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Big Brother 20 – Tuesday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone


I never really know how to start off these posts on this day. September 11th is such an impactful day for this country that it’s hard to just keep to Big Brother and pretend it’s just a normal day. It’s not. No matter how many years go by, it feels the same every year if not worse. That is because every year it feels more and more like those shitheads who caused that attack got what they wanted the more this country becomes divided.

That attack created a bond like no other in this country which made us closer than ever before in the years following that attack. Over the years, that bond degraded worse than it was before and now we’re at the point where I’m scared to even write anything semi-political for fear it will turn into a massive debate in the comment section. Political parties have never been more divided despite the root of our division is the same issue – we want the best for our country. The only difference is that we have different visions on how to get there. The people who voted differently than you didn’t do so because they hate the country. They did so because they felt the person they voted for has the better chance at achieving those goals. You may disagree with the person they voted for, but we need to stop taking it out on the voters because we’re all the same.

Those in power have created a game out of the political system where political parties are like sports rivalries and there is a ‘winner’ and ‘loser’. They do this so they don’t actually have to work at winning our votes, they can just join a ‘team’ and have an instant fan (or voter) base. The only real winners and losers in a system like that are the politicians being the winners and everyone else being the losers. Nothing gets accomplished in the government and we have family members unfriending each other over a vote. A vote! The divide grows further and they work less and less to earn our votes.


This day 17 years ago made this country briefly stop seeing political parties and come together as a nation and the thousands of lives lost will all be in vain if we’re more divided now than we were on September 10th, 2001. Put your political differences aside and realize that your ‘enemy’ who voted differently actually wants the same thing as you and that is for a united and prosperous United States of America. The path we believe will get us to that end goal should not create such hostility and anger.  Make it a goal today to call someone you haven’t spoken with in a while, or visit them, or even just send them a message on Facebook saying hi. Let’s start building!

Dammit, I really didn’t want to write something like this because my goal is to keep this page strictly Big Brother. With that, I’ll go back under my rock and discuss the house…

  • 12:00 pm – Half the house is up and the backyard is still open.
    • Not sure how much longer they’ll have it but those sleeping past noon (JC) are going to be the ones crying about being locked in for most of the next week
  • 1:00 pm – Tyler and JC are in the kitchen talking.
    • Angela, Brett, and Haleigh are in the backyard getting the last bit of sun
    • Sam is doing laundry
    • Kaycee is playing pool by herself. The entire house is accounted for!
    • Here is Haleigh showing off her abs to Angela
  • 1:35 pm – Sam is alone in the hammock now talking to herself again
    • I am seriously concerned for her
    • Angela comes over to talk to Sam. She tells her she’s very proud of the way Sam has handled herself this week and not to worry about Haleigh hanging around them all week.
    • Sam has her vote so not to worry
    • Haleigh came back outside in the middle of the conversation and I think she heard something because when Angela went back, she apologized and said she didn’t know she was having ‘one of those’ conversations and offered to go back inside
  • 1:55 pm – Tyler comes out with Brett to talk to Sam. They are talking about how Sam thought Fessy was gay until around day 60 (Pretty sure it was earlier. Maybe as late as day 30)
    • JC joins
    • Sam says she thought he may have been a genius too. JC says “I can see him being gay but not a genius”  lol
  • 2:30 pm – Sam is doing repairs to the cornhole board
  • 2:45 pm – JC is upstairs talking to Brett
    • He is worried about the double eviction and what Brett would do during it
    • Brett says he’s worried that Tyler is reeled in (to Angela) more than he thought
    • He re-tells JC about how Haleigh thinks she heard Angela and Tyler fooling around.  Brett and JC both think that Haleigh is probably lying because Angela likely wouldn’t do that
    • JC says Angela is smarter to do that in the open in a room that exposed
  • 4:00 pm – Everyone is outside.  Someone who is really quiet this week has been Kaycee. I think seeing the pictures and the letter from her brother may have hit her a bit
  • 4:30 pm – Angela talking to Brett inside mentions how everyone is still too kind. Yes, we know. It’s getting annoying.
    • She’s referring to what JC has been mentioned a lot which is BB is probably pissed about the lack of drama
  • 4:55 pm – Brett is outside and says ‘I can’t wait to get out and see who was fucking in this house’
    • JC jokes that they’re going to find out that he’s really straight and Tyler is a woman
  • 5:00 pm – Haleigh is in the room looking through her bags talking to herself
    • She says “yup, ths is what I signed up for. Living with a house full of strangers living out of my suitcase”
  • 8:20 pm – The boys are downstairs with Sam while the rest of the girls are upstairs hanging in the HoH room
    • Brett talks to Tyler in the storage room
    • He is trying to decide what to do if there is a double. He says the girls have been loyal and will likely take them to the final 4 but they’re worried about Kaycee’s comp skills
    • They want to sit back and let the girls take shots at JC and Sam while they avoid it. They also know they’re dealing with a bitter jury that likely hates both guys so sitting next to each other could be what they need
    • Tyler humors Brett when he does mention evicting Angela. Tyler is totally going to take his chances with the girls and probably lose to Kaycee

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    PREACH Steve! Such an inspiring message. Thank you for saying what no one will! We will always support you, America, and BBJ!

