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Big Brother 20 – Post Eviction Feeds / HoH Results

Good evening, everyone!


First, I need to talk about what everyone is talking about – that comp. Wow. I don’t know if Big Brother could have made that puzzle any easier and Kaitlyn blew it. I knew she would. That is why I’ve been mentioning the pressure of doing a timed puzzle in front of people because your mind goes blank.  (note – I didn’t think Kait specifically would blow it. What I mean is, I knew the person was going to have trouble with what seemed like an easy comp).  It’s too bad because that would have kept the drama going, but now we have almost guaranteed a returning player from the jury because they need to bring someone back.

Going to jump right into updates

  • 9:50 pm – Feeds return
    • Bayleigh as won the HoH!
    • Tyler is denying the vote for Kaitlyn to Rockstar. I doubt she believes him, but he’s obviously telling the truth
    • Kaycee wasting no time scoring some points
    • They should hook up. Bay would (I think) be the first person to have two legitimate showmances in a season and obviously the first same-sex hookup.
  • 10:10 pm – Tyler is in the room talking to Bay
    • He is working the vote already. He is telling Bay that he didn’t vote to keep Kaitlyn
    • Bay is telling him all the right things but I am not sure if she’s being honest. I have a feeling Tyler could be in trouble
    • Tyler’s only saving grace this week is that Bay thinks that Tyler was being controlled by Kaitlyn and now she feels bad for him
    • She already says she won’t kick him while he’s down like nobody did to her after Swaggy
    • Bayleigh is very concerned about what Kaitlyn has out of this house with her bf (ex bf)
  • 10:40 pm – Alright, the talk is done. Bay sounds like she’s keeping Tyler safe but a lot can change
  • I’m heading to bed. Noms tomorrow. Overnight in the morning

Check back for updates


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  1. Alda

    Brett is the target.Looks like JC will be sitting next to him.Let the fireworks begin.

  2. Helen

    With Psycho being gone off twitter and Instagram I hope they don’t plan on bringing her back now that she threw a wrench into productions plans….

  3. mm22

    I too think Brett n JC will be noms with rachel going up if one wins veto.
    I love watching the live show not sure who is leaving-the suspense n flipping
    makes this a good season

  4. Helen

    From Realvegas4sure:

    The puzzle was anticipated to be a guaranteed easy win. There was no anticipation for a HG not completing it.


    • Lindsey

      When I saw her take it apart & it was only 6 or 7 pieces I was like ‘omg, it’s like everyone was joking about. a puzzle a toddler could do’. I COULDNT BELIEVE IT when she was having trouble with it. I really honestly feel pretty bad for her re-entering the real world today. She’s getting a big wake-up call.

  5. hogwild

    My prediction Brett one nom either Sam, JC, or Rachel the other with Brett being the main target.

  6. danmtruth

    Not sure if Bay is vindictive enough to try backdoor Or just has her 3 names picked out She has told Fess she knows who she wants out and does not need hiss advice Unlike Sam she will use the HOH one on ones to mine for info Yes Hay is thinking she can play Robert Duvall and be Bay’s Tom Hagen as her consigliere Hay still has the reda*s about Sam Is not happy she will be in the Pink room I don’t think Sam will be thrilled either when she sees the mess Add to that Bay gave Sam the coveted corner bed My report to General Suspicion will be first recon it seems Jc, Scottie , and Bret are her first targets

  7. kneeless

    Did Bay get a pregnancy test in her HOH basket? That would have been a good one!

  8. Avatar

    I’m thinking that she’s going to put up Brett & JC. It sounds like she won’t do Angela, Rachel, Kaycee, or Sam. Tyler worked his charm to her already & she says she won’t “kick him while he’s down”… but it could just be talk at this point… as of right now, there’s speculation that Scottie did the 1 vote to keep Kaitlyn, simply because of how he voted to evict Swaggy while wearing one of his T-shirt’s. Should be an interesting week! I’m starting to like Bayleigh more & more since Swaggy’s gone… but man is it funny how the power of HOH immediately makes that person confident & sitting on a thrown!

    Anyone else loving this season so far?

