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Big Brother 20 – Was Tonight The First Triple Eviction?

Big Brother Update – Feeds are down so it looks like they may have gone right into the HoH comp.  I’ll create a new post when feeds return


Well, that was unexpected.

I’m going to start off with the end of the show and that was Julie Chen’s clear support for her husband (who is accused of sexually harassing over a dozen women and forced to resign) by signing off the episode by saying “I’m Julie Chen Moonves” which is something I don’t think she’s ever said.



When the news of her husband first broke like a month ago, she tweeted her full support for him. This was nothing new and something we’ve learned to live with. I mean it is fair to wait until investigations are complete to change your life. Especially over something that allegedly happened before they were together. However, when 6 more women came forward, that was the end for her husband and time for Julie to make a big decision. Either continue to stand by her husband and likely leave CBS with him or distance herself from him and keep her jobs.

She chose the former tonight.

At this point, I don’t see how Julie can really ever return to CBS to even fill out the rest of the season. This may have been her last episode – ever. We all expected her to stick out her contract and finish the season at the very least, but there really is no coming back from that, is there? I really hope I’m being hyperbolic here but I don’t think I am.

So, not only was Haleigh and Brett both evicted, but we may have officially lost Julie as well all in one night.




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  1. delabear

    I admit that I don’t know anything about entertainment law, but I think they might have a problem trying to get rid of her, since she has done nothing that would violate her contract, has she?. It is her name and she did not make any statement, so what grounds could they have?

    • Avatar

      I agree! All of these contracts have a morality clause which is about the only way to get them… so this very well could have been Julie standing by her man and daring CBS to do something about … BECAUSE THEY CAN’T and she’s not going anywhere.

  2. Wizard

    I agree with you that Julie will not be back. Maybe Dr. Will can host the rest of the season.

  3. hogwild

    Iroically the most interesting thing that happened tonight had nothing to do with the actual game that was totally as expected it was how Julie identified herself. I really hope something surprising or unexpected happens in the game this week but I’m not betting on it.

  4. Avatar

    We don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. They might have been trying to get her to leave, and that might have been her saying. I have Dirt on All of you. Or It might have been a simple stand. Or her way of quitting. It really could be anything and probably only she really knows what it meant at the moment.

  5. Avatar

    Well, in fairness, Les Moonves’s net worth is about 700 million. This was before his settlement. Julie has a net worth of about 16 million. On top of that, she obviously loves her husband.

    She basically pulled a Scottie and gave CBS the double finger. She will work again. She has a lot of talent.

  6. Leah-Ann

    I’m really disappointed Brett didn’t sell out L6 in his speech. I would’ve sang like a bird! Doing so definitely would’ve put the nail in his coffin, but being a blindside replacement nominee, he wasn’t going to talk his way out of anyway. I want the fire and paranoia it would’ve caused (especially with JC).

  7. Cat Lady

    I agree with delabear.. unless she did something wrong what grounds would there be to kick her off her shows? She did take vows for better or for worse and it’s her choice of she stays with her husband or not. I don’t feel comfortable convicting anyone without due process. There was a big legal thing where someone wanted to take control of CBS. When there is money involved they could bribe a 1000 women to lie.

    • Seattle Kari

      I agree with you. As long as she did nothing wrong they have no reason to make her leave. She might even have a lawsuit on her hands if they do push her out??

    • danmtruth

      As far as I can tell Julie was not present or connected to any of these events So why do people want to punish her for his crimes Yes she is standing by him now till every thing is investigated We do not know what is going on behind those closed doors So lets hold off till we get the FACTS

      • Avatar

        Think about it. Would you leave your husband because of things he did before you were together??? I haven’t heard details of what he’s being accused of doing though. If he had raped or murdered someone, then Yes, of course. But times were different 30-40 years ago. Hell, even 5 years ago. We have come a long way kinda fast as of late. Yes, It’s About Time! I get that, but she is a smart lady. I highly doubt she would stick by him if she felt he was not an honorable man. Since SHE has been with him anyway.

      • Malia

        Could NOT agree with you more.

      • CY aka FW

        It was originally, “Hey Jules…” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_MjCqQoLLA

    • NKogNeeTow

      I don’t care what happens to Les. Not even a little bit. He’s a dog, plain and simple. What does concern me is people’s advise/demand that she leave him. Whether she stays with him or goes, that’s a decision that only she can make. And whatever her decision, it should be respected. True she took a vow for better or worse. It’s the worst times that determine what happens more than the better. Thinking she should stay or leave the show is one thing. Thinking she should stay or leave him is another. Many marriages have survived less than this, some have survived more. How she handles CBS may be our concern, again, how she handles her marriage is not. Personally, if it were me, I’d be out of there quicker than hurry up…but that’s me. We don’t know what kind of relationship they have away from the public. If she truly loves him and believes he’s her soulmate, then they will find a way to work it out. Either way, I wish her the best.

  8. Jay H

    Good episode. As annoying as Haleigh is, she was gracious and kind to the other houseguests.
    So glad I don’t have to hear her communicate with Julie anymore though.

