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Big Brother 20 Premiere Night 2 Live Blog!

Good evening, everyone!


Tonight is the night. The premiere event will be over and the live feeds will begin tonight at midnight est! Don’t forget to get a free week to the feeds by signing up through this link.

Correction – Feeds begin at 1 am est

Alright, let’s quickly talk about last night. Reactions have been mixed so far, and I feel the same way.  Keep in mind that my opinions could change barring any more announcements tonight but here is what I think…



This season is going to be either really good or really obnoxious depending on who gets evicted and when. Let me toss these into a few categories:

  • Decent so far – Haleigh, Kaycee, Sam, Tyler, Winston, Scottie
  • Surprisingly decent (I was expecting worse) – JC, Angela
  • Annoying – Kaitlyn, Brett, Swaggy
  • No real opinion – The rest

People like Rachel, Angie, Steve, etc were basically just there. Didn’t sway me one way or the other so I’ll leave them off for now. Angela was a tough one to put in the decent position as she is really borderline between decent and annoying. I have a feeling I’ll have a much stronger opinion of her as the feeds go live.


So far, the twists are pretty terrible. They did the same thing as last year with having 8 safe with the only difference is someone had to win the option rather than handing it to Paul.  I am not at all a fan of the popularity contest that will take place through the voting, but the only saving grace is they don’t have any veterans in there to steal the early votes. The voting system also seems fairly annoying as you have to like chat with some bot to cast your votes. Screw that. I’ll pass on that twist.

Hopefully they have something else in store because so far these twists are weak


Split 50/50.  Kaycee’s punishment is really weak but Sam’s punishment is fantastic. I am going to love watching the robot roll around the house all week long. Great addition to the show and the only real bright spot from these twists. Hopefully, they continue to be creative in that department this season.

Alright, time for some show updates.  Reminder, I’ll also be live tweeting!


  • Highlights about how Swaggy screwed over Angela
  • Kaitlyn apologizes to Swaggy for being harsh behind his back
  • HoH Comp time
    • Only the 8 who aren’t safe can compete
    • Steve, Sam, Bay, Tyler, Kaitlyn, Angela, Winston, JC
    • People need to take balls and put them in other tubes. When the tube is full, you’re eliminated
    • Steve is the first big target as is Sam
    • Sam is hurt by Winston crossing the platform to eliminate her
    • Steve is second out
    • Kaitlyn third out
    • JC doesn’t want to win but nobody is putting balls in his tube
    • Just as he says it, people start putting balls in his tube
    • Winston fourth out
    • Angela out
    • Tyler starts putting balls in Bay’s tube rather than JC. Everyone forgets about JC
    • The reason being, JC has one ball to knockout so he is saving JC until later
    • Bay knocks out JC
    • Tyler wins HoH!
  • Seems like the early leak was right. Tyler will almost certainly just put the first two people who got knocked out up  (Sam and Steve)
  • People are all making their pitch to Tyler
  • Robot Sam had a conversation with him in the storage room.  He said he’ll feel bad nominating a robot
  • Nominations –
    • Steve and Sam



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  1. hogwild

    Totally agree on the chat with some bot voting I’m passing on that as well seems very silly.

  2. Seattle Kari

    I thought the robot thing was pretty funny too at least that’s new!

    And the voting is indeed a pain in the ass!! I did it through the Facebook messaging and I’m not sure if I’m going to continue. Hopefully they tell the people that are getting negative votes LOL!!

    Thanks again Steve and everyone who keeps us all up-to-date!

    • hogwild

      I tried it through Facebook coudln’t get it to work said to hell with that pretty quick.

      • Seattle Kari

        It worked okay for me and it didn’t take too terribly long but I am here in the Pacific Northwest so could have been at the majority of people were already done? The thing I found difficult was trying to choose people on the first night for these questions when we really don’t even know anybody let alone remember their names. I had to keep looking at Steve’s wall so I could look at names. Haha

      • NKogNeeTow

        Same here Kari. So far I can only put about 3 or 4 names with faces.

    • ElaineB

      Even though I am a low-tech gal, I am actually enjoying the “techy” feel so far. I do like the robot for Sam…..she is even engaging as a bot. I hope she stays.

  3. kneeless

    I am not a fan of how they have the voting process set up. I think I will pass on voting!

  4. strwar1

    I really really really HATE Rachel!! God I hate her! She just comes off as annoying!

