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Big Brother 20 – Sunday Overnight Recap

Good morning everyone! I need to clear up something from yesterday because I said “Good morning on this Monday eve.” Some people thought they missed a day or I skipped one. I was making a joke towards Rockstar saying her daughters “birthday eve” because when Brett lied about her, it was actually the day before her daughters birthday. Sorry for the confusion. (Sure sign a joke doesn’t hit the mark is when nobody knows what the hell you’re talking about) Let’s get right to what happened yesterday:

  • Sam and Rockstar spent a lot of time together. They made bubbles in the yard and had a talk about the girls alliance. (Different times tho) RS asked if Sam was open to the girls alliance and Sam told her this probably wasn’t the best season for it since so many of the guys are sensitive this year. She also asked if JC could be in it. ??? Whatever, this is Sam we’re talking about. This was earlier in the day but it’s relevant because Sam said a while back that she liked to spend time with people before they went home. She wants to have a special day on Sundays to celebrate the person who could be leaving.  (She still didn’t give up info on the replacement but this could be an indicator)
  • Angela took a crack at Sam and suggested RS for the replacement because she’s a mom and if she isn’t going to win the game, the shouldn’t make her go to jury and be away from her kids. No matter where you fall in your opinion of moms playing and being away from their kids, it’s not a bad selling point for someone like Sam and Sam said she hadn’t even thought about that part of it before. RS assured Sam she  wanted to be in the house but I don’t see that affecting Sam’s decision because as we know, Sam’s going to give you a life lesson and do what’s best for you because she knows what’s best for everyone even if they don’t.
  •  Bay had originally told Fes that if she got confirmation she wasn’t going otb, he should use the veto on Hay. She got that confirmation from Sam but shortly after started trying to get Fes not to use the veto. I’m not sure why unless she’s worried he might use it on Kaitlyn. There may be more to this that I’ve missed and there could be a reason I’m not understanding yet.
  • JC told Fes not to use the veto and let him know if he used it, he was done talking game with him. He said he wouldn’t be against him or go after him in the game but he wouldn’t share information with him anymore.
  • Tyler continues to advise Fes to use the veto and it’s because he wants Rockstar otb.
  • Rockstar gets advice from several people on the best approach to apologize to Brett. She makes the apology. She had tried once before but he would have talked to her. We’ll never get those 36 hours of our life back listening to her complain about him but at least it’s over…. for now.
  •  JC tells Hay he’s been pressuring Fes not to use the veto.
  • Brett and Hay talk about her situation. He says it’s crazy Fes doesn’t use the veto on her but there’s no way she’s leaving even if he doesn’t. She tries to convince him why RS is better in the game over Kaitlyn for everyone, not just herself.  He says he knows she has people in her ear saying she can’t trust him but he assures her that she can. She tells him she knows he has an opening and a position to filled and says she can be a bro. He tells her she’s a good salesperson. (she isn’t straddling him during this talk in case anyone’s wondering)
  • JC and Tyler talk in the HOH room. It’s a little funny because Tyler’s paranoid about getting caught in the room. (Sam’s really struck fear into these people)  JC let’s Tyler know Kaitlyn has professed her love to Fes. We already knew JC really wants her out because he doesn’t want her influence to be used with Tyler and Fes, she’s also thrown his name out to be nominated before.  He thinks he can control them if Kaitlyn’s gone. Fessy maybe, Tyler no.  JC tells Tyler Kaitlyn’s whole game is working each single guy individually and saying she has feelings for them. JC also passes on the information Bay told him about suspecting the HOH picture was of Kaitlyn’s brother. Of course, JC tells it like it’s a fact instead of a theory. Tyler admits to JC that Kaitlyn has also told him she has feelings for him.  JC’s annoyed Tyler kept this from him but Tyler explains he didn’t want it discussed on TV and he was trying to protect her as well as himself because he felt it could make him look bad too. JC wonders how you can have feelings for someone after 2 weeks, says “you don’t know if I’m a serial killer.”  Tyler tells JC that Kaitlyn told him Fessy was the one who said he was in love. JC says it was the reverse & Kaitlyn’s the one who said it to Fes. JC fears Tyler still wants Kaitlyn in the game and Tyler assures him it isn’t true. Tyler says he knows he can’t have her in jury because she could ruin his chances. Tyler breaks down and tells JC that a power might be used this week and maybe no one will leave. He tells him this because JC has been pushing so hard for Kaitlyn to go and tells him he needs him to take it down a notch. JC says he plans on filling Fes in and letting him know Kaitlyn is telling everyone she has feelings for them. Tyler says it isn’t terrible if Kaitlyn stays this week. JC says she’ll get hoh and he’ll go otb. He says “don’t be stupid.” Haha
