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Big Brother 22- Monday Recap for 10/5/20

October 6, 2020 | 17 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all! We’re getting near the end and damn, it’s boring. It’s feeling like that last week, when we’re all just killing time. Tyler did some campaigning, they had the veto ceremony and hopefully, most of you got to see last nights episode.

It wasn’t a bad episode since we got to see how things played out during the triple a bit more. A few questions were answered at least. We’d already knew Christmas saying she was confused was a lie and so was Enzo playing dumb. That was all confirmed because we clearly saw Enzo agree to vote out Nicole but not do it.

Sometimes, I have thoughts on the episodes but I don’t have much today. I liked this hoh comp and the spin they put on it from the RV comp back in BB18.  Don’t hate me, but I almost enjoyed this side of Nicole. (Sure, she needs to be more self aware when she’s complaining about Christmas trying to get rid of her, so she can be left with all the guys) Think of how differently we’d look at her if immediately after saying that, she’d said “Damnit, that’s my game!” and then laughed. (That’s really all we’ve ever wanted from her) I’ve said it before and last night was a good example. If Nicole could be vindictive without the whining and playing victim, she could’ve easily been a fan favorite. If she could channel a bit more Janelle or Dani and less Kevin, she’d be hilarious. Truthfully, I could almost live with the whining as long as she winked to the camera occasionaly and told us she was laying it on thick. (I know, I know, that’s her voice, so she can’t)  It’s just an opportunity missed, that’s all I’m saying because who couldn’t get behind a petty, grudge holding player, who looked like they just came off the set of Little House on the Prairie:

I’m sure Tyler is leaving in 2 days and I’m the most curious to find out if he was done with Enzo the moment he voted to keep Nicole. He’s hung out with him alot since the triple but they share a room and he needs his vote. It doesn’t mean he’s falling for Enzo’s bullshit. They have such an easy rapport and joke around so much, sometimes it fools you.  By some fluke, if Tyler were to stay, it’s probably also a lack of options that he’d try to stick with Enzo. We’re at the stage of the game, where it stops being about who you can trust, it becomes more about how to best get yourself to the end.

Tyler knew he was in trouble when he found out Cody was going to put him up and “target” Christmas. I was glad to see him campaigning instead of just laying down and waiting to go. We’ve seen people do that over the years and I’m glad Tyler hasn’t. It won’t do any good but at least he’s trying. Besides, I’d like him to offset trying to quit earlier in the game. This won’t redeem him completely in my eyes, but being evicted is probably punishment enough. (I doubt he’ll care what most of us think anyway)  It’s one of the things I like about Tyler. He can come in, play the game and let go of it when its over. For anyone who wondered if he could only do that because he was on the winning side all season, we have our answer. He’s losing but he stays aware that it’s a game.


  • Cody, Nicole and Enzo are irritated with Christmas because she feels safe and already thinks she has the votes to stay (She annoys me too but I thought the whole point was to make them both feel safe this week)
  • Nicole told Cody she should be a little nicer to Tyler and Christmas but said she’s still mad. She said Tyler made a “vicious move in 20 seconds.” (Actually, no. Tyler’s known Dani and Nicole both needed to go for a while, but you do you Nicole) She said she’s also mad that Christmas doesn’t even act like she feels bad for doing it. (May the Lord, the force and all the valium that doctors can prescribe be with Victor on his journey ahead)
  • Christmas (using her BB19 brain) started telling Memphis how they needed to handle the next hoh. She thinks if it’s endurance, he or Enzo needs to go for it and if it’s mental, they can throw it to her because she feels she has the best chance. Memphis reminded her he’s won plenty of mental comps and told her he wouldn’t be throwing anything the rest of the season. (Haha) She mentioned it was better to keep Nicole next week, assuming Cody didn’t win the veto.
  • Nicole brought up Memphis’ foot injury to Cody. (I wasn’t sure yesterday if it was his leg or his back….wrong on both) I don’t even know if he’s actually that injured or just playing it up. Nicole said he did it jumping in the pool.
  • Memphis told Cody and Enzo a story that we only caught the end of and was saying  he’d had some injury which should’ve gotten 14 stitches. He said he’d gone to CVS and just bought medical glue instead.

