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Big Brother 20 Spoilers – Live HoH Competition Thread Plus Feed Updates

Well now, that was a good episode. Another week, another shocker. This season is really good so far.


Once again the eviction surprised the house with Brett pulling out a victory. On top of that, he did so right after he called out Rockstar for saying she was going to flip the vote (a lie). This resulted in Rockstar flipping out on Brett after eviction and I expect it to only get better as the night progresses

Watch the live feeds here

Still in the comp:

  • Brett
  • Tyler
  • Angela
  • JC
  • Sam
  • Rockstar
  • Haleigh
  • Bayleigh
  • Faysal
  • Kaycee
  • Rachel
  • Kaitlyn

updates –

  • Feeds are up. Everyone is still on the wall
  • Again, my prediction was either Rachel, Kaitlyn, or Bayleigh win this. We’ll see if I’m right
    • 7:10 pm – Nobody has dropped yet. A new record for endurance?
    • 7:15 pm – Rockstar is down
    • 7:22 pm – Faysal is down
    • 7:25 pm – Brett is down
    • 7:25 pm – Bayleigh is down
    • 7:33 pm – Angela down
    • 7:33 pm – Rachel down
  • Two of my picks are down.  I suck.  I actually think JC can easily win this but I’m just not sure if he wants to
    • 7:41 pm – Haleigh down
    • 7:44 pm – JC down
  • Roughly 1 hour in
    • 7:53 pm – Kaitlyn falls then Kaycee right after
  • Kaycee was clearly staying until Kait fell
  • Sam begging Tyler to jump
  • Tyler jumps
  • Now, Sam has to realize that her HOH this week is going to be virtually pointless because she didn’t use the power last week
  • 8:20 pm – Feeds back
    • Rockstar crying to Bayleigh
    • Faysal comes in and is convinced there were 7 votes to keep Brett
    • Kaitlyn comes in. She thinks Bayleigh flipped
    • She is sure that Tyler didn’t flip. Oh boy
  • 8:30 pm – Kaitlyn is asking Bayleigh if she flipped
    • Now she is mentioning how RS may have flipped
    • Kaitlyn says that if it’s Tyler who flipped she’ll kill herself. Uh oh
  • Kaitlyn leaves and goes to talk to Brett
    • He keeps it going and says Tyler can back up what he said (that RS flipped)
    • Haleigh comes in and Brett feeds her as well
    • They are convinced it was RS who flipped and her reaction was acting
    • Wow
  • 8:50 pm – Tyler comes in and they play together with the lie.  This is going to get ugly when it comes out
    • After talking for a bit, Tyler is lecturing Kaitlyn about always telling people to swear on something
  • 9:25 pm – RS, Scottie, Tyler, and JC are just hanging out right now
  • 9:30 pm – Bayleigh is lecturing Kaitlyn on questioning her vote in front of people
  • 9:40 pm – Tyler and Bayleigh are alone now
    • Tyler is in full denial mode and now says that he has only seen Brett talking to people but can’t guarantee what was said
  • 9:55 pm – Rockstar is talking to Rachel
    • She is still crying about it.
    • She’s mad that a white privilege dude is targeting her.  It’s a GAME
  • 10:15 pm – Ummm, Bay may have just said she missed her period and it’s been a week
    • She said Swaggy is her baby daddy

Check back for updates



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  1. HappyHippo
    Comments (1204)

    Poor Fessy looks so uncomfortable!

  2. Colby
    Comments (1521)

    They gave them goggles this year. They don’t usually do that, do they?

    • Jenny
      Comments (958)

      I remember someone losing her false eyelashes one year. lol. I would think you’d have trouble with contacts, too. Now that I think about it, I’m actually surprised they haven’t had goggles for years!

      • Comments (23)

        I think BB just got smart.. they should of been using googles all this time!!

  3. Comments (3)

    Scottie is so annoying right now. Can he stop with the comments?

  4. hogwild
    Comments (706)

    Fall rainbow hair win this one JC it was made for you. Time to listen to some metallica.

  5. Lindsey
    Comments (44)

    Scottie is being SO OBNOXIOUS!! Somebody shut him up forreal.

