I really hate to bash parts of this season because it really has been one of the better Big Brother seasons to date, but wow the lack of drama causes some intense periods of boredom in this house.

I’m only really creating a new thread because the comments on the other get so large that it makes pages longer to load, but I have to create stuff to talk about when there is nothing going on. Tonight I will talk about the actual slowness of the house.

Other than Kaitlyn’s very brief blowup on Brett and Bayleigh’s bloody screaming at Tyler one afternoon, the drama has been kept to a minimum. I think that’s part of the reason why this season has been so good because the players aren’t there just to mindlessly fight with each other for ratings. Even Sam – the closest thing to a floater – was wheeling and dealing during the HoH competition because she knows her strength is her social game so she was making trades for safety. This cast is there to play and it’s really hard to pinpoint any real floaters this season.


The people who were called ‘furniture’ (Kaycee and Angela) are constantly talking game and trying to plan ahead. They’re also now winning comps and Angela will have knocked out both Bayleigh and Fessy under her HoH reign. Kaycee has picked up some key competition wins when their team badly needed it.  JC (the other person who has been ‘floating’ between alliances) has been actually playing his ass off strategically. Fessy would probably be considered the biggest floater in the house right now if he wasn’t such a physical beast who has the potential to win any competition.  Think about it. He was manipulated during his own HoH and been completely blindsided on a weekly basis. He was laughing when he was nominated because he really doesn’t seem to care.

If Fessy were bad at competitions, he’d be the season’s Matt. Boring and only there for a showmance.

Time for some update!

  • 6:50 pm – The slow night continues
    • Between posts, Havenots were selected. Sounds like Angela let them decide themselves and Kaycee, Haleigh, and Fessy are havenots.
    • Angela got her snapchat glasses
  • 7:30 pm – JC and Brett are working out in the backyard
    • KC showering. Haleigh in bed with a headache
  • 8:30 pm – Alcohol delivery.
    • Seems like production is even trying to spice things up
  • 9:00 pm – Alcohol done. JC complaining because he wanted more
    • JC says how sad he is in the house with no booze.  Brett jokes that it may not be a good thing if he can’t be happy without alcohol
    • Meanwhile, Tyler is feeling pretty good
  • 9:20 pm – I guess Sam took a big glass of wine and JC complained about it
    • JC goes back upstairs and the HoH group talk about Sam
    • JC still ranting because Sam called him a ‘stupid bitch’ yesterday when he said she was low energy
    • All of the sudden, Tyler tells JC to stop and they look up at the screen.
    • Sam stopped what she was doing and was listening to JC rant from the HoH room
    • The group now sound like they just taunted a serial killer. They sound scared
    • So JC starts yelling more to see if Sam keeps listening. He just yells random stuff
  • 9:30 pm – JC talks about Rachel a bit
    • Sounds like Rachel was quite the bitch back to the guy who was screaming at her. CBS clearly edited that part out
    • JC was ranting about Rachel then turns to Sam mid conversation and complains how she was so flippant during the Bayleigh vote
    • He wants to get her out next week even before Haleigh
  • 10:00 pm – Sam is downstairs alone cooking and occasionally talking to herself.
    • Then she says ‘I need to think about something else’ – I think she’s fuming about hearing JC talk about her

Check back for updates