Big Brother 20 – Wednesday Night Feeds


Good evening, everyone! It’s the night before eviction and the bromance is going to be a nomance in just about 24 hours from now.

First, a quick mention of the CBS episode tonight. Kaitlyn made a huge deal over Brett’s “personal” speech which was ridiculous. Yea he took a tiny shot at her ‘visions’ but it was harmless and she got so carried away with it. Her DR session didn’t even capture just how annoyed she was over Brett’s speech as she mentioned it many times the past few days.

On to tomorrow. I am beginning to think that Sam should use her power to save whoever leaves. I understand her reasoning behind not using it and it’s perfectly sound (she wants to just play it safe) but it’s a big risk to just leave it to chance next week. If Sam had more enemies in the house or even had a side she can claim, it would make far more sense to use it than save it but I’d still personally like the control of choosing rather than just seeing what happens next week.  That said, my luck is that I would use it this week and be nominated next, so scratch that. I’d only use it to keep myself, so I talked myself out of it and agree with what Sam is doing.



Updates –

  • 6:15 pm – A large number of people are upstairs playing foosball while the bros and Angela hang in the HN room chatting
    • They have been taking shots of things when they lose and blacked out the feeds because of that
    • Speculating it’s because they talked about doing the cinnamon challenge and don’t want people to see that.
  • The group is done with foosball and now going to play hide & seek
    • Fez leaps over the ouch only to get yelled at by production.  No horsing around!
  • 7:20 pm – House is still hanging in the living room while the party-pooping crew are in the HN room
  • 8:55 pm – The bros are upstairs working out with Rachel and Angela while Haleigh looks on
  • 9:08 pm – Kaycee already spilling the alliance to Tyler
  • 10:05 pm – Everyone hanging out. Brett working Haleigh’s vote while everyone else chatting and eating

Check back for updates


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