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Big Brother 20 – Sunday Night Feed Party!

I really hate to bash parts of this season because it really has been one of the better Big Brother seasons to date, but wow the lack of drama causes some intense periods of boredom in this house.


I’m only really creating a new thread because the comments on the other get so large that it makes pages longer to load, but I have to create stuff to talk about when there is nothing going on. Tonight I will talk about the actual slowness of the house.

Other than Kaitlyn’s very brief blowup on Brett and Bayleigh’s bloody screaming at Tyler one afternoon, the drama has been kept to a minimum. I think that’s part of the reason why this season has been so good because the players aren’t there just to mindlessly fight with each other for ratings. Even Sam – the closest thing to a floater – was wheeling and dealing during the HoH competition because she knows her strength is her social game so she was making trades for safety. This cast is there to play and it’s really hard to pinpoint any real floaters this season.

The people who were called ‘furniture’ (Kaycee and Angela) are constantly talking game and trying to plan ahead. They’re also now winning comps and Angela will have knocked out both Bayleigh and Fessy under her HoH reign. Kaycee has picked up some key competition wins when their team badly needed it.  JC (the other person who has been ‘floating’ between alliances) has been actually playing his ass off strategically. Fessy would probably be considered the biggest floater in the house right now if he wasn’t such a physical beast who has the potential to win any competition.  Think about it. He was manipulated during his own HoH and been completely blindsided on a weekly basis. He was laughing when he was nominated because he really doesn’t seem to care.


If Fessy were bad at competitions, he’d be the season’s Matt. Boring and only there for a showmance.

Time for some update!

  • 6:50 pm – The slow night continues
    • Between posts, Havenots were selected. Sounds like Angela let them decide themselves and Kaycee, Haleigh, and Fessy are havenots.
    • Angela got her snapchat glasses
  • 7:30 pm – JC and Brett are working out in the backyard
    • KC showering. Haleigh in bed with a headache
  • 8:30 pm – Alcohol delivery.
    • Seems like production is even trying to spice things up
  • 9:00 pm – Alcohol done. JC complaining because he wanted more
    • JC says how sad he is in the house with no booze.  Brett jokes that it may not be a good thing if he can’t be happy without alcohol
    • Meanwhile, Tyler is feeling pretty good
  • 9:20 pm – I guess Sam took a big glass of wine and JC complained about it
    • JC goes back upstairs and the HoH group talk about Sam
    • JC still ranting because Sam called him a ‘stupid bitch’ yesterday when he said she was low energy
    • All of the sudden, Tyler tells JC to stop and they look up at the screen.
    • Sam stopped what she was doing and was listening to JC rant from the HoH room
    • The group now sound like they just taunted a serial killer. They sound scared
    • So JC starts yelling more to see if Sam keeps listening. He just yells random stuff
  • 9:30 pm – JC talks about Rachel a bit
    • Sounds like Rachel was quite the bitch back to the guy who was screaming at her. CBS clearly edited that part out
    • JC was ranting about Rachel then turns to Sam mid conversation and complains how she was so flippant during the Bayleigh vote
    • He wants to get her out next week even before Haleigh
  • 10:00 pm – Sam is downstairs alone cooking and occasionally talking to herself.
    • Then she says ‘I need to think about something else’ – I think she’s fuming about hearing JC talk about her

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    Your description of Fess is perfect

  2. Helen

    Fessy in the bathroom telling KayCee…I know your a competitor…lol. Strange. For the last 69 days you didn’t think she could compete and win anything…

  3. GoodGame

    Faysal said… Literally KC can’t win shit!
    Hacker Comp… Check
    POV…. Check
    Football Games… Check
    Spelling Contest… Check
    Ponytail Contest… Check
    Fessy #STFU!

  4. Avatar

    This needs to be the year the havenot rule ends. Any time the HoH gets to choose havenots, he/she asks for volunteers, and this cast has 3 or 4 ready to do so. Bring back the food comps!

    • Ann

      So much has changed from the early BB seasons. I loved the food comps & the many other fun comps like when they crawled through the honey getting stuck & losing shoes & I think Brendon’s shorts came down, the one where they have to eat gross food & so many others. Now they just lay in bed all day.

