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Big Brother 22- Sunday Recap for 10/4/20

October 5, 2020 | 20 Comments
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Author: Mel

Morning ya’ll! I really didn’t want to title this a recap since there’s barely anything to recap. There was a little game talk but it was mostly just repeating the same things, not so much strategizing.

The hg’s were happy to have the backyard again but with so few people in the house, it just gave them the ability to spread out and have some alone time. It always gets like this near the end but this season, it feels worse for some reason. It may be because many of us don’t like who’s left or because the past two months have already felt like yesterday. I’ll recap what little there is, mixed with some of my own thoughts on strategy.


  • The hgs slept in like they often do on Sundays. Memphis and Christmas got up and were taking about getting to drink the night before. It sounds like they got a bit tipsy and were able to let loose without the cameras. (They’ve always cut feeds for alcohol parties so that didn’t really bug me. It’s ALL the other feed cuts that are annoying!)
  • The chatter in the early part of the day was mostly about only having 3 weeks left before they see their families and wondering if the fans hate the Committee. They always get antsy near the end to get it over with. Memphis is realistic about the Committee and thinks we do hate them. (He and Dani have talked about it before and it was pretty funny when they did) Tyler also understands how fans seem to root for the underdogs (we do) but Cody, not so much. I think he just can’t accept he’d be part of an alliance that wasn’t loved. He thinks the way they’ve creamed everyone all season is way too impressive for us not to be into it. Memphis and Christmas also think their fans will name babies after them. (Maybe, if people actually want kids that go by douche and nut job)

Thoughts on Cody:

I’ve wondered several times if Cody has always been adored by everyone he comes in contact with because of the way he acts. You could see it in the way he couldn’t handle criticism, even when someone was joking with him. I also remember when his dad scrubbed his Twitter acct of negative comments after BB16, but before letting Cody read them. Everyone wants to protect their children but Cody was a grown man when this happened. Granted, he was being accused of breaking up a marriage, which isn’t the usual criticism, but his dad also said he didn’t want Cody hearing people say Cody had been Derricks puppet. (For the record, Christine isn’t with the guy she was married to during BB16 but she’s said it had nothing to do with Cody or BB16)

Thoughts on Nicole:

While I’m psycho analyzing people….I’ve wondered if the way Christine stabbed Nicole in the back on BB16 has anything to do with the way Nicole plays. Christine was her closest friend in the house and even if it isn’t a conscious decision, I can see Nicole systematically removing the women to avoid repeating what happened before. She also has this way of searching for a betrayal (before there is one) and using it as the excuse to turn on people. It may be a ‘I have to get them before they get me’ mentality and the excuses she makes up are a way to convince herself that they are ‘trying to get her.’

This could also be complete bullshit and it’s possible I’m just bored. (I also have no idea what the hell she was doing when I took this pic. It wasn’t something caught mid movement either because she kept doing this over and over)  She may play the game she plays for other reasons. Nicole’s strategy of playing damsel in distress works better on men and that could explain why she needs to get to the end with the guys. It even worked for a while on Christmas too. Christmas had the right kind of personality for it and Nicole knew it. Dani was also protective over Nicole for a while. It isn’t a coincidence that the only time one person (Nicole) is a have not, people have volunteered to stay with her.  Her game has always been some version of ‘I’m just little ole me, I’m harmless, I’m weak, I don’t doooooo anything to anybody and why are people so mean to me?’

More of the Recap:

