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Big Brother 23 – Friday Afternoon Feed Updates

August 13, 2021 | 69 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, Junkies!

Welcome to Big Brother!  I’m not going to lie, I’m excited now. It seems the dead weight is gone (not Christian, he fought hard to stay) and the house is ready to really focus on that $750k. I have a completely different vibe coming from the house ever since DX’s backdoor on Monday and I’m loving it! The season has been boring AF until that point but now I think people are ready to play.

I’m not going to recap much about yesterday because Mel already did that this morning. I will go over the HoH considering you’re still probably tuning in to check who won, well that was Kyland. A brief summary last night is Kyland and Xavier were trying hard to throw it to Tiffany and she dropped the pass.  Tiffany was pissed at Kyland when the feeds returned because she thought he was shady, but he explained to her that he didn’t know the correct answer so he couldn’t even guess wrong to do a full blown throw to her.  Not that I need to even defend Kyland here. I’m not a huge fan of comps being thrown so she had no right to complain to begin with. You want it, you win it.

Now, what will Kyland do with his HoH?  Well, right now it appears he’s targeting Claire. The only person in the house who doesn’t bomb us with stupid shoutouts when she casts her vote to evict. How can he do this to us?   I get he’s in his alliance, but it’s Claire. Come on.  Sorry, I try not to root for players and try to remain unbiased but Claire is dorky enough for me to root for. I know she has little chance of actually winning the season, but I’ll be a little bummed if she’s first in the jury.

Let’s get down to the feed updates….

  • 10:00 am – Kyland has been hosting early meetings with people
  • He’s currently meeting with DX, so let’s start there
    • DX calls Alyssa the best liar in the house. He almost got Christian off the block.  Kyland says not really because the votes.  Bro, Christian was inches away from staying. That was probably the closest non-flip I’ve ever seen

    • It is sooooo difficult listening to Kyland because it takes him a solid 5 minutes to get out one thought between his pauses.

    • DX is patiently waiting for Kyland to actually form a coherent thought. We feeel your pain
    • He wants to sit Claire next to someone people don’t feel comfortable sitting next to. Or comfortable next to.  He even lost DX with that so he asked him to elaborate
    • You ever text someone and just hit the middle suggest button over and over until it forms a paragraph as a joke?  That’s literally what it’s like listening to Kyland try and explain his plan. He’s throwing words together and some names mixed in. I got that he doesn’t want to keep in floaters too long (like a Victoria). But he wants to “limit the amount he can’t safely sit next to but that’s him hedging for the umm noms staying the same or umm powers being used to take down or keep the noms the same I don’t know what the powers will be but that’s what he wants to hedge for should the powers have the noms stay the same”.
    • That’s about as word for word as I could piece together in one paragraph.
    • Anyway, he wants to minimize the people who would use the veto and have the veto used on them.  What?
    • DX says “so that’s why Claire is up to increase the chance of us winning the veto” – good effort at trying to translate Kylandspeak, but he’s apparently wrong.  Kyland says ‘no. Tiffany has made more enemies than Claire has’
    • My head hurts
    • Basically what I gathered is that Kyland learned he’s not sitting in the house as safe as he originally thought so he’s really scrambling on how to correct that.
  • 10:15 am – Meeting ends. Claire meets with DX

    • DX tells her that she is likely going up but he doesn’t know who is going up next to her. He thinks a floater
    • She asks who a floater is in his eye.  She says he told her that he wants to get out a big target so if he’s telling them two different things, she’s concerned
  • 10:30 am – Feeds drop. Early noms or BB Bucks results.
  • 11:30 am – Feeds back.  Claire and Big D up for nomination.
    • DX is really puzzled by all this especially since he’s in an alliance with Kyland, Tiffany, and Claire.  I wonder when these people realize there is a good sized alliance all working together?
    • Kyland is pretending Big D is the target but DX doesn’t think that makes any sense because it doesn’t
    • DX points out how Alyssa is the biggest liar in the house. She was telling the entire house that she wasn’t in a showmance despite making it clearly obvious they were.
  • Claire comes in, DX leaves
    • Claire says she will never be upset over a game move.  Kyland says this is all tough etc

Thank you to Mark for your donation!  It is super generous and I greatly appreciate it!!!

