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Big Brother 20 – Danger, Brett Robinson! Danger!

Good morning, everyone!  Mel has the morning off so you’re stuck with my morning recap.


I had a dream last night that I was in the finale with Tyler and Fessy and the final comp was a swimming challenge. Against a lifeguard. Needless to say, I lost. Not cool, dream Big Brother, not cool.

Last night was an insanely slow day in the house – shocker – but there were some bits of game talk scattered throughout the day and especially into the evening, and that game talk is very bad news for Brett moving forward. JC did say that Brett was the next person he planned to get in the head of, and it appears to be working. Gotta give the guy (JC) credit, for what he lacks in a physical game he makes up in a strategic one.


Brett pulled Tyler to the side for a little update on the state of the house and quite possibly sealed his fate as the next person to be evicted after Haleigh leaves the house tomorrow night. This is because they discussed who should be sitting with them in the final 4, and went back and forth on the pros and cons of the girls versus Sam/JC.  While it appeared to be going well for the most part, things took a bad turn when Brett suggested that Angela be the person to be evicted tomorrow night. Tyler agreed of course, but we all knew that he was just leading Brett on because he obviously couldn’t reveal just how close he has become to the girls, and that was apparent later when he met up with Kaycee to re-tell the story.

Kaycee was a bit shocked by Brett’s apprehension about moving forward with the entire L6 and after a bit of talk with Tyler about it, they decided that Brett very well could go up and out tomorrow if there is a replacement nominee needed. With an entire 36ish hours to stew over Brett’s apparent ‘disloyalty’, that very well could change to Brett flat out being the target tomorrow night which wouldn’t be the worst of decisions for the trio. While I like Brett, I like to look at the game from all angles and their smartest move is probably to scrap Brett sooner than later and take their chances with the extremely weak Sam and JC moving forward.

Basically, if the final 5 consists of Angela, Tyler, Kaycee, Sam, and JC, then the remaining L6 members all but guarantee to control who sits in the final 3 because the other two just aren’t winning anything. With Brett potentially wanting to flip and get Angela out for the same smart reason (Sam/JC are just too weak to get rid of now), the second HoH tomorrow night suddenly becomes insanely important for the remainder of the game.

I’m going to have a live feed thread in a bit and will mention it there but I want to tell everyone in NC/SC area to be careful and we’re all going to be thinking of you over the next few days. I’m not extremely concerned because I know how tough you guys are and how you’ll all pull together to help each other, but just make sure to stay safe through the storm!


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  1. Painter1

    Prayers for all those in the path of the storm. Stay safe

  2. Avatar

    I thought Brett was smarter than that! He could have made it at least to final four as an L6 member, but he let JC eff with his head and now he could very well be next on their “hit list”.

    • FW aka CY

      He’ll be happier in the jury house. This has mostly been a season of frustration for him. Jury house has no comps and Hay will be there – and he will probably look pretty good in comparison with randy, pouty, dim-witted Facial. After a week of mauling and bawling, pleading and puling, she’s going to be looking for some relief.

    • danmtruth

      JC has been playing a very good game all season Only once being conceded to be put OTB But he was able dry cry his way out of that with Sam Jc is planting the seed of breaking TY up with Angela and KC Yet letting Bret take the fall if the plan fails From here out all will be playing in the POV comps Fewer physical comps more mental This is now when the game starts on a different level Can Jc keep tricking people into taking each other out I feel he must be one of the next two after Hay to be sent to jury

      mother nature holds all the cards stay safe

      • Jenny

        I had forgotten that he pretty much refused to be put on the block during the nomination ceremony. Gotta give him credit (or roll your eyes at Sam) for that trick!

    • ElaineB

      I can see “Three’s Company” going with that and sticking with JC/Sam, thus sending Brett packing. Not a bad plan for them. I am more ready for Sam to go, than Brett. Lol. But it is not my game!

  3. FW aka CY

    You Tarheels make tracks – to safety. Palmettoteers, putcher asses in gears. Crossed finger and good vibes to all y’all.

  4. Joy

    Thanks Steve, and be safe all in NC/SC!

