Good Monday morning! Yesterday was rinse and repeat in the conversation department. They were outside so the scenery was different and a couple thing were solidified but it was mostly the same thing over and over. As usual, I’ll give you my thought on a few things and then go over the highlights from the day.

The episode:  I didn’t realize the show would be delayed where I live so only the first half recorded. I’ll catch the 2nd part once they put it on the CBS site. I didn’t see the hacker comp play out so I don’t have much to say about Sundays show. Here’s the few things I did take note of:

  • It would appear Brett is gaining fans. He’s getting a funny edit for tv viewers and he’s winning over feed watchers too because of the way he’s learning the game. (those goodbye msgs still need some work)
  • Get ready for shomance 2.0 with Fessy and Haleigh. It may be news for some but this has been going on for a while now. Even the clip of them in the storage room was over a week old. I’ll be curious to see if they avoid showing Haleigh flirting with Scottie and the massages from Brett in order to air a full blown shomance with Fessy. It would be funnier if they would show her working all of them but if they did that, they’d want to avoid the kissing and romantic talk between Haleigh and Fessy. They aren’t going to give that up though.
  • Production is done shielding Sam and they decided to show more Sybil and less Sam. The stuff they showed wasn’t really funny.  I honestly think they’re creating a backstory so if Sam self-evicts, it won’t be so confusing for the tv audience. They can’t have someone leave and not have a storyline that makes sense.

There’s been a lot of floater and underdog discussions lately. Rockstar and Haleigh call the other side floaters about every 5 minutes so I thought I’d join in and give my two cents. I don’t know how anyone can think there’s a dominant side and an underdog side this year.  Underdogs can’t catch a break because nothing goes their way. How does that apply this year? The original group of Foutte plus the players working with Foutte (Steve & Scottie) have won just as many comps and had as many twist/apps go in their favor as L6 and the people working with them. (JC & Sam) Being outsmarted doesn’t make you an underdog, it just makes you bad at BB.


This also isn’t a house of floaters, not that I think the term should be an insult anyway. Some of the best BB players floated and rode the middle until they needed to choose a side. We’ve had two strongly defined sides this year (reminds me of season 6 a little) with only 3 people who could have potentially floated out of 16. Scottie started out that way but even he isn’t really floating. He picked a side and people see it. He just tried to switch sides a couple of times so he’s more flip flopping. What Sam is doing can’t be considered floating either. We don’t have a term for what she’s done so far unless they have a nickname for the production employee who tidies up the house during an hoh lockdown. We’ve never seen her game before and a waste of a spot is the only thing I can think to describe it.  She isn’t playing, she isn’t floating, she’s just there.  JC is the only true floater this season and he’s done it amazingly. I didn’t have high hopes for his game the beginning of the season but he’s really surprised me. He’s slowly being outed and this week should end it but he pulled it off for a really long time.  Tyler, and now Brett have worked undercover for L6 but certainly not floated.

I’ll move on to some highlights from yesterday and there were few:

