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Big Brother 20 – Wednesday Overnight Recap

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Good morning everyone! I have good news and bad news. The bad news is, this update is gonna suck but the good news is, it’s Thursday! I’m going to have to do a little juggling this evening because today is my husband’s birthday. I was thinking about suggesting to him that we pretend he was born on August 3rd this year, just to keep things interesting. I doubt he’s going to go for it since he’ll eventually realize why I’m suggesting it. He’s also a twin and I doubt I can get my brother-in-law on board. I’m open to suggestions if anyone has a better idea for me not to miss tonight’s show. My terrible strategy is proof that if I were in the house, I’d be a Foutte member!


Steve’s already covered the houseguests getting vidoes/gifs to study for tonight’s hoh comp. Most of them continued to study last night. There was a little game talk going on but it was mostly ‘going through the motions’ stuff, nothing really meant to sway anyone. The way people were studying was a perfect picture of the house dynamic. Foutte/Hive was huddled together, Level 6 people were together, Tyler tried to roam and stay separated and JC bounced back and forth. Brett appeared to have a good handle on what he was remembering but I didn’t see him going into detail the way Foutee was doing. Sam boasted she and Scottie have the best memories but she was upset over a video she saw so I don’t know how much she absorbed. (She may be right, when they play memory games, Sam and Scottie are really good) Bayleigh, not wanting to be outdone, said she had a photographic memory. (I knew that already because she’s the best at everything, don’t ya know?) I would’ve had to test her the moment she said it and I don’t think I could’ve stopped myself, even with her power! I’d have given her some stuff to look at for a minute (make up, groceries, whatever) and then demanded she describe it to me in detail. This is only one example of why I’d make a terrible BB player.

The most interesting stuff to go over came from production last night instead of the houseguests. Scottie was called into the DR and told to bring a cereal box he’d been trying to write on for a study guide. Fessy was hiding under a blanket with paper and probably eyeliner to use as a pen (I’m only guessing because it’s been used in the past) trying to make a cheat sheet. I never saw him get called out for it so maybe they missed it. I heard him say “it’s not working.” At first, it seemed like Fessy was having trouble with remembering the videos. He asked why they even put athletes on the show and Scottie said it was to watch them struggle.  (Scottie is quirky but he has a great sense of humor) Brett later asked Scottie what study method he was using since he “got yelled at” in the DR.

Sam was in the DR balling and the Vegas leaker said it was the worst they’d ever seen. I don’t know if that’s an exaggeration or how long Vegas has been involved with the show but I can’t imagine anything being as bad as Amber in BB8. They probably had to give Amber electrolytes on a regular basis to keep her from becoming dehydrated do to her tears.

JC was napping during part of the video viewing so I wouldn’t look for him to do very well. He already told Tyler he didn’t want to win the hoh since he’s still successfully playing both sides. (Tyler wasn’t happy about this and told JC he better try to win) JC really doesn’t care who goes home as long as they keep chipping away at both sides but he doesn’t want Fessy to leave. He feels he can influence him and he doesn’t know Tyler is in an alliance with one of the sides. JC’s the only true floater left in the house and he’s doing a great job. However, I could easily see him on the block as a pawn this week.  Tyler’s going back and forth but isn’t floating, he’s more of a spy for Level 6 since that’s his true alliance. Bayleigh was in a great position to float until she won the hoh and lost her damn mind. I think the house sees Kaycee and Sam as floating too but we know that isn’t true. (Sam’s a wildcard tho, she’s with Tyler and KC but her ‘morals’ could cause her to do anything)

Fessy asked Hayleigh if they had anything to worry about. (the vote) She was irritated and wanted to know why he was asking. He said the DR kept asking him about it. I’d imagine production is doing everything except making crayon diagrams of alliances to get the Foutte people suspicious of what’s going on this week. It’s tough when production interference can’t even wake these people up! I’m being a little unfair because Fessy has remained paranoid about the girls taking over, Hayleigh remains skeptical of Tyler and until this week, Scottie was too.

Tyler had Scottie’s trust the first part of the game, lost it a little the week Kaitlyn told about Sam’s power but he seems to be back to really trusting Tyler. (Scottie found out Tyler knew about Sam’s power in advance but Tyler acted to Scottie as if he didn’t know, that’s why Scottie stopped trusting Tyler) He’s put the work in and being have nots together has also helped. Tyler talking about how much he trusted Scottie to Bayleigh sealed the deal. It’s funny that Brett’s worked his butt off this week with Scottie and all Tyler had to do was say “Scottie’s my best friend” and have Bayleigh pass it on. It’s also funny that Tyler was only doing that to try and get Scottie put on the block, not actually have Scottie turn into his best friend.


Brett talked to Fessy about keeping him because he’d be better in jury and reminded him the women were taking over. It didn’t sway Fessy but he is concerned about the guys getting picked off. Fessy sees Scottie, Tyler and himself as the guys to keep so he’s ok with losing one more before they take over the house from the women.

Hayleigh reminded her crew that a power WOULD be used tomorrow since there are 2 left. She said one would expire this week since Sam’s expired last week. Ummm, ok.

Sam described Bayleighs reaction when she won the hoh and then described the reaction she had when they had her “redo it.” Maybe it wasn’t dramatic enough when she won. They have them reshoot speeches sometimes during the ceremony so it isn’t a surprise they have them reshoot winning an HOH.

Bayleigh told Sam she heard Brett was going to get a little nasty towads Rachel in his speech and Sam wasn’t too happy to hear that might happen. She asked if Bayleigh had talked to him yet to ask him not to do it. This seems a reasonable request to Sam because she and Bayleigh both adopted a prison warden style of running an HOH. I won’t be surprised if Sam sticks with Tyler and votes out Rachel or if Bretts speech pisses her off and she votes out Brett. She’s such a unique character, I won’t be surprised if she somehow knits all of them matching  comp outfits from the sofa cushions during the live show.


Bayleigh is still bringing up random pregnancy conversations. I’m undecided over her really thinking she could be pregnant versus wanting attention by dropping hints that she could be. She better be careful saying that stuff around Sam because Sam will make her a big letter “S” out of tinfoil, paint it red with nail polish and make her walk around the house wearing it.

Winston watched the episode last night and tweeted a question when it was over. He wanted to know why the episode didn’t show us the veto speeches. He seemed really confused and wondered if they might still be shown during tonight’s episode. Poor Winston, he’s finally realized that he spent all his time on the block preparing for a speech we probably wouldn’t even have heard if Brett hadn’t had such a funny one planned. (It’s the only week we’ve heard them so far) I’m wondering if he’s also realized that all the air time he thought he and Brett were getting as “The Bros” ended up being about 80 seconds of clip footage.

Brett’s still playing it cool and Rachel still thinks she’s staying. I expect her to make the rounds double checking with people as the nerves start to set in again today. Sam is the only reason I could see us ending up surprised tonight and it could happen. I look forward to Brett’s speech and I’m wondering if Rachel will want to blow up level 6 on her way out the door. She may be too stunned to do it even if she wanted to.  It looks to be another exciting Thursday. Damn, I love this season!

Have a great Thursday!




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