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Big Brother 23 – Friday Afternoon Fun

September 10, 2021 | 56 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

It’s nomination day inside the Big Brother house and Kyland has some big decisions to make as he’s the first to actually set the tone for the battle of the Cookout.  Does he go after the clear favorite to win (X) or does he go after the second favorite to win (Tiff)?   It sounds like we have an answer to that which I’ll get to in a minute.

But first, a clip came up on Twitter about BB15 which I completely forgot about. I’ve heard nonstop claims of how ‘racist’ the cookout is because they bonded together and formed an alliance. Despite them clearly having a goal of making it to the final 6, at no point in the season have any of the cookout members acted like this:

After that clip ended, Howard had to pick up Candance and actually carry her out of the room.  While Big Brother 15 was clearly the most openly racist season, I think things came to a head when we saw this:

Those were the first 3 evicted from BB21 and was a large reason why CBS made the change of putting in around 50% minorities into future seasons. People of color have always been outcasts of any season they were on, so that is why the cookout is such a big deal.   But, on the bright side, most of the people outraged at the success of the cookout have stopped watching the season by now which is why I’m going to likely cut out talking about how historic that alliance is.

Back to this week.

Following a fairly ironic pattern this season, it appears Tiffany may be the target of the week.  What makes that ironic is because DX went after Christian and he was soon evicted after.  SB went after DX and she was next out the door. Now, Tiffany got Claire out and she’ll likely be following her to the jury house.   It’s kind of weird how that turned out, but just something I’ve noticed.

Anyway, I’m going to jump into the feeds before noms:

  • 10:45 am – Tiffany joins Kyland in the HoH room for her talk

    • Tiff tells Kyland she wants X to go home but he knew that
    • Tiff hints that X wanted Kyland out a few weeks ago, or at least she assumed that from the way he was speaking at the time
    • She then brings back to her recent HoH win and calls it selfish
    • Tiff says she doesn’t want to sit next to X in the final 2.  I don’t think she’ll really need to worry about that
    • Talks break up and Tiffany tells Hannah she knows she (T) gets on his nerves.  She doesn’t feel the conversation went well (it didn’t really)
  • 1:30 pm – Hannah gets to suffer through a one on one now

    • She immediately says she’s target X and he should because X will likely win (and she’s not wrong)
    • She promises her vote to him if she remains off the block.
    • Hannah keeps trying to push the alliance of him, her, and Tiffany but he’s not really biting
    • Kyland suggest Hannah go on the block but he assures her she’ll stay
    • Hannah points out how X, Azah, and Big D all said she’d (H) basically be on the block so she’s sure they’d vote her out if she’s up there
    • If she’s up next to Tiffany, she may be able to stay, but if Tiffany wins veto, Hannah is gone (true)
    • Kyland asks if she’s HoH how would she handle a tiebreaker, and she tells him she’d split it in his favor versus Azah, X, or D.  This is probably accurate maybe (probably lying about Azah)
    • Kyland understands why she’d want to go to the end with him (really? lol) but doesn’t understand why she’d want to go with Tiffany (true).  Hannah would be best against Azah imo
    • Kyland says he sometimes try to be cryptic (sometimes?)
  • 2:30 pm – Talk finally breaks up
  • Big D heads up into the HoH room
    • They bust out the chessboard to talk game
    • Some visual references…  X is the King and Tiffany is the Queen.  He says this is how it used to be when the group started
    • He then shows how it got to the point where the pawn (Hannah) moved in to be by the side of Tiffany. (If you’re keeping track, D is the black rook. Azah is the white bishop. Ky is the black knight. Hannah is the white pawn.  Not sure if the pieces signify their rank other than X and Tiff being king and queen because of their leadership in the alliance
    • I guess it does make sense Hannah being the pawn because she was the last to join and was originally looked at as the first to leave when they got down to it. Meanwhile, Rook, Knight, and Bishop are all generally on the same level in importance (relatively.  Don’t freak out if you’re a chess person. Rook is actually slightly more valuable of a piece than the Knight and Bishop which are generally tied, but I don’t think they thought that deep into it)

    • Point is, Hannah slipped her way into partnering up with the queen

    • D then says out of nowhere, Hannah started moving over to that group (him and Azah)
    • He then slides Hannah around and says she wanted to be close with us, while still being over here (Tiff) and here (X) and here (Kyland)
    • Kyland takes the Hannah piece and says ‘What’s interesting, is she’s only been here’ and slides her piece around all the others except him. Which is true.  I don’t often see Hannah with Ky
    • Big D then counters and says he feels Hannah has been closer to him than he thinks.  They go back and forth for a bit on that useless point before continuing
    • D asks ‘now who is the person who is going to take you out’ and Kyland jokingly grabs D’s piece
    • Kyland then busts out the insane observation “We have a veto…. then we have an HoH…. then we have a veto….”  Very good!   I kid but he’s right by visualizing the comps before the final 3.
    • Sorry for all the chess pieces, I just love that they actually showed it on the feeds. I remember when Tiffany was first doing her pairings and they wouldn’t show the board as close.  Oh, and I’m still rolling my eyes at some facebook comments who tried to make that chessboard into a racism thing.   When Tiffany first did her chess display, I believe it was shown on the CBS episode.  That night, of course, some dope says ‘omg, how can she get away with that.  She’s using the black pieces as black players and white pieces as white players’ when this was 100% wrong. From the start, anyone who has used the pieces for strategy has used female for white and male for black.  It just shows how much people stretch to turn normal stuff into racism talk.
    • Side note – I’m now blocked from posting in that stupid FB group for two weeks over reasons I have no clue why. Probably for correcting too many dopes?
    • Anyway, the chess display is done and they resume talking about regular stuff

The house is sitting around the kitchen table talking and waiting for the nom ceremony so I’m going to close this thread and start a new one when noms return

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