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Big Brother 20 – Fezzy’s Big Decision

Good afternoon, everyone! Happy Monday! It’s going to be an interesting day for the weird love triangle of Fezzy/Kait/Haleigh today as he basically has to give his rose to one of them.


Oops, wrong show. Anyway, Fezzy does have to make a big decision and that is to either not use his veto or save one of the two girls he promised to save. Both have been campaigning hard but only one will be taken off the block today and the other has to go to vote on Thursday night. Of course, even if evicted, that person should likely return unless that puzzle is much harder than expected, so that should make Thursday night even better!

Haleigh currently has the advantage as she was the one who picked Fez to play so that alone should make him use it on her, but Kaitlyn dropped the ‘love’ bomb on him the other night. Haleigh hasn’t been as forward with her campaigning, especially after Sam humiliated the pair on national TV. I know Sam didn’t intend any harm with her nomination speech, but I also know both were deeply offended by it.

Alright, update time –

  • 11:30 am – feeds cut for veto meeting
  • 12:40 pm – Feeds back!
    • Kaitlyn is crying (as expected).
    • Rockstar is the re-nom
    • Sam told the house that whoever leaves has the chance to come back
    • Now Sam feels the need to explain to people like Brett why she didn’t use the power on Winston
    • Brett says he’s not mad at her and gives her a hug
    • Sam is pacing around the yard clearly stressed
    • Rockstar comes in the house and asks who flipped the vote last week
    • Nobody answers. She says she may get that answer in a few days
  • 12:50 pm – JC is talking to Tyler in the HN room
    • People are a little confused because JC is talking like he is nominated.
    • Rockstar in another room upset that Brett wasn’t an option for Sam
    • She is already sure she’s going home. She wants to catch a few last rays
    • Bayleigh is talking to them in the room and throwing some crazy theories out there
    • She thinks that Sam’s power changed after week 1 because she didn’t use it.
  • 1:05 pm – Kaitlyn comes in
    • She’s upset that Sam put up another strong woman
    • They’re also putting the pieces together than Sam didn’t use the power last week which means someone flipped
  • Tyler is in the pantry talking to Fez
    • He is already pretending like he’s going to vote to keep Kaitlyn. I can’t see him doing that. She’s killing his game
  • Outside, Brett is comforting Kaitlyn
    • He is telling her she has a good chance to stay because of who she’s up against
    • Fezzy told Kaitlyn that he couldn’t save her because of what she did to Swaggy
    • Sam comes out and tells Kaitlyn she had no option (lol)
    • Kaitlyn says she’s just upset because Fezzy said he would save her
  • 1:20 pm – Kaitlyn heads inside. She and Tyler go to the bedroom to chat
    • She asks where Fez and Haleigh are. Tyler tells her in the storage room
    • Kait keeps saying she’s upset that she put so much trust in a man who isn’t her dad
  • Fezzy eventually comes in
    • Tyler leaves so they can talk
    • Kait points out how his side is going to keep RS because of what she did to Swaggy
    • She asks if he’s voting for her to stay but she can’t trust him because he blamed the veto thing on Swaggy
    • Kaitlyn whispers “you know the way I feel about you”
    • Haleigh comes in and they are trying to count votes.
    • Fez doesn’t sound very confident when he says “you have me and Haleigh”
    • Kait points that out so Fez elaborates something about how RS has nobody which makes no sense
    • I think what Fez is trying to say to her is that even they keep RS, she’ll definitely remain loyal to them. If they keep Kaitlyn, she still has people like Tyler who she may flip to
  • 2:00 pm – Rockstar is outside with Sam
    • She is saying that she has observed the house so far
    • She thinks Tyler and Brett are much closer than they appear (she’s right)
    • She thinks Tyler got in Kaitlyn’s ear about Swaggy (she’s right)
  • 2:30 pm – Rockstar is already campaigning to Rachel and Kaycee
  • 3:00 pm – This thread is getting long so I am going to wrap this one up
    • Before I go, JC is currently working on trying to get Kaitlyn out
    • JC gives Fezzy a lecture for even using the veto. He loves giving lectures
    • JC says he’s only mad because Fezzy didn’t tell him

Check back for a new post after dinner


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  1. Ritchie

    He’s going to be weak sauce and give it to Haleigh. But kudos to her for shooting him down and none of the funny business with his demands for using the Veto!

