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Big Brother 20 – Saturday Feed Updates, Snickergate Discussion

Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s veto competition day in the Big Brother house and it could be a long one as they woke the house up early to draw names to play.  I’m going to guess BB Comics which is insanely long but I have nothing to back that up with other than it’s due.

On to the Snickergate thing – Last night, Twitter became outraged when they thought they heard JC say something that I don’t think he said. Around 7:10 pm, a bunch of people were in the HoH room talking about the food they got in the HoH baskets.  With a mouthful of food, JC said something that amused himself and he was chuckling as he said it. Needless to say, between his thick accent and a mouthful of food, it was very difficult to understand what he said.

That didn’t stop Twitter from speculating as everyone from Evil Dick to Swaggy assumed he said a bad word rather than something more in context with the actual conversation – like Snickers.  I know it’s crazy to actually sit back and listen to the context of a sentence rather than the words, but fortunately, most people who did listen to the clip thought that he said Snickers as well.


He said “they gave her…” then the questionable word, then something that sounds like ‘twelve’, then something that sounds like ‘snickers’.  To many, it sounds like he said “They gave her snickers, twelve snickers” but some people wanted to hear what they think they heard which doesn’t even make sense in the sentence if he had said it. Maybe it’s a Laurel/Yanney thing where some people hear it completely different but only a handful of people have heard the non-Snicker word.

Enough of that, back to the updates…

  • 10:00 am – Feeds are down to pick players for the veto
    • Feeds back up.
    • Sounds like Brett hosting, Angela sitting out
  • Tyler is up in the HoH room talking to Kaycee
    • Tyler is saying how he’s getting tired of JC and Brett
    • He says they come up to the HoH with the same exact stories but blame the other
    • An example is Brett would come up to the HoH room and mention JC stressing over the KC/Angela duo but got him to calm down about it. JC will then come up and basically, say the same thing that Brett is stressed about the KC/Angela duo
  • 2:00 pm – House still waiting for PoV. I guess it’s not so much a long comp as it is a longer setup that is person specific (which is why they needed to wake them up early). Just a guess, however
    • Meanwhile, Scottie told Haleigh that the jury house is set to vote as one right now which is bullshit
    • While a bitter jury is expected as that appears to be the new norm, it’s extra bullshit that Scottie went and chatted with them then came back in. That gives someone a massive disadvantage (Brett) if word gets out that the house is planning to vote for him if he’s in the final 2. It also gives someone like Brett an advantage to know that the jury is bitter this year.
    • People may be confused as to why it’s never mentioned in other seasons (the advantage), but that’s because they almost always sequester everyone once they leave the house if they plan on them returning. I can’t remember a time when the evicted houseguests were able to get together and compare notes before having a chance to get back in.
    • Another reason that’s bullshit is because often times people give away secrets in their goodbye messages. From what I remember, they typically didn’t show GBMs when they planned on bringing people back.  Overall just a shit move and another major blunder by production trying to ruin a great season
  • The house is bored waiting for veto tossing the thing around the table
  • 3:30 pm – Tyler and Angela are up in the HoH room cuddling
    • Haleigh comes up and they groan because they have to split up
  • 6:30 pm – Feeds have been down for veto for like 2 hours now
  • 7:00 pm – Feeds back
    • It really is a repeat of last week
    • Tyler confirms with Brett that the vote should be the same (Haleigh stays, Scottie goes)
    • Brett says that Sam threw the comp
  • 9:30 pm – These two pictures sum up the house (this is what is happening on both feeds right now)

Check back for updates


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  1. hogwild

    Hoping for a Scottie win just to get a little drama this week.

  2. Helen

    I think veto will be a spelling comp…..

  3. Seattle Kari

    *Handing out cups of coffee this wonderful Saturday* Perhaps I will even share the scones I got at the fair yesterday..hmmm..

    Good morning everyone. I can say that because it officially it is still morning here. 😉 Happy weekend!

  4. LindsayB

    Oh FFS, Vegas is saying that production had a meeting about potentially removing JC for saying the N word. Really Vegas? The level of stupid surrounding Snickergate is ridiculous. The incessant need for people to create an issue over nothing is getting old. Really old. His mouth was full, he was laughing, and he has a thick accent. Listen to the fucking context before accusing someone of using the N word.
    These people give us SOOO much material to work with to find fault in them. There’s really no need to make stuff up. He was talking about a damn candy bar.