    • HappyHippo

      She’s considered Rachel quite a few times this morning after talking with Fessy. Fessy obviously wants to keep jc around. It did sound like Brett and jc are the 2 she is going to do. Guess we shall see! What was the comp?

    • Lindsey

      I am LOVING this season!! This is my favorite season since Dan Gheesling returned as a Vet – season 14. It is so refreshing to see people think for themselves & not just do what everyone else is doing. I honestly have no idea how this season will go & I look forward to the live show every week!

  9. Zach

    This could line up perfectly… If Bayleigh was smart she would tell Tyler, hey I am putting you up as a pawn with Brett. I need you in the veto comp so you can win. Then get him to use his app and nominate Brett and JC. Whoever wins and maybe come down, put another L6 member up. One of them goes home. Then the next time someone from the other side wins use her power app to put up two more folks from the other side. By this time they would likely have the numbers to vote out the one left from the other side even if they did pull one off the block with POV. These next couple weeks are going to tell me if Bayleigh is smart enough to win or not. I’d rather she not, but she is set up perfectly for at least the next few weeks.

  10. Avatar

    I’m not saying she should but if she used her app this week she would get literally no blood on her hands. She could pass her week off on someone like rockstar and nominate the guys from the other side. If they don’t win PoV then it’s perfect. I understand saving it also though.

    • Sassy

      Interesting! I think she will save it to use on herself. She may make enemies this week, and need it next week.

    • Jenny

      Good point. If she doesn’t have to tell anybody it was her power, she could nominate people who don’t have much power over the house, then “the power” would wipe out her noms and replace them with whoever she really wants out! Hey, not my fault, someone used the power!

  11. Avatar

    Definitely enjoyed this season so far. Hopefully, now that Kaitlyn is gone, some of the players who seemed to be in the background will start playing more.

    I thought it was the smart thing to get Kaitlyn out of the house. I don’t know if it was just the edits, but there is only so much emotion people can take. I actually had a hard time watching the show because of her.

    The more I watch Fessie, the more I think he is an idiot. Now that Kaitlyn is gone hopefully he won’t get so much airtime because I find him very predictable and boring.

    I’m really starting to like Brett. I don’t know how far he can go, but he is showing himself to be a smart player. His analogy was spot on Rockstar and Kaitlyn. I think people will regret keeping him instead of Winston.

    Bayleigh’s HOH makes her a very strong player for a few weeks. Maybe she can cause some alliance shifting?

    • Sassy

      I would love to see a realignment, but I don’t see that happening.

    • Jannie

      I agree with everything you said, except I’m not a fan of Brett.
      Would love to see any combination of Brett/Sam/Tyler nominated this week.
      It seems that Tyler and Sam have had alot of power in the house(Sam openly and Tyler quietly) so I would love to see how they handle being OTB.

  12. HappyHippo

    So I don’t have Instagram but if their page is public you can still see it. So I clicked on kaitlyns ex bf that had her tagged and then clicked on her name and it says this page has been removed……eek

  13. NKogNeeTow

    Please excuse the typos. It’s late, I’m tired and I’m having trouble seeing the tv and the screen.


  14. NKogNeeTow

    *correction: She was thinking of JC and Brett

  15. NKogNeeTow

    Hayleigh talking to Bayleigh in HOH:

    Hat tells Bay “I’m here as your confidante, your counsel. She says she has no preference who should go up but then quickly throws San’s name out. She doesn’t want them to out themselves (the girls)

    Bay thinks Brett and JC would put her up and she also says that Tyler is NOT off the table. She says she was thinking of JC and Tyler.

    With tath BBAD is OVAH! Good night everyone and have a GREAT tomorrow!

  16. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, back from the dead with a few random thoughts:

    Listening to Sam talk in the bathroom, she reminded me o Mama Da, al knowing. I can’t help it, I still like her though.

    Driftwood proclaims in the bathroom, now that BSC is gone, she can breathe again. “Now I can be myself”. *Who the f*ck was she before?* Say what you want, driftwood is still driftwood, no matter WHO is in the house.

    So far, they’ve gotten rid of a showmance, a bromance and a 3 way.

    The Purple Haired Emu was the first one to jump up and pounce on a glass of wine. The last thing I need is to see that thing turned up.