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  10. Avatar


    Head of Household competition and nominations on Sunday’s show.

    Not sure what day the Veto will be, but they said tonight on the show there would be another eviction on Wednesday’s show, and another eviction on Thursday. Quite a week coming up in the Big Brother house.

  11. Robin

    Has anyone else heard the recent rumor that Bailey is pregnant? Got this from the BMX website.

  12. Seattle Kari

    Okay here’s my thought. Fly in the ointment though it may be. Where any of these accusations supposed to be since Julie married him? If not it’s in the past and I can see where she’s coming from as long as it hasn’t happened since they were married…

    • Seattle Kari

      Perhaps by including her married name she was just reminding people that she said she wasn’t going to say anything more about it and she was standing behind him. Just a subtle reminder or not-so-subtle LOL

    • kneeless

      That’s where I am too, Kari. If they all happened before their relationship, it doesn’t make what he did OK. But, maybe when they got together he told her he did things he wasn’t proud of, in his past, they may have worked through that long ago. She definitely made a statement tonight. I applaud her professionalism & showing up for tonight. In the long run if she remains with Les or they eventually end it, they will both be OK financially. She knew exactly what she was doing when she signed off, tonight, as Julie Chen Moonves.

  13. Jenny

    I knew as soon as Angela won POV that Brett was being back-doored, but DAMN, my stomach dropped when he got put up! HO-LEE SH!T. Like I was channeling his shock! Loved the look on JC’s face for the rest of the episode. Dang. DANG. Brett handled himself well under the circumstances. Toward the end of the show he looked like he was tearing up a bit. Ouch.
    Also I didn’t hear her use both last names because I was too busy being distracted by the fact that she said she was live with “BRENT” – which about killed me because a couple of weeks ago my friend BRENT wished me a happy birthday on facebook and I wrote back “Thanks, Brett!”… he responded “Well, I usually go by Brent, but hey, it’s your birthday.” I was so embarrassed and blamed it on too much BB. lol

  14. Alda

    Who will win this next HOH?Could it be Sam?

  15. Sassy

    Thanks Steve for the play by play. I record it and start watching 1/2 way through so I don’t have to watch commercials. But CBS was covering the hurricane, so I didn’t get to watch the episode. I’ll have to watch tomorrow.

  16. kneeless

    Our ‘friend’ Vegas is saying that production didn’t know she was signing off that way but they were laughing about it & saying the publicity was good.

  17. Jay H

    I can’t believe Julie would try to steal Rockstars thunder 6 weeks after her daughters birthday!

  18. Ritchie

    Great episode with Brett being blindsided, but soon we will see what Tyler will have to do when it comes to loyalty to KC or Angela, and I can’t wait.

    Ask for Julie Chen using her last name, I feel it was a way to thank her husband for all that he has done for her in like an official sign off from their working careers together.

    But as far as her being replaced this season, there is no real need to do that. It’s going to be business as usual over at CBS until this season is over.

    However after this season unless Julie can convince the new boss that she is Big Brother, I can easily see them moving on without her which is something that some within the company may have wanted to do a long time ago but clearly could not because their former boss wasn’t going to be having any of that.

  19. Patty

    I posted this on a different thread, but on the radio this morning they said CBS wants her out of everything. Julie wants out of the talk show but wants to finish her contract with BB. Even said she would take up a lawsuit if they forced her out.

  20. LynnD

    I just want to say that I have had constant respect for Julie. I feel that she has always showed the utmost class and professionalism. That is until now. I am truly disgusted that she will not hold her husband accountable and treat him in the same manner that she felt that the other men in the same position with the same accusations made against them should have been held accountable. When there was only one accusation I can understand her standing by him when he completely denied the accusations made by that one person to give him the benefit of the doubt that it could possibly be a lie. However, there are just way too many women and too many stories that are completely alike. Never did I think Julie Chen would be the hypocrite that we see her to be. What bothers me even more is what kind of example are they setting for their son? Rules and consequences only apply to others but not to us? If she was not to come back I would no longer care.

    • ladycobra

      I don’t know if I would call her a hypocrite. It is so easy to say I would never put up with that from my husband or blast men who have been accused of sexual harassment . I lost count of how many times I said I would never ever put up with a husband that cheated on me. I even repeated those words to a friend when she found herself in that situation. I found myself choking on those words several years ago. I don’t think I was a hypocrite, I just saw and felt things differently when it directly affected me which is human nature. We all see things differently when it directly affects us. My heart hurts for Julie because she may be putting up a strong front in public but crying herself to sleep at night. I am the very last person to ever judge her on her choice.

      • Seattle Kari

        ^^ YES!! ^^

      • feltso gudinya

        and, he is the father of her children……

      • Malia

        Lady…..I am VERY sorry you went through that!