  • The day began with RS pouncing on Sam as soon as the woke. I’m glad RS had game on her mind and is fighting to stay. She’s terrible at it but I’m still happy she’s doing something. She gave Sam a lesson  on chess pieces and said that’s how she needed to view the game. RS gave the order people needed to go and Sam balked at the mention of KC, Scottie and JC. Sam told RS she had her back in the game in her Sam way. Sam told RS after some reflection, she realized she was jealous of how pretty Haleigh is and her own insecurities were causing her problems. She said she’s been trying to impress Brett but needs to stop because she’s making herself stressed. She asked RS not to repeat anything. She told RS. She planned to spend some time getting to know Hay better on a personal level to make sure she’d be a good juror. (Naturally, how can she vote for the best personality if she doesn’t know enough about them. She’d have to rely on how the played the game! What a shameful and terrifying idea!)
  • RS didn’t waste time telling Hay what Sam said about being jealous. Hay said she’d try to make herself more ugly. RS also revealed (the night before) about Sam talking about her past and told Hay that Sam didn’t come out and say it but it sounds like “Sam cheated on her man and they broke up shortly before coming here.” Sam did talk about this once before early in the season but I doubt she’d be ok with RS telling Hay about it.
  • I’ll mention some noteworthy comments from Hay, RS, Scottie and Fessy but almost their entire day was spent obsessing over what Tyler would do with the veto. They talked about how dumb Tyler is if he doesn’t use the veto on RS…while talking about backdooring him next week. Hay said she won’t vote for Tyler in the end if he doesn’t do what she wants this week. Hay talked about how easily influenced Tyler is and how the last person to talk to him before ceremony would get their way. They’re convinced the other side isn’t working together and doesn’t talk any game. RS wonders if their “heads are even in it.” Hay briefly wonders if Angela, KC and Tyler could’ve been working together the entire time. She said Kaitlyn would have been in the way. Scottie said they could’ve used Kaitlyn as a shield and needed her to get rid of Swaggy. (as usual, even when they head the right direction, they detour) Hay decides they’re giving the other side too much credit. Hay says they’re idiots, floaters and boring. She recently said the thought of Angela on the show makes her sick because she’s so boring. RS chimes in alot to call them bitches. Hay makes fun of Angela sucking up to her this week. (I haven’t witnessed it) They say the other side never talks or says anything. (This is the typical narcissistic ‘If I wasn’t there for it, it didn’t happen’ situation) Fessy first laughed at Hay and RS for thinking Tyler sold use the veto on RS. He had a game talk with Tyler and is now convinced he’ll do it.
  • RS goes over everything with JC  she’s told everyone else all day and lets him know Angela and Tyler will be her targets. RS and her alliance have already agreed they shouldn’t give JC any more info because they don’t trust him but she can’t shut up…ever. She said an IOU is the only thing Angela has with Tyler and says that can’t be good for very long.  She spends the entire day on repeat with “Tyler would be stupid not to take our deal, those bitches, blah blah, blah.”
  • KC and Sam talk about how KC is worried and thinks she’ll be going back otb.  I think she’s laying the groundwork for the decision Sam’s going to have to make soon. Sam wants to know if know if Tyler’s still okay and is worried that Angela has taken her spot with them. KC assures her they still have their 3.  Tyler isn’t putting much time in with Sam anymore and I think that’s a mistake. They may not need her vote this week but if she doesn’t leave, he could need it next week.
  • Tyler told JC the other side was on to him with flip votes and pretending to be confused on Thursdays. (Scottie said stuff about wanting JC out so he’s using it) He said them riding the middle had to end and they couldn’t get away with it anymore. JC questioned why he was using the veto on Angela and said he wouldn’t voter her out. Tyler explained that he wouldn’t but Sam would. JC confirms he’ll keep KC by saying “it’s out of the question” but Tyler knew he meant that it wasn’t to be questioned. Lol  JC told Tyler he was his #1 and he’s done with the other side after this week.
  • Tyler and Hay talked about his decision and he said he didn’t know. She said “that’s fine” in a “hell no, it’s not fine” way. She sticks with her pitch of telling him she hasn’t won a veto to use on him yet to prove herself to him. He asked her if she’d had a hacker power to use on him. She said yeah but it didn’t count. (She feels like that was last week and he needs to get over it and move on)
  • KC and Angela said they know Hay and Fes are in a shomance even tho they’re trying to hide it. KC heard him come downstairs in the morning to pretend like he hadn’t slept in the hoh room. (True) They want to put them otb together. Angela I’d excited for another blindside. She really takes pleasure in sticking it to the other side. To be fair, Angela and KC say mean things about Hay and RS too. RS and Hay do it more often so it may seem like I’m only pointing it out on one side. I’m not and know all of them do it. I didn’t care for Hay making comments about Tyler’s dad dying and connecting that to why he’s a pushover and is led around by women (he isn’t) but for the most part, I don’t get riled up over what they say about each other. It’s just venting and most of them do it.
  • Fes said he really liked playing corn hole with Scottie because he could add the numbers so fast. Scottie mentioned it only being 1 thru 6. Lol

I’ll be so glad when the veto ceremony is over because RS will still complain but maybe we’ll get some new sentences at least. They’ll be mad and surprised even tho they shouldn’t. This week should be good and I don’t see it slowing down. Soon, Tyler’s side will be obvious, (should’ve been already) Brett may have to give up his new fake friends and JC’s floating should be over too.

Have a great Monday!