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Big Brother 23 – Live Eviction Thread

August 26, 2021 | 64 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone

It’s eviction time in the Big Brother house and it’s really anyone’s guess who will go home tonight!  (I’m kidding, it’ll probably be DX). I’m not going to really talk much about that much because it’s been beaten to death.  DX had a really, really bad week that I’m sure he wishes he could have a do-over.

Moving ahead, we’re down to 3 non-cookout members which mean things are going to get very interesting very quickly. It’s really hard to predict how that internal battle will actually play out when it does, but I do know Kyland should keep his ears open because he’s the least liked and trusted member from that group. I can’t imagine it would be long before Xavier got him out, and in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if his alliance turned on him before the final 6 simply because he’s just not trustworthy enough.

For example, let’s say Claire manages to win HoH this week and Kyland is sitting on the block next to any cookout member, he’s gone.

The HoH competition will be a trivia-style as they were given some video clips last night to study. I expect Hannah to perform really well with that which is why she is the featured image of this post.  Xavier is probably going to throw it so he gets to be the third nom sooner than later (more numbers the better), Kyland was told he should throw it so they can get SB out, SB isn’t playing, and DX will be gone.  Those are really the people I’d put my money on winning a comp like that which means Hannah will likely get it by default once X and Kyland throw it.

It’s also the last week of the gambling twist. Seeing as DX having $200 played a role in his exit and Britini’s money was the exact reason she was booted, you may want to think twice about who you vote for this week. Claire winning would be great if they gave her any extra money during a comp somehow. Tiffany winning may shake up the house a little. And that’s about it lol.  X is broke, DF will have the money to play even with 50, SB wants you to wipe your butt with the money which means Kyland does by association. And Azah and Alyssa I just kind of forget about.

Alright, 10 minutes to showtime. Let’s get this thread going

  • No early announcements about twists so it’s a basic episode and now we’ll see highlights of the week
  • Time to pretend DX has a shot at staying
  • Spending a lot of time pushing this DX narrative. Guess not much to work with tonight
  • They even sent Xavier to solitary early in the episode even though it happened 24h ago. This is to further push the ‘cat is away’ thing.
  • DX claims there is someone in the house playing a Nicole F type of game and he can take her out.  Tiffany looks happy. He’s talking about SB
  • Votes:
    • Alyssa: DX
    • Hannah: Claire
  • Commercial or X break
    • Kyland: Claire
    • DF evokes DX
    • Tiffany: DX
    • Azah: DX
    • It’s officially even before X votes
    • Xavier – DX
  • And that’s it for DX.
  • HoH comp coming up next, quickly get your picks in
  • Alright, comp time
  • Round by round – wrong gets eliminated
    • Round 1 – Xavier, Azah, Claire out
    • Round 2 – Kyland, DF out
    • Round 3 – A woman will win HoH – Same answer
    • Round 4 – Tiffany wins HoH!
  • BB Bucks are given to everyone. Claire really may be given a chance to play this week
  • Don’t pack SB’s bags yet though. Still the coin of destiny tomorrow
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