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Big Brother 20 – Wednesday Overnight Recap

Good morning everyone! I hope you got caught up on yesterdays action in the house. If you missed it, you can check the threads Steve posted yesterday and read about the messy house meeting. It happened on my way home from work and I had just enough time to go back and watch it before going out to dinner for my sons B-day. (I met the new gf too) Once they left town, I was able to catch up on the the things I’d missed. Steve covered the meeting so I’ll just say…Wow! I was trying to remember the last time I saw a meltdown that big on the show. I’ve never seen anyone get so mad, they started chewing on their own face!


I liked the drama but it would’ve been better for the players’ games and sanity if they’d realized there was a huge communication gap. Bayleigh was ridiculous to go off that way. Because of her screaming combined with no one getting what the other was saying, she was never getting the apology she thinks she deserved. I mentioned the other day (but it may have been in a comments instead of my recap) that I wish Angela hadn’t focused on the hacker twist in her veto speech because it would allow Bayleigh to play the role of victim. After watching the episode, it came off the way I thought it would. Bayleigh wants an apology for being accused of being the hacker and that’s why she was so mad. If Angela had focused on Bayleigh having a power app in the speech, Bayleigh wouldn’t have been able to be the victim as much. We wouldn’t have gotten the house meeting but I’m talking about what’s good for them at the moment, not us. Level 6 said themselves it was irrelevant if she was the hacker so why focus on it?  Tyler and Angela are sending the first person to jury VERY upset with them and it was unnecessary. Don’t get me wrong, Bay was always going to be pissed but she didn’t have to have this level of bitterness. It was fun for us but not a smart game move for them. Brett, on the other hand is working for those votes. He consoled Bay after it was over, RS was hugging him and telling him she liked him now and he even baked the ladies cookies.

One side of the house is definitely playing better than the other but L6 makes mistakes too. Most of them still don’t think Haleigh was the hacker this week. Everyone on both sides is starting to play for themselves and make side deals so there’s still alot going on. I’d been concerned if one side demolished the other, this great season could start to slow down. It doesn’t look that way because they’re still playing hard and all the side deals really coming out too. Last night, we thought there would ba a halfway party with alcohol but the Vegas leaker said the alcohol was canceled because of yesterdays events. I don’t  have any drunk antics to recap but here’s what did happen:

  • Scottie met with Bay and (this is close to where Steve left you yesterday, I think) couldn’t get a solid answer for his vote. She left frustrated and told RS that she (RS) would probably be staying. BTW, Angela and Fessy…. it’s frustrated, not fusrtated.
  • JC told Fessy L6 didn’t believe Hay was the hacker. JC also said he’d vote out RS. JC made more comments about how much time Hay and Brett are spending together to keep driving a wedge. (Hate to break it to JC but Hay’s already won this competition over Fessys loyalty)
  • Brett goes to the hoh and meets with Angela, Tyler and KC. He says he missed them but is getting good info. He tells Tyler and Angela are definitely targets next week. They have a group hug and get back to work. (Brett has stopped sharing everything, maybe a it’s a time issue or he may be stepping up his game)
  • Hay and Scottie hang out for a very long time. Scottie spills L6 secrets so we know he isn’t loyal to them. He told her they think she has a hidden shomance with Fes. He tells Hay he didn’t know Tyler had a side until this week. Hay said she did. (Not true) Scottie said he realized JC was playing both sides now. Hay said she’s always known that. (Not true) (Hay was also convinced Angela felt like a “dumbass” after the house meeting, also not true) Scottie asks about them trying to get Scottie out this week and Hay denies it. She ends up saying that some people may have suggested it but saying he didn’t. (Not true)  They talked about going after L6 next week, if they could team up with Brett (thinking he’s alone) and how they still trust each other. Scottie told her Fes was trying to make something with himself and Tyler. Hay said that Tyler was the one pushing for it. Scottie assured her Fes was the one doing it. He told her Bay also tried to make a final 3 with himself and Fes. She said she didn’t think Fes would try to make a deal and leave her out of it. (This is after she denied a shomance with him) They try to decide if they have the votes. He said he’ll help keep Bay but if they don’t have votes, they need to vote with the house this week. Hay said RS is loyal but will never win a comp and Bay comes with a power so that’s the dilemma. (RS’s came closer to winning a higher amount of comps than Bay or Hay for the record. Bays was a crap shoot win) Hay tells Scottie she wishes she hadn’t told she was the hacker. (Knew that was coming) She said she’d like to say Bay put her up to saying  it if Bay leaves but she’s afraid of a jury buy back and Bay coming back. Hay suggests making a F4 with Scottie, RS and Brett. Scottie also let’s her know JC is telling L6 he’s voting out Bay so not to believe him.
  • Bay and KC talked and KC said it was a hard situation but she cared about Bay as about person. Bay says people hate her and that’s why they wouldn’t apologize.
  • Sam let’s Bay know she’ll need to consult a third party to decide her vote since they both asked for it. Bay suggested talking to Fes as a third party. Lol
  • Angela and Bay talk and Bay said she’s hurt Angela didn’t ask her if she had doubts. Bay said it was personal, Angela said it was game and they didn’t get anywhere. Angela said she wasn’t having the conversation anymore and it didn’t end well.
  • Scottie and Tyler check in with both of them going through the motions of believing each other. Tyler’s a little uneasy because Scottie spent so much time talking to Hay. They both said the right things but I think they both know they should watch out for the other one. Scottie did tell him Fes is claiming Tyler is the one pushing the guys thing be he held back most everything else.
  • Tyler tells Angela they definitely need Sam’s vote and I think it’s because he’s doubting Scottie. Sam spent more time with Bay than Tyler . He’s a little paranoid about it now. (It’s a little fun to see Tyler nervous)
  • Scottie and Brett do some more bonding. Brett let’s Scottie know he’ll be voting out Bay.
  • Scottie let’s Hay know they won’t have Brett this week.
  • Brett tells Fes the situation between Caleb and Amber in bb16. It goes over Fessys head and now he thinks Kaitlyn must have looked like a “Caleb.”  He never made the connection.