  5. Avatar

    Gotta give it to JC. He’s sure is messing with Brett’s mind. I’m actually surprised about it, however, he is last on the L6/5/4 totem pole and he sees the writing on the wall. Wish he would just keep his mouth shut!

  6. LynnD

    Great update Steve. I was unable to really watch many feeds last night.

    All my Prayers to everyone in NC/SC. As someone who lives in S FL I am all too aware of the stress and anticipation that you are under. Also PLEASE EVACUATE!!!!! They are not joking with this storm. <3

  7. Avatar

    It’s time for JC and Sam to step up their HOH comp game if they are going to stand a chance at staying through DE. I think they have both been throwing comps to stay off the radar. And if one of them do win, it’s going to be a fun DE!! Let the scrambling begin….

  8. hogwild

    Wanting to get Angela out not a bad idea talking to Tyler about it is.

  9. kneeless

    It would be funny, on Thurs night, when Haha tells Julie how “ravishing” she looks if Julie would say, Haileigh, STFU, I’m dealing with a bunch of shirt right now & don’t need your BS on top of everything.” One can wish!

    • LynnD

      What would be pure entertainment would be Julie deciding not to show up on Thursday. Then the houseguests are sitting there with the dumbest looks on their faces bc they have no clue what is going on 🙂

      • Jenny

        oh WOW I hadn’t even thought about how the HG’s have no clue about what’s going on. I’ve been wondering if Julie is going to stick it out for the rest of the season. Love her or hate her you gotta admit she’s really good at staying professional and not letting on what she’s going through emotionally.

  10. kneeless

    Anyone else see the BB Comic books of the nonjury members? Can’t remember the site I saw them at. While I was ‘surfing’ late last night.

  11. Shivani33

    I’ve been waiting for Brett to fall out and get picked off. It is nice of him to start to oblige. Frankly, I thank Haleigh for stimulating him to totter and get off-balance with her combined info and gossip about the “slurping” of Ty and Ang.. That has had a big effect on Brett.

    Yesterday Brett told JC about how devoted Tyler and Angela have become. He finally spilled what Haleigh told him. JC said that he didn’t really believe it! He acted less concerned about it than he ever had before. I found that bizarre, since JC has been so vehement about Tyler and Angela getting too close. Neither Brett or JC have a good read on how much Kaycee and Tyler are partners, either. Quite a few of their calculations are mistaken. Tyler and Kaycee are happily aware that their pact has stayed so under the radar.

    Kaycee finally woke up about Brett not being a solid ally after Tyler finally got through to her about it yesterday. At last she sees it for herself. Angela is the best one to win the next HoH, out of the trio of Tyler, Angela and Kaycee. That way, Tyler will be able to go for the following HoH, which is, by the very nature of the game, the most crucial HoH to date. Home stretch.

    One thing I don’t understand is how come Haleigh hasn’t functioned like a warrior this week. I think that she could have superglued herself to Sam and driven her batty everyday. This would be the only way that she could have maybe changed her eviction fate. Haleigh has bugged everyone else by never leaving them a moment to breathe without her lying on top of them, one by one, for the entire game. The one time she really needed to do it, she hasn’t. Too chicken?

    • Shivani33

      Today is the day Haleigh said that she’ll start really campaigning to stay. But she’s a Foutte, so we’ll see about that.

      • Helen

        I have not watched feeds since Sunday…..does not sound like I’ll be watching them today either….
        Sick of watching Haleigh chew her fingers to the bone….

      • ElaineB

        Her tears and flirts may have worked previous weeks, but now she is up against Sam. Being able to win more comps, isn’t a plus for Hay at this time. The past talk she did of Tyler as a target, won’t go over well with who is left. If she promises anything, it is continual BS.

    • Joy

      As I see it JC throughout the game always appears skeptical of others information when it is presented to him. He likes to act as though whatever info someone else has is wrong or insignificant. His game play is that I AM the one with the information not you. For example when he has harped the Tyler/Angela connection with Brett for weeks, now Brett comes to him with info from Hay and he just dismisses it, and with that dismisses Brett entirely.