  6. LO1004
    Comments (407)

    Scotties voice is nails on a chalkboard right now. Also, RS looks like she’s almost out.

  7. AIO_7
    Comments (3519)

    They just got splattered with honey.

  8. danmtruth
    Comments (3121)

    Last year the tilt was more drastic at times I thought maybe latter if no one goes down

  9. danmtruth
    Comments (3121)

    that cheer was rockstar down first

  10. AIO_7
    Comments (3519)

    Crayola DOWN !!!!!! Crying.

  11. Comments (595)

    I hope Rockstar gets evicted but loses the “Battleback”

  12. HappyHippo
    Comments (1204)

    RS down and bawling
    Tyler should have worn his hair up!

  13. danmtruth
    Comments (3121)

    Fassy is hurting big time

  14. LO1004
    Comments (407)

    JC, Kaycee, and Brett look like they’re coasting.

  15. AIO_7
    Comments (3519)

    Fessie DOWN!!!!

  16. HappyHippo
    Comments (1204)

    Fessy down..knew it

  17. HappyHippo
    Comments (1204)

    Nothing like an endurance comp to humble some people (if only for one day) lol

  18. Yael Sara
    Comments (279)

    OMG – Scottie STFU! How about a twist, Can we just send those sitting in the “bleachers” currently home!

  19. Comments (595)


  20. AIO_7
    Comments (3519)

    Brett DOWN !!!! Crayola celebrates.

  21. HappyHippo
    Comments (1204)

    Somebody shut RS up

  22. AIO_7
    Comments (3519)

    Bay is down too.

  23. LO1004
    Comments (407)

    I hope Hay and Kait drop soon so I can go to sleep

  24. danmtruth
    Comments (3121)

    as usual muscle bond guys down

    Tyler moving seems uncomfortable

    Rachel was smart to take the hair extensions out

    Jc just chatting away

  25. HappyHippo
    Comments (1204)

    Well sadly I’m on the east coast and have to go to bed but out of who’s left the only person I don’t want to wake up to having won is cuckoo Kaitlyn….night!

  26. Zach
    Comments (455)

    I predicted Sam to win on the other thread, didn’t realize we had another.

  27. LO1004
    Comments (407)

    I’ve decided I want Kaycee to win this.

  28. Zach
    Comments (455)

    TyeDye has impressed me staying up this long. He’s really got no chance to win, might as well fall to be rested for the POV.

  29. danmtruth
    Comments (3121)

    just notice after someone mention it They put a stump on the tree so you can’t squat down like James did Look a foot or two above the stump they are standing on

  30. AIO_7
    Comments (3519)

    Soooooo bogus of CBS to give us fish now.

  31. hogwild
    Comments (706)

    Soryy I’m rooting for mini me.

  32. Mr. Beardo
    Comments (281)

    KC will follow Rachel and Angela soon. I’m just hoping BSC and Hay still up there will scare a few into trying.

  33. LO1004
    Comments (407)

    What is w the fish!!

  34. pedro jorge ferraro
    Comments (34)

    rooting for kaitlin, lets explode the house again girl lol

  35. hogwild
    Comments (706)

    God I know you have far more important things to focus on but please don’t let Kaitlyn win this.

  36. AIO_7
    Comments (3519)

    Chakra down.

  37. Colby
    Comments (1521)

    Grandpa Lou needs to fly in and poop on Chakra.

  38. danmtruth
    Comments (3121)

    if level 6/5 win Bay will only use her power if her or Fassy are OTB

    Impress that BSC is hanging in their

  39. AIO_7
    Comments (3519)

    Squirt is down.

  40. danmtruth
    Comments (3121)

    Jc took a dive

  41. hogwild
    Comments (706)

    Fall crazy chick one it’s what your aura wants do it.

  42. Colby
    Comments (1521)

    Tyler will try to hang in as long as Chakra is up. He pissed her off tonight. She will probably put him up.

  43. Mr. Beardo
    Comments (281)

    I think Ty knows he can’t let BSC Chakra Con win.

  44. NKogNeeTow
    Comments (5347)

    Ooohhh, this is so nail biting.