      • Malia

        I totally agree….those food comps were awesome…I know a lot of people comment about them all the time. Makes me wonder why they, CBS, doesn’t listen. When you go back and look at the simplistic way they used to do comps…it wouldn’t be hard to recreate. You don’t have to have the super elaborate sets or designs to make a good competition.

    • Sassy

      They were not ready to go tonight. Sam kept trying to do an extra week, not wanting MF or Hay OTB and HN. Angela had to talk her down. MF and Hay were NOT going to volunteer, even though they know it’s their turn. Not that I blame them. If I thought I was going home, I’d be like F you… Hay finally agreed to do it and MF was badgered until he agreed…

  5. hogwild

    Sorry but there is not really much that can be spiced up the veto is not going to be used the votes are pretty much locked in it’s just a question of who level6 wants gone next Hay or Fess seems to be Fess.

  6. NKogNeeTow

    DAMMIT! I just posted a long comment on the previous thread and as usual, a new one popped up while I was typing. To quote Angela, I’m always a day late and a dollar short. If anyone cares to read it, it’s at the bottom of the last thread.

    Some thoughts on tonight’s show:

    JC looked like a little kid jumping into that pool.

    Fessy said he had a brilliant HOH. HA!

    Sam admitted she’s an emotional roller coaster. So at least she’s aware.

    Hay said Fessy telling her to stop speaking infuriated her. Yet she does it to him all the time.

    Hay said she didn’t like anyone talking down to her. Yet during her HOH she constantly talked down to Scottie, Fessy and Rocky.

    JC’s plan on getting all of them fat was hysterical.

    JC’s whale name for KC was Lesbi-Honest had me crying.

    Tyler and Angela’s crush is so cute. It would be much cuter AFTER the game. I’m with Mel on the showmances.

    My current thoughts on the HG:

    Sam: Don’t know about her social game and I know I’m in a minority here, in fact, I may be a one-man band but I like her. I think it’s because she reminds me of one of my aunts. Sam looks a lot like her except she had red hair but Sam reminds me of her physically and I miss her.

    Angela: She still reminds me of driftwood the way she mainly lays around and at first I didn’t like her at all. BUT, when she plays, she plays hard. She’s one kick-ass, bad-ass bitch. AND I LOVE IT! On the feed chat, they call her The Ice Queen. She is and makes no apologies for it. If I were playing a game, she could be on my team anytime.

    KC: Another piece of furniture. But she did what I was hoping she’d do. She turned it up when she needed to. She’s as low-key as Angela but not cutthroat.

    JC: I’ve said from the beginning I’ve always loved him. Again, I know I’m in a minority here but I don’t care. I didn’t like all the sexual stuff he did in the beginning but he has always been fun to watch and I always enjoy listening to him talk and seeing what he’s up to. I’ve been watching him so long, I can even understand everything he says now.

    Brett: He wouldn’t mind winning the money, but even if he doesn’t, he’s having a good time. I like that about him too. He doesn’t take himself seriously. He’s someone I wouldn’t mind hanging out with because I love to laugh and he makes me laugh a lot. He has a dry sardonic wit about him, and he’s smart.

    Fessy: Just Fessy. That’s all I have to say about him.

    Tyler: A school boy’s charm with just the right amount of wisdom. He would work well in a circus because he can juggle balls like nobody else. I’ll just be sad if or when his friends in the house find out about his wheeling and dealing.

    Hayleigh: I’ve renamed her The Succubus. Wikipedia’s definition is: A demon in female form, or supernatural entity in folklore that appears in dreams and takes the form of a woman in order to seduce men, usually through sexual activity. Not that she has been sexually active in the house but she has tried to use sexuality to control the men in the house (Fessy and Scottie; Brett, she’s trying but he’s not biting; Tyler, also not interested; JC, gay so no chance).

    I’ll try to check in later.

