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Big Brother 20 – HoH and Nom Spoilers!

Note – Sam is not HoH!  I just put her image there to prevent anyone from getting spoilers if they want to wait a day.


The feeds may be down until tomorrow night around this time, but the production leak came through again for us and told us who was evicted, who won HoH, and soon they’ll say who is nominated. Needless to say, I’m excited for Thursday.

I am writing a bunch of garbage here just to give you one last warning about the spoilers….

Alright, Sam has been evicted but this is something we all knew was coming. She didn’t burn down the house which is nice and spending a full week away from that house should be good for her mentally. I know she’s the ‘crazy’ one, but I think she underwent a normal crazy that can happen to anyone locked in a house for that long. Not everyone is built for that environment and Sam is definitely not one of them. She does have her issues, but I really believe they were blown up as a result of her atmosphere and she’ll be fine when she goes home.


Now on to the fun part… JC has won the HoH!

I know.. clean up your drinks. JC won a comp. It’s crazy, but true. As we learned from just about every season, as the season winds down, comps become more mental and JC is a really smart person. It sounds like he may have been throwing quite a few comps, but we won’t know for sure until we see some more DR sessions. Either way, there will only be two ‘level 6’ players remaining come Thursday night.

JC has his early target which is Angela and he went right after that tonight with his noms…

They are Tyler and Angela

I guess he is really still trying to keep something going with Tyler and probably thinks Angela is the only thing stopping it because I’m shocked he’s not upset over this last week. Maybe he is?  Either way, the veto is obviously very key here. If anyone but JC wins it, they pick the final 3. If JC wins and keeps noms the same, Kaycee picks the final 3. This HoH was mostly important for safety reasons and this upcoming veto may be one of the most powerful in the season. The person holding it decides who casts the sole vote which will form the final 3. Exciting stuff!

This completely throws a wrench in the plans to have level 6 take up the entire final 3.  Things are not looking good for Angela right now because Kaycee is probably 70/30 in favor of keeping Tyler if she wins the veto. Big comp coming up!  I’ll create a new post when I hear anything else


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  1. g8trgirl

    Steve…you put JC as a nom with his picture. Shouldn’t it be HOH?

  2. Avatar

    It’s hard to express how quickly and completely that news put a smile on my face. Say what you will about J.C., but he (finally!) came through–and when it absolutely mattered most. Now here comes the long-missed drama…

  3. Tinkerbell

    Steve, the picture above of Sam is chilling. I saw her when she did that. Also saw her several times with that same look – then she lunged forward with her head and snapped her mouth at the camera, like a rabid animal. One time she was in her red cage on the stairs. Seriously gave me chills each time. My first thought was Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs.

  4. Jannie

    Tyler is safe either way. If JC sends Angela to jury, Tyler comes out completely innocent. If Angela wins Veto, Kaycee goes home. She would have beat everyone, including Ty.
    Good for you, JC – he may just get AFHG with that win.
    Who knew there would actually be a little excitement at the end!

  5. Painter1

    WTG J.C. he really hung in there and FINALLY got a win, at the most perfect time.

    • ElaineB

      WTG JC! Level 6 deserves to lose a member, because they kept JC one eviction too long….it would have been smarter for him to leave before Sam. Since that didn’t happen, am glad he became HOH. Oh and wheeeeeeeee, Sam is gone!

  6. NKogNeeTow

    WOW! This MUST be big. I don’t ever remember Steveareno staying up this late before…lol

    Thanks for the update Steve 🙂

  7. NKogNeeTow

    Sorry folks, nothing really to report from the Feeds. Even the chat is repetitive 🙁

    If I have to look at Frankie Grande one more time…

  8. NKogNeeTow

    Had to put the kabosh on the feeds and just read the chat. These people are both ruthless and funny at the same time…lol

  9. Seattle Kari


    Got admit I was kind of hoping little dude would pull this off to shake things up. I’m pretty sure I posted about it the other day. This will be a fun thing to watch and see the reaction of the other people..

  10. Avatar

    Forgive my ignorance, but is JC guaranteed a spot in final 3 now and I don’t get it if KC wins veto there’s noone to renom…. This part of the season always confuses me… If someone could clarify I’d be ever so grateful!

  11. JD

    I am still rooting for KC to win. If she doesn’t win Veto I think she’ll be gone.

  12. Seattle Kari


    BBAD: obviously was not really filmed tonight since we know that Sam went to jury, but watching The Big Brother guy tell everybody he loves them is pretty freaking hilarious..