    • Mel

      Exactly!!! Once one of them makes news for one thing, the search to decipher every word they say and every gesture they make begins. If BB stressed me out that damn much, I’d watch something else instead. I can barely comb thru Twitter at this point and I’ve stopped looking at #BBLF and #BB20 entirely.

    • danmtruth

      This is getting OLD give it a rest

    • Colby

      I can imagine that meeting.
      2 people. Production lead and Bob.
      Lead: ‘Twitter is going nuts again’
      Bob: ‘He said Snickers’
      Lead: ‘OK. Put out a press release and tell them we had a meeting to shut them up’

    • HappyHippo

      Wow I’m just now seeing all of this and it’s ridiculous! If I had a twitter account I’d be going off on every single dumbass saying he said the n word! He clearly didn’t! What are people’s problems get a life! And Swaggy stfu you are completely irrelevant

    • LO1004

      Agreed. It’s so irresponsible for people and news outlets to even make this a conversation when is so completely false. This is going to effect him outside the house and he’s guilty of a lot of stupid shit, there is no need to pile on. I’m actually pretty pissed about this because I watched this entire conversation and it was about Hays love of long fingers and Snickers. Literally.

      • Sassy

        Oh, that’s the convo this came from? I watched it too, but hadn’t put 2 and 2 together I guess. I did not hear “that” word was used…

      • LO1004

        Yes. You can see in the clip she’s annoyed w JC and it’s because he didn’t understand the long finger thing and in true JC fashion wouldn’t let it go. So he said something like, she likes bigger Snickers, hence the eye roll.

      • ShoeLover

        Exactly WHEN did we become a society that is so gosh darn offended??????

        Ugh grow up!!!

        As for this so called *** crap happening…
        I did not hear that word. In fact, I thought JC was trying to make a joke along the lines of the Snickers commercials. Ya know the ones that hVe the stars acting all bratty, so then a snickers is offered so the person could come back to reality. Anyhoo, our new young adults need to freaking toughen up and grow up!! ENOUGH with the baby and triggered crap!!!!

      • Mel

        ShoeLover, We always joke about how the hg’s think they’ll make real $ from the show but don’t . They SHOULD do that snickers commercial! They could actually make a buck doing that!

    • feltso gudinya

      i teach at the high school level….guess how many times a day i hear that word…..it means nothing…..by saying it all time it loses its power to offend……i miss the word retard…..my older brothers used to call me their little retard when we were kids…i miss that….it still brings back good memories….

      • danmtruth

        That was what Lenny Bruce used to say was so crazy about villain certain words

      • Jenny

        I had to work hard to get the R word out of my vocabulary when I realized it was hurtful to so many people. And I cringe when I hear the N word no matter who says it. But ffs , people, JC’s accent makes lots of words sound like other words, and I haven’t seen the clip but I can totally hear him saying SNICKERS and it sounding like the N word. People actually saying it, and using it as a slur? Yes, we should be offended. Someone talking about candy bars w/a thick accent making it hard to understand what he said? get over it.

  5. GoodGame

    JC’s Accent is Thicker Than A Snickers.
    STFU … Swaggy C
    Your 15 minutes is over … Way over!

    • feltso gudinya

      am i the only one here who is convinced swaggy is gay?….what straight man in america would call themselves “swaggy” and then emblazon the name across every piece of clothing he owns?…….talk about coming out……

      • Sassy

        He announced on Twitter today that he bought 3 new Swaggy shirts today!! I guess we now know who’s buying them…

      • danmtruth

        Chris is just trying to build a brand Like it or not As many people have set up alter egos Eminem, Slim Shady Marshel Mathers Dr Dre ,Andre Young”He feels he can build this brand as I said away from the Swaggy persona he seems like a hard worker and a good person Yet he thinks acting like the stereo type hiphop gansta he can make money

      • Jenny

        I’ve seen a few young black people give themselves a nickname. Briefly dated a guy who had his stenciled across the back of his car. Worked with a woman who had a vanity plate that showed she was confident in her allure. Chris seems like a decent kid who wants to hide behind this persona of a cocky guy with a following.