  • Haley and Angela talk several times at the hammock but I’m lumping the remarks together because the timing isn’t relevant.  They discuss how obnoxious Kaitlyn is and can’t believe she’ll have a boyfriend when the show’s over. Angela calls Kaitlyn an attention whore and says the week Kaitlyn was HOH and prancing around in her robe, she really wanted to throw her down the spiral staircase. Then says “fie bitch.” (I guess spending the summer only in the horizontal position doesn’t keep you from having strong feelings) Hay said when she was talking about her dad’s cancer, Kaitlyn turned it into a story about her dad’s bank vault getting robbed.
  • Some of them sit in the backyard and decide to say nice things about the other hgs. RS starts and even begins with Brett so hey, she’s trying. Naturally, Kaitlyn makes it all about her. She’s excited and says she doesn’t get enough compliments in the house.  It was the usual things you’d expect people to say. Fes made Sam cry and she said he was precious. Sam said when Kaitlyn was happy, everyone was happy. When she wasn’t, no one was happy. (I think that was supposed to be a compliment) Kaitlyn wanted people to listen intently when anyone was talking about her but talked over people when others were being complimented.
  • Hay and Fes talk about the veto and he tells her he’s going to use it and when he does, he expects her to be his ride or die. She wants clarification on what he means by that and he tells her no more playing with guy’s hair. Naturally, she doesn’t care for this and lets him know it. She says he’s trying to use the veto as a tool to control who she talks to. He says he isn’t but…. he is. (I said yesterday no more playing meant no more Brett. We saw this coming and he finally spelled it out to her.) He’s going to throw this veto up to her every time she looks at any of the guys in the house. (Run Hayleigh run, just take your chances with the vote) She’s already nervous about coming off the block. She wants to be taken down but worries RS has a chance of going home against Kaitlyn and Hay doesn’t want her to go. Hay says Sam needs to go because she’s only playing emotionally.
  •  Sam says Hay has a lisp and thinks it’s adorable.  Hay says she spent 4 years in speech therapy a child and didn’t think she did it anymore.  Other people assure her they don’t hear it. Sam is the queen of backhanded compliments ya’ll.
  •  Sam asks Fes if he’s going to use the veto, he asks who she’d put up as a replacement because obviously, that would help him make his decision. She says she doesn’t know and just wants him to be a man and make this decision for himself.
  •  Sam sort of confirms to Brett and Angela that Rockstar will be the replacement. It still sounds like she wants Kaitlyn to leave this week.
  •  Bay told Angela about her disagreement with JC and what he said. She’s also talked to Sam about it. For someone who’s forgiven him, she still talks about it a lot. I’m not going to rehash what happened between the two of them because we’ve discussed it at length. Some viewers criticized CBS for not airing this type of situation and this year, they did. I think that’s a good thing.
  • Hay and Angela are laughing about Rachel having a meltdown and she’s only been a have not for one day. Rachel spent most of the day in the bedroom, is very sensitive and cried and said she didn’t like people making fun of her. (Bay and Rachel both being have nots could be fun for us. Bay made a comment in the beginning saying she’d NEVER be a have not.
  • Bay is irritated with Fes because he keeps eating her vegan stuff. There’s s limited amount of it and he can eat whatever he wants. (That would piss me off too) I remember in recent season when have nots would get so mad over the chocolate milk. It’s the one “luxury” they could have but everyone else kept drinking all of it. Not the same as this situation but it made me think of it.
  • Sam says they’ll have Brett drink the “weiner wine” and wait 24 hrs to see if he gets sick before they drink it. Lol They call it weiner wine because Sam used a condom for part of the set up. I love that a hg made alcohol!! (I don’t make moonshine but I can relate to Sam when she’s going around lubing squeaky doors and building stuff. It isn’t uncommon for me to be at a friends, realize something squeaks and pull out some WD-40.  It’s just who I am and what I do. They just roll their eyes and let me fix things.
  • RS tells Fes that Sam thinks the game should only be played during the comps and doesn’t want the social part of the game. (She sees what I discussed yesterday and my theory on Sam) Fes says Sams nominations were “socially” based.
  • Kaycee and Tyler have a brief check in. Most of it was whispered and didn’t catch all of it but they discuss Sam saying she wanted to hang out with people before they left. It gives them confidence RS may be the replacement.
  • Sam gives Rachel a pep talk. She tells Rachel she can tell that Rachel’s self made and hasn’t ever tried to use her looks to get ahead. (Yes, she says this to the vegas showgirl) Sam tells her she csn be so much more than a singer and dancer. (Backhanded compliment strikes again)