  45. Yael Sara
    Comments (279)

    It would actually be kinda humorous if they let Kaitlin win HOH. Her HOH will be kind of a wash with Sam’s power and she also won’t have that letter from Joe and that picture wont be there.

  46. kneeless
    Comments (1113)

    YES, BSC down!!

  47. AIO_7
    Comments (3519)

    Chakra down..

  48. danmtruth
    Comments (3121)

    Fotte/R2 have yet to be on the right side of the vote

    Sam just trash talk BSC Kait Ask her if she was cold BSC said yes are you Sam no in fine I take cold showers even when I’m not on slop CLASIC

  49. Mr. Beardo
    Comments (281)


  50. LO1004
    Comments (407)

    Yes Sam!!

  51. Mr. Beardo
    Comments (281)

    Sam won HOH!

  52. AIO_7
    Comments (3519)

    SAM !!!!

  53. danmtruth
    Comments (3121)

    SAMMY !!! crazy week ahead this season just keeps getting better

  54. Yael Sara
    Comments (279)

    Sam is hilarious right now. And why the heck was Tyler even giving it a second thought to jump.
    And separately I think CBS should allow Sam to throw away the power app she has since she is the HOH! IMHO

  55. Mr. Beardo
    Comments (281)

    This totally clears her conscience with her power!

  56. LO1004
    Comments (407)

    Kaycee was way too obvious w that jump right after Kait hahahaha

  57. Zach
    Comments (455)

    I should have placed a bet

  58. Jannie
    Comments (1513)

    Well with who is left I guess I’m rooting for Sam. Then at least she’ll get some say in the use of her power app. Then again, if Tyler wins he’ll be exposed with his nominations. It’s just not that crucial this week because of the app in play.
    Please not Miss Cleo(Kaitlin)…

  59. ElaineB
    Comments (1512)

    Congrats Sam! Way to go girl! After seeing her family/friends on the show, tell about her, Sam has so many sides to her and if she lets herself, she can be a contender!

  60. hogwild
    Comments (706)

    I’m good with the house redneck chick winning I really have no idea where she will go with this HOH could be interesting week.

  61. kneeless
    Comments (1113)

    For a girl not wanting to play the game, Sam’s giving it her all!

  62. danmtruth
    Comments (3121)

    whats with the damm FISH !!!

  63. NKogNeeTow
    Comments (5347)

    OMG Knees, they are showing the damage in Iowa on the news right now. Two tornadoes at once.

    • danmtruth
      Comments (3121)

      the one I saw was wide So sad for those people Our thoughts go out to them

    • kneeless
      Comments (1113)

      Actually 3 tornadoes hit 3 towns. The town closest to me had the least damage. So far, no fatalities & minor injuries, thank God. Looks like a war zone. Devastating afternoon, in central Iowa.

      • ElaineB
        Comments (1512)

        Stay safe and take care knees!

      • Jenny
        Comments (958)

        oh my goodness. I sure hope nobody was injured. We had a tornado a few years back that took out half a nearby small town. Several people I know lost their homes. Only 2 people were killed which was amazing considering the devastation. Hope everyone is safe.

      • kneeless
        Comments (1113)

        Jenny, so far we are hearing of minor injuries & no fatalities. Hopefully, that doesn’t change. A company that employs 3,000 people was heavily damaged & so lucky only 7 people with minor injuries.

  64. danmtruth
    Comments (3121)

    I want to see the ass kissing Is BSC and Hay in trouble ? Funny Sam knows all about the power so she knows the person could be boomeranging right back in

  65. ElaineB
    Comments (1512)

    Brett’s comments about Angie and Kait, were great. Angie went ballistic and focus on anyone else was undercut or ignored. Lol, with the daughter’s birthday comment. Brett handled it well.

    • Alda
      Comments (1068)

      I would so have punched that SOB Brett in the face if I were Rockstar.Then,I would have been evicted.But,it would have been worth it.

      • ElaineB
        Comments (1512)

        He was killing her by just standing there eyeball to eyeball, throwing out one liners, while she raged around him…..and everyone else there as witness.

    • WhereisPablo
      Comments (203)

      Yes! With that one sentence I changed my mind about Brett. I love that he chose big mouth to set up with a lie. Now RS has a legit gripe for a change. I hope Brett sticks to it and drives her nuts.