      • Jenny

        One of my exes is a white guy from a small town who desperately wanted to be a rock star. He changed his handwriting to try to make it look more badass. Total fake. He always wanted me to wear more makeup and have bigger hair (hello, early 90’s). He loved me for my appearance because it fed his ego when other guys looked at me. Never loved the real me.
        Just throwing that in to point out that stupid white boys act like Swaggy, too.

  6. Sassy

    Hay and Scottie are talking. He said there is a deal in the jury house, their alliance is going to get together and all vote for the same person to win. They get to decide the winner, which they do… Yeah, finally, they can all vote together!! I hope someone flips, but it looks like a bitter jury, sorry Ty and Angela, neither of you can win unless you are together as F2.

    • AIO_7

      Especially Angelica; 50k, plus the other money and perks is still pretty nice.

    • Avatar

      Just like last year? What’s the point in winning the most comps or making it to the end of the game? The game comes down to a bitter jury voting from spite LoL, Hopefully the have to vote for a member of Level 6, whom they hate the least, I guess it’s time to change strategies? If you’re Tyler, maybe the sooner you get JC in the Jury house, maybe the sooner he can start campaigning for people to vote for you, the numbers for Level 6 votes will even out, right now there is Bayleigh and RS in the Jury House, I doubt they are going to run the Jury House, fine for them to think that way when they are really the only two there, but those two need a reality check at some point – everyone isn’t going to fall in line to their demand and the longer people are sequestered with them, the more someone is likely to think for themselves, if only for spite LoL

      • Sassy

        Winning isn’t everything in this game. There is a huge social element that is actually more important than winning. When you win to much you become a bigger target. Without others pulling strings, Ty would have been gone long ago, but he has a good social game in the house and a lot of people helping him out. You have to be able to balance the 2.

      • stillstanding

        it’s not just about winning comps, strategy, social game. who and when to evict . and goodbye messages. why would you evict the hive and not think they aren’t gonna be bitter. you were living with them, seeing their behavior. but look who was part of the hive. they have not come together on much of anything. tyler has been masterful for the most part, but having final 2 with too many people could bite him on the butt. as for jc, i think he’s an ass. i couldnt understand what he said at 1st, snickers was clear to me as the 2nd word.

      • feltso gudinya

        people who r subjective thinkers vote based on emotion….objective thinkers vote based on game play……guess what we’re getting?……..you betcha…..

      • Jenny

        I hated pretty much everything about last year, including Josh. But watching Paul lose again was so much fun! I hate that Nicole won because someone wanted a girl to win. Ugh. This year, I really like the majority of the HG’s. I love Tyler except for his stupid showmance w/Angela… but he’s smart enough to give good GBM’s. Like telling Bay she was a strong competitor – we all saw how that stroked her ego. Brett & Angela acted like jerks in their messages. Huge mistake. My current favorites to win are Tyler and Kaycee. Tyler plays everyone but he does it with kindness. Kaycee is the kind of person I’d love to have as a friend.

    • Mel

      Well, can’t say I’m surprised. Bay and RS’s games were based on bitterness and Hay and Fes discussed looking forward to being bitter jurors on the feeds. Basically, Foutte’s gonna Foutte it up to the bitter end. We can only hope with several weeks remaining, they’ll change their minds. I’m not holding my breath.

      • Sassy

        the Only one I’d be upset with winning is Sam. The rest of them have played a good game, some better than others but at least they played well! Foutte just wants to try to get something right, all I can do is laugh! They want to be on the right side of the vote this time and since they will be out, they can finally control something, yeah them!! Idiots….

      • LO1004

        Congratulations to them on being the worst alliance and jury in BB history. Way to make your mark on BB20. I hope they’re not surprised when their ‘fame’ is as short lived as Cameron’s time on BB19.

      • ElaineB

        Dr. Will’s discussion with the jurors may be the shortest on record, since they will be using a ‘collective brain’. If each of them are stupid enough to not act as individuals in the way they end the game, they deserve to stay connected in life as LOSERS.

    • danmtruth

      The sad problem is These people will be proud of themselves Like being bitter for being out play Is some how a noble thing No it just shows you as a small minded person who deserved to lose They will be strutting around because they got the last word

      • Sassy

        That will be the only thing they have to hang onto and that they can control. Remember when they were together in the house, they really were a hateful bunch. I’m not surprised, and I’m glad they are in jury together.