    • Colby

      I have become increasingly impressed with Haleigh. She is only 21 and seems to be much more mature and level headed than some of the others.
      I also think she was following BSC’s lead in her behavior earlier on, but now sees through that behavior and that it was not in her best interest.

  2. AIO_7

    Chakra has been saying that she has a book coming out, so if any of you see it at the local book store, let me know so I can rush out and buy it. s/

  3. Seattle Kari

    I would love to see him not use it on either one of them simply because it’s such a difficult decision, but out of the two, Haleigh please.

  4. Helen

    Feeds will be down a long time I’m sure…it will take Sam 3 hours to tell whoever is OTB what a wonderful opportunity she has given them by allowing them the chance to return to the game after eviction…

  5. Stephanie

    Question 🙂

    Why do they lock the house guests outside before the veto ceremony & in the HOA before the evictions? I’ve always wondered why & what they (BB) do 🙂 Thanks!

  6. hogwild

    I don’t care who he takes down as long as rainbow hair goes up.

  7. Avatar

    Oh boy! I can’t wait to see how this plays out…

  8. ElaineB

    There have been plenty of times when a veto holder doesn’t use it on either nom. Guess I am missing something with Fess being so angst-ridden about it. He isn’t forced to ‘give his rose’ (thx Steve) to either Bachelorette. It is all so stupid, especially since the evictee ain’t going home.

  9. AIO_7

    Feeds are back; Chakra crying again …


  10. LO1004

    He saved Hay, RS OTB. Kait is crying.

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  12. Stephanie

    I better turn on the live feeds, it’s about to get good

  13. HappyHippo

    Ok so I just caught sam talking loudly with RS saying something about well I had an app and didn’t use it and now look what they did…please somebody tell me what I missed while at the grocery store! “Maybe it will be a battle back” she said…
    Is she just lying? She seems pissed off though! Has my prayer been answered and it won’t get used this week and BSC goes home?!

  14. Katheryn

    So what happens now with the app???

  15. HappyHippo

    Well Tyler seems to be saying it’s still whoever gets kicked out has the chance…
    Not sure what sam was ranting about to RS

  16. hogwild

    We know what could be hitting the fan quickly.

  17. LO1004

    RS telling Fess that Brett wasn’t an option as a nom even though he bullied her. She’s delusional. He made a game move and she decided to go and bully him.

  18. danmtruth

    Even now after Tyler tells everyone what the power was Still saying I’m not sure — what I think does not want people thinking he knew all this time

    Hay knows a lot about past BB Tyler acting like he was in the dark She now knows that 2 people flipped last week Don’t think anyone else has even thought that far

  19. Seattle Kari

    Just saw the update and I’m laughing my ass off! Now if they didn’t have the ability to get back in the house, and probably will so because more than likely Productions going to make whatever it is that they are supposed to do to get back in super easy, that would be lovely!

    I still think production is rigging it so Katelyn goes out, and comes right back in. She might very well know what’s going on because of the way she acted when she came out of the ‘room’ ( brain fart on what they call it) the other day what you wanted to leave after speaking with production.

  20. Helen

    Bayleigh…your baby daddy ain’t gonna come back…give it up

  21. jimbo

    Just watched the Sunday show, and I gotta say that I am ASTOUNDED at how well of an argument that JC put up to Bay about the n-word and midget. He was so clearly right, and Bay just took the opportunity to act like a victim and play the martyr. He was so textbook clear, accent and all, in what he was explaining, that I truly was impressed. Bay even let fly the words that are offensive to other people/groups in an explanatory manner just like JC did, but she could not even comprehend the hypocrisy! Amazing. New respect for JC.

  22. jimbo

    Also, not a fan of Sam too much, but she was right about Hayliegh and Kaitlin using sex appeal with the boys. The girls may not like that Sam called that out, and I may not care, but they surely do play that card bigtime. Own it instead of crying.

  23. Seattle Kari

    regarding the bay / JC controversy.

    I was reading the threads last night and I noticed that a couple of our Friends here of color commented and were both saying that Bailey was out of line.

    I would like to direct this question to you because I feel you have a better outlook on how things are.

    Forgive me I’m going to use asterixis but I need to do try and phrase the question and make it more clear.

