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Big Brother 20 – Sunday Recap

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Editor’s Note: Happy Birthday, Mel!!!! Thanks for all you do here!


It was a slow day as we’d expected but Haleigh and Fessy did decide to have Fessy campaign to Kaycee a little (to use the veto) and the new have nots were chosen. Other than that, along with a little wine and a cinnamon roll delivery, there wasn’t much going on.

  • Tyler checked in with Sam to make sure they were still good. She told him things would get nasty soon but said she won’t be a part of it. She said if she leaves, Tyler should work with Angela. He told her they weren’t “game close” and said they’re just friends. (Good answer in case it was a test) They agreed she would say her F2 was with Scottie if it came up again. (She already told Brett & JC she had a F2 and it was with a guy. It was the night she asked Brett for a F2 and said he could be her plan B)
  • Angela announced have nots and it became awkward. Angela said she wanted to continue the rotation plan they’d been using. Yeah, I know we think it’s stupid and isn’t like the old days but each cast has their own way of doing it and they rotate.
  • It causes tension when people try to get out of it even if we don’t see it on the show. It makes people tired and cranky so there is still a game element to it. (I really miss the old food comps tho)  Everyone knew Haleigh skipped her turn this past week so they waited for her step up and say it. They also knew she’s only done it once.  Apparently, Hay and Fes were slow to take their turn and Sam complicated it by chiming in and trying to volunteer. Angela told her no, she wasn’t doing it 2 weeks in a row. Sam said Hay & KC shouldn’t because they have the longest hair. (???) Angela told her she was quitting smoking so she wasn’t doing it again. Sam tried to take Fessys place since he’s otb. Angela said no.  Finally…Fessy, Hay and KC became have nots.
  • People worked out a lot and hung out by the pool. L6 talked about they way JC always says “we” and includes himself in their group. They know he’s getting nervous.
  • Fessy talked to KC and told her to do what’s best for her and not play for other people. He said Angela didn’t win the veto. He’s a competitor, she’s a competitor, blah, blah, blah. KC said “right” about 100 times and that’s about it. (I like to see people try but when you don’t make any connections with other people for 2 months, this is what you get)
  • Hay hadn’t spoken to KC yet but she thought the best approach was to get KC to see she’s at the bottom and the 3rd with Tyler & Angela. (See, Dory’s already forgotten there were 4 of them and Brett was with them. She knew this yeaterday.) Even if KC wasn’t in L6, their pitch to her is basically ‘Why be the 3rd with that couple when you can come over here and be the 3rd with us…even tho we’ve never talked much?’ (Don’t pull a Foutte KC, you better jump all over that deal!)
  • KC relayed Fessys pitch to L6.
  • Angela and Brett schooled JC on why he shouldn’t say the C word. (They should’ve invited Hay to the class)
  • Angela got the snapchat glasses.
  • Brett realized Angela wanted him to be a have not instead of KC. Tyler and Angela were annoyed with Sam for making it harder to pick them. All of L6 were annoyed with Hay & Fessy for dragging their feet and making it awkward for Angela. (I’d have a hard time being put otb and then wanting to make have not picks easier for the hoh. I’d make them say it and force me to eat the “devils oatmeal,” as BB3 & BB7 Danielle calls it.) Angela said she didn’t want Sam and Hay to be have nots together and maybe bond this week. Tyler thinks they should have Sam go ahead and vote out Hay if she wants just to keep them both as targets for the other.