    • WhereisPablo

      So Bay and RS have already decided how the next 7 evicted will conduct their jury duty? Alrighty then.

    • Shivani33

      Sassy, it seems to me that Tyler knows this, too. Angela would be a good 5’10” meat shield for him in a Final 2. She isn’t popular.
      Kaycee, who is well-liked, could beat him before this jury, as it is so far. But the jury components will be changing, too.

      • Sassy

        They will think she doesn’t deserve to win because she’s already rich… I do think she is the most disliked by the HGs. Anyone sitting by her wins.

      • danmtruth

        This idea that someone does not deserve it because they are already rich Is BS Tell me how poor or middle-class is Paul
        With 9 in the jury house you will have bitter Bay, RS, and Fess voting in a block I don’t see Hay or Scottie joining in on this If they do end up in jury IMO they will vote for better game play

      • Sassy

        Hay has already said she doesn’t want to be bitter but she thinks she will, especially the longer she’s in and having to pretend to like “these” people, which she also refers to as “her people” depending on who she is talking too. Hay is a follower, if her friends tell her to get on board, she will. Scottie was talking to Hay earlier and it sounded like he likes the idea of they staying together to determine the winner. We shall see. It’s dumb, but they think it will make them feel better…

    • mona77450

      Okaaaay….we’re talking FOUTTE/HIVE alliance that hasn’t done one thing right in this game so far. I would bet money that neither Scottie (who was never a member) and Hayleigh would go along with this “plan”. Further, instead of calling this a bitter jury, the ones currently in the jury house are just sore losers.

      • Mel

        I’m not sure because Hay and Fes already discussed looking forward to being bitter jurors. I’ve never heard people plan it before they’re evicted. I halfway gave them credit and thought they were just angry words in the moment. If they have other people justifying their feeling that way, I could see them doing it.

    • ladycobra

      A bunch of sore losers. RS can’t do what is right for being so judgemental, thinking everyone is entitled when it is actually her that is entitled. Bay is a spoiled rotten brat and since she did not get her way she is going to throw a tantrum the best way she knows how by being a sore loser. If Scottie leaves and he goes along with all this then he needs to stop calling himself a super fan. Hay would not surprise me as far as going along with this cause she is another one that I think is use to getting her way. Fess doesn’t have enough smarts to make up his own mind so I can see him voting the way they tell him to. None of these people had any control in the game so they think they will have the control in the jury. They need to get over themselves.

      I am not a JC fan but if CBS decides to kick him out over snickergate, I will be cancelling my feeds and not watching any CBS shows. This whole thing of ruining people’s lives over something hurting someone’s feelings is getting out of control. A race car driver lost his sponsors because it came to light that his father said something not so nice way before the driver was even born. Next thing will be JC thought something not so nice so it’s time to kick him out.

  7. Avatar

    Vegas has been pretty accurate as to his/her info, so I’ll assume that JC dropped the ***.

    Regardless, if production wants to do something about it without expelling him, they should stop giving him a favorable edit! Right now he is going to win America’s favorite because of all those who only watch the show are going to vote for him.

    • HappyHippo

      He didn’t . Listen to the whole convo. He’s talking about snickers and everyone in the hoh room knows he said that. They don’t even skip a beat.

    • Shivani33

      I saw this JC bit. No doubt, plenty of others did, too. The houseguests were talking about Snickers candy bars. It was clear that JC was referring to Snickers. As LindsayB said, this is ridiculous, much ado about nothing. Though JC has earned some controversy, in this instance, he did not say the “n” word. I don’t like him much but would stand and defend him from this one!

    • LindsayB

      You’re going to assume something is accurate because trashbox Vegas said so? Vegas is a fucking twat who’s known what a couple of comps are going to be. We always have spoilers about what the comps are going to be. That doesn’t make Vegas some B.B god who knows all. Fuck Vegas. Instead of assuming somebody did something, why don’t you actually find out for yourself? It’s not hard. The clip is all over. Some places actually show the whole conversation. This isn’t a matter of having to guess what happened. You would have to be a complete idiot to think he was saying the N word in that conversation.