    I see a lot of people in my community, it seems like me and Lee the younger kids / young adults using the n-word all the time to each other. I also had a lot in the music. Here is my question.

    when referring to each other it is said like “n***AH” vs “n****R.”

    Is that the difference? And is there really a difference because to me it’s all very derogatory and horrible sounding but why is it okay just say it to each other and in music?

    Thank you for any answers I receive. I’ve always just been really curious about it.

    • Seattle Kari

      typo. It seems like it is more of the younger kids / young adults that use the phrase

    • danmtruth

      Kari_B I’m white if that makes a difference As my kids like to say no its not right to use the word As far as blacks using it can’t we just give them one word they can use and we can’t ? Not sure if it makes sense but no I try my best not to use it Along with the M word as I have worked with some LP’S and that is what they prefer to be called How do I know I ask first

      • Seattle Kari

        Basically trying to focus on the sound at the end of the word, not the word itself if that makes sense.

      • Alda

        When I was a kid our local boardwalk had an attraction called “The Midget House”.I still remember it.Everything inside was a small scale of appliances and furniture.The cast members were all little people doing daily tasks.They were all so friendly and interacted with everyone.It was a very popular attraction.It ran for years.I’m sure no one back then thought they were offending anyone.Things have really changed through the years.

    • Mello_One

      Hi there Kari, I can “only” speak for myself as a African American in regards to the N-Word. First I am not in Bayleigh’s generation, so I view the Word much differently than her generation does. Imvho, the N-Word should not be uttered by anyone, and it is not in my Vocabulary.

      The younger generation usage of the word whether it be in Music, Media, or just casually throwing the word around is hurtful. The Word is steeped in Slavery, which was a very horrific time for Black folks, as we all know. My hope is that the younger generation of Black Youth would really educate themselves as to the roots of this word, & it meaning…Then maybe they would stop saying it.

      Now…have I ever been called the N-word, yes…My background is ironically like Bayleigh’s, I went to a Middle School, & High School where I was just one of Six other Black kids, & I caught hell in the Middle School being called the N-Word. In High School, it changed, nobody uttered the word. Just my 2 cents Kari, I hope that I gave you a little insight for my POV.

      • Seattle Kari

        :'( (((HUGS))) your way, being called that name is absolutely disgusting and I promise you I’ve never done it coming not even in private.

        but in regards to the way it is being sad with the “A” sound at the end not the “R” among the community.

        Is there any difference really? Maybe that’s why they say it? Because it isn’t the same to them?

      • Mello_One

        Kari B
        There is “No difference” whether the N-Word has a R, or an A behind it…It all means the same thing. Again TY for the conversation, it needs to be had. Blessing to you!

    • Mello_One

      Kari B
      Also Thank You for being Curious, I treasure that! If you don’t ask, you will never know!

      • danmtruth

        Mello_One thank you for your input I like that people can honestly listen and learn We are not that different people need to let go and look at our similarities

      • Mello_One

        Thank You! Its a Conversation that we should all have, that’s the only way we come to an understanding of each other.

    • Ann

      Kari, to me no matter how its spelled or who says it, it’s derogatory. I hate to hear it in music & wont listen to it because that’s not ok to me. Obviously that is my opinion because as we all know it is in music & some people like or don’t mind it. My children were not allowed to use that word & they have taught their children not to use it.
      Unfortunately nowadays people of many different races call each other that word. Its ridiculous. I was so embarrassed hearing Swaggy throwing that word around as if it was never used to hurt our people.
      Anyway, no matter who uses it, it’s wrong.
      Bay made herself look really stupid acting like she was so hurt. I saw right through her bullshit & it pissed me off to no end. It is not ok to just throw the race card out there just because you don’t get your way. That can get somebody hurt.

      • Ann

        Also Kari, if you don’t ask questions, you will never learn the answer. I appreciate you asking & giving us the opportunity to educate you & others on this.

      • Ann

        When I was in 1st grade I’ll never forget my teacher Mrs. Hall. In our history books back then African American people were called Negros, which was ok but whenever Mrs. Hall would come to the word Negros, she would say Niggras. I will never forget feeling like I was less than, not as good as everyone else & that hurt like hell.

      • Seattle Kari

        Hugs and love your way..