  13. mm22

    Well this is a good Wednesday morning. Excitement at the
    end! I all but counted JC out at this point and I’m happy
    to say I’m wrong! Now I want to see him win the veto too.
    I’ve always liked L6/5/4/3 but I gotta tell u I thinks its
    funny to see them knocked down a peg n scrambling –
    Not the easy walk to the end n grab the money now JC
    just made it harder for ya

  14. HappyHippo

    I didn’t think I was gonna be surprised…but wtg JC!

  15. Avatar

    WOW. Just WOW. I am pleasantly shocked. This is going to be a great finale.

  16. LO1004

    I knew they should’ve targeted JC over Sam at this point. They shot themselves in the foot.

  17. delabear

    IF JC is smart, and IF he or Kaycee win veto, and IF Kaycee wants a chance to win, he will convince her to vote out Tyler. That is her only chance, in my opinion. Either way, I think this is JCs last hurrah, unless he wins HOH again.

  18. LynnD

    Trwet from RealVegas: Out of DR. Will do DR pick up shot later. Was told he had to do noms tonight and to figure out a way to make his plan work. Was reminded veto is what matter most. He said he will win veto now “that I *need* to. Bye-bye Angela.”

    JC about to talk to Tyler again.

    #BB20 #FreeVegas

    One of the replys: JC is the bitter ex-boyfriend Tyler never knew he had


  19. Betty Boo

    If Level Six loses this game to JC, it is going to be the best season ever! Does he have enough votes in the jury house?

    • Avatar

      I can see him getting Fessy vote and mabye Rockstar and Bailey as they did not like Angela and if she went home on his HOH, that might earn him some points. I see him getting a few votes if hes at the end. Tyler will have to answer about all his final two deals. Kasey would get Brett, Tyler, and Angela if it was her and J.C at the end. IF Kasey and J.C at the end
      Kasey- Brett, Tyler, Angela, and Scotties as I don’t ever see him voting for J.C
      J.C- Fessy, Rockstar & Baileh as they did not like Angela and if she or Tyler went home on J.C HOH will give him points for sure
      I can see Hailey voting J.C or Kasey, so not sure
      idk where Sam sits though.

      If it was Kasey or Tyler, unless Tyler does amazing in his Jury answers, I can see him only getting, J.C Sam, and Angela and the rest going to Kasey, but Scottie might vote Tyler as well so the four

  20. Avatar

    I have tears in my eyes! I’m so proud of JC that he finally pulled a win when it mattered most! That little stinker has grown on me.

  21. Avatar

    And this is what I would have feared happening if I was L6. The comp was likely “Before and After” or another mental comp, and JC was a much larger favorite than Sam.

    I will still be rooting for Tyler to win veto. I have been a fan of his since early on, but a Tyler veto win will add another element of drama: does he keep his day 2 Final 2 in Kaycee or his showmance? Clearly he will keep Angela, but Kaycee will be blindsided when he does.

    If Kaycee survives JC’s HoH, she will most definitely win. Only way she doesn’t is if JC wins final HoH, and with physical comps coming, that is unlikely.

  22. Alda

    My heart is beating out of my shirt! I knew JC could do it!! He “literally” won this HOH.

  23. Lynn

    So is the veto comp live tomorrow night? Or is it today?

  24. Colby

    JC’s BB story reminds me of Paul on BB18. People hated him in the beginning, then started to like him because he had the gift of ‘gab’ and was funny sometimes, and seemed to love him by the end of the season.
    I was not one of those people.
    Please tell me that BB21 will not the ‘The JC Show’ like BB19 was ‘The Paul Show’!

  25. FW aka CY

    Well, it seems that CBS and kismet have colluded to snatch victory from some worthy player’s (probably KC’s) teeth just as they were about to taste victory. Go Team! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTWKbfoikeg

  26. Seattle Kari

    Powers that be, LOL… Could you please send me a message? I can’t figure out a way to private message you from my phone for some reason and I have a question I need to ask.


  27. Seattle Kari

    Going to mention something again. Not sure if anybody watched After Dark last night but the first couple hours were much better than I had anticipated.

    Not only was Sam interacting with everyone there and, they were all having fun and like I mentioned above the guy who does the discipline over the microphone.. (they’re calling him Bob?) Anyway he was having fun messing with them last night telling him that he loved them. I think he might have said some other funny things but I missed it. I really wish that they would show the After Dark episodes on demand somewhere because I’d like to watch them when I’m not half asleep and when I could turn up the volume of the TV haha..

    I started thinking it was a repeat episode because KC JC were working on coming up with S words but I think it was Tyler that said that they’ve been doing it for the last 2 days.

    They must have filmed it before the eviction, or they made it look like it was late at night but it actually wasn’t

  28. jimbo

    It was fun to see smug L-6 when JC was celebrating. Tyler’s jury management has been awful, and it is due obviously to his myriad of F2s promised to everyone. Not everyone will consider being lied to great gameplay — jury management is important, too.

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