    • Kyland continues to spread the lie that he is worried about being put up next to people like Big D.  I mean he’s right, he’d go home in a second. But the reality is, he’s not going after Big D
  • Downstairs, X and Alyssa seem happy she’s not on the block
    • I’m honestly surprised he didn’t go after Alyssa. Maybe he still will

    • Alyssa wants to just keep laughing because it’s funny to her.  She wants to go to the DR so she can laugh at everyone.  Very bitter and I’m kind of digging it.
    • Azah talking with Britini and says if she wins the power today, don’t tell anyone. Not even Big D.  Use it for yourself when you need it

Random thought I had last night that I wanted to say – I will always make digs at this cast or any cast but I will say this is easily the most likeable group of people the show has seen in a while. Even surpassing BB20 which also had good people. There is literally nobody in the house that I can’t stand which is odd this far in the season. By now I typically hate seeing at least a handful of people, but nobody fits that right now. I definitely like some more than others but those others are still 10x more likeable than people on say ummm….  BB21 for example.  Or even worse, BB19.

    • Big D comes and talks to his team and says he’s trying to keep calm. Not flip out. Relax. Try to win veto. I think it’s a bit of acting because he pretty much knew he was going up as a pawn.
    • Azah tells Big D if he wins the power, don’t use it and don’t tell anyone. She thinks he chose D to flush out the power
    • D is telling Britini he’s sure he is the target. He’s acting.
  • 4:30 pm – I forgot to update. Feeds have been down for a few hours now for the new twist thing
  • 6:30 pm – Feeds still down.  Not sure how much longer but you have to think they gave each person their money and an allotted amount of time in the gambling room individually.
  • 7:20 pm – Feeds finally back!  Let’s see if we can figure out what happened
    • Sounds like money was private as well as the room. So now they try to speculate who got the $100
    • Big D talking to Kyland.  He says he trusts him with his life and he even lied to Azah pretending he (D) was the target
    • D says he even told X he’s the target.  D wants people to be happy-go-lucky thinking D is the target even though I don’t think anyone actually believes he is. I mean I like them having plans but you gotta have believable plans
  • Side note – X is talking to Alyssa and says “time to go down and do some discovery” Keep dropping those lawyer hints
    • Alyssa says “is it bad I don’t care who is lying”
    • The one thing is sure, DX got $100 for the comp.  He doesn’t even need to confirm it.  There have been countless polls around the ole interwebs and DX topped them all.
    • Kyland says he got $50 but Big D got $100 so that’s two people

    • DX confirms he got $100 even though we knew he would
    • Hannah got more than $50. Not sure if $75 or $100 yet.  She said she has $75 but could have spent $25
    • Okay Hannah tells DX she got 75
    • They think Brit got 100 even though she told people she got 75
    • DX says he want to self-evict because it’s all going to go downhill from here.  He is joking regarding America liking him and they’re due to hate him.  It’s like George Costanza leaving the room after telling a funny joke lol
  • 9:15 pm – X talking with Tiffany

    • X thinks Britni got 100 and if she continues to get 100 every week she can do some shit with that.  So they are seriously contemplating pushing Kyland to backdoor Brit
  • Talk breaks up.  They’re talking about going to bed at 10. That never happens
  • X talks to Big D in the storage room
    • Big D confirms he got $100.  They talk about who to send home this week.  X says he wants Britini to go because she got the 100 and that makes her more and more dangerous every week.
    • Big D seems worried about that move for the obvious reason that taking  out the person who got 100 also means they’re taking out a favorite which could hurt them
    • Plus of course Big D likes Britini so that is making it really hard on him

Check back for updates

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