    • Colby

      I also like Sam, but I have to agree we are in a minority. I believe she knows what’s going on much more than people give her credit for, and think her saying she doesn’t is a way to not have to share any kind of info. I have been worried about her a few times, and also have to admit that I have to switch feeds sometimes when she’s talking on and on.
      JC can be very entertaining and the house would definitely be more boring without him, but he does piss me off a lot by deliberately breaking rules and getting us fished constantly.

      • Seattle Kari

        I know Sam has been annoying but I’ve always kind of liked her too. I think a lot of what she’s doing is blowing out of proportion on purpose. You said I think a lot of it is game but who knows. I would not want to wish a mental illness on anybody. She does have a problem I just hope she can get the help she needs.

        As far as JC’s concerned I couldn’t stand him at first, the sexual things that he did were completely out of control, not to mention breaking the rules, but there’s just something about him that is just so entertaining. Like a firecracker, he’s got a lot of “explosion” in that little body!

    • FW aka CY

      I went back. It was well worth it. Muchos grcias, senora Incognito.

    • Sassy

      I love love love JC. I don’t want him to win, but I find him really funny. I also can understand everything he says now. He’s really perceptive. He does not like how they are portraying him on the show and that is part of the reason he’s in a bad mood, along with not enough alcohol, Sam, just getting off HN, to name a few.

      As for Sam, I think she IS playing the game and her crazy is part of it. I don’t care for how she plays, but she is playing and they may be underestimating her. I think she is taking in all the info and playing dumb. She’s on the bottom of my list right now, just above MF.

      • mm22

        I like sam also-she is very hard to figure out for me. Im not sure if she is playing the game or just being sam. She lives in her own little world most of the time and goes about her business. At times I feel sorry for her because she is left out by the others but they probably can’t figure her out either. I’m sure she is on her way out here quickly and I hope it’s not before fessy or Haleigh.

    • Malia

      Agree with so much!!!

    • Rockingrealtor

      I really like Sam also. She reminds me so much of my little sister I just want to love her and squeeze her and call her mine. She is quirky and irrational and sweet and caring. She gets mad and forgives, but never forgets. I think she is playing us all just a bit on BB. She is taking in more than what she is given credit for. She is playing the part. But she also is wearing her heart on her sleeve. The other housepets are mistaking her genuine persona for weakness. Can she be scary? Hell yea. But she seems to be so genuine and kind, she keeps expecting the best in people and keeps getting let down.

    • mona77450

      I have always liked Sam but I sometimes yell at her to get a grip. I know she has been dealing with her nicotine addiction and I’m proud of her trying to stop. I’m afraid if she goes to the jury house she will pick right back up with Rockstar.
      A few weeks ago prior to an eviction vote, everyone was in the bathroom primping. Scottie had several of the girls trying to fix his hair. Sam jumped in with her scissors and cut and styled his hair, taking a lot of time and the result was amazing. Then, Sam trimmed Hayleigh’s hair. After everyone else was taken care of, she then fixed her hair. Her kindness is her best asset.

  7. LynnD

    JC is totally losing his shit going off about Sam. I think she has finally made him snap.

    • Sassy

      It’s hikarious!!!! He’s complaining about all the stuff we say on here about her… He hates all the stuff she has on the table and says the small table is not her personal craft (or crap – not sure but same thing anyway) table and he’s tired of seeing it. They are watching her on the spy TV, and notice when JC speaks she strains to listen. So they encourage him to rant as loud as possible! I’m dying laughing!!!

  8. danmtruth

    AIO & Hogwild great George Thoragood drinking songs Add to the play list
    NK I will miss your commentary on the nights episode Don’t sell your self short Your a witty and clever brighter Thanks
    Always fun to read peoples thoughts on whats going on
    JC is funny annoying too loud but is fun
    Sam I still go back is sly as a fox she is going to make it to the end as everyone takes each other out
    KC Always thought she was a finisher Started slow pace her self and now is in good position to get to the end
    TY Playing a straight up great game and yes I’m hoping him and Angela hookup AFTER the show
    Angela Ice Queen silent but deadly Not a stuck up model too good for everyone has made a good friendship with KC and yes TY
    Bret Has blossomed after Winston left Smart funny guy Yes good husband material is loyal and cares about people
    Fessel Embarrassment to his university Book smart guy NO common sense no idea what is going on in front of him
    Hay Feel sorry for her young smart girl who is in over her head stayed with the wrong side to long

  9. Seattle Kari

    I have not read the previous posts yet, but the best part of the episode tonight in my opinion was watching JC dive into the ball pit like he was a little kid. I got to admit, I was a little envious! I always thought that would be so much fun!! 😉

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  11. FW aka CY

    Is the food or confinement that bad for their complexions, or are they having stress eruptions of their acne? At the beginning you could catch a little dab of zit cream here and there on Hay and Fes, occasionally, but tonight they go full kabuki mask style. Yarg!

