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Big Brother 23 – Friday Afternoon Feed Updates

July 23, 2021 | 35 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

It’s Friday in the Big Brother house which means Wildcard Competition and Nominations!  As I write this, the feeds are down for the competition, but we already have a good idea who the noms will be assuming certain people don’t earn safety during the comp.

Xavier has made it pretty clear that he’s going to be nominating Brent and Whitney with Brent as the target. No tricks. No backdoor. No gimmicks. He chose Whitney for the same reason Kyland picked Britini which is simply that was his only teammate available to nominate without putting up an alliance member. It’s not like X had much choice because like Kyland and Frenchie, he didn’t have many options to begin with unless he went after his own large alliances. Right after X won last night, I immediately removed anyone in the house either safe or part of his alliances and his only options were Brent, Whitney, and Britini.  Sure, he could have overthought his HoH like Frenchie did and went the backdoor route by putting up people he promised he wouldn’t, but X isn’t going to bother with any of that.

Frenchie began the season with chaos and then Kyland came over like a cool breeze after a scorching hot day and showed the house that they didn’t need to have chaos for an HoH. Everyone loved it which means that will likely be the tone for the next few weeks until chaos is the only option. Not great for feeds and drama, but it’s smart gameplay.

As I stated, feeds are down and have been for a few hours now (hence the late post), but I expect them to return fairly shortly. By that, I mean within the next hour or so.

Before I begin, I want to give a huge thank you to Jenny and Bonnie for your generous donations! I really appreciate it!!


  • 12:00 pm – Feeds are down for WC comp.
  • 1:45 pm – Feeds return. Tiffany won the WC comp.  Will let you know what the reward/punishment was shortly

    • Meanwhile, Britini is downstairs in the bedroom in a panic while Brent is in the HoH room. A lot to blog
    • It sounds like it was the style competition where you do something that eventually knocks a person out.  Trying to remember the competition as an example but basically what happened was Tiffany and DX ‘teamed up’ at one point against Britini which basically eliminated her.

  • As a personal note – BB really needs to have more of those style competitions. They almost always create conflict in the house which is obviously good for the feeds.  This is nothing about Britini specifically. I just love those style competitions that stir the pot in the house. BB should have one of those weekly.  I mean even when they have trivia, they should always have the knock-out style where you pick the two players to face off rather than last night’s basic trivia.
    • Britini mentioned how Tiffany didn’t accept it so sounds like she didn’t accept the Wildcard results like last week. Another dud by production. So far there have been 4 ‘add-on’ competitions where players can reject:
      • Frenchy Dice Roll – Rejects playing
      • Week 1 WC – Just spin the wheel for safety. No negative. No reason to reject
      • Week 2 WC – Sarah rejects the safety
      • Week 3 WC – Tiffany possibly rejects the safety
    • Okay, back to the HoH room.  Brent is trying to put the target on Britini because she was apparently doing very well in the competition today until Tiff/DX teamed up.  He says she’s likely a lot more physical than she lets on (which is true)

    • Brent then mentions how he spoke with Azah before about floater versus coaster. Azah apparently snapped at him because Brent said ‘floaters don’t usually win this game’ and got super defensive how it’s a great strategy. According to Azah, a floater is someone who works the whole house and works with everyone. After that, her mood changed because she gave away her gameplay.
    • Brent says Frenchie told him 3 people were coming for him and he assumes the only 3 who would talk to Frenchie about strategy after that mess would be his team (Azah, Britini, and Big D)
    • X changes the topic and tells Brent he wants someone strong to play in the veto but doesn’t want to make it obvious by picking him. He’s basically letting Brent know he’ll be a pawn (but he won’t be. He should be the target)
    • Brent is pushing a nomination combo of Brit and Azah hard which obviously means nothing because he’s not HoH
  • Brent takes off.
  • DX comes into the HoH room
    • It sounds like X may put up Britini next to Brent and pretend Brent is a pawn. Yikes. Britini already in rough shape today, so post noms could result in a blowup
    • X is going to tell Britini she’s part of the all-girl alliance which puts up the fake target on Brit. This is to keep Brent thinking Brit is the target. Btw, Britini isn’t in an all-girl alliance
  • Sidenote – Check out X making the HoH bed.  Hannah was going to grab a blanket from it but chose not to lol

    • Whitney heads to the HoH room and he offers her a drink.  She says “Is this a look into my future” slick flirt attempt.  X doesn’t take the bait
    • I wonder if X is used to girls looking at him like this. He has to be