      • LO1004
        Comments (407)

        I mean, he did it to save Tyler. I thought it was pretty funny. She talks so much crap, she needs to squirm for a minute.

    • Jenny
      Comments (958)

      I assume she threw a few f-bombs since CBS cut the sound for a bit. I don’t care how mad you are, you’re an adult and you should be able to refrain from swearing on live TV. I feel bad for her but that was a brilliant move to throw that out like he did. “on my daughter’s birthday!!!!” made me laugh.

      • NKogNeeTow
        Comments (5347)

        Yep Jenny. Like that matters. No one in the house cares about her daughter’s birthday but her. And what has that got to do with the game anyway?

      • Magical Millie
        Comments (711)

        Meh, the use of profanity is not that serious. The comments about her daughter’s birthday were a little comical, but I can see why that would make an already upsetting situation (missing your daughter’s birthday) worse.

  66. Alda
    Comments (1068)

    Well,Fessie was so sure he would be the HOH.Let’s here what he’s got to say now.

  67. Painter1
    Comments (390)

    Thanks all for keeping me in the loop,don’t have live feeds depend on you all. It was GOOD READING.

  68. Zach
    Comments (455)

    With Sam knowing her power app will be used it’s fitting she has control of who to put up on the block. Does she play it smart and put up two weak opponents (JC and Rockstar) does she put up Psycho knowing she will have a chance to get back in the game and possibly come after her. Does she put up Dumbro and Fez and say hey you guys are both strong and I want one of you to battle back and stay in the game… So many options.

    • hogwild
      Comments (706)

      I would put up peope I don’t think could win a battle back and come back in gunning for me.

      • Zach
        Comments (455)

        I agree. Depending on the comp, my opinion of that would be best best Tiny Dancer and Unicorn Vomit. But I could also see her getting emotional and not wanting any blood on her hands and putting up strong people saying I want you to stay and you have the best chance to win HOH battle back.

      • Helen
        Comments (4288)

        Well. It’s a puzzle game and she has no clue what it is…so strong physically won’t mean much

  69. hogwild
    Comments (706)

    Lets get rainbow hair out and have the battle back involve a wall climb. LOL

  70. Colby
    Comments (1521)

    Why the fish? Don’t we usually get to see them come back in the house after the comps?
    I’m new to the feeds, so maybe I am wrong.

  71. Lynn
    Comments (151)

    I would like for Sam to put up Bailey and Fessy and let the whole house no it ahead of time so that it draws Bailey’s power out forcing Bailey to use that power! hopefully she will use it to no avail because whoever gets evicted will also have the chance to get back in it would be great to have 2 power apps down!

  72. LGJ
    Comments (39)

    Sam basically gets to say, “Hey I’m putting you up, but if you get evicted, I’m also giving you the chance to enter the game again.”

  73. Comments (197)

    I wouldn’t necessarily say that it’s a waste of a week, as if people who aren’t that good at comps are nommed and evicted, they could still lose that battle back in chance thingie. I (hope) but could also foresee her putting up kaitlyn and rockstar/hayleigh(she got mad at hay earlier in the week for something dumb I don’t remember exactly what) and rockstar could easily be swapped with her screaming and Tyler in sam’s ear. Nonone wants kaitlyn here. If she’s on the block, she’s getting evicted. And the battle back thing she could lose since she won that hoh by luck and did well on this endurance comp(which doesn’t always say a lot because most smaller framed people do well in these comps compared to bulkier muscle people like fessy). I don’t have espn or whatever kaitlyn has, but I have a feeling she could be going bye bye this weel(fingers crossed)

  74. ElaineB
    Comments (1512)

    Though I am glad that Chris is gone, I am loving the drama with the others in the house. I actually hope that Kait stays around, and Angie with all her “I’ll huff and puff, and blow…” routine. (This from a woman who got stuck on the rock wall. Lol.) So for all those that want Kait gone….I don’t. I do want Tyler to outlast her, but he needs to get his game face on, and ‘git-er-done’.

  75. Lynn
    Comments (151)

    I am wholly offended by words that came out of Kaitlyns mouth just now. I know if I watch B.B. not to expect everyone to have the same moral standards, but that was just awful.