  5. g8trgirl

    Apparently JC left his Ritalin at home.

  6. ingodog

    I hope Sam doesn’t go home, she seems so nice. Rachel and Bayleigh are so full of themselves.

    • ElaineB

      Bay, with her attitude and ‘finger snap’ …..eeesh! Can live without her.

      • Ann

        Can’t stand Bay already, don’t like Kaitlyn & I so want to tell Swaggy he is not all that he thinks he is.
        Are those humongous glasses that Rainbow (I think thats her name) wears prescribed? Those lens look awful thick.
        The retired cop has gotten on my nerves & Im not sure about Kaycee yet.
        Poor Sam had better get a thicker skin because if she doesn’t toughen up they are going to chew her up & spit her out. I like her but she needs to toughen up if she wants to stay there.

      • Sassy

        I think Bay is my least fav so far. I wouldn’t be sad to see her leave early.

  7. feltso gudinya

    when jc hugs a girl he gets motor boated……….

  8. NKogNeeTow

    Just wondering about Swaggy…How much money did he spend on shirts? All of them have his name on them.

    Just thinking about Steve…Every time I see him, the first thing that comes to mind is “The Big Kahuna”.

  9. hogwild

    BB really needs to stop with this giving half the house saftey for the first week really makes it kind of boring I want to see everyone sweating and scrambling in week one.

  10. LO1004

    I have all sorts of issues w Kaitlyn. A 24 year old Life Coach? What sort of life experience has she even had yet?

    Then she’s running around acting like she’s all zen and meditating, and two second later she’s talking smack about people’s ‘oras’, and barking about Swaggy’s decision. So far, I’m sensing a bit of entitlement. It’s not a good look.

  11. Colby

    I was glad to see that Tyler doesn’t seem to be the ‘airhead surfer dude’ I expected him to be. He seemed very perceptive. Saw right through Bay and Swaggy.

    • hogwild

      I noticed that as well he looks like he could be serious threat going foreward.

    • ElaineB

      Colby~ I thought Tyler made some good observations as well. Though he ended up taking the ‘easier’ way out, he realizes it is early, he is the first HOH and now is not the time.

      • Colby

        Yes, I don’t blame him for taking the easy way. It would be a very hard decision this early on. But I hate that it was those two. I like Sam and would like to see ‘the old guy’ have at least a little bit of a chance. I really wish they would put more than 1 older person in there. 3 or 4 would be nice.

  12. danmtruth

    Sorry I’m late to the party Had some computer issues All on my side
    On to the show Sam has the worse luck She does not deserve such a harsh punishment in the first week Only Paul deserves that kind of handicap Sam gives me the same vibe as Donny Just good folk
    As we like to do early on My unscientific superficial feelings on some
    Bayligh the flight attendant ?!? For some local commuter airline Could she even make it on Jackpot airline In her promo as a front desk she was everything I hate Rude Condescending and dismissive of people Not a good look
    Swagy C not digging the shaved eyebrow Speaking in 3person does not help Plus more plans than Josiah the Messiah Only different is Swagy makes a bit more sense
    Steve is. Fooling no one Yes Steavebeans your perdition of Steve leaving quick exit

  13. Lynn

    I was sooooo glad to see that Tuler didn’t fall in line with Mr. C, the self-proclaimed puppet-master’s plan. I really want to see folks think for themselves this year as opposed to what we saw last season!

  14. Seattle Kari

    All the nicknames we come up with during the season. Someone on the main thread I believe after yesterday’s blogs said that Swaggy should be called ‘Braggy’.

    I rather liked that one!

  15. hogwild

    I can’t remember which one put their profession as Lass Vegas entertainer but it seems to me that’s just the polite way of saying topless dancer.

  16. SammyD

    Does anyone think the round spinning sofa will be used for something special as the season progresses? Any suggestions as to why it spins?

  17. Ann

    Im sorry but Steve does not look like he could’ve been a cop. I guess that’s why they had him working undercover. The guy just does not seem to be all that bright to me. Maybe that’s why he’s retired at age 40. That was kind of mean but that’s just how I see it.
    Wasnt The Happy Hooker (Rachel) chasing Scottie around the house when he told them he’s never had a girlfriend or kissed a girl before?

