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Big Brother 20 – Live Eviction Thread! Haleigh vs Scottie

Good evening, everyone!


We’re finally down to 7 after tonight and the season is going to start to cruise along from here on out.

Going by a typical Big Brother schedule, unless they drop a double eviction tonight without telling us, I expect next week to be a double eviction as it’s basically the last time they can do one and they kind of have to. As I mentioned, we’ll have 7 in the house with less than 3 weeks to go. The season typically finishes with a final 3 which leaves 4 people to leave before the final week. Leading up to the final week almost always has a back to back eviction with one airing on Wed the other on Thursday. I expect that to be the 19th and 20th. That leaves just next week (the 13th) as the only other option to knock out 2 more people.

To summarize, I expect the final evictions to look like this:

  • 9/13 double eviction
  • 9/19 eviction (pre-recorded eviction from 9/18)
  • 9/20 eviction
  • 9/26 final episode

There will obviously be episodes between those, but those are the dates I expect people to be leaving the house.  Anything can change, but I’m fairly certain this is how they’ve handled recent seasons and I don’t expect them to change from that.

Tonight we will have Scottie or Haleigh walking out that door. Brett was angry at Haleigh last night and made a deal with JC and Sam to vote her out, but I’m almost positive cooler heads prevailed and Scottie will still be walking out of the house. I typically take Thursday afternoons off because the feeds are down most of the afternoon and I do like some sort of surprise during the live eviction, but judging from how Angela and Kaycee spoke with JC shortly after the Brett incident, they weren’t even considering voting out Haleigh.

Yes, JC/Sam/Brett is all they need to get Haleigh out, but Brett is still very much loyal to L6 and I don’t see him sticking his neck on the line to save Scottie knowing two of the three people on his new ‘side’ are absolutely awful at competitions (JC/Sam). The only way Haleigh leaves is if Brett manages to talk L6 into voting together and I just don’t see that happening. Haleigh has successfully convinced them that Sam would be her target while Scottie is too much a wildcard for them.  That said, I think Haleigh is lying and she will certainly go after Tyler/Angela if she wins, but that remains to be seen.

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  • All right, here we go!
  • I’m growing more and more worried about the lack of Big Brother 21 announcement
  • Flashbacks of the last few days
    • Tyler jokes to DR how Scottie may feel the level 6 blindside this week
    • More Tyler Angela showmance crap
    • JC wants Tyler to confess about the showmance (so he can target him or her)
  • Up soon, Derrick from Bb16. Yay?
    • Clips of Scottie dishing from the jury house
    • Brett to DR is thinking of sending Angela home for the jury votes
  • Derrick interview
  • Evictions
    • Scottie is cool and sits on the couch and gives a weird speech
    • Haleigh does her poem
  • Votes
    • Brett – Scottie
    • Kaycee – Scottie
    • Sam – Scottie
    • Angela – Scottie
    • JC – Scottie
  • Scottie tells Julie that Tyler is a coward for going with the house all season
  • He says he would have put Tyler up if he won HoH
  • Tyler tells Scottie about his power app and to ‘tell his friends’. Finally working jury
  • HoH looks like a comp where they roll a ball down a platform. Looks like they expect to finish it before the end of the episode
  • HoH time!
    • 3 minute length so this is definitely finishing now
    • Need to get a ball in all 3 holes
    • Kaycee and Brett in the lead
    • Angela has one and JC has one
    • Kaycee 2, Brett 2
    • Kaycee wins HoH!  
  • Double eviction next week but I called it already

Starting a live feed thread in a bit


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  1. Helen

    HOH: Slow, steady wins the HOH.

    Not a DE tonight.

  2. hogwild

    Scottie gone tonight Hay gone next week if it’s DE next week I think there is a better than average chance JC goes he really seems to be getting on everyones last good nerve.

  3. AIO_7

    I have a feeling that if Angela or KC win HoH that they will turn on Brett and keep Heidi. If they do then I’m totally through with those two.

    • Avatar

      I would love to see Sam navigate an HOH without Tyler. Just mix it all up!

      • Sassy

        Ty didn’t run her first one, that was all Sam and her jealousy. She didn’t talk to anyone about mom’s between getting HOH and picking her noms. She already knew what she was doing.

    • Avatar

      I think they will “give it another week” -not knowing it is a DE. I think the second evicted house guest will be a L6 member that was turned on by their alliance. Hope it is NOT Bret.

      And I like Scottie’s speech. Someone has to call Tyler and Angela out! I’m glad JC called them out too!

  4. AIO_7

    Scottie: “I Trust in the plan”. What a numb-nutz.

  5. ShoeLover

    I just gotta say this!! The opening credits… I actually own that dress RockStar is wearing!! I also have purple hair, covered in tats, BUTTTTTT I make that shit look good!!!

    Okay back to Big Brother!!

  6. HappyHippo

    Do you really think there won’t be a BB21 Steve ?!
    I would be heartbroken!

  7. AIO_7

    Tyler is turning into a bad liar.