  76. kneeless
    Comments (1113)

    Kaitlyn is throwin RS under the bus!

  77. danmtruth
    Comments (3121)

    Bret speech is doing just what he wanted How can BSC not know who flip No hits on that

    Did Bay just tell Fessy she is not using the power unless it looks like SHE will go up Frssy is dumb saying for her to use the power to put someone up

  78. hogwild
    Comments (706)

    I wonder who will flip out more tonight crazy chick Kaitlyn or rainbow hair?

  79. kneeless
    Comments (1113)

    BSC is going to have a hit tonight that RS flipped! I want to know what she’s taking a ‘hit’ of!!

  80. kneeless
    Comments (1113)

    Brett may be up for am Emmy. He’s pulling off this RS flipped act pretty well. Of course, he’s acting for Kait.

  81. kneeless
    Comments (1113)

    Wish I was as intuitive as Kait! lol

  82. Colby
    Comments (1521)

    I so didn’t think anyone bought Brett’s story. I guess I was wrong. I think it is hilarious.

  83. kneeless
    Comments (1113)

    This house is so interesting. Lots of loose lips but some are very good at keeping closed lips! Does anyone know Ty won his power app?

  84. danmtruth
    Comments (3121)

    That old FOTTE group is self destructing Hay&Bay are convince BSC flipped along with Tyler Hay said BSC scares her This is so funny to listen to Bay says Swaggy would have won Ummm sorry no

  85. danmtruth
    Comments (3121)

    It is taking ever thing Bay has not to bitch slap BSC

  86. kneeless
    Comments (1113)

    I’m thinking Winston leaving will be for Brett like Swaggy leaving was for Bay. We will get to see hiw he plays the game. Bay has pleasantly surprised me since Swag’s been gone.

  87. Yael Sara
    Comments (279)

    Now getting to watch the episode after first seeing some live feeds.
    Seeing Winston’s interview with Julie… so see a little more clearly now he is just a little bitch.

    He kept saying his alliance, but Brett is your bro.

    And on the other side, lovin Brett! RS is on my top hated three so made me smile big. Though I have gone to a top hated four. Welcome to the group Scottie.

  88. danmtruth
    Comments (3121)

    Bay is going all over Fessy Telling him to stop thinking and listen to her Fessy mad because Bay keeps kicking him out of one on ones hay says she does not want to be seen with him He begs stay with me and give me some love AINT HE PRETTY ….needy

  89. NKogNeeTow
    Comments (5347)

    Chakra Con was in the Jenga room earlier, talking to Tyler. She was upset with him and told him that maybe she’s not good for his game. He tried to calm her down by telling her she is good for his game and she is killing it. The damn fool, that was the perfect chance to break away from her.

    JC was in the SR venting to Driftwood (Angela-Ashley) about somebody (Rachel or Chakra ?). He told Drift that she (whoever he was talking about) is a f*cking idiot and he doesn’t want to talk to her anymore. He told Drift that they can keep talking to her but don’t tell her anything.

    Bay told Fessy that she wishes she had never told him about her Power. He swears he won’t tell. She says she believes him but still wishes she hadn’t told him. He asks if he’s OTB next week, would she use the power on him. She says she doesn’t want to but she will.

    JC tells Sam that everyday he’s going to kiss her ass and bring her coffee. She says no because the door will be locked.

  90. LGJ
    Comments (39)

    I’m just baffled that Kaitlyn’s intuition didn’t make it apparent that Brett was staying.

  91. danmtruth
    Comments (3121)

    Sam ls already annoyed by all the people hanging around her

  92. NKogNeeTow
    Comments (5347)

    All the fun is going on in the SR: Fessy is F-U-R-I-O-U-S about Hayleigh or Chakra lying to him. He’s punching counters and everything. JC is doing his best to talk him down. JC is making a lot of sense. Everything was going great with the convo, then in walks Rocky HorrorShow and plant herself into the convo. I liked it better when it was just JC and Fessy. Rocky was trying to get sympathy by trying to cry but the guys weren’t paying attention to her so she stopped.

    On the balcony, Hayleigh is whining to Scottie that she thinks she’s going up. She looks like she’s about to cry.