    Has ReVealGas gotten over their snit yet, so we can get super spoiled again?

    • LindsayB

      Real Vegas has graciously decided to allow people to follow him/her again and is very proud of him/herself for what they’ve done. People are still pathetically groveling. I really don’t understand. There have a been a couple good things here and there from them but it’s not that serious.

      • danmtruth

        how magnanimous of them Thanks but no thanks Never was in to groveling to know something I was going to find out about anyway

  12. Malia

    While talking with my husband tonight we were discussing Angela and the fact that she had dates some actors…but I cannot find that thread for anything. Help anyone?

  13. dfdsgs

    When did rice become allowed when your a have not?

  14. Avatar

    Do the have nots still have to eat slop? You don’t hear that much about it anymore.

  15. Tinkerbell

    For the first time since feeds began, I cancelled. Maybe it’s just me, but this is the worst year ever. They must have new camera people, or something. It has become annoying.

    * Many times all four cameras are on the same person/people….sometimes they are sleeping, sometimes showmance cuddlers, bathroom, the list is endless. Now four cameras on Simple Sam, who has once again removed herself from everyone else. Talking to the cameras in the backyard. Go away whacko. Today four cameras were on Fess sleeping.

    * Occasionally the camera is in one room, but the sound is from another room. Wake up camera guys.

    * Too many cuts to fish. Mostly due to singing, humming, DR talk. Other times there seems to be no reason. All I know is – it’s accessive this year, way too much.

    • Seattle Kari

      I wonder if they’re paying any attention to all of the people canceling and being irritated by all? You’d think they would notice..

    • Malia

      If all I watched with my CBS all access I would cancel too….but I have other things that I watch ..however, I think feeds have been liusy this year too. I don’t know what’s IP with production on this one.

    • LindsayB

      I canceled my feeds too. I waited to start watching them because listening to RS was going to make me drill out my ears. Now, I’m in the same spot having to constantly watch either fish or reruns with Rachel. One of my favorite things about BB has always been watching the feeds to see how the HGs really are. Now, there’s no point to even turn them on because it’s either fish, reruns, or Hay chewing her hands off.

  16. Seattle Kari

    WAY off-topic but can they please stop showing that Rexalti drug commercial over and over and over again??!!

    * throws rock at TV*

  17. mm22

    This is going to sound silly but
    is realvegas on Twitter Rachel Reilly?
    If yes I’m impressed she gets so much
    insider info but how? If it’s not
    Rachel why would they use her pic?
    Wouldn’t the real Rachel tweet “hey
    that’s not me? Idk how the Twittering
    really works –

    • Sassy

      No one knows who it is. We just know they have to be involved with the show in some way, because of the info they put out. A lot of people speculate it’s Grodner or her intern, but it’s never said who they really are.

    • LindsayB

      They can use whatever they want for their pic, just like we do here. It’s most likely someone who works on the show. Rachel would know broad behind the scene things but not some of the specifics that RV has claimed happened.

  18. Avatar
    Magic1993 (49 comments)

    At this point I have three that I think MAY win. Tyler, Sam, or JC. I have three that I think will NEVER win. Angela, Haleigh, Faysal. Kaycee and Brett could only win if they are in the F2 with one of those three. Everybody throws Sam under the bus, but I think if I were locked up in that house, I would be acting the very same way. So I like her. 😉

  19. Avatar

    I find it hilarious that JC can’t stand Sam when he actually really needs her at this point. He and Sam are the lowest on the totem pole after Hay & Fess go.

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