    Bayeigh says that when she puts up someone, don’t take it personally. *Oh, you mean like you take everything personally?* She also takes multiple shots at Sam with her HOH comments (everybody is allowed in my room; I will be holding one on ones because I don’t want anyone to feel left out; Feel free to come up whenever you want, my room is not off limits; etc, etc, etc).

  17. Tinkerbell

    What’s up with Scotti? He’s silent tonight, even in Bay’s HOH when they are all celebrating. He didn’t vote to keep Kaitlyn, but he’s sure making himself look very suspicious to the others.

  18. Tinkerbell

    Right Now, geometry room……Fessy, Brett, Rachael, JC, Angela. They’re having a true confessions session. Haha. Brett talking – The second day in the house Kaitlyn crawled into bed with him in the morning. Pulled covers over their heads. Kaitlyn said to Brett, If I didnt have a boyfriend, I would f*uck you. Fessy telling more stories, and more stories from Brett. I wish Tyler was in there as well. Wow, what a ho ho ho she is. She has everything coming back to bite her in her crazy butt!!

  19. Shivani33

    I watched Julie Chen’s extended interview with Kaitlyn. Extremely emotional rivers of tears and “universal love.” Also, Kaitlyn has spirit guides, just in case you didn’t hear that already. It was hardly an extended interview, just average length with several good-bye messages from Faysal, Haleigh, Rachel (who got in a good one) and of course, a goodbye from Tyler. It was impossible to not notice that Julie Chen cut the interview short at just the right moment.

    • Painter1

      The pause from Julie what BSC said Tyler’s dad has been with her throught her stay. I was like O…..K.

      • Jenny

        OMFG. that is SO NOT OKAY. She needs to seek professional help if she really believes that. Not sure if she just WANTS to believe it, or if she is genuinely delusional. Hope it’s the first, and she’s just a self-centered jerk who doesn’t understand how inappropriate it is for her to talk about Tyler’s dad that way. If it’s the second, I hope she gets some serious help NOW.

    • Colby

      Where did you see that?

  20. Tinkerbell

    Some of them in the geometry room trashing Kaitlyn. It isn’t mean, only the honest truth. They are also imitating her. Hiilarious! They are talking how good the house feels now, relaxed, they can be themselves, like a dark cloud has been lifted. All true. As Kaitlyn would say, they are standing in their truth. Ha. I hope she is watching tonight, but she probably isn’t.

  21. Tinkerbell

    It’s easy for me to say watching from afar, but if I was in the house I think it would be easy to figure out JC was the one vote for Kaitlyn. He hasn’t left the geometry room, he’s quiet, not singing…..and it seriously shows on his face. Guilt written all over it. He’s acting so different. Come on people, pay attention.

  22. Tinkerbell

    Wow, Haleigh is in a pissy mood tonight. Haven’t figured it out yet.

  23. danmtruth

    RHS walking around like she is HOH She has the misguided thought that SHE swung the vote with her campaigning Not the fact everyone disliked BSC
    RHS is already planing on taking up residence in the HOH room Lets see how many times she ask Bay about stories in the Bible

    • Tinkerbell

      Yep, have been listening to her. She is on Bay like she is super glued. Bit*ch! I detest the sight of her, and cannot stand to hear her voice. Such a misfit, and acting like she is with the young in crowd. Grow up! Can’t wait for her to find out how much she is hated. Please don’t let her make it to jury. They better realize they will be stuck in jury with that clown if they don’t get her butt out next.

  24. danmtruth

    Jc is running scared

  25. danmtruth

    I think only Fess knows But Bay is getting tired of him She is interested in the one vote Feeling someone is untrustworthy Jc has Fess and is trying hard to throw other people under the bus Fess to hi credit is pushing for more details Jc lying other people were talking about targeting Bay and Fess Jc throw out Rachels name Fess not buying it

  26. LGJ

    Kaitlyn deactivated her Instagram.