Memphis has repeatedly told us he has good stories but they arn’t PG so he doesn’t tell them. It made me wonder about this one. (If he didn’t go to a doctor, how does he know how many stitches it needed?) My son did the same thing in a basketball tournament one summer. He definitely needed stitches but I couldn’t have know how many. He played about 8 games that day and we just glued the cut together between all the games. (Sweat kept making it break open) He wouldn’t leave because a college recruiter was there that day.  I’m heading waayyyyy off subject and my point was, I wonder if some of Memphis’ stories are bullshit anyway. There may be no reason to be curious about them.

  • Cody didn’t use the Veto.
  • Christmas told Tyler this may be the best F6 of all time so yeah, that happened…She also talked to the camera and said she loved Tyler and bitched about Dani. She said Dani had used non game information. (The wall yeller saying Tyler & Christmas had a F2)
  • Cody and Enzo talked about what Enzo had told Memphis. Enzo said he told him he’d put up Nicole and Christmas if he won hoh. Cody had to tell Enzo why that was a bad idea. (Ya, he knows) Enzo said he might put up Memphis and tell him he’s a pawn. Cody said Memphis doesn’t trust Christmas anymore which is good for them. (Memphis is pissed at Christmas, there’s a difference) Enzo told Cody that if Nicole and Christmas were otb, obviously Memphis would want Christmas to stay but….Enzo has NOT told Cody about Memphis saying he might have to put Cody and Nicole otb together. He also didn’t tell Cody that Memphis wants Christmas to win the next hoh. Enzo tells Cody a lot so this could be telling. I think if Cody knew that, he’d switch the target this week.
  • Nicole joined them and they made fun of Christmas’ speech at the veto ceremony. Enzo imitated her saying her shorts were very short and Nicole said it was because they were too tight now. (That wasn’t in the speech, I don’t think)  Cody was mostly making fun of her for repeatedly mentioning how they were “making good TV.” Cody found time to complain about Kaysar again. (He doesn’t let anything go)
  • Cody talked to Christmas and sounded pretty blunt with her. He said she was stumbling all over with her speech. She said she was sorry she didn’t have a rhyme this time. (I’m not) She said she was saying Cody could be a bigger legend than he already was and he said he wasn’t a legend, he was a loser.
  • Tyler tried to campaign to Memphis and asked him if he was planning on voting him out. Memphis said he was leaning that way, it was only because he was a threat in comps and when he decided for sure, he’d tell Tyler. Memphis said he had no reason to lie to him and they talked about the way players try to handle jury management. Memphis thinks it’s stupid when players throw a pity vote to someone and actually think it will affect a juror voting for them at the end. Memphis also said he didn’t even get one jury vote when he was in the F2. Tyler was trying to convince Memphis that Tyler would go with him to the F2 because he felt Memphis had rubbed people the wrong way in the jury.
  • Memphis told Nicole he thinks the smartest move is to get rid of Tyler. He reminded Nicole the Christmas only won hoh because Day missed a question, not because Christmas actually did anything.
  • Tyler campaigned to Nicole too.  She lied and said she didn’t know how she was going to vote but she was more honest than I’d expected her to be. She told Tyler “to be frank, I don’t want to keep either one of you.” Tyler laughed at this and asked if she’d let him know so he could activate his power. (Haha) She told him she was alone, said she didn’t want to work with Christmas so she’d vote the way Enzo and Cody wanted. She explained she was more upset with Christmas than Tyler because she acknowleged Tyler didn’t owe her anything. She said she did feel as if Christmas owed her. (??? Dont ask me)
  • Nicole mentioned all the nice clothes Dani brought to the house. She said she almost kept some when she packed her things but didn’t because she knew Dani would kill her. (Remember when they thought Bay stole Janelles clothes…the ones Janelle gave to Bay? I couldn’t help thinking about that when I heard this)