Tyler knows his game is more exposed than it’s been before and he may also be regretting switching roles with Brett. Brett’s showing signs of playing his own game although I think he’s still very loyal to L6. Haleigh is scrambling to put something back together and Scottie may be the way she does it. Scottie isn’t loyal to L6 or Hive but I do think he’s somewhat loyal to Haleigh. He definitely has a soft spot for her.  It should be another great week ahead. I can’t wait for tonight! Have a great Thursday!


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  1. Avatar

    BB20 August 8, 10:21:57 Wednesday- Bay barges in on Kaycee and Sam (talking in the storage room) demanding to know they are yelling about. NT


  2. Sassy

    Thanks for the recap Mel! It is CRAZY that even those of us watching the feeds can’t get a good read on who is going home the morning of the eviction each week. There is always some doubt and we know it’s going to be close. This cast is not only blindsiding each other but us too, to some extent. I think that is why this season has been so good.

  3. Avatar

    Bay has to leave!!!! I an take her anymore

    votes… JC Tyler KC and brett for sure vote out bay.
    that’s that makes 4 votes.. hay cancels Tyler back to 3.

    If Sam sticks to the norm with voting with Tyler we should be good no matter what scottie does.

    I sure hope I’m right

  4. strwar1

    Today is the day where Bayleigh (Mad Queen)is Dethroned! Bye Bye Bayleigh! See ya you evil Biych

  5. Avatar

    So Mel, who do you think will get evicted tonight? Bayleigh? Last week I wanted this exact situation to happen (Bay getting backdoored and evicted after her HOH dictatorship), but not sure where the votes are this week.
    Hay, Fess and vote for Bay to stay. Tyler, Brett, JC, Kaycee for RS to stay. Scottie and Sam though???? Could it be a tie? Can’t tell what Scottie is leaning towards. I feel like Sam would most likely vote with the majority.

  6. danmtruth

    Mel this is the reason why this season IS so good Even long time watchers on this board Cant agree on what is strategy and what is just bad play Even who is with who as things keep shifting
    I think Scottie is taking a page out of Jc play book In trying to keep the power group numbers close Than at the same time try to pull a few players into an alliance He feels he has allied himself close enough to L6/5/4/ To be getting info At the same time is keeping Hali close enough to get info on the HIVE I’m also not buying the never been kiss virgin thing about Scottie Nice cover story but is a big BB fan so I think he wants to go down as one of the great players So the back and forth playing of both sides Dangerous and gutsy Yet if he can pull it off against this group it would be impressive
    Sam after seeing that video of her singing Is another one I feel is typed cast different that her nature She is playing a low non threading role Yet her vote is always need Unlike Victoria She has gotten people on both side to trust her on a personal level Despite all her I don’t want to hear or talk game play She was smart enough to see it was Hali who won the hacker She is prison yard smart like Kevin from last year So don’t count her out

    • Sassy

      I love seeing all of them strategize, even if their strategy is terrible! The sides have remained pretty even so far. Level 6/5/4 has 4 (KC, Angela, Brett and TY) and Hive will have 4 after this eviction (Fuzzy, Haho, Scottie, and Bay/RHS). Although Sam and JC usually stick to the level 6/5/4, they are not officially aligned and could play either side when they choose. Neither side will want to put them OTB because they are seen as possible votes in their favor. Both sides are equally matched by ability, but Level 6/5/4 has a better strategy game.