    • LO1004

      You know what they say about assuming things. He didn’t say it. Do yourself a favor and listen to the entire conversation and stop piling onto some BS narrative.

    • Mel

      Vegas has been right about comps but this person also loves drama. Some of their “leaks” are things we figure out with common sense before they’re leaked. They also said Angela was thinking about going after Tyler when she was hoh. The leaks about how the hg’s see things in the game have been wrong quite a few times.

    • Alda

      He never said it.More fake news!

  8. Avatar

    so is Haleigh the target for this week

  9. LO1004

    I thought maybe BB Comics or the counting comp. I feel like both are due.

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  11. Helen

    Why do they make them get up so early to pick veto players when the don’t play veto till late afternoon?

  12. Avatar

    I think JC is funny, but he would be annoying if I had to live with him lol but this is seriously going too far, they were talking about snickers, and that’s what I hear. It is hard to tell because of the accent and mouth full of food, but the n word doesn’t make sense. I also feel like when he did say the n word, it was a little… blown out of proportion, I understand it’s offensive, but he was trying to get across how offensive the m word was to little people.

  13. AIO_7

    Does anyone else think that CBS chinced on the HoH room decor this season?


  14. Sassy

    So KC just said their guest (s) will be there in an hour. Scottie asked how she knew, she replied, they told me, they didn’t tell you? Blank stares by all. Then she said that why she’s making extra coffee. Scottie asked how do you know they drink coffee? KC: That why I’m making it, they told me to.

    Now she says 30-45 minutes.

  15. Patrick

    It’s sad that we now live in a society where you can and will say anything online in order to stay relevant and get subs.

  16. Shivani33

    Talk about misunderstanding words! Today our teenage neighbor came over to get a package. She had her mom’s birthday gift shipped to our house so that her mom didn’t open it accidentally and spoil the surprise. It’s a gold necklace and was supposed to be engraved with mom’s name, Rebecca. Instead it arrived saying ROBACCO. What an afternoon of tears and laughter. Too late to fix now in time for the birthday. Has ANYONE got a mom named Robacco? We hurried off to the florist to get a lovely substitute gift until the jewelry can be replaced. Robacco! Yatus.

  17. Shivani33

    Well, here comes another irrelevant yet relevant bit of news. From today’s New York Post: “Wife admits to fatally poisoning ‘unfaithful husband’ with eyedrops….” It only took her 3 days of dosing him with the neurotoxin for it to be fatal.

  18. AIO_7

    Angelica and Heidi talking in the storage room …


  19. danmtruth

    Do we know the two who wont be playing today ? In other words who is playing beside TY,Hay,and Scottie All good players

  20. Holla Derrick

    Im not sure the battleback was planned until it was clear that scottie was getting evicted. Likely in hopes an L6 member would go next and a hive member would come back to help even things out.

    I also think there will be another twist to try and change the game.

    • Helen

      They knew when Kaitlyn lost the puzzle they were going to have to do something…they were 1 player short when she lost

      • FW aka CY

        Why didn’t they properly sequester the jury, then? I think it was a last-minute scramble.

      • Sassy

        Properly? That would imply, they tried to sequester them… It should have given the returnee an advantage, instead he spilled the secret to Haha, who in turn told them to everyone else… Now L6/5/4 is more determined then ever to make sure they are the final 4, because they now know, they can’t beat anyone else. Thanks Haha,the gift that keeps on giving.

  21. danmtruth

    the next twist will be a double after this week

  22. Sassy

    For all you conspiracy theorists, I saw this on Twitter:

    It appears that Scottie is using a box to practice moves for a possible Dice POV comp. #BB20

    I saw him concentrating on something while flipping it around. Could it be production gave him a clue? Production told KC to make coffee for their guests, and STILL no guests. Maybe production is messing with them today…

  23. LO1004

    Haleighs constant apologizing for Fess is only confirming her showmance with him. Her game is so bad, I really hope they don’t wait too long to give her the axe.

  24. leafhopper

    The timing was also perfect for Fessy’s sister to be sitting in the audience the night he was evicted.

  25. Helen

    I so miss BBOTT and being able to watch the competitions live…we get such a short edited version having to watch on prime time!! I wanna see!,

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  27. Joy

    Maybe it’s only me but doesn’t Scottie kinda/sorta remind you of Johnny Mac?