  • Sam spent hours making a lemon pound cake only to have Pop TV deliver cinnamon rolls to the hg’s. (It was between cinnamon rolls and doughnuts, I voted online for cinnamon rolls so I was “on the right side of the vote.” I don’t think Sam was happy because Orwells delivery stole her dessert thunder. She left the celebration (have nots could eat too, they couldn’t eat the pound cake) and went outside to talk to the cameras alone.
  • The hg’s were given a bottle of wine and 3 beers. I’ve always thought the alcohol deliveries were weird. I don’t know if they do it on purpose to force conflict over dividing it up or someone on the staff is just cleaning out their mini-fridge at work and giving them what was left over from an office party. If they’re purchasing the alcohol for the hgs, they’re intentionally breaking up a six-pack or whatever. Sometimes they’re given 2 or 3 cans that aren’t even the same brand.
  • Sam took more than her share of the wine and was suddenly glad Angela refused to let her be a have not. JC wasn’t happy about it or anything involving Sam lately. He vented up in the hoh for a while with L6 minus Brett. He’s also sick of her craft supplies being spread all over their new smaller table. He said that have shit everywhere like they’re in a hoarder house.  He wants her gone next and they were trying to convince him Hay was the better choice because she knows the game more. JC was loud and they were paranoid Sam could hear him from downstairs so he started shouting random things to test it out while they watched the hoh camera.
  • JC talked to Angela about his position in the game and is stressed he doesn’t have a F2. He feels he spent so much time doing spy work for the other side, he’s at a disadvantage. (JC is starting to realize he isn’t in a great position if he can’t win comps)
  • Angela relayed the info to Tyler and they said they needed to reassure him. Angela said the plan for Brett to claim Scotties vote last week was brilliant and acknowledged how much JC’s done in the game. Tyler said he thought JC would choose to be with the 2 of them. He didn’t say they should keep JC but was possibly planting the seed.
  • Brett hung out with Hay and consoled her on the hammock. She’s cried a little today.  He asked if she was in a showmance and she kept saying no. He mentioned Fessy promising not to nominate him and then doing it anyway.  She wondered why she had been put otb and he told her she was an easy pawn because she’d put Angela up. He assured her she wasn’t the target. She said she’d be alone on an island and he told her that she had him and he’d visit her island.
  • Brett also spent time with Sam and Fessy in the hot tub so he’s been making the rounds.
  • Sam went back to saying thing like not knowing why she’s there, people laughing at her, etc. I don’t know if this is because the veto ceremony is close, the cinnamon roll delivery or Brett being with Hay in the hammock.
  • Angela thinks Brett should tell Fessy in his goodbye msg that he’ll take care of his girl. Tyler doesn’t think he’ll continue those msgs now they’ve reached jury. (Brett & Angela have had more than one conversation trying to convince the other that the jury hates them more)
  • Brett finally told L6 about the rest of the crazy stuff Sam said to him recently and he told them about the F3 deal she was trying to make with him and JC. He did this in front of JC so luckily, JC had already told Tyler himself. L6 has Sam figured out so if this is a strategy and she isn’t crazy, it isn’t working anymore. Angela pointed out Sam wanted to take Fessys place as and have not to suck up before he goes to jury. They discussed how she befriends everyone just before they leave the house. They also agree Sam, for the most part is only nice to people and gives them attention when they’re HOH. They said Hay plays the same game. (True)
  • L6 tried to guess Fessy and Hays showmance name. Brett claimed that none of them could top “Ratchett.” (This was what he called it when Rachel tried so hard to get him to have a showmance with her)
  • The new nightly endurance comp which is ‘who can outlast who to stay in Angela’s hoh room’ was played again. Eventually, everyone gave up and went to bed.