      • Seattle Kari

        I just don’t understand why they seem to feel that just because the end of the word, (the way they pronounce it) makes a damn bit difference. I agree with you I’ve never thought there was.

        I hate everything that people of color have gone through throughout the generations.

      • Mello_One

        Dear Ann…That is totally awful that a person in authority would read the word “Negro, as Niggras?!” Mrs. Hall was one of those way back in the Day opinionated people about Black Folks kind of Individual…Smdh?! God Bless you Girl!

    • Avatar

      Do you know the saying “I can talk about my mother but YOU can’t talk about my mother” Some African Americans for a certain socio-economic demographic to take the derogatory term and change it to mean, “My man”, “My dude” or just “dude”, “brother”, “guy”. They don’t pronounce the ‘r’ sound at the end of the word. They change the sound to correlate with the different meaning. Just like some Irish people call themselves “Mic”. I’m not Irish so I would NEVER use the term even if I heard it in every other song sung by an Irish American. It’s not my ethic/racial group, not my family and isn’t coming from a “family” member. So, even though it may frequently used by a certain type of African American rapper it’s not a term Non-Blacks should feel comfortable using.

      • Ann

        It shouldn’t be a term that any race should feel comfortable using, African American or not. It’s an ugly word no matter how it’s spelled or who says it. I don’t want to be called that by anybody.

      • Avatar

        I don’t agree with it’s use either and I am an African American female from an middle to upper middle class background. You asked a question and I went out of my way to answer it. The type of AA that might use the phrase is usually from a poor background and/or is uneducated. In addition it’s typically used by males in to address other males. It can be used as a friendly term or as a derogatory one. Hope this helps.

  24. AIO_7

    Here, Tyler communes with Chakra.

    I don’t know why she is still so upset. Her chances are better against RS, plus she has a chance to get back in. Total baby.


  25. Avatar

    the battleback comp should be stay quiet for 5 minutes, Psycho would lose and Crazy Art would 100% lose

  26. ElaineB

    All I can say is Ty and Fessy must be exhausted listening to Kait ramble on. She isn’t good for either of their games.

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  28. SammyD

    I wish Fezzy would use some baby powder on his hands and bitch slap Psycho one time. I would pay good money to see that.

  29. Avatar

    Please put us out of our misery and send BSC home this week!

  30. HappyHippo

    Her tears aren’t even real. she’s is absolutely the definition of crazy.

  31. danmtruth

    Sam in a bit of a pity party That everyone will hate her Some people thinking its a battle back Funny Tyler and Hay understand that it can’t be Sam pointing out she had to keep it incase she was voted out in those first 4 weeks

    • Helen

      Other than Tyler and Hayleigh,these housepets have absolutely no critical thinking skills….

      • HappyHippo

        Kaycee, bay, and Rachel talking right now saying they must be battling the evicted hgs when they are evicted Thursday …sorry bay swaggy isn’t coming back!

      • jimbo

        Hayleigh may have that right, but I haven’t seen her as an astute observer/player of the game. Broken clocks are right twice a day, and that’s just about been her.

      • Helen

        I only meant on the advantage Jimbo….those two have figured out that it can’t be a battle back with Steve,Chris and Winston…the rest of the housepets are so far out in Lala land with their speculations that the Director of the Office of Speculation has put them on a no hire blacklist….

      • danmtruth

        General Suspicion you are 100% correct as usual talk about the blind leading the blind also Smiling faces some times hide lies

  32. danmtruth

    Sam has done a great job with RS As she was fake crying Sam was not having any of it One argument that I couldn’t follow was it was better to be voted out this week Because next week she won’t have a chance to come back Guess what she can be voted out this week come back than get voted out next week again

  33. HappyHippo

    Stupid BSC telling Fessy she just can’t believe he would chose hay over her…when we know and she has said she would chose Tyler over him! Stop girl. Stop.

  34. Ritchie

    For the sake of drama and goodbye messages being taped it would be awesome to see Kaitlin being voted out, win her battle back, just to come in the house screaming and upset, and wreaking havoc with everybody who is in her way.

    That madness alone would be far superior to anything resembling RS getting evicted and having a chance to come back in.

