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Big Brother 23 – Saturday Feed Updates

August 8, 2021 | 46 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

It’s veto day in the Big Brother house and it’s actually an important one! I mean if you’re on the block it’s always important to them, but when I talk about important I mean to the direction of the season.

Right now DX has his ill-advised backdoor plan underway (I’ll explain in a bit), and only Alyssa is playing in the veto to potentially stop him from being sent home next.  Well, the reality is, Alyssa is the only person playing who will likely stop the backdoor plan from happening as Christian wasn’t picked to play. I say it’s going to stop DX from being sent home due to my ill-advised comment which I’ll explain.

You see, a backdoor plan is always great for feeds and ratings, but when you backdoor arguably the strongest competitor in the house, you’re going to cause waves. You need to either be a weak player (which DX is not), in a very strong alliance (which DX is not) or have house approval (which DX doesn’t have). Otherwise, you’re just removing that top player from the house and replacing them with you. That’s fantastic late in the season when you only have a handful of evictions to survive, but not so fantastic when you just started jury and there are 9 people still to be eliminated (After this upcoming Thursday).

Now, if DX had some super strong 4-6 person alliance going with really tight people, he’d have a lot less to worry about because that’s a big chunk of the house who will fight for him. But, he doesn’t. He has Hannah. That’s it. “What about Kyland?” I’m sure you’ll ask.. yea, what about him? Kyland is playing for Kyland and doesn’t really seem to have a commitment to anyone in the house. Even the cookout doesn’t really trust him too much and will likely be the first to go once they start pegging off their own members.  Sure, Kyland and DX seem to be really good friends but nothing gives me the impression that Kyland will stick his neck out to even try and save DX if the time comes.

I really hate to shit on DX for making this move because I love big moves, but I guess it’s just frustrating that he’s being guided to make these big moves by people who really don’t have his best interest at heart and want to use him as a tool. This is all being orchestrated by Tiffany which is f’n brilliant on her part but unfortunate for DX.


  • 11:00 am – People mostly mulling around the house

    • DX talking to Claire while Tiffany listens on. She is always listening. Always playing. She’s very good at this game
  • If I don’t update for a while it’s because I ran some errands which I typically do on Saturday during veto comp.  I’ll be updating when I return home and will hopefully have competition results
  • We move to the HoH room where DX has a brief talk with Alyssa then she leaves and he camtalks

    • He says he hopes Alyssa doesn’t win the veto because if she saves SB, it’ll kill him to put up Christian. Personally, I think that would be the most entertaining option for viewers so now I’m secretly hoping that happens. How hilarious would it be for Alyssa to be part of the reason Christian goes home.  Or am I just a sick person?
    • DX hopes to win it himself and use it on SB to build trust with her and have his alliance with Kyland and SB while he also has an alliance with Tiffany and Claire. Unfortunately for him, neither of those alliances are very loyal to him.
  • Alyssa comes down to talk to Tiffany.
    • She re-tells the conversation with DX and tells her that DX said he has zero intention of backdooring Christian and she believes him. Oh boy
    • She asks Tiffany if she’s concerned about a plan to get out Chrisitan and Tiffany says she isn’t worried about it.  Poor Alyssa, she’s so in the dark
  • 3:00 pm – Back from errands.  Feeds still up so no veto yet.
    • Claire and Tiffany still hovering around DX. They’ll probably be his shadow until Monday after the veto meeting and then they’ll be done with him
  • 4:30 pm – Still no veto yet.
  • Tiffany cam-talks and says she is going to try and flip the house to vote out SB
  • 6:00 pm – Feeds down for veto
  • 8:00 pm – Feeds still down 2 hour mark

Thank you Mary Beth for your super generous donation!! I really appreciate it

  • 9:00 pm – 3 hour mark!
  • 10:15pm – Feeds still down
  • 11:05 pm – Feeds return
    • Britini won the power of veto
    • Well not, this is an interesting situation. I think most people expected SB to either be saved or stuck on the block this week depending on who you asked. I heard a lot of speculation on what DX will do. Will he backdoor Christian, will Alyssa save SB and screw over Christian.. will Tiffany prevent SB from leaving the block and rallying votes against her.  All types of situations.
    • Now we have this. Britini will be saved by herself which means she’ll be off and everyone is available to be a replacement.  Could we have a situation where DX backdoors Christian but Tiffany rallies votes to get out SB?  Ouch. That would be BRUTAL to watch. DX gains a HUGE target on his back with this backdoor attempt. If he puts up Christian and Tiffany gets out SB he’ll be dealing with a very pissed Christian and Alyssa next week and he won’t be able to play in the HoH.  Wow
    • Sounds like it was a prize/punishment comp. $5k in cash, 24h penalty. Still waiting to hear other stuff
    • SB got the $5k. DX the 24h punishment. Britini PoV obviously
    • They’re calling SB selfish for taking the money so it sounds like she took it from someone. One of the people holding a punishment most likely
    • Sounds like SB had a chance to take the veto but took the $5k instead. DX thinks it’s because he said ‘we got you’ to her. Going to be a very interesting week
  • So, this is probably the best part of the feeds all season and they keep dropping. We finally have people starting to get angry and we get to watch a BRB message. Good way to introduce new feeders to what the feeds are really like
  • 12:10 am – X and Alyssa talking about how SB may have a fake girlfriend at home. Just a lie

I’m super tired. Recap and feed updates tomorrow

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