  2. Avatar

    Steve, thank you so much for your great words today. We all need to remember what was done to all of us that day and start to right the split in this great Country. Now, Big Brother will never it it right, just sayin’. Thanks again for all your updates

  3. blue smoke

    Steve, very well said, and more people in Washington and across this great Country need to heed this advice.

  4. AIO_7

    JC is up and about now, but I think Brett is still in bed.

  5. g8trgirl

    I can’t remember how BB handled 9/11 even though I’ve never missed an episode. Mel? Steve?

  6. Seattle Kari

    PS. JC reformed himself a little bit In my eyes by doing what he did on the peg wall. Very very cool!

  7. Seattle Kari

    In response to this post, Steve, thank you so much for what you wrote. This is exactly what’s been going through my mind all day and why I wrote what I did on the previous thread.

  8. Joy

    One thing I will say about JC is his love for this country seems true. He has spoken before about living in different places all over the world but nothing feels as good to him as living here in the USA. I really like that about him and I like his 9/11 display in the house (pictured above).

    • Robin

      Does anyone think that this could have been mentioned by Bob as a suggestion to JC?

      • Joy

        I don’t think I don’t think production or Bob like JC that much. BUT anything is possible.

      • Mel

        I don’t think so. He did it while feeds were on. He’s also given Gold Bless America and Support Our Veteran shout outs when he votes, while everyone else is telling people happy bday. I think he’s just very patriotic, for lack of a better word to describe him.

    • LynnD

      I know JC works some peoples nerves but I really like him. I have commented before that I think his love for America is true and it’s really great to see. He is definitely someone who is Happy to live here. I like when he gives his little shout outs about loving the USA when doing his diary votes. Now seeing what he put on the pinwall actually made me love him all that much more. God Bless America and God bless you JC.

  9. hogwild

    People need to stop going on so much about San talking to herself that’s how some people work stuff out for themselves or vent when they need to. Unless she starts telling people there is a giant rabbit in the house named Harvey it’s all good.

    • Robin

      With you on this one. Sam is no stranger than House guests who walk Around beating pots and pans. Her stop smoking campaign was an attempt to provide less annoyance to other nonsmoking house guests but was not great strategy for game. Still, most of us pull our hair out and scream a few times giving up nicotine….. so give her a break. I sometimes talk to myself or my dogs, so maybe I’m certifiable too! Lol

      So not saying she deserves to win B.B., but I wish people would so down on the character assination.

      • Robin

        Opps that was slow down

      • hogwild

        I wouldn’t vote for her to win either but talking to yourself is not that unusual as you said some talk to their pets some talk to their plants. If any of us were being watched 24/7 I suspect we would all display some character traits that would be seen as let’s just say interesting.

    • Seattle Kari

      I know from experience both for myself my daughter and a couple of their friends that deal with anxiety and depression that this is how they work through it. They have to speak out loud and helps them to deal with stuff helps them to think helps them to stay on track. Along with that and the fact that she works with her hands all the time it’s a form of comfort..

      • Robin

        TY Kari, these people put themselves through great stress whatever their reasons for coming to the B.B. House. This is something I could not do! I’m inclined to give them a break unless they are a bit vicious!

      • Seattle Kari

        Robin, I could never do what they do. I know this is a weird example but I used to love going to the big Fair here in Washington state every year. This year I won on opening day and there were so many people crowding around I ended up leaving early.
        ( free admission at least!)

        I came back last weekend with my husband to see the rodeo and the concert and even that was difficult for me. If it had not been for our ticket purchase and my husband keeping me company I may have left again or just not gone at all.

        Anxiety around crowds is really difficult and it’s something I never thought I would have to deal with.

        I know Sam gets on peoples nerves but I honestly I’m not bothered by her at all.

      • leafhopper

        No way could I do what they are doing. I make lists, and write things down. So if I didn’t have that option available I could absolutely see having full on conversations with myself. I’m sure I have annoying habits that would only become glaringly obvious if I was monitored 24/7. So what they do is admirable, even if it is for $500K. I don’t think I would be able to last with out Xanax and a straight jacket.

      • Robin

        I understand that kind of sensitivity. I have walked out of Drs offices and other crowded places. It can be overwhelming… so I have empathy for what the stress levels in the B.B. House could be like….. and no escape for 3 months!

      • ingodog

        I am glad someone else feels for Sam, I would never be able to do it.

    • kneeless

      No rabbit, but there is the big bear on top of the refrig!!

  10. Helen

    Watching Haleigh on feeds my only thought is…how can anything possibly be left of her fingers after chewing on them for the last 2 months?