  93. danmtruth
    Comments (3121)

    When was the last time the first 3 eviction were decided by one vote each week

  94. NKogNeeTow
    Comments (5347)

    Why is it that everyone in the house talks sh!t about everyone else, then when that person wins HOH, they all start to run scared. That tickle the hell out of me.

  95. NKogNeeTow
    Comments (5347)

    Fessy says that if Haleigh lied to him, he doesn’t know if he can be with her when they get out of the house.

    NEWSFLASH: She doesn’t intend to be with you anyway.

    Hayleigh and Scottie were on the balcony watching Fessy fix something to drink and slamming things in the kitchen. She called over the rail and asked him if he was alright. He shook his head no. She told Scottie he was pissed about something. She said maybe somebody told him something. They decide it’s best to keep their distance for now.

  96. NKogNeeTow
    Comments (5347)

    OH oh, Fessy has Chakra cornered in the Jenga room and she is crying crocodile tears. He is NOT letting up. The more he unloads on her the harder she cries. She told him that her heart is broken. He is not moved. She told him that if he doesn’t believe her then he can f*cking leave. She then tells him to go f*ck himself. He says that what she always does when she’s cornered, is tell people to go f*ck themselves. She tells him to get out again. He says ok, then leaves. Shes balled up on the couch doing her best job of sobbing her heart out. He came back in the room and asked her, then who should he believe. He said “tell me”. She says again to get the f*ck out. He wasn’t buying her BS for one minute. I LOVE IT!

  97. NKogNeeTow
    Comments (5347)

    I AM TOTALLY LOVING SAM RIGHT NOW! After she read her letter and they all rummaged through her basket, she had an announcement for them. She told them all that because everything moves so fast, she wanted to take a minute to pay tribute to the 3 housemates that have left. She wished each of them well by name. Then she made another announcement: She will not be holding one on ones. She has already made up in her mind who’s going up and she’s not telling anybody until Nomination Day. She doesn’t want any of them campaigning before knowing if they’re on the block or not. She just wants them to enjoy this week and have fun and not worry about anything until nominations. She will be sleeping in her HOH alone and no one is allowed in there unless she’s there. With that, she bid them goodnight and they all left the room.

  98. NKogNeeTow
    Comments (5347)

    Rocky HorrorShow is grilling Chakra right now. Chakra Con is explaining her ass off. She’s over doing it. Talking about standing in light and truth. Fessy gets up and walks away. Chakra says something to Fessy about walking away. He says something smart to her then walks out.

    Rocky is going off about Brett to the group. She calls him a white f*cking privleged asshole. She says she hopes his mom is proud.

    JC is back in the HOH talking to Sam. They hug, he leaves and she locks the door.

    Chakra and Rocky are still going at it. Chakra is telling Rocky she is a strong woman and she needs to play the game. Rocky says “F*ck Him” (Brett)

    In the HOH, Sam (alone), says she’s just going to stay in the room the whole time…lol

  99. danmtruth
    Comments (3121)

    Sam. was perfect shut everyone down So funny Now the pi k room with the remnants of team FOTTE is great viewing BSC is babbaling about stand by your TRUTH RS goes great we all have our truth except someone is lying
    BSC just figured it out Sam was last to vote her power was to be able to switch two votes Her. Intuition is telling her

  100. NKogNeeTow
    Comments (5347)

    I’m suppose to be working but I can’t get anything done because I’m watching these puddyheads. But this is one of the best nights in the house though. THANKS BRETT!

  101. danmtruth
    Comments (3121)

    Sam’s speech is having the exact opposite effect on some in the house This is fun
    Sam tells Fessy I hope you like James Brown Fessy ask who’s that WTF

    • NKogNeeTow
      Comments (5347)

      I swear Dan, this is the best night everrrr…lol Brett stood up and made one statement and turned the house inside out. I wanted him to go home too, but I’m slowly changing my mind about him. Between him and Tyler, if they can keep the house going against themselves, I’m all for them as the F2.

  102. danmtruth
    Comments (3121)

    Why can’t we get to watch Sam dancing to the music

  103. JD
    Comments (279)

    I missed what Brett said!! Kaitlyn is going to need a serious chakra alignment when she gets out and see she has as much intuition as a tree nut.

