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Big Brother 20 – Live Eviction Thread! Haleigh vs Scottie

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Good evening, everyone!


We’re finally down to 7 after tonight and the season is going to start to cruise along from here on out.

Going by a typical Big Brother schedule, unless they drop a double eviction tonight without telling us, I expect next week to be a double eviction as it’s basically the last time they can do one and they kind of have to. As I mentioned, we’ll have 7 in the house with less than 3 weeks to go. The season typically finishes with a final 3 which leaves 4 people to leave before the final week. Leading up to the final week almost always has a back to back eviction with one airing on Wed the other on Thursday. I expect that to be the 19th and 20th. That leaves just next week (the 13th) as the only other option to knock out 2 more people.


To summarize, I expect the final evictions to look like this:

  • 9/13 double eviction
  • 9/19 eviction (pre-recorded eviction from 9/18)
  • 9/20 eviction
  • 9/26 final episode

There will obviously be episodes between those, but those are the dates I expect people to be leaving the house.  Anything can change, but I’m fairly certain this is how they’ve handled recent seasons and I don’t expect them to change from that.

Tonight we will have Scottie or Haleigh walking out that door. Brett was angry at Haleigh last night and made a deal with JC and Sam to vote her out, but I’m almost positive cooler heads prevailed and Scottie will still be walking out of the house. I typically take Thursday afternoons off because the feeds are down most of the afternoon and I do like some sort of surprise during the live eviction, but judging from how Angela and Kaycee spoke with JC shortly after the Brett incident, they weren’t even considering voting out Haleigh.

Yes, JC/Sam/Brett is all they need to get Haleigh out, but Brett is still very much loyal to L6 and I don’t see him sticking his neck on the line to save Scottie knowing two of the three people on his new ‘side’ are absolutely awful at competitions (JC/Sam). The only way Haleigh leaves is if Brett manages to talk L6 into voting together and I just don’t see that happening. Haleigh has successfully convinced them that Sam would be her target while Scottie is too much a wildcard for them.  That said, I think Haleigh is lying and she will certainly go after Tyler/Angela if she wins, but that remains to be seen.


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  • All right, here we go!
  • I’m growing more and more worried about the lack of Big Brother 21 announcement
  • Flashbacks of the last few days
    • Tyler jokes to DR how Scottie may feel the level 6 blindside this week
    • More Tyler Angela showmance crap
    • JC wants Tyler to confess about the showmance (so he can target him or her)
  • Up soon, Derrick from Bb16. Yay?
    • Clips of Scottie dishing from the jury house
    • Brett to DR is thinking of sending Angela home for the jury votes
  • Derrick interview
  • Evictions
    • Scottie is cool and sits on the couch and gives a weird speech
    • Haleigh does her poem
  • Votes
    • Brett – Scottie
    • Kaycee – Scottie
    • Sam – Scottie
    • Angela – Scottie
    • JC – Scottie
  • Scottie tells Julie that Tyler is a coward for going with the house all season
  • He says he would have put Tyler up if he won HoH
  • Tyler tells Scottie about his power app and to ‘tell his friends’. Finally working jury
  • HoH looks like a comp where they roll a ball down a platform. Looks like they expect to finish it before the end of the episode
  • HoH time!
    • 3 minute length so this is definitely finishing now
    • Need to get a ball in all 3 holes
    • Kaycee and Brett in the lead
    • Angela has one and JC has one
    • Kaycee 2, Brett 2
    • Kaycee wins HoH!  
  • Double eviction next week but I called it already

Starting a live feed thread in a bit


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