  35. danmtruth

    Rachel is channeling her Princes and the pea bed She has stacked so many pillows I’m surprised productions has not shut her down They stop Sam from making her fort

  36. ElaineB

    Even though I have been confused by the apps, I have appreciated watching the HGs speculations about the powers.

  37. danmtruth

    Enjoyed when RS said she chose 5 people she felt were loyal with Named the people and once more left Bay out Sam shot back how can you say you will be loyal to people you just met No answer Than the well I’m good at reading people Thats why you have been on the wrong side of the vote

  38. HappyHippo

    Aww jc and Fessy trying to come up with a plan to convince Tyler to vote out BSC Kait lol too bad he already wants her gone!
    Jc really does make a lot of sense when ever he is talking game…he could go pretty far and not by floating

    • Colby

      I saw Tyler and Fessy in the storage room earlier both saying they would vote to keep BSC. They are probably scared of her putting them up if she stays and they didn’t vote to keep her. Or they may have been BSing each other. Though I do know Tyler wants RS gone because she will target him.

  39. Helen

    Why are Faysal,JC and RS sitting up in HOH room after they were asked not to?

    • danmtruth

      Sam must have gave the key to Jc
      Can RS not take a hint Sam does not want to hear your bull For a person who claims to read people so well She does not get Sam with her one word answers is not into a conversation with her

  40. Avatar
    WhereisPablo (545 comments)

    I just finished last night’s BBAD and I have a headache. I have tried so hard to like Sam, but telling Hayleigh (who I don’t particularly like or dislike) that she loves her lisp has put me over the edge with her. Who does that? No one even noticed it, now everyone is listening for it making poor Hayleigh feel bad. Sam STFU! You talk too much, ramble on and think everyone cares about your opinion of them. Would she like if the kumbaya circle told her that they love the fact that she looks like she has not bathed since she was a robot? I think not. A

  41. Avatar
    WhereisPablo (545 comments)

    Also, I learned from RS that she wears tye dye so she can launder all of her colors together and I actually saw Driftwood outside, albeit in the hammock not moving, she was not piled up on one of those toadstool beds under the green blanket. And lastly, poor Fessy!

  42. Apopkedave

    Can somebody tell these crybabies, “It’s just a game”.

    • Colby

      No it’s not. It is paid vacation. And nobody want to go home. They at least want to go and get paid to lounge in the jury house.

      • Zach

        Ehh, it’s only 1200 a week. I’m sure a lot of them are taking pay cuts. Well at least a hand full. I’d personally be losing about 600 a week so.. If I were to ever be lucky enough, I definitely already have a plan to parlay my time, all be it how short, into making much more post B.B. most contestants know this, yet they still screw the pooch. It shows how dumb they really are. For example Derrick Levasseur reportedly was paid 300k to appear on the television show breaking homicide and if renewed could make double that.

      • ElaineB

        Many of them brag about their ‘post BB’ greatness, that is yet to come.

    • ElaineB

      After having lengthy pity parties, the end comment is often “It’s just a game”.

  43. Zach

    The deeper we get into this season, the more I think there will be a Jury Battle Back in about 3-4 weeks. Possibly the week after the first DE night. Jury starts in.. two weeks right?

  44. ElaineB

    If they know the evictee has a chance to come back in, now might be a good time for a “house vote”. With a higher vote number to evict, no “sides” are revealed. Plus the mind games, especially with one of these two, will be awesome!

  45. pkcable

    I am totally loving this season so far! 2 strong groups, close votes, drama! I was softly rooting for Tyler, who seems to have a few more brains than the last few “surfer dude” types, but since this HoH I am totally on the Sam bandwagon! Absolutely love how she handled noms, and DAMN that speech!

  46. Colby

    It would be interesting to know exactly what was said about the chance to come back. Many of them seem to be so convinced that it is a battle back of all evicted players. But if they actually think that through, getting to play in a battle back is no advantage if they were going to do that anyway.

  47. Helen

    So…looks like they are all going to vote to keep Psychochick.

  48. Mel

    Has a hg ever been about to be nominated and talked the hoh out of it DURING the veto ceremony?? I’m very impressed with JC today and can’t wait to see what the hell he said!

  49. danmtruth

    The housepets were just told there would be a chance to come back They are the ones trying to fill it in One is a battle or America vote Would love to see Bay face when they show it is just one person doing the puzzle to get back in

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