  28. Helen

    Hayleighs worst nightmare is Sam winning this veto comp….

    • Colby

      I don’t think anyone would use it on her, would they?

      • Helen

        No. But Sam would possibly save Scottie…Sam would be safe as nominee…
        I don’t know if Sam would use it but the potential is there.She likes Scottie and she might think it’s unfair to send him right back out again…

      • Colby

        Oh, yeah. I didn’t think about that.
        Bet JC is worried about that too.
        Hopefully Sam wouldn’t use it if Tyler asked her not to.

      • Sassy

        Then it would be good if she won and used it. They could send haha out of the house and it would give them an excuse to put Sam up next week.

      • Helen

        Yes Sassy…would also cause some turmoil because JC might be a replacement if Sam won and took Scottie down..
        Otherwise Tyler would have to put up one of Level6/5/4….

      • danmtruth

        If Sam wins she can’t go up as a renom

      • Helen

        Exactly…she would be safe this week…
        Hayleigh is hoping if one of them come down that Sam will go up…she is pushing the hate Sam train hard to all that will listen to her

  29. danmtruth

    Sam might use it on Scottie Hay will be the only one that will save herself After that no one else will use the veto on anyone

  30. Cat Lady

    I hate evicted houseguest being the jurors. I think it should be past BB winners.

  31. Sassy

    KChas the Veto on! YeahKC, she’s on a roll!

  32. Painter1

    Got home late and was catching up. About JC snickergate,I got a story about this happened to my father and uncle. See my uncle too has a very heavy accent being he was from Mexico. My father being the owner of the company was called into the management office. The Tennant had called the manager complaining that my uncle called her an a$$ [email protected]!3 my dad was like WHAT,?!? NO WAY. Long story short when my dad asked him my uncle what did he say, he told her ,”I’m done, that’s all” So as he said it the manage laughed, said NVM I will take care of it.His heavy accent was the reason the Tennant thought he said the other words.

    • Avatar

      Kind of a similar thing happened to a guy who, at the time was an Elder at the church I was the Trustee at. The guy worked at the Post Office as a Mail Carrier. Someone pulled a prank or something and he called her a “Little rascal”. That’s not what she heard. Never mind that the prank wasn’t appropriate for the workplace, she ran right to the superiors claiming her called her the A word. She’d been there barely a year, he was close to retirement.

      He had to have a meeting about the next day with his superiors, and was talking to us about it that evening, the night before. At times, nearly in tears, and so embarrassed. They’d known him for years though, of course they believed him. She kind of flagged herself and her co-workers came away wary of her afterwards. I think it’s subjective perspective or something sometimes, people maybe hear what they want to hear. JC has caused enough problems in the house this summer, people (on the feeds, and on Twitter, etc) are maybe looking for anything with him at this point.

    • Jenny

      I worked w/a guy named Faisal who pronounced his name “FASS-el.” In a staff meeting someone made a joke at the boss’s expense and boss laughed, then muttered “asshole”. We all laughed. A Chinese co-worker then said “haha Faisal!”. I asked Faisal later if he went home and told his wife what his name rhymed with.

  33. danmtruth

    2 in a row for KC why to come up for the team

  34. FW aka CY

    It would probably be ok for L6 in KC won HOH, too. Brett might get hinky if he finally got a smidgen of power.

    • Sassy

      Nope! Haha sealed the L6/5/4 to the end! She told them her convo with Scottie about how they are voting as one and are bitter. They figure they might as well let them pick who the hate the least… if it’s possible, it will be the 4 of them til the end.

      • FW aka CY

        In a way, I think they’re all ok with that, but that’s kind of lazy. I wonder what one could do to, perhaps, shake it up over in the jury house. JC might be able to break into their vicious cycle of hate and shade and self pity.

      • Holla Derrick

        Scottie will play along but he ain’t nobody’s goon.

        Foutte’d one last time!

  35. Colby

    Their shirts say Control Your Emojis.
    Any ideas of what that comp is?

  36. Helen

    While I’m happy for KC I am really kinda upset…I really wanted Haleigh out this week but Scottie will go

  37. Wizard

    Hopefully! But it’s Thursday a double?

