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Big Brother 23- Tuesday Recap for 7/27/21

July 28, 2021 | 13 Comments
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Author: Mel

Hello and good morning!  Days like yesterday in the BB house are hard to recap. I can’t imagine trying to live blog all of the subtle shifts in the game! At least I have time to look back at the day and give my opinions after it’s over. I’ve realized watching good gameplay is fun but it’s harder to write about. Mistakes are more simple to talk about because someone screws up and you make a note. Bam, easy!  I’ve been in a bit of a bubble lately, so I wasn’t aware there were some people saying this season was boring.  I think in the past, when when we knew how an eviction was going to go, the season could be boring.  It’s usually due to group think and people wanting to “vote with the house.”  We knew all week last week Frenchie was leaving and we’ve known all week this week, Brent will be going home.

Derek X has been working to repair things with Azha.

This is different than in some past seasons for 2 reasons. One, these were 2 polarizing personalities who seemed to annoy an entire house of people. Two, and more importantly, people are playing well enough that they’ve moved on from this week and are planning ahead for the next.  I mentioned something about this recently. I said it was fun to watch people play a couple of weeks ahead. That’s what’s really happening and why it may be “boring” for some to watch.  You don’t have anxiety from wondering who will be evicted. The excitement comes from watching the game play leading up to it.

There also isn’t 1 big alliance dictating who will go with a prescheduled list of evictions.  That WOULD be boring to watch and we know this because we’ve seen it before. This is a group of people who are planning ahead because they think ahead and they are constantly shifting their moves to keep up with someone else making changes to their games.  I know the game gets compared to chess but honestly, that isn’t a good comparison this season. It’s more like a chess game that 6 or 7 people can play at once…after drinking a gallon of red bull.   Just yesterday, upcoming targets changed back-and-forth, but not out of messiness. It’s because these people are smart enough to pick up on what other players are doing and they’re making adjustments to prevent other from getting the upper hand.  It’s some of the best gameplay I’ve seen in a long time and it’s a bonus that it’s a group of pretty likable people doing it.

As for yesterday, it began with Whitney as the most likely target, in spite of all Derek X’s effort to stop it. The day ended with Whitney still in the discussion, but a much bigger target has be put on Hannah.

Sarah Beth played a large role in this with a little Whitney on the side. Xavier contributed to it too but he did it on accident.

Let me back track for a minute. I’ve mentioned the King’s and Aces preparing to go after each other while the Queens sit back and watch. That certainly doesn’t sum up everything that’s going on in the house, just an overall picture. Derek X has put in work with the Queens trying to get them to take a shot at the King’s themselves. (Christian and Alyssa) His progress was slow but it began to work on Claire first and Tiffany second.  Kyland was the last hold out who finally came around to the idea yesterday.

The Kings are the only team that will have 4 players on it after Thursdays eviction and he pointed it out to them.  Derek X was trying to get them to realize they shouldn’t have all 4 Kings in jury who could possibly vote together. It wasn’t a bad point but it wasn’t his main reason for doing this either. He was really trying to keep Hannah and Whitney safe. (Whitney is who Tiffany and Claire had initially wanted out next) He sees Hannah and Whitney as his numbers and is trying to avoid having his entire game in the hands of the Queens. (Ky, Clair, Tiff)  For someone who knew nothing about BB, I’m very impressed with the with the way Derek X has picked up on the game.

Derek X has also been making subtle comments to Kyland and Tiffany about the other, trying to drive a wedge between them a little.  He isn’t trying to start a feud. He’s just trying to get them to doubt themselves over sticking together for too long. Claire has been doing the exact same thing with Tiffany about Kyland.

Once the Kings ((X, Alyssa, Christian, SB) decided they should try for the hoh, Xavier was trying to get his team off the idea of using Derek F or Azha as a pawn. They don’t want to use Britini again so it landed on Hannah.  This happened because Sarah Beth was very vocal about it and Hannah is actually a target of hers. Alyssa already wanted to target Hannah a little bit.  I don’t know if this is the reason but I know Hannah talks to Christian a lot and Alyssa doesn’t appear to like it.

Because Xavier was too focused on protecting members of the Cookout, he didn’t seem to realize Hannah going up as a pawn was a bad idea. Remember, Hannah is also in the Cookout but most in it, view her as a bonus person they are working with, not a full member. She doesn’t even know this alliance has a name.  What Xavier was missing was that Azha and Derek F probably wouldn’t be evicted if they were otb but Hannah would. He doesn’t want her out, he’d just be ok with her being a pawn.

Add to that, Whitney tossing out to the Kings yesterday that she’d be fine with Hannah as a target and kaboom, we may have a new target in Hannah.

Derek X was aware they could be in danger because of his own alliance and he’s been trying to hint to Whitney and Hannah they should NOT be throwing the next hoh.  Hannah just doesn’t seem to see it yet. She has picked up on the fact that Whitney could be in danger and started coming up with ways to protect her if she were to go up. However, she doesn’t think she’s a target because she said she isn’t threatening and hasn’t won anything yet. I have been loving Hannah so far this season but this isn’t good. Hannah, like Kyland, is a good player but also like Kyland, she runs her mouth too much.  You can’t go around the house telling everyone that you don’t want to win anything yet and then turn around and say you can’t be a target because you haven’t won anything yet!  So far Derek X has resisted the temptation to tell her WHY he knows what he knows.  I hope he keeps this up because he shouldn’t have to give up his entire game in order to get Hannah to see what’s in front of her.  It’s one of the things I like about Derek X and Hannah as a duo.  They have each others backs but they’re also both self interested players.

Alyssa has started feeling bad about it lying to Brent.  If Alyssa didn’t spend so much time with Christian she could be a really dangerous player. I just don’t know if I’ve mentioned that before. She games a lot, has her own strategy and plans and so far, isn’t letting herself be pushed around by other peoples agendas.  She certainly isn’t the stereotypical showmance person. However, the amount of time she spends with Christian does hurt her game in my opinion. She doesn’t do a bad job working on people but I keep thinking about how much more she could do if she used more of her time in that way.

Britini got upset again yesterday over the injustice of it all, I suppose. That’s really the only time I want to devote to it because at this point, it’s just stupid.  I will mention that Tiffany has has been on Britini’s lips to put up on the block. She was still mad over the wild card comp but Tiffany recognized this, put some work in with Britini and it seemed to work. Now she’s saying that she wouldn’t really put her up.

Tiffany is starting to doubt whether or not sticking with Kyland to the end is a good plan. She feels Claire is the only person she can truly open up to about everything and trust. A bit of Derek X and a whole lot of Claire is why I think this is happening.  I’m not trying to take credit away from Tiffanys game though because because I think she recognizes what tough competition Kyland could be.

On the flip side, Kyland, who wants to work with Tiffany, also recognizes how good she is at the game.  These two seem to be positioned the best in the house, as of right now and I think they both know it.

Tub update: My husband thinks he has it repaired!! I didn’t think it could even be repaired. I guess a little bondo was all it took. (I have no idea how you spell bondo or if that’s wrong)  The corners still have to be painted but luckily, my son knows how to resurface tubs since he did some of that work while in college. I’m so happy about it!

Have a great Wednesday.


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