Good evening, everyone!

It was a fairly slow day in the Big Brother house which means I’m running out of filler content due to slow being the norm. I guess I can talk a bit about the CBS episode which was ‘meh’.  I mean you know it’s a slow episode when half the show was a competition and most of the rest was clips of Hannah and Tiffany talking about how safe they felt with Kyland winning. They really hammered that home tonight for some storyline, but this is the final 6.  Nobody really feels safe with anyone, it’s just stuff they pry from people in the DR for good clips.

In the house today, Tiffany spent a bit of time working Big D. They had a long talk and D told her he felt she used him as a punching bag. I still think it hurt his pride when he preached how they were ‘cut from the same cloth’ multiple times this season and weeks ago Tiffany smacked that down during an argument with D. That’s just my theory, however.


Anyway, not really a whole lot to say so I’ll just jump into the feeds…

  • 7:00 pm – D, Tiff, and Kyland are outside talking

    • They are talking about the cast of course and DX comes up.
    • Tiff tells a story about how night 1, she told a joke and DX came up to her and said ‘They’re like, damn this bitch really is crazy’ and she started cracking up because of the balls it took to say that
    • She then said ‘something happened and he never used it again’ (likely referring to the bitch term).  I’m guessing this may be part of the big day 2 mystery when Frenchie pulled DX aside and the feeds cut because we’re children who can’t hear grown-up conversations.  I’m starting to guess that Frenchie got wind of him using that term so he gave him a Frenchie lecture but production didn’t want to show any of that because they weren’t quite sure what they had in DX at that point.
    • D starts telling a story that the first thing DX said to him was ‘damn bro, you’re sweating for the first competition?’. Tiffany cracks up and D continues ‘Not a … hello my name is Derek. but that’
    • Tiffany says DX is the only person in the house she can talk so much shit to and he’d just laugh
    • Tiff says if she were younger, she would totally hook up with DX
  • 8:15 pm – X, Hannah, and D talking about how boring they are.  They’re right