  • I actually thought it was great when Nicole told Tyler she wanted to evict both Tyler and Christmas. She later ruined it by telling Cody and Enzo she’d said it, claimed she felt bad about it now but still wanted praise for saying it. (trying to ride a fence usually just causes some kind of injury)
  • Tyler and Christmas searched the entire house for the backgammon board. Eventually, Tyler found it in the have not room….in Nicole’s hiding spot. Later in the evening,  I saw Nicole had it back in the have not room, using it to study.   I don’t know if it wasn’t on feeds or if I just missed it but I was disappointed. (I really wanted to see Nicole’s reaction when she realized they had it back so if anyone knows more about this, please fill me in!) I’m not into jumping out of trash cans or hiding people’s things for pranks but this does entertain me. It’s because there’s  some real pettiness involved here.
  • After deciding again they would be voting out Tyler, Nicole told Cody she knew how much he’d done for her in the game. She said if they were otb together, he needed to be the one to stay. (She wouldn’t be making that decision and that’s not the decision she would make either)
  • There was more than one conversation about America voting and they do this every year. (These were actually several conversations that I’m lumping together) Tyler and Cody think Dani or Janelle could have been America’s Player and Tyler also thinks it could’ve been Nicole A since she was the most recent AFP. Enzo said it couldve been David. (Hahaha) Nicole is sure we’ve voted on something since we didn’t vote on have nots.
  • They’ve talked about powers too. Nicole had jokingly asked Tyler if he was going to pull out a power on Thursday and he said yes. This led to a conversation about people making it to the F2 without a power. Nicole was trying to insinuate that other than her safety suit, she was the only person who had gotten to the F2 without the help of a power. (I guess she’s forgotten that safety costume…came with a week of safety….at a crucial time in the game)
  • This is Nicole’s costume for the power she thinks didn’t help her in BB18:
  • I don’t know if Nicole gave more thought to Tyler winning AFP on BB20 which may have caused her to worry about her edit again. She cam talked to us about Tyler. After the snake comments and saying she hated him, she told us she was only joking. She said she doesn’t know him outside of the game but said he’s kind, humble and many other nice things. (She’s hoping for a episode clip like the ‘Ian is my best friend’ to offset anything bad she’s said that might air)
  • Nicole has had a harder time as a have not this time and Chriatmas made her some kind of slop fried rice which Nicole didn’t seem very optimistic about. She ended up really liking it and told Christmas it was very good. (She did tell Cody she needed to be nicer to them so maybe she is ??)
  •  Enzo studied and talked to himself. He said if he won the next hoh, he was going to “clip Nicole.” I’m assuming he meant it since he was alone. (I still say he shouldn’t win the next one and he knows this, he’ll throw it)
  • Cody complained to Memphis about no one ever coming to break up the conversation when Christmas comes up to the hoh room. (He had to listen to her talk about her crossfit program AGAIN yesterday and that’s probably where this came from)
  • Tyler and Enzo joked around before going to bed and that’s became their usual routine. Most of it was joking but Tyler worked into the convo that Enzo would lose to Cody in a F2.
  •  Memphis camera talked to his “fans” and campaigned a little for America’s Favorite Player. (The delusion is real ya’ll)

That’s it for me today. I know it’s been dull but I am looking forward to seeing if Memphis betrays Cody or Enzo, assuming they got to F3. Would Enzo vote out Nicole or keep her and betray Memphis? Is Cody going to betray Enzo and keep Nicole? Somebody is going to have to because once Tyler is gone, these are the deals we have going:


Cody, Enzo, Nicole

Cody, Enzo. Memphis

Christmas, Enzo, Memphis


Cody, Enzo

Cody, Nicole

Cody, Memphis

Memphis, Enzo

Memphis, Christmas

*Nicole & Christmas but that one isn’t even being faked anymore after Christmas tried to vote out Nicole.

Have a great Tuesday!

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