    • ClaireBear

      I have loved this season because those who would have been picked off in past seasons by scared HOHs, who would rather get rid of a “floater” than make an open attack….those floaters are really kind of making their own waves, and people have to really campaign for them to vote for their side. I love that JC wants to keep it even, and Scotties appears to agree. I think this dynamic is really helping make this season extra colorful and unpredictable.

    • caRyn

      Agree, Sassy and ClaireBear. And…Scottie made a wave when he was HoH. Sam (Tyler) did too when Sam was HoH. I would like JC to win HoH.

  7. HappyHippo

    Bring on Thursday and let’s say good freakin riddance to bay!

  8. Painter1

    Can you imagine the craziness if Bay stays. Tyler would have to use his power next week to stay off the block. L6 getting blindsided would be great for the show but realistically I would like Bay gone. She acts like the child in the store who throws a tantrum because they can’t get their way.

    • ClaireBear

      I am sick of Bay, but part of me is thinking what drama! But I believe if she stays, it be that Bay that was there her HOH week. Drunk with power and annoying AF. So I’m really hoping she is really really gone lol.

  9. ElaineB

    Originally I rooted more for L6 to get control and stay in control, but that has changed. I now like certain individuals from both sides, so I am ready for drama! Bay and RS are still my bottom two, so one of them will go….wheee! Is a good BB day.

  10. Tinkerbell

    My Dearest Bay-Bay, You wanted to be the first black winner of BB, first black shomance, first everything. Ding ding ding, you’re a “weiner”. You are the first unhinged person to ever spew blood during your psychotic rage, for millions of viewers to witness. Congratulations, your wishes have been granted. You are recorded on the Internet forever, and ever. Yes Sweetheart, you are Miss Congeniality, in your mind only. You were hoping for great opportunities to come your way. I believe there might be a remake of The Exorcist. Best wishes to you as you continue to be entitled, obnoxious, rotten to the core, self-serving, and blaming the world for the chaos YOU create wherever you are. In closing, my dear Boo-Boo, I knew exactly who you were the moment I saw your video on opening night. Wish I could say I luv ya, but I don’t. Tink


    • Avatar

      Well said! I can’t stand how she plays the victim and claims she was cast as the “angry sassy black girl”, yet instead of disproving this, she just feeds into the role she claims production “created” for her. If that’s not who you are Bayleigh, then why do you keep acting like it? Obviously it is who she really is but she’s in denial. She has no one to blame but herself for her actions yet continues to point fingers. I also can’t believe I was rooting for her before her HOH. Crazy how fast things change!

    • Avatar

      Also- did anyone else catch Bayleigh calling Tyler “sweetheart” during her rage/black out in the most aggressive, condescending way after just a couple days after she ripped Brett a new one for innocuously calling her “hun”? Quite hypocritical…

    • Tinkerbell

      Steve, Mel, Nk – I’m so thankful for you. Thank you for watching over our great herd of fun Junkies peeps. You guys are the B-E-S-T!! You rock!! For all you do….this standing ovation is for you. (((Big Hugs)))

    • danmtruth

      Tinkerbell she turned me off with that video talking about hating to deal with people Than talking to the HG about as a flight attendant she is not their to serve you but for your safety Just get over yourself If there is a spoiled rich kid on this show it is her

    • Alda

      Applause! Applause! Take a bow,Tink.

  11. Carl

    Do any of you remember earlier this season when Julie seemed surprised by JC vote during the eviction? This got me thinking that production must know how house pets plan to vote so they know what order to send them to the dr room. This got me thinking that if production want to screw with the game they could, if they know it would be a tie vote, have Haleigh cancel Angeles vote (after all it’s to cancel a vote and doesn’t say it can’t be the hoh) have a tie and no one goes. Yes this sounds a bit conspiratorial and probably sounds like something Fessy would come up with.