  38. Helen

    Gonna be a long long week…predictable and boring..
    KC won’t use veto..noms will stay the same..Scottie voted out on Thursday..

  39. Helen

    Is Haleigh eating regular food…she just got rice and guacamole?

  40. danmtruth

    So with the last HOH being physical the next will be a crap shoot or maybe mental In any case you cant go wrong evicting either of them

  41. hogwild

    We have another lather rinse repeat week.

  42. LO1004

    Hay has been talking a lot of crap about Fess this week. Is it game to get in w the other side, or is she sheisty as hell and just throwing him utb?

    • FW aka CY

      Depends on if it works (it won’t). She knows she can always double-talk her way out of any trouble with him later on. It doesn’t take that much stroking to perk him up, he’s so certain he’s “All dat.”

    • Colby

      I hope she is coming to her senses about him, but I really think it is just game.
      I don’t believe that she wouldn’t put up Tyler and Angela either.

    • Sassy

      I hope Scottie goes back to jury and spills all the juicy details about what she’s doing This week. I didn’t see him on any of the feeds so I’m hoping he’s in the next room listening to her bash RS, MF and Swaggy. She might not have friends next week when she gets to jury…

  43. FW aka CY

    Oh, very good. I espescially like the guesses at the chorus, down in the comments section. “I live on vegemite!” *LOL*

    Disturbed does an excellent cover of “Land of Confusion,” (suitable for Fouette), but I like the original best. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHmH1xQ2Pf4

  44. danmtruth

    Just trying to throw him utb and be part of the other side with the cool kids Not like there is even any other side Hay and Scottie With Sam in her own universe

  45. Avatar

    Tyler may need to reconsider a KC final two. She is suddenly becoming a comp beast.

    I suspect the jury will feel pleased with the thrashing they will give L4 to Dr. Will on finale night as well as the questions they get to ask the final 2. Let them have their moment because they are only going to get their stipend and nothing else. No America’s favorite, no Amazing Race or Survivor, no opportunities, and no future BB seasons.

  46. FW aka CY

    Continuing the theme of houseguest look-alikes who can sing, this could be a younger Tyler – and an older Ned Flanders… Good song, hilarious video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvC_0foemLY&index=56&list=PLfOVYq9bSDAEZlIRQHvpiettzQWmRCRk1

  47. Shivani33

    Kaycee has started to talk with more sha-zam in her tone. It’s much more entertaining to hear and see her now with more confidence. It suits her well. Although she’s likely to not use the Veto, since that’s Tyler’s preference, she has talked about wanting to have JC experience being otb. If she could, she’d give him that privilege. She is sick of the group carrying him.

    Houseguests have said that Sam threw the Veto comp and that it was obvious. They also said that JC really tried to win this time. There seems to be more impetus to evict JC than Sam at the moment, at least from Kaycee, Angela and Brett. But first, Haleigh and Scottie will go, if possible. The way things look right now, Scottie will lose on Thursday. So far, Tyler isn’t fighting it.

    Tyler asked Angela if she’d win the next HoH, and she consented. Of course. The Ice Queen would be great as HoH for the double eviction, even if she does really have a soft heart. She told Haleigh shortly after the noms that she’d be rooting for her from the sidelines. I don’t think that Angela wants to contend with Scottie running around like a crazed kangaroo anymore.

  48. LynnD

    With all their playing of Would You Rather I can’t help but wonder do you think production sits on the other side of the wall and plays along among themselves??

  49. CY aka FW

    I miss you, NK. The nights are grim and lonesome of late.

  50. Seattle Kari

    nothing classier than discussing yeast infections while you’re having snacks..


  51. Seattle Kari

    These face mask things might end up giving me nightmares, lol

  52. Jay H

    I believe this consistent bitter vote has to do with casting. They cast too many early to mid 20 year olds that are immature with a pack mentality, in hopes that they’ll make good tv. I love B.B., but they have provided some terrible, undeserving winners over the years, that can really put a stain on the season. Survivor casts plenty of middle aged people in a season. To my knowledge, it doesn’t affect viewership, and they seem to get the winner right almost every time.

    Another thing, Evel Dick says the jury is too big. I totally agree. Bay and RS will be out of the game for practically 2 months. They shouldn’t have a say who wins. The jury should be 7 and not 9.

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