      • mm22

        I don’t watch the talk but I heat they talk about current
        news-does anyone know her position on the “me too”
        movement? Just wondering

      • LynnD

        @Ladycobra I also am very sorry that you went through that. I actually did too. I had been with my Fiancé for 4 years. We were set to get married in Nov. 3 weeks ago I found out he cheated on me and had several other secrets. Needless to say I am now a single Mom and busting my ass to raise my daughter by myself because I will not allow to be disrespected like that. I grew up in a very loving Family my Mom & Dad were High School sweethearts and yes they had their arguments and disagreements but NEVER did either cheat on the other. My Parents raised me to never allow someone to disrespect me. I stand by my decision to end my relationship. I will also respect you for choosing not to leave yours. In my experience though I have found if they have done it before, their going to do it again. I will pray that this is NOT the fact for you. And from the bottom of my heart I do wish you nothing but Happiness & Peace.

    • NKogNeeTow

      “I am truly disgusted that she will not hold her husband accountable and treat him in the same manner that she felt that the other men in the same position with the same accusations made against them should have been held accountable.”

      “Never did I think Julie Chen would be the hypocrite that we see her to be. ”

      How do we know she didn’t hold him accountable? Her opinion of other men in that position have been in reference to their professional/public lives, not their personal ones. I’ve seen them discuss scandals on The Talk and I don’t remember her ever passing judgement on the offended spouse. And who are we to judge whether or not she should leave him. She may have forgiven him as the man she loves on a personal level but not on a professional one. She may have given him pure hell behind closed doors. Just because she may be mad at him doesn’t mean she still doesn’t love him.

    • Malia

      I like her a lot too…but in all fairness…truly..we don’t k I these other women.en…hell, with his bank account they did have been paid to say those things. The point is we do not know. So much happens I. Hollywood life that just doesn’t happen in real life. We don’t know. I cannot say that enough. Julie knows FAR more than we do. Being big fans of her…maybe, for the time being, we should trust her judgement.

      • Malia

        I hat e my phone and the keyboard oh so much. I promise you I am an intelligent himan being despite my typing skills on a phone.

    • Avatar

      I disagree – Julie has always shown her professionalism. Their marriage is their marriage and whether she stands with her husband or not is her business as none of us truly know the entire story. This calling out Hollywood men almost 2 centuries later by women who state they were sexual harassed is bogus. Some of these women admitted to accepting payoffs or job positions – now they want public recognition for speaking out? It would have meant more if these women took a stance then than they are doing so now. The women who are experiencing it now and taking a stand are the ones we should be listening to not the ones who already benefited from their so call “sexual harassment.” Just a FYI – there is still no clear cut definition of sexual harassment to this day.

  21. LynnD

    Awe look. Looks like Andela has it.

  22. Mello_One

    Just watched tonight’s episode of BB, and all I have to say is JC looks “Shook!” JC has to be knowing that his number is coming up to go out of the House.

  23. Helen

    So Angela won HOH…looks like we will follow Tyler’s hit list..
    It was…Scottie,Haleigh,Brett,Sam,JC,Angela…
    So Wednesday Sam will go
    Thursday JC will go

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  25. danmtruth

    did they just roll the POV into a HOH also? Will they tell them Wednesday morning about the eviction Now Sam and JC on the block for second time Third time for Sam Will this be when she cracks

    • NKogNeeTow

      If she doesn’t crack, JC will. Especially if he thinks he might be on his way out the door. Sam seems to handle being OTB better than JC can. He’s been practically begging not to be put up. I think he never thought he would.

  26. jimbo

    I don’t believe in mob rule, or any other way of solving legal issues except a court of law. Sorry, but in the Old South mobs wanted to keep slavery and hang black people from trees. Just because a group of women (who could be politically or financially motivated, or just angry for whatever reason) claim something, doesn’t make it fact. Moonves very possibly is guilty of something illegal or immoral — if so, charge him and find out. But, I don’t go along with the mob carrying pitchforks and torches. We’ve progressed beyond those times, hopefully.

    • Houseguest Doug

      I couldn’t agree more. Lets let this stuff be settled in a court of law not the court of public opinion. The court of public opinion you are always guilty and have to prove your innocence. Where as a Court of Law you’re innocent until proven guilty.

      I fully support the “ME 2 Movement” Women or Men shouldn’t be subject of any kind of harassment sexual or otherwise. I also believe in equality (Equal pay for equal work regardless of gender). It just seems to me the Me 2 Movement is swing too far to the extreme and going on Witch hunts. Much like today’s overly political correctness I hope at some point we find a balance for both M2M and political correctness.

      An extreme is still that “EXTREME” nothing good comes out of extremism. Time we take a step back and let the Police and Courts do their job and not be so quick to hang people.

      I have no idea if Les Moonves is guilty or not but a Court of Law will find that out.

  27. Houseguest Doug

    It wouldn’t shock me if Julie Chen Moonves has done her last episode of BB. It also wouldn’t shock me if CBS keeps her until the season ends in 2 weeks. But either case Julie is done as host of BB.

    I am not sure what the ratings are for BB but if they’re not great the show will not be renewed. We all could be witnessing the end of Big Brother at the end of this season. Or they may do what American Idol did and get picked up by another network if CBS passes on the show.

    If Julie does get fired or resigns she could be picked up by another Network who may opt to do Big Brother. I am sure it will be a newer format. Lets hope if it happens the people who worked on production of the CBS show stay at CBS.

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