  • Christmas thinks they’ve really given the fans a show and said live feeders must “be insanely into it this year.” She said she can’t wait to see the ratings. She mentioned her many followers and talked like they’re probably hanging on her every word. (It’s rumored she’s bought many of them but I don’t know) She shouted out two specific loyal followers named Twiggy and Jill. (Twiggy and Jill must not have shit going on if they hang on Christmas’ every word or Tweet or whatever)
  • Nicole was either in a bad mood from being a have not or just doing her usual strategy of villainizing the person going home. She shouldn’t need to do that with Tyler because they weren’t close anyway. He just tried to vote her out so she doesn’t need an excuse. She told Cody how she’d never met anyone like Tyler and said he was such a snake. She said she can’t beleive BB fans have called her a snake when Tyler is the real snake. She said she’s a cute little garden snake but Tyler is a snake full of venom.  She’s also concerned Enzo might beleive she and Cody are a pair if Tyler is trying to get into his head. Nicole is also annoyed that Christmas hasn’t tried to campaign to her yet. Cody said it was because she already thinks she has Memphis and Enzos votes so she thinks she’s safe. Nicole still finds it annoying but Cody said Christmas will go next so she shouldn’t worry about it.
  • The only thing that seemed to make Nicole happy yesterday was planning Tyler’s goodbye msg. Cody asked if it was going to be mean and she said kind of but not really. Nicole said she didn’t know what it was about Tyler that irked her. (Yes she does, he doesn’t buy her damsel in distress bullshit) She decided it would be mean and made sure to tell Cody that she’d never get Tyler’s jury vote. (Nicole has picked up Dani levels of subtlety)
  • Nicole confirms with Enzo that Tyler will be leaving.
  • Nicole cam talks about her plan over these last few weeks. She said she needs to keep doing what she doing and said she needs to convince everyone she doesn’t have anybody in the house and is all alone. She said all her friends have been taken away from her. (meaning sent to jury) She also complained under her breath about Tyler being picked as Americas Favorite Player. She was saying “what a joke.” She can’t understand how it happened.
  • Tyler asked Nicole if she knew how she’d vote and she said she didn’t know yet. She let him know she was all alone and didn’t have anyone.
  • Memphis told Enzo if Christmas won the next hoh, she’d put up Cody and Nicole. They talked about Nicole needing to leave next. That way, they’ll be in a F4 with both of their F3 wiseguy alliances even if they don’t win the F4 hoh. Initially, Enzo said he’d put up Nicole and Christmas but Memphis explained they couldn’t have Cody winning the veto and saving Nicole. (Ya, Enzo already knows this so he may have just been seeing if he could get away with it) They agreed Nicole had to go next and Memphis didn’t want to depend on having to talk Cody into it. He thinks it’s better if Cody just doesn’t vote.
  • Nicole checked to see if Enzo needed any help making dinner and got into a convo with Tyler about being annoyed with Kevin for cheating as a have not. She said he drank gatorade and said she saw it. She said “if they ever try” and then sort of stopped.  Tyler finished the thought and said “get onto you?” She said “ya, I’ll say roll back the tapes. Kevin drank gatorade.” (I’ve said I think have nots are dumb because of the way they do it so I don’t care. I just don’t like when they’re hypocrites about it) Nicole said she’s super careful not to break the rules. (I actually had a pic of Nicole using the hot side of the shower the day before. I deleted it and didn’t post it because it seemed petty. I may be rethinking that one)
  • Christmas did alot of studying and so did Nicole yesterday. Nicole is really on top of her days but Christmas isn’t bad either.
  • Nicole talked to Cody again. She’s still annoyed with Christmas and said Christmas acts like she’s done alot in the game when she hasn’t. She said Christmas’ position in the house isn’t what she thinks.  Nicole said she’s fine if she (talking about herself, not Christmas) leaves after next week (she isn’t) but she just wants to stay and win 1 hoh so she can put up Memphis and Christmas. She’s also annoyed that Memphis is smart and does well in the mental comps. (This is where Nicole’s mean girl come out sometimes. It isn’t enough for her that Christmas and Tyler are targets. She somehow wants to blindside them but also wants them to know they’re leaving and have to sit in the misery of their mistake….which was trying to vote out Nicole. She wants that satisfaction but she can’t get it because for the game. they need them to feel safe for now)
  • Nicole studied some more and has started using the backgammon board to do it. It’s a clever method but she also hid it under her bed. I don’t know how that will go over since Christmas plays backgammon about every day. I’ll be curious to see if Christmas looks for it and whether or not Nicole pretends not to know where it’s at.
  • Cody did some cam talking about Christmas putting him otb if she wins the next hoh. He’s also feeling confident Nicole will win the next hoh.
  • Memphis either hurt his leg or his back again. They wouldn’t let him in the DR when he tried but I think Tyler was in there at the time. Christmas talked about Memphis having a hard time if the comp was physical. She also mentioned Cody and Nicole throwing the wall comp to Dani.  At first, she said it didn’t count since they threw it to her.  She changed her mind, said she wanted to take the comment back and said it was a real win. (I was wondering if she’d thought about her foot race comp that was thrown to her on bb19)
  • Tyler and Enzo were the last ones talking after the lights were out.  Tyler said he knew he was in trouble and if Cody didn’t he use the veto, he knew he was leaving. Enzo said he didn’t think Cody had made a decision yet. They talked about Cody’s chances with the jury and said no one was going to beat him in a F2.  Tyler said Enzo could beat either Christmas or Tyler.