      I am glad Hay didn’t try and screw with Sam (so far) I don’t think it is who she is. I would have like to seen her stick to Brett and JC and try to change their votes to keep her. That would be some game play from her that would have helped. But she can’t get out of her own way. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, as long as JC and Sam go I’m good with anyone else to win the game.

  12. Avatar

    Brett isn’t being stupid, he is just trusting the wrong person. He made a f2 deal with the one person that made multiple f2 deals. Brett does not know this.

    Tyler is smart for making these deals. It’s a bitch move on Tyler’s part to be exposing Brett so soon. I like all of the remaining members of L4, so whatever happens, happens.

    • Colby

      L6 (4) has had each others backs since the beginning, and have a F4 agreement. Tyler knows that JC has gotten into Brett’s head and Brett is now willing to turn of L6 and work with JC instead. Even though Tyler and Brett have a F2, why would he now believe Brett would honor that and not take him out?

      • Avatar

        Tyler also has a F2 deal with JC. JC has been in Tyler’s head just as much as anyone’s. Tyler is simply using this as an excuse to stab an F2 deal, because he knows that he has to do so.

        This doesn’t make Tyler a bad guy, it’s the game. Brett is trusting Tyler 100%. That is Brett’s mistake. Brett is doing everything so that he can honor the F2 deal.

        Like I said, it’s a bitch move to expose Brett (for trusting Tyler). Tyler has played great, but so has everyone else in the F4. Tyler will turn on KC next.

        No one left can beat KC with the jury votes. No one. So if you are in the house, you better make her your target if you want to win.

        Brett is thinking with his brain. Tyler has turned all of his decisions over to his talleywhacker.

      • Painter1

        Brett so making a Rachel move by listening to JC and turning his back to L6. Didn’t he see that JC just plants seeds and walks away. He should have targeted JC or just agreed with him to keep him calm till they put Jc on the block.

      • LynnD

        If Brett did not listen to JC and then be stupid enough to take it to Tyler he would still be sitting in the F4. 1. Tyler is true to the F4 deal, then after that it’s pretty much every man for himself. 2. Tyler just saw that Brett had no problem breaking that F4. I would do exactly what Tyler is doing. Think about it 3’s Company (I like that name lol) have saved Brett’s ass more than once.

      • Avatar

        There is no way in hell that they send Brett home tonight. If one of L4 wins, they will nominate JC and Sam. If they can, they will eliminate JC.

        Bank on it. All the rest of this speculation is ridiculous. If Brett is sent home tonight, I will stop posting.

      • danmtruth

        brs1 slow your roll First I think Sam will go Neither KC or Angela trust her not to put them up As they see her being close to Jc and Bret It only comes down to three votes for that second elimination I would not mind seeing JC go but I still have a gut feeling its Sam if we have TY or Angela winning Now if Jc or Bret win were looking at Kc and Angela but JC or Bret must win the POV or who ever is not HOH is going home Ty voting Kc voting Angela on the block Sam voting bret on the block bret goes home 2-1

      • Jenny

        Double eviction is TOMORROW night, right? Or did they change it?

        If not you can relax… Brett’s not leaving tonight 🙂

  13. Avatar

    First things first….

    Job 1… Send Hayliegh packing and thus completing the purge of the Floutte Alliance (AKA the Hive).

    Job 2… Anyone not named JC or Sam need to win the HOH. KC cannot play as the outgoing HOH.

    Job 3…Anyone not named JC or Sam need to win the POV.

    Job 4… Send JC out the door.

    Job 5… Anyone not named Sam win the HOH. Let the games begin!

    Best person to take to the end for any of the contestants is Angela. Not one member of the Jury likes her or would vote for her. Brett’s logic about sending her home is off the mark. The Jury wants both of their asses out.

    If anyone is up against KC in the F2. KC will win.

    The rest of the house after they say good bye to Hayleigh and (Sam/JC) need to think about getting KC out of the house or she will win.

  14. Avatar

    It seems everyone loves Tyler inside the house. Why do they want to take him to F2?