  8. danmtruth

    nice edit by production I still say Scottie is out
    did I miss Vegas leaking that is the egg comp?
    tired of the puppet master JC edit Half his moves are AFTER it is decided who to go after The only eviction he played a big part in was Scotties first eviction Than again Bret helped big also

  9. AIO_7

    Derrick didn’t mention Sam.

  10. Malia

    No Brett…not hand them Angela…take her to F2 and win the game.

  11. Helen

    It’s obvious Scottie is leaving. The small white tables are positioned in front of Haleigh

  12. Helen

    Vegas tweet

    Who do you want to win HOH tonight?

    Producers want Sam, JC or Haleigh. Sam will put up who they say, think they can steer her noms. In past she has asked DR who she is “supposed to” vote for. They want to push her towards who to nom.

    No one got hints this week on comp.


  13. AIO_7

    Looks like they may be leaving enough time to see a whole HoH comp..

  14. kneeless

    Brett stroked Scottie in his GBM.

  15. danmtruth

    looks like a roll a ball lucky comp not the egg should be quick 2 different paths to take

  16. Avatar

    What did Scottie say in his eviction speech that was bleeped?

  17. Jannie

    Looks like Brett figured out not to leave a snarky GBM.
    He laid it on thick.
    I would like to see Hay, JC or Sam win HOH. Otherwise it will be a very predictable week. And I’m not really invested in any of them, so I want to see some scrambling.

  18. Painter1

    C’mon Haleigh!!!! Time for a SHAKE UP,!!!!

  19. danmtruth

    JC & Hay orb
    here comes double eviction next week

  20. HappyHippo

    It’s going to be another Tyler ang hoh

  21. AIO_7

    Expect another week of Heidi up in the HoH non stop.

  22. Colby

    That was quite a set to build for such a short comp.
    I wonder if part of it will be used for veto.

  23. kneeless

    KC is coming on strong winning comps.

  24. Jannie

    Kaycee is doing what a whole lot of us thought a month ago. She laid low until she had to step up. Smart, but it will be a boring week.

  25. Cindy

    I just really want to see JC in the block

    • danmtruth

      saw he was close but when KC was just jogging to the buzzer Bret was running full and just miss Wish we could have seen it with a WIDE shot Either one KC or Bret still would have been L6 members So much for Vegas hot spoiler

  26. kneeless

    I had visions of this HOH comp going wrong & production having another fiasco!

  27. HappyHippo

    Finally double eviction next week

  28. Helen

    Will KC put up Haleigh and Sam?

  29. Ann

    Please oh please oh please put JC on the block.

  30. hogwild

    Looks like it will be a boring week till Thursday as Kaycee will likely do whatever Tyler and Angela want which will again most likely be Hay and my best guess JC OTB unless one of them wins veto noms will stay the same and Hay goes. Maybe it’s just me but seriously now that we are in the home stretch of the season you need better HOH comps than that lame ass thing an HOH comp that is decided in what was it 3 minutes max at this stage of the season give me a break.

  31. Avatar

    Probably just another week of Level (whatever) sticking to the plan, Hayleigh and Sam (or JC) on the block with both being told they’re the pawn with Hayleigh really being the target and then hopefully JC going home on Double Eviction night next Thursday. That’s my prediction. Another long week for the unfortunate HoH in the HoH room though with Hayleigh campaigning to stay, and seeking reassurance that she is.

  32. Jay H

    It makes my skin crawl when Ha kisses Julie’s ass regarding her beauty.

  33. Helen

    Haleigh is all bright and cheerful that KayCee has won HOH…

  34. kneeless

    What was bleeped was they (hgs) were ‘dicking around ‘ & Ang & Ty getting/giving Hilton head.”

  35. danmtruth

    Hay will continue her living in the HOH room sticking to KC like a boil It will be fun if they put Jc up It is down to the point you don’t have many choices

  36. Avatar

    How does a double eviction work? Both nominees get sent home?

  37. ElaineB

    WTG Kaycee! Coming on strong….wheeeee! Now do the right thing….dammit. Lol.

  38. Jenny

    I was rooting for Brett to win that HOH but still happy Kaycee got it. Those 2 are my current favorites. Funny considering I HATED Brett in the beginning! KC, the more I see of her, the more I love that girl. She comes across as such a genuine good human.
    I’m so annoyed w/Tyler and his stupid googly eyes for Angela… I mean, I get it, when you’re totally infatuated w/someone it makes you really stupid. I hate that he screwed up his game over a crush.
    JC needs to go. I don’t care where, I just don’t want to see or hear him anymore.

  39. AIO_7

    Brett and Angela talking about how scared they would be to have to go to this jury house …


  40. Helen

    I think Angela will try to steer KayCee to a JC nom….
    I don’t know if KayCee has it in her to nom Haleigh….

  41. LO1004

    So it certainly sounded like Scottie implied explicit sexual content in that horrible speech. Will he get in trouble for that? I can’t imagine CBS would be ok w that sort of implication.

  42. Lindsay1973

    Scottie is a gamer isn’t he? He reminds me of those typical juvenile trolls that you encounter in-game
    only difference is usually they are hiding behind their computer screens when they get all salty

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