  27. Tinkerbell

    Please please please, make Purple Head go home……and before jury. She is so disgusting and tries to be so cool, acts like she is 15 years old. Sorry for insulting 15 year olds. She is so bizarre, says the strangest things, and looks like a freak from a side show. Always looking in the mirror, always. She is so full of herself. We should all feel so good about ourselves. Bayleigh really seems to like Purple. They are talking now. Bay, please make her go. Would love to see JC go as well. No more singing.

    • Tinkerbell

      Purple Head, talking about her great speeches. Big loser, don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back.

    • Jenny

      People who can’t stop looking in mirrors are usually incredibly insecure about their appearance. And sometimes when the feel like they don’t fit in, they go to extremes to NOT fit in on purpose.

      Mocking her for the clothes and hairstyles she chooses is one thing, and I am guilty of that. But it’s not okay to attack someone for their physical appearance. I wonder why she makes you so angry?

  28. Avatar

    Is Bay clueless about Tyler’s role in getting Swaggy evicted?

    • Shivani33

      Not at all. She wanted to go after both Tyler and Kaitlyn after Swag was evicted. But she and Tyler have gotten better acquainted since then. I thought that Kaycee was their mutual intermediary, because Kaycee likes them both. Tyler and Bayleigh have talked alone quite a few times since Bayleigh got her Power app. She might still want to get him out, though.

  29. Shivani33

    Faysal is the only one who knows about Bayleigh’s Power app, right? Or has she told Kaycee, or anyone else?

  30. Shivani33

    I’ve been wondering for awhile how Kaycee will manage it if she’s caught up in a rift between Tyler and Bayleigh.

  31. Avatar

    I hope BB is going to give Kaitlyn some sort of emotional or psychological support before sending her home. She is not well, and finding out she lost her BF is going to send her over the edge.

    • Colby

      I think I remember that they do have counselors that talk to them when they get evicted.

    • Jenny

      I was thinking the same thing last night. It was fun to see her get evicted, but then I realized she knows Tyler and Fessie voted against her, which must be devastating, and now she doesn’t have the boyfriend either. Plus she’s going to see how much people were mocking her “life coach” skills. It was funny at the time, and she did do this to herself, but I don’t want to see anybody get hit that hard from every direction all at once.

      I was almost sick to my stomach worrying about her getting through this. I really do hope she’s okay.

  32. Tinkerbell

    Bay talking to Tyler in geometry room now. Told him she will not put him on the block. Want to have each other’s backs. Said she won’t put up Sam either. They are trying to figure out who wanted Psycho to stay.

  33. Shivani33

    Did Bayleigh really just tell Tyler that she wasn’t going to kick him when he’s down? What about testing him with a backdoor? She can nominate 2 other men, and NOT her pal, Scottie. How about Brett and JC?

  34. LGJ

    Brett and Tyler nomination would be amazing to watch!

  35. Avatar

    Bayleigh could be first to have two showmances, first same sex showmance, first to get knocked up in the house…

    I suspect she will go after after Brett and JC.

  36. Lou Lou

    Tyler is working his charm on Bayleigh already! Lol

  37. Avatar

    I’m betting BTC has a long night of crying ahead of her. I hope Bayleigh puts up Brett and Sam. If Brett wins veto, replace with Tyler to make sure Sam goes home. Sam just seems like the type who would ask a woman what she was wearing after she was raped… “Sweetie, what were you wearing, because these tender-hearted guys can’t help their feelings”.

  38. Seattle Kari

    What was the HOH Challenge?

    Who do think Bailey will put up?

    I’m absolutely not disappointed that Caitlin screwed up. If that’s the kind of drama people want they can keep it. I wanted to rip my hair out every time I heard her bullshit..

  39. Yael Sara

    I just have to say, before I left the office since I had to be there I late I just had to check on BBJ to see how the live eviction was going. Just got home and 10P here – I have never been so excited to watch an episode even though I already know the ending. EEEEEEEE

  40. Wizard

    I hope Bay puts up Brett and Tyler! I’d rather Brett go home though because Tyler is my favorite player in the house. If she put Sam up too, I’d be ok with that!

  41. SammyD

    My crystal ball prediction of Bayleigh winning HOH was correct. However, my prediction of Rocklard going home was way off. But at least BTC went home, and without a random meteor to strike at the BB house.

    Something tells me that maybe JC may be on the block this week?

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