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Big Brother 22 – Wednesday Updates 10/7

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Good afternoon, everyone!


Tyler or Christmas. Tyler or Christmas. Who will be the next person to the jury house? Will we get another terrible poem by Christmas? Who will win the next HoH? Those questions and more not answered on this blog because I can’t see the future!

I can tell you that I’m expecting Tyler to be evicted tomorrow night, and I don’t even know what to think about it.  Typically by this time of the week, I’ll have a good idea if it’s a mistake or not to send someone home, but this week it really is just a coin flip. With so few people remaining, I guess you need to look at it through the voters’ eyes.

  • Enzo – I don’t think it really matters with him because he’s essentially the same person to them as they are to him.  This is another week where Enzo flies under the radar.
  • Memphis – This is easy, it’s far more beneficial for his game to send Tyler home. He is pretty close to Christmas and Tyler leaving makes her even closer to him.
  • Nicole – She has the opposite problem of Enzo where both are threats to her game, she just needs to think which one is the bigger threat.  If Tyler wins, he’s almost certainly going after Cody or Nicole.  If Christmas wins, she’s probably doing the same. For Nicole, this is about who has a better shot at winning tomorrow night, and my answer is Tyler. Christmas had two of her wins handed to her and Nicole actually beat her in the physical part when she raced across the beam in the third. The problem is, Nicole’s puzzle was wrong.  Does that mean Christmas can’t beat Nicole in comps? No way. It just means Nicole probably has a better shot against her than Tyler.
  • (If people forgot, the other veto comp Christmas won was the racing comp where everyone threw it once Da’Vonne and Bayleigh were out)

So, looking at it this way, it’s sad to say but it seems the house is right that Tyler has to go. Everyone here knows I’m no fan of Christmas, so it pains me to see her stay another week (and she’ll probably win HoH just to spite me), but Tyler is the smarter choice.  If there were a few more people remaining in the house, Christmas would be the better choice because of her ties to Memphis, but Nicole or Enzo have to win HoH tomorrow night regardless of who goes home or Nicole/Cody almost certainly follow next.  Needless to say, there will be no bigger fan of Nicole than Cody tomorrow night. His entire season and all Derrick’s hard work is relying on a girl who has won 3 HoH and 2 PoV in nearly 3 full seasons / 35+ HoH comps / up to 35+ PoV comps  (the HoH and PoV are estimates based on how many she was in the house for. I know she didn’t play in every single PoV comp and I’m not about to dig through to see which ones she actually played in).

Her biggest competition will be a guy who already has 3 HoH and 1 PoV this season alone and easily could have won more if he didn’t throw them.  Not good odds for Nicole.

Not sure how many updates there will be today, but don’t forget to follow my Instagram!

  • 2:15 pm – Christmas was making freshly squeezed orange juice while Nicole was studying
    • I know I said I probably wouldn’t do much update threads from here on out and then the next day I make one, but that’s because I realized it’s either this or begin cleaning up my bedroom so I can paint it.
  • 4:30 pm – In the backroom, Cody and Enzo meet up
    • They first say how annoying Christmas is. Then they talk about when Memphis will go after Christmas. They think soon. Cody is worried about Nicole being a target
    • Tyler comes in and they humor him a bit
    • Tyler leaves and they joke how Tyler said they were screwed if he leaves
    • Enzo wants to get rid of Memphis next week
  • 8:00 pm – Glad we got to see a mature debate tonight. And a new meme.  VPFly
    • On the feeds, Enzo and Cody are still thinking of what to do. They bring up a good point that if they flip on Memphis now (by voting out Christmas), that gives them a potential enemy next week in Memphis. They’d rather get out Tyler now and then Memphis and deal with Christmas/Nicole in the final 4. That’s their ideal
    • Nicole comes in and starts worrying. Cody tells her to win comps if she doesn’t want to worry about what will happen
  • 10:00 pm – Bedtime for Memphis.  Christmas and Tyler play backgammon. We’re currently in the stage where the cameras just show weird shit around the house.
    • Up in the HoH rom, Tyler and Enzo talk. Tyler makes a decent pitch to stay by mentioning how Enzo may get chopped third just like his season
    • I don’t think it’ll matter, but it was an okay pitch. The only question will be if Enzo gives him a pity vote like he says he’s going to. To blame it all on Nicole
    • During the conversation, Tyler keeps saying tomorrow will be ‘epic’. He is clearly trying to make people think he has a power which they know he doesn’t

Check back for updates



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