    • Robin

      Wow, yes I takes me nervous just watching her! Hard time watching her.

      • aka beachgirl

        I have a hard time watching her too. I wonder if this is a new behavior or if being in the house has made her pick it up. Not very attractive. She can’t go five minutes without putting a hand to her mouth. Has got to be chewing skin at this point.

    • LynnD

      Why is it so many people want to stick up for Sam and the fact she talks to herself? So many comments regarding it can be her coping mechanism. People have empathy for her, make excuses for her odd behavior even the fact she shoots off at the mouth and occasionally throws out a threat or 2. The same people who constantly want to bash Haleigh for biting her nails or chewing on the sides of them (probably the cuticle)? I ask this bc I have read how so many people can relate to Sam and what she must be going through. WELL I can relate to Haleigh! This is bc I also bite my nails and on a lot of occasions have found myself chewing on the cuticles and the sides. There are many times I don’t even realize I am doing it until my fingers actually hurt or someone brings it to my attn. My Mom had the same habit. When I am nervous or my anxiety is kicking in it gets worse than a normal day. I also at times start doing it out of boredom (again don’t realize at 1st I’m even doing it)

      So take what I have to say for what you will but when sticking up for Sam & bashing Haleigh just remember everyone handles things (esp stress) differently.

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  12. Jenny

    Thanks for the post, Steve. I chose to skip the serious part and just read the BB update. I know a lot of people need to talk about it today and I’m cool with that, but I’m avoiding it because even after all this time the trauma is still too fresh. 🙂
    So, everyone, feel free to talk amongst yourselves, share what you need to share, love and peace to everybody, I’m just gonna play w/my dog and avoid the news for the rest of the day.
    and I did see something about how JC did the peg wall thing, and that is great. k getting emotional I’m going to move along now. love all of you

  13. kneeless

    Great job, Steve! Just because we may disagree it does not give us the right to hate. Thank Gid we live in a country where we can voice our differences without persecution.

  14. Lynn

    Does anyone remember who had the original idea to form Level 6?

  15. mustangsally

    God bless this great country, our brave heroes! Shame on any whowho-s that rejoice in anti America sentiment. I am sick how divided and hatefilled so many have become. Let’s be more tolerant.

  16. ingodog

    I am a Canadian, but please know that I too will never forget 9/11. The world was forever changed that day, I will never forget seeing those buildings come crashing down, the people running for their lives or just standing in shock, people jumping to their deaths, I always feel today is day of mourning. God bless u America.

  17. danmtruth

    JC is like many immigrants I work with He is fiercely loyal to America warts and all Because it is the land they believe with hard work the can make it Even when people are making fun of

  18. Mimi Ryan

    Steve, THANK YOU for helping us all know and it’s right in front of me all day long what today is. It’s all good Dude. Even from California. God Bless America!!!! Thanks to all who gave all on this day 17 years ago, thanks to those who are still with us through all of this. Even the HG’s in BB posted on the wall what day it is. God Bless America, Thank you all for the support. I bow my head in silence to commemorate and appreciate this day for this wonder country. Blessing to all.

  19. Jenny

    I read that last bit about the government and how it’s become all about winning or losing, and yeah I totally agree on that. We should do away w/political parties and let people run on their own merits. And maybe, I don’t know, try listening to each other? I think we’re all much more alike than different. And fellow junkies, I appreciate the respect you give one another and love that we don’t have to agree to enjoy this silly show every summer! yay us!!!!!

  20. Sunny - fka Newbie 2017

    I’m not one to go all political either, Steve, although I do have my opinions. But I agree 100% with you on your statements above. I wish they realized they work for us, and not trying to “win” against the other. It’s too bad that it takes an unbelievable event like 9/11 to bring people together.
    Back to the game – I’m still rooting for Sam to step up and win the next HOH and take a shot at someone. I don’t think she wants to or will but I can hope. Of course, I thought Kevin would last year too. Why do I always cheer for the underdog? Hmmmm??

    • danmtruth

      Kevin was much more likable then Sam will ever hope to be While I do like Sam her mood swings are trying Ii is not helping with what I feel might be ill advise help from the DR First she is all all shucks and lets help people Next she is treating to rip doors off hinges and rip some bitches part ?? !!? She Should be fine for the first eviction of Hay Look out if she is on the block in the second eviction

  21. Avatar

    O still can’t believe how disgusting JC is. Who cast that?

  22. Mr. Beardo

    9/11 happened during my senior year of high school. I remember it being a sobering wake up call that we were grown now. I’ve lived my adult life under its shadow. Hopefully we can get over this speed bump we’re on right now. I have hope and am damn proud to be an American.

  23. FW aka CY

    What? Did everybody wander off to twiddle their thumbs and contemplate their (alleged) navels? Good morning America, it’s a new and potentially better day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GN1iI-DaJNw 🙂

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