    • Avatar

      They totally know who is voting what, and use that order for suspense! At least that’s how it has worked in the past. This year there has been so many hinky votes that production is just as confused as we are sometimes!

  12. LO1004

    There can’t be a tie. Julie wasn’t sure about JC’s vote because he voted out “Chris” instead of saying Swaggy. The lineup in which they vote is by design to keep us in suspense as Production has a good idea of who is voting where.

    • Carl

      But Scottie also said “Chris”. I’ve always wondered if JC and his hinky votes told production Winston and then changed his vote at the last minute. JC early in the season always seemed to be fighting with production.

      • LO1004

        That’s right, it was Scottie’s vote. I don’t remember her having a reaction to JC’s vote. He’s all over the place, so it’s almost a surprise when he actually votes w the house.

    • danmtruth

      I think it was more a case of communication problem JULIE just wanted to make sure the they got the vote right In BBCan the first final was a mess as one jury mess up her vote As she voted to evict instead of for who she wanted to win

  13. caRyn

    JC and Scottie’s votes are unpredictable. Sam voting with Tyler is crazy and a bit unfair to other hg. It is almost like Tyler has an advantage – extra vote – every week. No fault of Tyler’s. Sam is there for a paycheck, air time and friendship only it seems.

  14. Zach

    If I were Fes/Hay/Scottie and I really wanted Bayleigh to stay. I would play on Sam’s emotions. Tell her that you are all going to vote her out, but would mean a lot if she was the singular vote for her to stay. Say that if it’s 7-0 the cast will seem bigoted and racist, say that she is from Kentucky and she needs to break the stereotype otherwise America will hate her. He’ll say whatever you need to say to get her to vote out RS. It’s Big Brother after all! I’d lie, cheat, steal, manipulate, use my body, use my mind, use anything I had to win the game and you know… 500k!!!

  15. Helen

    Almost time for HOH lockdown…that ought to be fun with Tyler and bayleigh locked in a room together. NOT

    • HappyHippo

      Have they said anything at all to each other since theblow out?

      • Sassy

        No. He is talking to Haho about the meeting and Bays action. He said he can’t talk to someone who yells in his face. He told her he’s not mad at Haho, it’s a game and he isn’t holding things personal. He sounds emotional talking to her.

  16. Avatar

    I’m ready for some good TV tonight. Bought a piece of cheesecake factory cheesecake to enjoy while watching bay leave.(hopefully) Thoughts on…will bayleigh’s exit be as awesome as Rachel’s was? AAAHHH the drama 🙂
    I’m also a bit nervous that this blindside will effect L6 and that they won’t see it coming.

    Thx for the updates. I really do appreciate them.

  17. Avatar

    I feel like I’m 99% certain Bay will go, but this season has been so unpredictable who knows. I really can’t imagine they’d keep her crazy but you never know.

  18. caRyn

    Either could go but it would be better for my F2 (Tyler and Kaycee) if Bayleigh was evicted because of her power app.

  19. HappyHippo

    Holy cow people! Tyler just told sam about his power! And that they really did accidentally put it on the screen that day!

  20. Avatar

    Also RS is telling Bayleigh she (RS) is a witch…………………lol.

  21. HappyHippo

    I can’t believe they screwed themselves out of alcohol yesterday, I would be so mad at hay and bay for that!

  22. Avatar

    “Tyler whispering to Sam in the KT says she needs to vote out Bayleigh and she says ok. He tells her that he will go OTB if Bayleigh stays with her power and then whispers to her about his power. She is upset he didn’t trust her and he tells her she is the only person he has told and will tell and that he trusts her. He tells her the power he has is the cloud and how it works. He has it for 3 more weeks. He almost lost his mind last week when they put the cloud up on the TV.”

  23. Painter1

    Making sureL6/5/4 has the votes to evict Bay . They should concentrate on Sam/ JC/ and Scottie.JC,/ Scottie might be ok with Bay staying because they are not a target for her power app. Tonight should be another nail biter going into the vote. Make sure the popcorn is ready!!!

    • Sassy

      I think it may be a 7-0 or 5-2 vote to evict Bay. Ty, JC, KC, Brett and Sam are definitely voting out Bay. Who cares what Fuzzy and Haho do, but I think they will vote with the house as if it really matters and Scottie already said if it’s not a for sure pick for Bay to stay he’s voting with the house.