The night before, I thought the target could change again, since it was originally Christmas and it seemed to switch to Tyler quickly.  I thought Cody might change his mind again and I suppose he still could but I don’t think he will. (If he was going to, I think it would’ve happened yesterday, after they’d slept on it) I’ve seen Cody do something similar with other decisions he’s made. He did it with Day, Bay and Dani at one point. Cody has gotten mad over something, quickly said that person had to go, thought it over and realized it wasn’t the best game move. (It’s the main thing I wondered about with Cody this season) During BB16, Cody would get mad over something, start going off and Derrick would always reel him back in. Derrick would explain why the timing was wrong or whatever. I’d been curious how Cody would handle it when he didn’t have Derrick doing that for him. Overall, I have to admit, he’s done pretty well.

There have been a few times, he’s mouthed off before he talked himself through it and it caused him more work. (He did that with Dani to Enzo and Tyler. That’s why Tyler was able to easily get Enzo to push for the plan to get Dani out and force Cody into a corner. It was Cody’s own words that Tyler used against him. In the end, it didn’t happen but it could’ve and Cody created unnecessary work for himself that week by not staying quiet)


This one is a little different because it isn’t as much of an emotional decision as the other times when he decided quickly. Memphis also has alot to do with this one. Memphis refused to budge on who was going home this week and I think Cody could see it. One minute, Cody and Enzo planned to talk Memphis into taking out Christmas and after one conversation, they’re saying Tyler has to go.  This might be Cody’s HOH, but this round will go to Memphis if he gets to keep Christmas this week.


Cody’s also done a good job this season with thinking through all the possible scenarios which was Derrick’s job on his last season. I thought it was possible, if Cody did that this week, he might realize that Memphis will be the one to determine if this is a good move, not Cody. Cody also won’t know until it’s too late, unless Nicole or Enzo wins the next hoh. That could definitely happen and I can see Nicole winning the next one if it’s a mental comp, but I wouldn’t want my game depending on it. Enzo has also hinted to Cody that it might not be smart for him to win the next hoh. (I know people are annoyed with Enzo but he’s right. Enzo needs to win the F4 hoh, not F5. I’m with Enzo on this one) If Enzo doesn’t want to win it, it’s basically going to be Nicole vs Memphis and Christmas.

I’m not saying it’s a bad move to take out Tyler this week. I’m just saying, it’s risky and it could be dependent on whether or not Memphis is loyal. If I’m guessing, and that’s really all I’m doing, I’d say it’s likely he is and will stick with the guys if given the choice. He was a Renegade after all, and he may have that ‘bros to the end’ mentality. (Memphis needs to go to the end with Christmas in my opinion. The jury may not like him but they can’t stand her) Cody may also feel confident he can beat Nicole in the veto if it’s the two worst case scenarios. These are the two:

  1. Christmas wins hoh, puts up Cody & Nicole, Nicole wins veto and takes herself off, Enzo goes up, Nicole votes to keep Cody, Memphis votes to keep Enzo and Christmas breaks the tie, sends Cody to jury.
  2. Memphis wins hoh, puts up Cody & Nicole, Nicole wins veto and takes herself off, Enzo goes up, Nicole votes to keep Cody, Christmas votes to keep Enzo, Memphis breaks the tie, sends Cody to jury.

There’s one more thing that should give Cody pause about this week. Nicole may be mad and said she hates both Tyler and Christmas for trying to vote her out. However, she’s never been close to Tyler but she was with Christmas.Yesterday, Nicole told Cody she knew the only people who would take her to F2 would be Cody and possibly Christmas. He can probably bank on Nicole not forgiving Christmas and knowing Christmas would try to take Memphis to F2, but it would at least make me stop and think it over.

Both decisions this week have an upside and a downside but I need Christmas to go. She’s told everyone she plans to tell the hgs (and us) the story of Loyals birth on Thursday night since that’s his birthday. I’d love to avoid that if at all possible.

Don’t forget the Sunday episode has been moved to tonight but what time it will air is still in question because of football. Have a great Monday!

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