  104. Shivani33
    Comments (1852)

    Who are the people who aren’t safe? Sam has told all except for these 5 that they won’t be nominated: Kaitlyn, Rockstar, Haleigh, Baleigh and Fessy.

  105. NKogNeeTow
    Comments (5347)

    Bay/Hay/JC were in the Jenga room talking about Chakra. She walked in and JC changed the subject to the HOH competition. Chakra brings up Sam’s name and is telling them how 5 minutes before the comp, Sam was called to the DR and came out laughing (Chakra is about to tell them her theory that Sam used her power to keep Brett). While she is talking, Bay has this strange look on her face. Chaky ask her what’s wrong. Bay says nothing. Chakra keeps asking her. Bay looks extremely annoyed and says she knows the reason Sam was laughing. Chakra ask her why and Bay tells her.

    Chakra tells them that she doesn’t give a f*ck what anybody thinks, she’s a certified life coach, she has her own business and a boyfriend so she doesn’t care what they think.

    Bay is telling Chakra that she just wants to be left alone and doesn’t understand why she keeps trying to push her when she doesn’t want to be pushed. She says she’s tired of being pulled into her drama and just leave her out of it. She tells Chak to stop trying to bully her, then gets up and walks out.

    Chakra ask Hay & JC what that was all about. Bay goes in the room and tells Tyler what just happened. She keeps telling Tyler she’s tired of the drama. She says she told Chakra what do you think you’re doing to me and who the f*ck do you think you are. Bay is getting so upset, she’s starting to cry. Tyler moves in to hug her.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! Damn shame to, because I didn’t get a lick of work done tonight because I couldn’t stop watching that oncoming train…lol.

    Night All and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  106. Shivani33
    Comments (1852)

    From what I recall, Tyler is the one with the most accurate understanding of Sam’s now-soon-to-be-released app. I think that he knows that Bayleigh has a power app, too. It will be interesting to see how Sam and/or Tyler play this. It wouldn’t be difficult to ignite Bayleigh. Sam or Tyler might manipulate Bayleigh into using her app. Then we coild get moving and maybe see a genuine eviction next Thursday. Bayleigh using her app could negate Sam’s HoH, etc. And Bayleigh could get the blame, heat or credit for the results. What will production do if one power appmcollides with another one?

  107. Shivani33
    Comments (1852)

    Rockstar came after Brett banging a pan. She was verbal, too. She followed him around taunting him and eventually sat on him. Suddenly the nutball hoodrat was summoned to DR. Brett said that he didn’t react to her physically because it could get him in trouble, but he did tell her more than once to get off of him. Another fine mess. Dunno what’s going to happen, but Angie needs to go home.

  108. HappyHippo
    Comments (1204)

    You know the dr got onto her. She’s nuts

  109. Shivani33
    Comments (1852)

    AngieRS came out of DR and said that she had a great, long session. Her all-night pity party certainly ended with a bang. What would the response have been if a man jumped on a woman and, when told to get off of her, took his time? This chick is wearing out what’s left of her welcome , even amongst her Foutte crowd. She was acting like Mrs. Roper from Three’s Company in a ‘roid rage.

    • HappyHippo
      Comments (1204)

      Exactly. Double standard. And he can’t get physical at all.

      • ElaineB
        Comments (1512)

        I am pleased with Brett. He stirred the pot, but has handled the shenanigans well. Angie is looking really ‘ugly’ on feeds/TV. The good thing about it, is that her behavior is forever memoralized and will be wonderful watching for her children at some point in time. On her daughter’s birthday (whatever), she can be a really proud mom (Not).

    • ElaineB
      Comments (1512)

      Mrs. Roper in a ‘roid rage…..now that is spot on!

  110. HappyHippo
    Comments (1204)

    I’m going to need your overnight update sooner rather than later Mel!

  111. danmtruth
    Comments (3121)

    Wow just how much more crazy can we have If Sam was hoping for a calm week Or even a calm day or two It ain’t in the cards This is a fire train wreck

  112. Lynn
    Comments (151)

    When are th moms normally done. It’s gonna be a show!

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