      • danmtruth

        not sure Hali can face Bay and RS if she did not vote to save Bay Sorry RS will understand Even if she knows that the rest of the house is voting out Bay she will feel she owes her

  24. Avatar

    Bay now has the votes needed to send her ass packing
    The Hive reminds me of a song from Thousand Foot Krutch

    “It falls apart from the very start it falls apart”

    • Avatar

      Ha-Ho just said she may not cancel anyone’s vote

    • Avatar

      I say the surprise vote for Hay will be Feysal. He has been on the wrong side of the vote the past few weeks and probably wants to jump off a sinking ship. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Scotty “not so too hotty” jumps ship to just to stay with the majority and keep his hands clean. Hay is probably the only one who will vote for Bay to stay. Which will send Hay into a Bay like hissy fit.

  25. Mel

    They must be worried about Sam’s vote if Tyler’s using the power app to sway her. She told KC earlier that she didn’t know how she was voting. That’s why she said she was planning to stand up and volunteer to go home tonight.

    Hay just pulled Tyler in a room and said they were staying in there until they fixed their relationship. Funny, I didn’t think they had a problem with it until she put him on the block.

    Vegas said hoh comp is about quick memory for flashing images or something like that. Also said it may not be shown during the show. They have A LOT of material to show, maybe that’s why??
    We haven’t seen granny, barely saw KC and RS punishments, fall out after veto ceremony and now the house meeting.

    They could also want a longer interview with Bay assuming she leaves.

    • Avatar

      Do you think Tyler told Sam about his power app solely to help sway her vote in his favor? I guess that makes sense cause I don’t understand why else he would tell her.

      • Mel

        I do. She was acting so wierd yesterday and then wouldn’t tell them how she was voting after. Tyler also made a comment yesterday about Sam going to comfort Bay but hadn’t been upstairs to check on him. He isn’t usually concerned with that kind of stuff so I think he thought he needed to pull out another bonding moment with her.

    • Sassy

      This needed to be a 2 hour show! I’m sure production wasn’t expecting the house meeting to be such a hit and I’m curious to see how much of it will be aired.

      • Mel

        Me too. Once we had the house meeting, I almost forgot they had some words exchanged after the veto ceremony. We haven’t even seen that yet.

      • Sassy

        And there were several one on ones with Bay that would be nice to see. Especially the ones with Angela and KC.

      • danmtruth

        They also should show the Hay &Bay cry fest for a bit No need to show the Fess hammock ping-pong should she tell shouldn’t she tell So yes they have a lot to cover KC in the pool with the peanut suit RS running or jumping jacks Any of her cutting non skills lOTS TO COVER

    • leafhopper

      wonder how much of Bay’s melt down they will actually show primetime?

    • Avatar

      Production knows if they show the Granny Shirt there will be a lot of fall out from the over sensitive public. Cannot be hatin on Grannies!

      Just watch how they edit the crap out Bay’s rant on Ty.

  26. Mel

    Hay told Tyler she wasn’t part of the plan to try and get Scottie otb with Tyler this week. Scottie may but it but Tyler won’t.

    • Mel

      She also acknowledged she knew Tyler wasn’t rude to Bay. Isn’t that what her speech was about?

      • Avatar

        LOL yep! Unless she was implying it was Angela who was treating Bay poorly.

      • Mel

        Hay and RS both got wrapped up in Bay being a victim, they ran with it. It was telling yesterday when JC asked for an example of people treating Bay badly and RS couldn’t give him one.

      • Sassy

        She’s just trying to mend fences, because she knows Bay is leaving. hoping he doesn’t hold it against her later. I don’t think HaHo thought Bay would go off like she did.

  27. Shivani33

    Really Tyler was making a tactical move by telling Sam about his Cloud app. He has to use the personal touch with Sam because those are her regularly defined parameters. He gave her a valid reason to vote to evict Bayleigh, in case she was waffling. He gave Sam a perspective that she can protect him by voting out Bay, rather than mucking everything up more by Sam’s idea of volunteering to go to the jury house instead of AngieRS or Bayleigh. He is aware that if Sam does a stunt like that, it would be ineffective and would hurt her “game.” Right now, Sam is still a useful ally for him.

  28. kneeless

    I loved it ladt night at the end of Bay going off on angela, Bay sarcastically tells Angela that she (Angela) is perfect. Angela replied, “thank you” & walked away!

  29. jimbo

    “He definitely has a soft spot for her.” More like a hard spot. Haleigh’s only game is flirting/sex.

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