We know people get tunnel vision in the house because of the paranoid environment. I make fun of Sam and really have no plans of stopping if she’s going to play the game she’s playing. Some of her life advice to everyone comes from the fact that she’s using this time to make changes in her own life. She’s talked about her recent problems and the bad track she was on before going on the show. I think it’s her tunnel vision or lack of self awareness which has her assuming everyone is there for the same reason. She’s very condescending but I think she’s feels like they’re all at a self help retreat and I don’t think she’s trying to come off sounding the way she’s sounding. I still think her game’s crap but won’t be surprised if she ends up in the final 4.

Have a lovely Monday!





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  1. Avatar

    I love Sam, but I think she’s being too much of a ‘mother hen’ so to speak. she needs to stop with that. all of these folks are adults and don’t need her “advice”.

  2. hogwild

    I do agree with Sam on one thing people in that house really need to think for themselves more. I know you want to have as much information as you can get before making a decision but your almost never going to get complete or totally accurate information so follow your instincts make the decision and then just hope for the best it’s really all you can do.

  3. ElaineB

    With what Mel said about “if Kait is happy…”, reminds me of “Happy wife, happy life.” She bosses Fess and Ty around, and they act as dutiful husbands, giving in to her demands, in order to keep the peace.

  4. danmtruth

    Thanks as always Mel for distilling only the finest conversation out of the dribble these people spew

    You should have known better than to get caught in a RS time line Monday eve ,Monday and post Monday We can only hope she uses this crazy timeline when they do the days comp

    Can Bay be pivoting away from Fessy ? she told him about her power but now that she is engaging in the game more She is starting to see how unstable and easily manipulated he can be by others She is trying to make friends on the “other side” of the house Mostly with the women Lets see if she starts talking to Bret more Don’t think jc is high on her list and she still blames Tyler for Chris

    Don’t feel it is fair That while on slop Bay gets her vegan protein drink Something she has normally

  5. Ritchie

    When Sam became HOH it was absolute lockdown on anybody trying to influence her decision on who was going up because clearly she had her mind made up, and nobody was going to change it.

    Now she is open for suggestions and has even asked other house members who they would put up as a renom (Rockstar is getting the most votes). She even went so far as to play the “gosh I didn’t even think about that but what a good point” card, when Angela suggested that an early exit from the game by RS would allow her to return to her kids and newborn much sooner.

    Although she could have been more tactful with her nomination on the Block speech, and could have let the door open a little bit for some one-on-one campaigning, Sam’s game is right up there with Tyler’s game in which similar to him she is maneuvering, influencing, and affecting the game as they she see’s fit.