There’s a couple of conversations I touched on recently but thought I should go over in more detail.  They may be important in the coming weeks.  It bugs me when something happens, I think it’s out of nowhere and realize later there was a reason for it that I’d missed.

The first one was with Tyler and JC right after Angela won hoh. We know JC’s been doing everything to keep Tyler & Angela separated. (I’m really entertained during these moments too)  JC thinks it’s dumb for Tyler to start ‘mancing Angela and make himself a bigger target. (I do too)  JC’s mainly worried his F2 with Tyler could be in jeopardy.  He told Tyler he “hasn’t done all this f***ing work for you to replace me with Angela.” The third and less important reason is that JC had his own crush on Tyler and he doesn’t want Angela coming in and stealing his boy toy.  JC’s voiced his concerns to Tyler before but this conversation, they talked about the F4. Tyler’s been pushing for a F4 with JC, Kaycee and Angela. (It’s a great plan for Tyler) JC wasn’t having it and told him either Kaycee or Angela needed to be replaced with Haleigh or Sam. Tyler told him not to worry about it because they wouldn’t beat him (Tyler) in the comp so he’d get to choose. JC pointed out Angela had just beat him in a comp and said they need two people who aren’t close to each other with them in the F4. This would possibly prevent them from wanting to take each other. (This is a better plan for JC) This debate isn’t over so if you see JC or Tyler making some moves that don’t make sense in the moment, it could be that they’re both trying to line things up to get their own way regarding the F4.

The second conversation may not be as relevant but you never know. During the veto comp, Brett and Tyler were in a room together for around 9 hours. They usually talk game in short chats but this gave them an entire day to build more trust and more importantly, compare JC stories. It may not be a big deal because Tyler already knew most of what JC was doing and knew he was trying to separate him a little from Angela. However, it could cause Tyler to question how much JC has going on the side. If he does, he could rethink his plan of wanting JC in the F4. I think Tyler would be making a mistake to keep Brett there much longer and he may still think that way too. They did make a F2 when they were locked in the room together and if Tyler believes Brett is true to it, he could replace JC. Sticking with L6 until the end could look good to a jury for the two people who get there. It would make it easier to tell the jury why they were lied to and explain L6 had been together since the beginning. True loyalty can look impressive to people even if the loyalty wasn’t to them. Foutte took out their own while L6 only voted their people out when they were on the block against each other. Tyler could have another obstacle with KC and Angela. Tyler has been making subtle comments lately to Kaycee and Angela to set Brett up as a target in the near future but they never seem to say anything. If Angela and KC are that locked in on L6 being the final 4, they may not appreciate Tyler trying to take Brett out. I’m curious to see if his subtle comments about Brett continue or not because it could tell us which way he’s leaning.


Ok, this is completely random. From comments on social media, people seem to have strong opinions about JC as well as most of the other players. It’s split between people who think he’s great and people who can’t stand him. There aren’t many who appear to be neutral where he’s concerned. I love JC but some of the people I chat with daily on Steve’s BBJ site feel the opposite as well as many on Twitter, Facebook, etc. I’ve talked about what I like about his game so I’m not getting into all that again, I’m just talking about the entertainment factor. (For example, I think Fessys game was terrible all season but he has entertained me. I’m ready for Fessy to be evicted but I’ll miss watching him be confused every Thursday night) JC has given me the most humor and entertainment so far this season by far. I don’t like some of the things he’s said and he pisses me off when he won’t stop singing and we get fished. For the most part though, he makes me laugh and quite often.

JC’s what I’d call a ‘small doses’ person. They’re great in small doses but anything more makes you start thinking of ways to kill them. I think he’s hilarious but if I lived in the house with him, I’d probably try to kill him with the Hemp seeds Brett used on Sam or set the oven on fire again to see if we could get a temporary evacuation. My family feels that way about my brother. (I’m not telling family secrets, we all know it and we all say it) He’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever known but if we lived closer and saw each other more often, I’d probably start thinking of ways to kill him too.


Finally, speaking of people chatting about BB, Big Brother Junkies is a great place to hang out and do it. Many people read updates and want to join conversations but are sometimes hesitant because they don’t want to worry about people being hateful and insulting them constantly. (Ya, I’m talking to you, Twitter) We have a fun time with BB, Steve has a great blog and NK is a great moderator. (She won’t put up with that crap)  I may sound biased because I do morning recaps here but I’m not. I was reading Steve’s updates and chatting with people on BBJ for years before I ever wrote a thing for him. Those people I mentioned earlier who can’t stand JC but know I really like him, they’re some of my favorite people to chat with here. It doesn’t get personal other than making (good-natured) fun of each other so the next time you’re on here reading, please feel free to join in.

Have a great Monday!


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