    • Joy

      I don’t love Tyler by any means but he did play the game really well in ALL aspects. Great social game, won HOH and comps, planted seeds in people’s mind, loyal (so far) with his alliance. I can’t say that for the others OH EXCEPT, Kaycee has don’t very well in ALL aspects, Angela almost made it up there with those two but her social game with others is a off. IMO

    • Avatar

      I don’t think they necessarily want to take him to the F2. He is the best comps player and they probably view him as someone who can provide safety.

    • Colby

      Counting on a bitter jury, they think they can beat him in F2.

  15. Avatar

    Really a dumb thing for Brett to say to Tyler. How could he not know that Tyler and Angela are tight?

  16. Avatar

    I have no idea why everyone doesn’t want to take Angela to the F2. She’s pissed off everyone in the jury and nobody would ever vote for her to win.. Ty and KC have both already realized that I’m sure.

  17. Avatar

    I can’t wait for JC’s lil ass to be put up! I. CAN’T. WAIT!!!!

  18. Avatar

    This was just an excuse for Tyler to get rid of Brett, he already said he didn’t want him in final 4

  19. Avatar

    I just want to yell, Tyler is not taking you either, JC!!!!

  20. danmtruth

    with this jury I see
    KC – Well liked and accepted by most
    Sam – pure spite
    TY- might be enough flippers left in Foutte
    Angela- so much hatetread
    JC – Might flip flop but also lots of baggage
    Bret- Well someone had to be last the last three are a field pick they all can switch places but wont effect the top
    any body above your name you will not beat Bellow your name you had better be standing next to them to win at F-2

  21. Shivani33

    Sam has been in the house taking up space while being unwilling to play the game. Her comp win was given to her, and that’s been her only win. She functions in just about total conditionality. Her conditions have been that she not have to strategize or to learn how to play the game. Her self-imposed rules include “watch out for me or I’ll flip out.” Maybe even become violent. Or maybe self-evict. And beware the baby voice, the peaks and the valleys of her emotions.

    Enough already. It isn’t a popularity contest. It isn’t some homemaking show, either. What does Sam want, pity? Pity to keep her in the house trying to ignore the game? Who hasn’t seen this act before? It is emotional blackmail and not uncommon. She is like a barnacle.

    Haleigh doesn’t have a chance to stay now unless Sam leaves instead. There are no other options left. Why not target Sam? Haleigh hasn’t been tough or cantankerous and certainly would not need to bully Sam to evoke a reaction from her. Just ride her ass, don’t leave her be. Remove the stubborn obstacle of Sam’s requirements for being present. It doesn’t take a chainsaw. It can even be done ‘”affectionately.” Big Brother isn’t a f*cking charity. But Haleigh is busy kissing her game good-bye, half in denial, half in surrender. Fine with me, and buh-bye, Haleigh. But I wouldn’t let Sam walk all over me with her “delicate condition.” You have to be willing to take risks.

    • AIO_7

      “Sam has been in the house taking up space”….

      In this convo. with Tyler Sam says that people are telling her that she is a shoo-in for America’s favorite.


    • Avatar

      Wow, I really have mixed feelings about your post. On one hand, I have compassion for Sam.. don’t think she had any idea what she was getting into. As to her HOH, those kind of tactics, shouts promises (real or lies) are all part of the games, always has been… so not given to her. Is Sam the best player, no but she is still there.

      As for Hay, most young women haven’t been conditioned to be ruthless competitors. At her age I would not have gone after Sam either. Only when we become mothers do some of us get the hard edge to go after what we want and need for our families. Would I do it, yes I would make her bats..t crazy so she would blow up the eviction. I predict that Hay will not do it. Think this speaks to the difference in how we raise our sons and daughters…..?

      • Jenny

        I agree about the HOH – she battled hard to make it to the last 2 standing, and like Robin said, it’s pretty common to make deals at the end of endurance comps. If Tyler hadn’t jumped he may well have lost to her anyway. They said the hand-holds were perfectly placed for her height so holding on was not as hard as it was for others.

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