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Big Brother 23- Monday Recap for 8/23/21

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Good morning, today has to be a shorter one for me because I have an unexpected appointment this morning. It shouldn’t matter though because yesterday was a pretty slow day in the house.  There was some game talk and strategizing but it’s the kind that usually comes too late and out of desperation. The biggest game news comes from a couple of new comp beasts in the house that I didn’t know were there.


Big D talked to Kyland and Xavier about the way the women in the cook out “weren’t pulling their own weight,” how he’d “put himself on the block” and talked about “when I won mine.” He meant, when he won a comp.  Ok, I know these people get an altered sense of reality while they’re in there but give me a break! Big D hasn’t done shit. Sure, he spends alot of time saying “when I win hoh….” but that’s about it.


The second new comp beast is Alyssa. She feels great about her recent wins.  I think in situations like Alyssa’s, it’s fine to be glad you ended up with a win so you can accomplish whatever you were trying to do. However, please don’t talk about those wins as if you just medaled in the freakin’ Olympics.

Highlights from yesterday:

  • DX campaigned to SB before the veto ceremony.  He was trying to get her to put Hannah on the block, saying they could evict her but secretly, he and Tiffany would evict Claire.
  • The campaigning didn’t work and DX went otb.
  • SB feels great about “her” move.
  • SB, Kyland, X and Alyssa made an alliance called the Monarchy.
  • SB also told Ky she couldn’t have gotten through the week without him and thanked him. (Ya SB, we know….this week absolutely couldn’t have happened without Ky)
  • Ky, Big D and X continued to plan for when they get down to the 6 and how to be the last three remaining. (I doubt that’s their actual plan, maybe for Big D but I don’t think Ky and X plan to be together) They patted their own backs over winning all the comps and basically, dragging the women to the end.
  • Derek X campaigned some more to other people. (It doesn’t matter)
  • Hannah told DX she didn’t want to campaign too hard for him the way Alyssa did for Christian. She IS campaigning for him but she’s putting most of it on Tiffany. She says things like “if Tiffany tries to flip the vote, I wont be mad.”
  • Hannah did this with Azha and Azha told her DX WILL be leaving. (Haha, Azha’s not playing around anymore) It isn’t open for discussion as far as she’s concerned. (Azha really likes DX, it’s just a game move and better for the cook out)
  • Tiffany did try again with Ky to see if DX could stay. Ky knows (well, he knew, but Ky doesn’t know DX realizes he can’t trust Ky…finally aaaannnddd too late!) keeping DX is better for himself and Tiffany but not the rest of the alliance.
  • Claire and DX hung out and talked some game too.  She discussed how X was going to win the game if someone didn’t get him out, who she would put up beside him to try to get him out, etc.
  • Claire told DX her real job and he said it only made him like her more. He just laughed about it.
  • Since DX is new to BB, she also talked to him about not being a bitter juror.
  • Speaking of jobs, X is getting touchier over people making jokes about whether or not he’s a bartender.  There’s been speculation way back from when Big D commented on it. It’s continued and they’ve mentioned how he gets up early, goes to bed early and recently made a comment about playing basketball with his friends after work.  Azha told him Claire and Hannah were talking about it.
  • X was irritated that people are still talking about it. (Well, do better when you lie) Once Azha realized this, she told him they were only joking. (I don’t think it was an accident and I don’t think she cares if X gets irritated with Tiffany or Hannah.)
  • Hannah is still feeling guilty and she thinks she could’ve stopped this from happening this week. (She couldn’t have unless she had done damage control right from the start. I’ve said from the beginning, Hannah’s biggest problem is that she has a big mouth. She also thinks she’s a good enough player to put a target on someone and then talk people out of it…she isn’t.  Hannah isn’t the reason DX is a target but she IS a big reason he’s the target NOW.) Alot of her guilt comes from helping him work on a campaign she knows won’t work.
  •  Alyssa is still patting herself on the back over her recent comp wins. (Gurl, sit down)
  •  Tiffany thought she had put enough time in to have “the talk” with Azha. She pointed out to Azha that once they get to the 6, they’d never win against the guys. She suggested the final 3 she’s had in her head for a while of herself, Azha and Hannah. Azha said she agreed. (I have no idea if this is true or not)
  •  Claire cam talked and wondered if Ky and SB have a deal with the Kings. (They do have a new fake alliance with X and Alyssa)
  • SB thinks she’ll be good with Tiffany when this week is over. (Hahaha)  People have mixed feelings about Tiffany’s game but just the fact that SB doesn’t have a clue how Tiffany feels about her shows she’s pretty damn good.
  • Claire had a strange chat with Hannah.  Claire said she thought whoever went to jury after DX would probably hook up with him.  Maybe too much time on the block lately just has Claire all over the place. Hannah laughed about it like she didn’t care but this was the look on her face:

Xavier has been debating on whether or not he should go for the next HOH.  Surely he’ll change his mind but as of now, he thinks he needs to win the HOH and put off being the 3rd nominee another week. Ky is on board for this plan because he’s saying it takes less votes to keep him the longer they wait. I personally think they’re looking at this ass backwards. Every week he waits, there are fewer non cook out members in the house to put up. That makes it more likely that you could be on the block against someone in the Cook Out.


There are tons of conversations planting seeds for the upcoming power struggle. This has been going on for a while and it’s part of why I think this year’s players are good. DX staying would obviously be better for the women in the Cook Out and Tiffany knows it.  It’s why she’s been trying to pit Xavier and Kyland against each other and it’s also why she’s started working on Azha more.

I’ve noticed alot of people talking about how bad people like DX and Claire are going to feel. They’re worried they’ll feel betrayed and misled once they get to the end of the game.  I guess I’m a little confused because isn’t that what always happens?  Who cares? I really like the people who are being “betrayed” but they knew what game they signed up to play. The people evicting them really like them too.


With the exception of Big D, everyone in the Cook Out is doing work and good work.  An argument can even be made that Big D did well in hiding the alliance from Britini and the rest of the house.  Just being able to keep this alliance a secret for so long is an accomplishment. People find it hard not to give up the info once they get close to other people, people like Britini.  Big D and Azha were super close to her and she never had a clue.  Kyland and Xavier have kept them in control of half the HOH’s. That’s not to say Ky isn’t strategizing because he is and most weeks, he’s gotten his way. Tiffany came up with the plan to get close to a side person and get other Cook Out members to get rid of them for each other.  I think what they’ve managed to do so far is super impressive and I’m curious to see how the rest of the season plays out. I don’t care anymore that the others haven’t figured it out. Even if they did, it’s too late.

Have a great Tuesday.



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