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Big Brother 20 – Boring Thursday Discussion

Good afternoon, everyone. It’s Thursday in the Big Brother house which means a day of people getting ready for the live show with the added bonus of them studying for the HoH competition tonight. That means it’s going to be a very slow day on the feeds (or at least should be), but I am bored and wanted to ramble a bit.


Sure, my ramble posts probably won’t be as in-depth as Mel’s, but I’ll do my best…

No Double Eviction this year – That’s right. Thanks to Kaitlyn failing the super easy puzzle, we have lost our DE for the year. Probably.  The inside source for the house said that the plan was to keep the winner of the puzzle comp safe for a week (Kaitlyn) and then have a DE tonight. She would have been safe for the first eviction but able to get eliminated during the second. Now that Kaitlyn is gone, no need for a DE tonight so it’s likely going to be a lot of last-minute filler content to eat up a solid 30 minutes.

This does explain why the backyard was open as late as it was this week. That is because comps are planned well in advance (which is also why it’s absurd when people suggest certain comps were made for certain people at specific times). During double eviction weeks, they need to put up two HoH competitions and one PoV so they are typically small and quick to set up. Now that they only needed to put one up this week, this gave them plenty of extra time to leave the backyard open for the house.


Random act of kindness – Last night, Sam was having a really rough night after production flashed a few gifs up on the screen for the house to study. One of them apparently featured JC just falling like a log from the tree, so Sam took that as him throwing the competition to her. She was upset over this because everyone pumped her up all week how much of a beast she was for winning that competition, so when she thought JC threw it, her win felt tainted. I understand that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense considering she basically demanded Tyler fall to give her the comp, but it could be because JC really was built for that competition and likely would have won had he tried. Beating him was indeed impressive and she probably thought she was going to beat Tyler regardless so she just sped up the process (my take on it, not hers).

The kindness comes about an hour after her meltdown when Sam was talking to Tyler in the HN room and Angela came in with a plate of food she made for Sam. The reason this is significant is that Sam is a huge favorite to win the HOH tonight due to her really good memory, and the house could have taken advantage of her meltdown and just destroyed her while down. I’m fairly confident that would have been a strategy employed during BB19, so it was nice to see the house essentially eliminate a contestant just to make her feel better.  Angela wasn’t alone. Tyler, Brett, and JC also had long talks with her to comfort her and most of the girls helped Angela prepare the food.

Will they or won’t they? – This is the question that has been on everyone’s mind this week (or maybe just mine), and I still don’t have an answer.  Will the house evict Rachel or Brett?  Under normal circumstances, I’d say Rachel is screwed. Level 6 is together on the same page with evicting her after the meltdown she had this week proved she couldn’t be a stable ally. However, this is the season of the hinky vote where I believe 3 out of 4 weeks had one (and 4 out of 4 if you count Kaitlyn’s flip – but that was planned). Barring a big change in the house today, it should be another 1 person vote, so that one hinky vote could be the difference between Rachel staying 5-4 or leaving by a vote of 6-3.

All strategy? – One thing going for level 6 is they’re not short of strategy this season. Whether it is Brett randomly calling out Rockstar during his nomination speech to take the heat off the real flip vote, the manipulation of Kaitlyn to get her to vote out Steve then backdoor her own ally, or the small things like Tyler talking to Bay and merely hyping up his friendship with Scottie just so she gets pissed at Scottie and decides to nominate him had he used the veto.  There are more examples, but level 6 has been really good all season long on the strategic side of the coin, but so far pretty terrible on the competitive side which is weird because their entire alliance is full of athletes. Tyler is the only one who has won any competitions for level 6 and pretty much the only reason the alliance is still in decent shape after tonight.  Will they actually pull out a comp win tonight? Brett and Tyler have a chance, but they are playing a mental comp against two really strong mental players (Sam and Scottie) so I really don’t expect L6 to walk away with HoH tonight.

I’ll keep watching the feeds to see if anything interesting happens, but for now, see you at 9 est


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  1. LO1004

    Also, anyone else disappointed in the comps this year (excluding the wall comp of course)? I’m hoping they turn it up after this week because they’ve been boring to watch.

  2. ladycobra

    Did anyone see or read where Fessy and Scottie were cheating for the HOH comp? What I read was Scottie was called to DR and made to give up his paper where he wrote down things. Fessy had an eyeliner pencil and paper and wrote down things. Have not heard or read that Fessy was made to give up his notes.

  3. WhereisPablo

    I am hoping for a Tyler/KC/Brett or Driftwood HOH win. Provided Brett stays. PLEASE not Crayola and not another Sam or Scottie either!