    Tyler has the charisma, Sam has the observation, JC has a quick-witted sharp tongue, and Brett’s calculating moves as a dark horse, are my top four game players as of now!

  6. Ritchie

    Sam got on Haley about using her womanly wiles to influence the guys, and basically women’s empowerment should not see that type of behavior displaying itself.

    If she knew how strong Hailey is being with Fessi by not being dictated to with the terms of the ride-or-die agreement (She agreed overnight to be 1&2 to the end with Fessi) she should go up and congratulate her (Haley) forgetting the message.

    Haley is giving Fessi all that he can handle and she is having none of it in terms of being dictated too when it comes to who, where, and how, she will talk to other people mainly guys moving forward!

  7. LO1004

    Oh, Sam. I’m getting tired of her holier than thou attitude towards the rest of the house and I really wish she cut her speech in half for noms. She really should have stopped at “you take the most and give the least”. For that, I feel she was on point. For the rest, it was cringe-worthy and not game related. Especially b/c when Hay called her out for it Sam couldn’t back up her statements. She kept saying it’s not personal or game. Well, which is it and why am I OTB then?

  8. Mel

    My typo count is always at its highest on Monday mornings. Sorry about that guys!

  9. danmtruth

    This is Sadie Hakins season were the guys are being led around by a few girls Tyler is being led around two women BSC & Hay Not sure why he is letting it happen With BSC he might want to keep her around as a meat shield Someone that other people will focus on instead of him As for Hay Tyler just like that she is more sane
    Messy Fessy is just that a mess For a guy who tries to give off the vibe of a player. He cannot handle any of these women He looks up and sees blue Skys and says that Next thing you know BSC tells him no its yellow Fessy looks up sees blue Skys and start question what he sees

  10. Shivani33

    I noticed last night that Brett sounded a bit possessive of our Ashley/ Angela /Driftwood. And she was doing things like sticking her behind out in his direction, i.e. posturing availability. Heh heh. Also, Angela provided an ideal “humanitarian” reason to Sam about getting rid of RS or at least getting her on the block as renom. Sam the missionary must have loved that. Good move, Angela. I see you. RS is no pal of Angela’s. RS is jelly jelly jealous.

    One thing about Fessy is that he’s a big guy who doesn’t want to lose his temper lest he go too far. I have big big brothers who have tried hard not to get mad. But when they finally let themselves blow, look out above, look out below! What Fess thinks and what he shows are 2 different things. He isn’t as dumb as he often portrays.

    I have heard that he and Kaitlyn had sex during the week before the feeds started. And that one woman in the house has mentioned it (Bayleigh.) Although nonsensical, I think this connection of theirs underlies their dynamic with each other. Fess said that he has a secret about Kaitlyn, but Kaitlyn is milking it as if she owns him. Fessy, wno’s sorry now!?

    • Helen

      Was an excellent move on Ashley/Angela’s part…
      I still think she may put someone other than RS OTB if Psycho chick is left up…sam knows most of house want RS out and She wants Psycho gone…

      • Shivani33

        Well, Sam DOES have another woman whom she thinks is too sexy. Rachel. Rachel too sexy!!! Must punish Rachel. Only half-joking here. Angela is excused for now, because sometimes she helps cook. Meanwhile, Kaycee is spectacularly under the radar, plus nonheterosexual. Plus she has great tattoos.

      • Helen

        True..I thought Rachel was probably going to be Sams replacement nom in the event Hayleigh came down…RS if Psycho chick came down…

  11. HappyHippo

    Thanks as always Mel! For the record I just want to say I would never leave my kids at home for the entire summer. I don’t judge (or try not too) other moms though.
    How funny that BSC Kait just woke up…tried to cuddle up to Fessy…denied. Then went and sandwich herself between jc and Tyler who did not look thrilled at all…they were sleeping! Ugh she irritates the crap out of me

  12. Shivani33

    When AngieRS rehearsed her Brett apology in front of others, it was riddled with self-justification and shots at Brett. She went on and on and on, diluting her “apology” until it was a piece of turd. Ho-hum.

