting for Cowpoke and Kevin. No manipulating or bitching nags can get in on it, because they have to devote that time to putting on their faces, while the two men are outside restoring their souls.

  72. Shivani33

    What happened to the Yom Kippur who told Joshy not to trust or believe everything that our bearded Svengali says? 48 hours tethered to Rasputin consumed her. She/he then broke up with Kevin and turned into a pickled condiment. Her brain has become a scooter and her game a crashed Maserati. In other words, she’s a keeper so far, chained up in Rasputin’s backseat, sedated by the team kool-aid.

    Then there’s Alex who’s going to have to bend over and help assassinate Cowpoke soon. Good times! She got in some practice time on that tonight, the manly little madhatter. How ’bout she cements her Petty cap permanently atop her noggin like a posture-balancing encyclopedia and cuss & pray her way to the jury house. Several people over there probably want a manicure.

    One guy will sleep contentedly, knowing that he spread equal portions of harmony and disharmony to his zoo after the Veto ceremony. The jaws of life will disentangle MattRess from Raven. Next cannibals can eat the cowboy. Yum! If something weird happens, there’s always Kevin, but older meat can be tough.

  73. Avatar

    I think Jason is screwed either way so I hope he keeps Kevin.

  74. NKogNeeTow

    Yep, and he’s one tough old bird. I’m still hoping that he wins HOH, even if it’s by fluke. And I don’t want him to go after DMW and MattRess. I want somebody else to take them out. I want him to go after his so-called “friends”. They’ve talked so much crap about him, let’s see how they feel when he has to take one of them out because after MattRess and DMW leaves, they are down to their Final-whatever.

    • Avatar

      I would be happy if Kevin could win HOH. I don’t care how. It would be best if it was the one right after Raven and Matt were both voted out…I can’t wait to see how Paul uses Kevin’s tooth against him. The turn on Kevin is one of the things that makes the least sense to me. I get that Paul wants him out because he thinks he’s bad for his game but I really don’t get how Xmas turned on him after spending so much time with him. I also don’t understand why Jason hasn’t pulled Kevin in to assure Alex that she is not his target. Even if it’s done in a way of strategizing – not to make Alex feel secure – but just something to make Alex know she’s not at risk. But no matter what happens, the numbers are now against Jason.

  75. NKogNeeTow

    Now Paul, Josh and MyFootIsFuckedButI’mStillAlive Day are on the hammock planning Jason’s untimely demise. They were trying to decide who to take as a F4, Kevin or DMW. Josh wants to take Kevin because DMW might be a little better at the physical/mental stuff. The Gnome wanted to take DMW, but decided that Kevin would be better.

    The new booting order is MattRess (because DMW would gravitate towards them *with no one left in the house, who else would she gravitate too?*), Jason (because the Gremlin would gravitate towards them *see above astrict*), Gremlin (Alex), DMW. Now mind you, no one is taking into consideration that Jason WINS Vetos. Once Grems is out, then Kevin.

    The Gnome says that once the 3 of them make it to F3, America will “shit their pants because who would have thought those 3 would make it to the end”. They say they have to be careful with DMW because she’s very observant.

  76. NKogNeeTow

    The Three Stooges (The Gnome, Josh and MyLeftFoot) are talking about the Gremlin and Jason. Gnomey says they are on a power trip. He’s not far off. Earlier Grems and Jason were talking in the HOH and she told him how Megan leaving turned out great for them because that made them the stars of the show *delusional much?*.

    The Three Amigos have decided when they get out, they want to go smoke weed. The Gnome(Paul) says he wants to smoke a 24K gold joint (*paging Bruno Mars*). Josh doesn’t know what that is, and Gnomey tells him that it’s just gold paper. He says he likes layering his weed with mixed flavors. Their talk about weed turns to paranoia. Gnomey ask if they think that everyone in the house is talking about getting them out right now (*mind you, they aren’t even smoking weed and the paranoia is setting in*). Josh pulls them back to reality by telling them about a friend of his who’s parents have a pool company. He says every morning his friend wakes up and smokes a joint while doing #2 on the toilet (*Fish*).

  77. NKogNeeTow

    The Gump and The Gimp have gone to bed, leaving Josh alone in the hammock. He says he feels 100% better then announces to himself that he is going to bed. Sounds like a good idea. Think I’ll follow his lead.

    *Sidenote: Is that a community mouthwash bottle? All of them swig directly out of it. I mean I know it’s a germ killing solution, but…

    Have a GREAT Sunday everyone!

  78. Tinkerbell

    I need to go in the house, now. Bungee cord the nothing-burgers to their beds, run around the house banging cymbal sized pans.

  79. Tinkerbell

    This thread is too long. I’m getting vertigo paging up and down.

  80. Tinkerbell

    I wonder if Felts will be first on the new thread today. He was so proud last time. ;))

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