  4. Shivani33

    Who knows who will win the upcoming HoH comp? Quite often people memorize all kinds of things to prepare and miss some silly, simple details which end up being the basis of several of the comp questions. “When Rachel played in the third veto comp, her shirt was blue. Was she wearing diamond studs that night?” “Estimate whether Bayleigh blew a quart, half-gallon or a pint of nose juice during her second week in the house.” All that we can be sure of is that AngieRS is already celebrating her big win…for each and every fantasy swirling in her head. For sure. For sure. This is going to be her victory week. Like yeah. Don’tcha know!

  5. AIO_7

    “No Double Eviction this year”

    At the moment that doesn’t bother me that much because in the past the second eviction on the DE night always seemed to eliminate someone that I liked. On the other side of the equation, it would be an excellent time to get rid of JC so they wouldn’t have to put up with his hectoring them all week.

  6. Avatar

    I can’t believe they haven’t called Fessi out for clearly cheating. That was so ridiculous. If y’all didn’t see it, it’s on YouTube. It’s VERY clear. I think he should have to sit out tonight.

  7. danmtruth

    This Memory comp should be interesting Scottie won his HOH on the other memory comp But on the down side with multiple things to remember in the dating POV comp he was terrible Unlike his team he is concentrating on pairs and numbers in the gif & video We shall see what is the good strategies
    As for L6/5/4 they have Bret who you would think should be good Angela has claimed she has been holding back Hearing her name being mention to go on the block hopeful fire her up Sam is a sneaky good player we will see what her mental state is

    • Shivani33

      Poor Sam doesn’t usually get her happy pill until rather late at night. Not to mention, she could be stuck without a cigarette for too damn long before the big comp. And whatever is happening with her homebrew? Did it rot or something? What she was concocting takes 5-6 days at the max. Plus, with feeds down, have we seen her play out her pre-voting ritual of being extra kind to the one whom she’s decided to evict? It is personal! The whole game is personal. The entire universe is personal. I hope that Sam is not a Libra, or it might take her years to recuperate from being on Big Brother. Tee-hee.

      At least the vote tonight might be an easier one for her, since she thinks of Rachel as a thot. (That ‘Ho Over There.)

      All of this is Rachel’s fault, and she asked for it by never wearing any real clothes. Om. Peace. Amen. And GTFOOH.

    • Lynn

      I suspect that Scottie threw the memory comp he lost. He sold it hard that he couldn’t remember and run at the same time.

    • Helen

      Both Scottie and Faysal should be disqualified from playing in this HOH due to cheating…they were caught on video..so to be fair they need to sit this one out

      • Mel

        Nicole and Corey cheated last year. They didn’t say anything. They called Scottie in the dr. They probably tell them they’ll be punished if it happens again and leave it at that so they can keep it off tv.

  8. Avatar

    I’ve been enjoying these hinky votes this season! I hate when always unanimous and everyone uses the excuse to “vote with the house”.

  9. strwar1

    Ohhh me and my gf are ready for Bayleigh craziness after Rachel gets voted out. Lol OMG I can feel she will get evicted

  10. Mel

    I still think they can have a double. They just have to have a jury buyback to do one.

    • Helen

      True but the spoiler from Vegas makes me think there won’t be a double eviction which would imply no jury buy back?

    • danmtruth

      The fun thing about the double and the battle back There are a few housepets that have a good understanding about past seasons So they are the ones how think they know when these things normally happen That and what kind of comps they will do Thats why its fun to have real fans on the show

      • NKogNeeTow

        Both Scottie and JC seem to have a pretty good understanding and I’ve heard them talk about past seasons with some of the others at various times. Scottie didn’t surprise me with his knowledge but JC did.

  11. ShoeLover

    Someone mentioned Rosie Riveter!! Found this on my Facebook feed!! It’s for a t-shirt!! I am liking it!!

  12. Alda

    I really like Thursday nights this season.It’s nice to not always know who is getting voted out for sure,till they actually vote.

  13. Mel

    No matter who goes home…we win. If Brett was staying but leaves because he pissed Sam off, that would be hilarious. I also think the fallout between Bayleigh, Angela and Rachel would be great if Rachel was still there after Bretts speech. On the other hand, Foutte being so sure they have the votes, only to be blindsided again would be funny too. We’ll have the added bonus of Bayleighs meltdown either way. Maybe we’ll get lucky and Rachel will blow up Level 6 on her way out the door. We’ll also have people blaming votes on Scottie and who know who else. I see no downside for the viewers. Lol

  14. AIO_7

    I’m here for the partaayy!

  15. AIO_7

    I’m sure Bayoch’s parents will be excited to meet the hustler who porked and fornicated with her on national TV in the HoH bath tub.

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