  13. HappyHippo

    The more I see of Fessy over these weeks in the live feeds the more he is a DEAD ringer for love struck Caleb! Oh Fessy you’re so pretty though

  14. Mel

    The worst part about Sam nominating Hayleigh (based on her reasons) is Fessy is one of the guys Sam is protecting. Meanwhile, he’s trying to use a veto as leverage to force a shomance on her.

  15. Colby

    Really? There are people up and about in the house, but we only see sleeping people on the feeds? Ugh!
    Not what I intended to pay for.

  16. Colby

    Fessy is putting off going to that diary room as long as he can. He needs to grow a pair.

  17. AIO_7

    Did any one else hear Sam’s “pep” talk at Rachel on BBAD last night? Gag me with a spoon; so self righteous. She has HOHitis.

  18. danmtruth

    Just hope Sam keeps the chance to reenter till just before the vote It will influence the vote Pluss people will say I thought you would be coming back any way

    Shivan133 you are correct we saw Fessy temper after that vote He was in the storage room with Jc looking like he wanted to punch a wall

    why has Hay never gotten that boil or what ever removed from above her right eye

    Why does Bay think it’s such a big SECERT that she was in the Miss America pageant

  19. LO1004

    Feeds down for VETO meeting! This afternoon should be fun!

  20. HappyHippo

    Does anybody know if BSC Kait knows he is for sure using it on Hayleigh?

    • LO1004

      She’s not acting like it. She was following him around and acting like he’s the funniest man alive before he got called into the DR.

    • Helen

      I don’t think so….but I also wonder if DR has hinted to Psycho about this weeks advantage being in play…she was all in melt down mode…went into DR to self evict and since then she has really backed off of Begging Faysal and has been in a good mood….

      • HappyHippo

        I hope she doesn’t know, will make an interesting afternoon if she doesn’t..
        I hope the dr didn’t hint, have I mentioned how much I hate them getting involved?

  21. SammyD

    Is it double eviction this week?

  22. HappyHippo

    Mel I believe said that doesn’t usually start until jury…but we could hope!
    Also Julie usually tells us a week to a few days before if I remember right…

  23. Jannie

    So I’m a bit late, but I thought Bay looked like a fool last night with the whole “M vs F vs N word” controversy. Just the fact that she started the whole conversation by asking “What’s the differerence between a dwarf and a midget?” is ignorant, in my opinion. JC answered her perfectly, and his use of the “n” word was totally in context and was in no way, said to offend her. That she got up on her high horse, after asking a question using a word that is offensive to little people, is just plain dumb. And, when JC answered her as gently as possible, she only heard “the word” and blocked out any understanding of his perfectly reasonable explanation. Just my two cents. I’m over her, especially after hearing others say that she had no problem with Swaggy using the word.
    I know there are not alot of RS fans here, but why is she trying to apologize to Brett? I would be furious too, if he lied about me in front of the whole house. That’s gamechanging. I may not have been banging pans, but in no way would I be apologizing. Maybe you all can fill me in on this situation. And I couldn’t leave my kids that young, but I’m not judging her decision. I tend to favor anyone in the house who is over 30, not a musclehead, and isn’t looking for a showmance or rubbing up on other HG’s, but thats just me. I’m sure she has awful habits, but I hope she stays.
    Still rooting for Scottie. I like the quiet thinkers. I also like the way JC is playing – I think of him as “Mighty Mouse.” And in no way is that offensive…he’s just a tough guy in a cute little package. I admire what he’s overcome in life, and he seems to be pretty sensible. He gets a great edit from CBS, no mention of any bad manners or habits.
    Please make Kaitlin leave this week and not come back. Drama queen, pot stirring, moron. She is a poor excuse for a Life Coach. There is fun drama and then there is dumb drama. She creates dumb drama. Please leave.
    Have a great Monday everyone! Thanks Mel! 🙂

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