  18. danmtruth

    Will someone perhaps Angela the fittness model fall off the climbing wall Ala Christmas and injury herself

  19. NKogNeeTow

    *Watching The Backstreet Boys on Jimmy Fallon while waiting for BBAD*

    • Seattle Kari

      I had a secret crush on Kevin years ago. Okay so I still do! Haha! My husband works at a hotel here by the Sea-Tac Airport and the band as stated is Hotel more than once. He gets to meet a lot of celebs being a shuttle driver. It’s pretty cool..

  20. danmtruth

    Fish tank here we start the live feeds

  21. danmtruth

    Life coach and ravemom talking smach already

  22. NKogNeeTow

    I’m still hoping BBAD picks up some speed. I’ve lost 8 brain cells since 1 am, and it’s only 1:48. Everyone who is NOT in the HOH room is paranoid about everyone who IS in the HOH room. Why not just go to the HOH room and bs like the rest of them?

    The definition of jealousy: All the fun you THINK they had.

    • Seattle Kari

      I am about that point here in Seattle right now. The problem with me is that everybody goes to bed early here so I can turn up the TV to hear when they goddamn whisper. I wish you could watch it on demand later so I could get a chance to hear what they’re saying..

  23. danmtruth

    Than they can join in and get there hair braided What fun

  24. NKogNeeTow

    They just got wine and beer. Everyone can have some but the 4 Have Nots.

    Shady Kaity is complaining to Shaggy or whatever his name is and another guy (sorry, to tired and uninterested to scroll to the top of the screen for names), about Winston calling her out in front of everyone. She’s pissed.

    Shaggy/Swaggy is telling them that the rest of the house doesn’t stand a chance. She says that she believes in him more than she believes in herself (what a crock of bull).

  25. NKogNeeTow

    Sounds like someone got a Coup ‘d ta (sp) power or some kind of power and everyone is trying to figure out who has it.

    Shady Kaity, Fazel (or whatever the hell his name is) are listening to Josiah…err…Swaggy/Shaggy, tell them what’s going to happen and what they should do.

    Meanwhile, in a room with a lot of tvs on the wall, 2 guys (Winston and some guy with big muscles) are talking about if they win HOH, they can pull somebody back on their side NO IDEA who the hell they’re talking about).

  26. danmtruth

    Braggy C is very into the America vote fase the weasel does not like the bro’s alpha male
    Baliy LOVES the cameras on her Every time she walks it’s like she is on a runway

  27. NKogNeeTow

    Who was that last year that said “like” after every other word? Shady Kaity suffers from the same affliction.

  28. NKogNeeTow

    Ok, so JC just told Tyler that Brett has whatever it is that’s suppose to be a super power. At least I think that’s what he said. He’s a little tipsy and his English is even worse than it already was. 9 more brain cells gone.

  29. NKogNeeTow

    Braggy and Bay are all over each other already.

    JC says he has 6 votes for Steve to go and he only needs 1 more but he can’t change Hailey or Rockstar.

    JC is now talking to Braggy, Bay and some blonde girl w/glasses. Can’t understand a damn thing he’s saying. Maybe I’m just tired.

    JC leaves, Fivel arrives, Bay announces she’s going downstairs…and also her boobs are falling out (which really doesn’t seem to bother her all that much).

  30. NKogNeeTow

    JC has now joined the group in the room with the funny wall (the one that you can press into). He is telling Winston, the football girl, the girl with the dark hair and the guy with the muscles, about how he did damage control with Rocky and Shady Kaity.

    Up on the bridge, Rocky is having a powwow with Braggy Swaggy.

    BBAD is over, thank the good Jesus.

    Everyone have a fantastic day tomorrow! GOODNIGHT!

  31. kneeless

    The only good thing about having some vets play is that there are fewer names to learn! I can’t remember who’s who! Maybe it’s my age!,

  32. ericawesome

    So far i’m liking the season, i feel that the welder’s punishment was a lot worst for her game than a uni tard. So far i think that my pick is JC. I feel that he’ll have a good social game and the bro’s won’t think of him as a threat but with his height and musculature he should be pretty good in comps too. I’m glad the token surfer dude will survive the first week. People that have gotten on my nerve so far is Rockstar,the life guru or whatever she is, i would not take a 24yo life coach seriously (i’m 33) and the flight attendant with her outburst in the comp oh and Brett this dude needs to leave, steve for talking a better game then he’s actually playing. I’m sure there’s more but the top bar is so faaarrr away. Am i the only one who was wierded out by that dog food commercial that centered about poop? OR was that just in Canada?

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