    • X tells her the plan how he’s going to fake work with Brent and target Britini but the reality is Brent is the target
    • He asks if Britini is able to keep the secret. Basically, should he pull a Dan and keep Britini in the dark for a real reaction or let her in on it and risk her leaking. (Dan refers to his funeral where he didn’t tell Danielle his plan so he could get a real reaction from her)
    • I’m putting this out there now. I said X wasn’t doing any gimmicks at the beginning of my thread but this is a gimmick and it’s likely going to blow up on him. The house won’t keep this secret. Brent will find out he’s the target. That is almost as guaranteed as Whitney eye-banging X again sometime over the next 24h
  • Okay, X is now going through the house one by one to let them know of his plan.
    • Sarah comes in and tells X that the Jokers are pretty worked up over the WC competition and feel one of them are going to go up. Sarah suggests they just let it fizzle out and not put any up which is obviously against the plan X had because Britini is on the jokers. This is his reaction

    • Sarah pushes for Brent and Whitney on the block
    • This is going to seriously backfire.  I mean you know the famous saying “The best-kept secret is the one you tell every single person except one” lol
  • Tiffany’s turn
    • She is telling X how Azah is pretty pissed at her over the WC competition because Azah is close to Britini

  • Azah’s turn in the HoH
    • X tells her that Brent brought up 2 names and has her guess.  Kyland?  Nope. Two girls same team.  Britini?  Yes.
    • X is like ‘and who is the other’. Azah says ‘Big D?’.  She’s not calling Big D a girl but this is a sign how out of touch Azah is with the current state of the house right now.  She was so shocked that Brent dropped her name that her instant reaction was to say Big D over herself.  Not a good long-term outlook for Azah because of this.  Those who win BB are usually far more aware than this
    • And the screenshot is her reaction when she realizes she’s actually playing the game and people are dropping her name
    • She asks “you putting me up as a pawn??”  X says ‘no.. no!’ Then she tells him Britini will break if she’s a pawn again.
    • She asks why he doesn’t just put up Whitney and Brent (good question) and he says Brent will freak out all week and he won’t have enough Frenchie week
    • Azah volunteers to go up instead of Britini.  Very honorable but don’t throw your game away over another player
    • X asks Azah who she is loyal to. Her team or the cookout. Azah says the cookout.  She then says it’s just safest to put up Brent and Whitney.  She’s not wrong. I called Brent and Whitney from the beginning. I’m actually surprised he’s pulling this Frenchie route by gaining enemies in the process
    • Azah says “how are you avoiding week 1 by doing the same thing” Azah is on my wavelength here
    • He tells her he’s not putting her up plain and simple.
  • Obviously, I agree with Azah regarding X doing a weird move, but I don’t agree with her falling on her sword for Britini. It shows her character as a good human but never offer to be a pawn

  • Britini’s turn in the HoH room
    • She starts re-telling her comp experience
    • He tells her about how Brent said she is conspiring with Azah to come after X
    • X tells Britini the plan but says it may be her or Azah as the pawn
    • Brit tells him that she’s worried if she’s up there and Brent wins veto, she’d go home
    • He explains how if he puts Whitney up with Brent, he’ll know he may be the target and he’ll play hard.
    • Britini actually starts accepting this a lot more than Azah did
    • She worried that if she goes on the block early, she would be the perpetual pawn.  And she’s right, and she probably will be if she’s nominated this week
    • She asks if he (X) wins veto, will he swap her for Brent’s teammate or will he let her sit all week
    • After a long talk, it seems Britini has accepted it and will be nominated

  • X is letting Brent know he’ll likely be nominated as a pawn. Brent begins to stress and say it’s not a good idea because he’d be the target (he’s right)
    • Brent mentions how his team wouldn’t trust X if he did and how it would destroy what they built.  X already has that covered
    • Basically, Brent knows he’s in danger if he’s on the block tomorrow so he’s going to gun for it as hard as he can. It was pointless to nominate Britini unless they plan on using Britini as the season pawn and just accept her in that role. In that case, may as well have her do the job.  Who knows, she could be like Victoria and get carried to the end but unlike Victoria, Britini is actually incredibly athletic and intelligent and would have an actual legit chance to win a final 3 comp to advance to the end.

Gonna close this thread. Was super busy after the comp.  Noms will be shortly and I’ll post when they are up

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