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Big Brother 23 – Sunday Night Updates. Cookout Crumbling?

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Good evening, everyone!


For anyone who watched the CBS episode of Big Brother tonight knows that the Cookout is hanging on for dear life and Xavier is the only person stopping it from crumbling.  That is because, like every other alliance that has formed off a common bond, it’s insanely difficult to actually maintain throughout the season. I know people get triggered because it’s an all-black alliance, but we’ve had tons of alliances founded off similar things. And what that is just having something common with someone else.

Think of all the all-girl alliances that have tried and failed. Or the alliances of people who enter the house together. Or from a similar region of the country. This list goes on and on but those alliances almost always form on day 1 or 2 and very rarely do they last. The fact that the cookout has survived thing long is a testament to the leadership Xavier provided to it because it’s been on the brink of collapse for a week or two now.


Big D and Tiffany do not even speak. We saw the tension between Kyland and Azah. Tiffany is also not a fan of Kyland. X and Kyland know they’re going to butt heads near the end of the game because they’re sure as shit not tight like other duos in the past.  Oh, and most of the cookout doesn’t even really consider Hannah part of their actual alliance and will likely kick her out first because she is extremely intelligent and a major threat as comps head into more mental.

I just got done going on about how this is pretty much the only chance for an all-black alliance to succeed like this – as Big D even said it himself. And after watching the actual HoH competition, knowing what happened in the veto comp, and then turning on the feeds to see Xavier, Tiffany, and Azah having a sort of intervention, I do believe we’re on the collapse of the alliance.

With that out of the way, I’m going to blog the conversation between those three as it’s on pause as I type all this so I’m pretty far behind by now:

  • 6:00 pm – Xavier heads up into the HN room with Azah
  • Tiffany joins the intervention

    • X points out there has been some tension between those two. Tiffany sarcastically says ‘never!’
    • Azah keeps trying to get out her side of how she plays the game and how she feels and Tiffany keeps interrupting her

    • Azah says she was originally bothered how Tiffany and DX ganged up on Britini. She (A) knows it should be the 6 first and she’s trying to control her feelings for outside the group but it still bothered her
    • X jumps in and tells Azah that Tiffany was just helping him. It wasn’t about Britini. It was about preventing Brent from having a chance to stay
    • Azah continues and says she wants to get back what they had early in the game and starts to cry. Tiffany comes and gives her a hug
  • 7:00 pm – Keep flashing forward.  This conversation isn’t going to be as dramatic as I hoped.  They end up hugging it out at the end
    • X re-tells a lot of it to Alyssa while the girls head outside.
    • I am completely impressed with Xavier right now. He is still holding that alliance together as of tonight. I’m not sure how many more weeks it can survive, but it seems every time there is a competition, the fracture grows.
  • 7:30 pm – Things have settled down for now. Just casual talk around the house.  Remember, things are probably going to be crazy tomorrow after Britini becomes the re-nom
  • 10:30 pm – I had hopes for some drama tonight but nothing. DX did spend a lot of time chatting with Alyssa who wasn’t that impressed with the conversation. Other than that, not much. I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon but I will create the post when I return. It’ll be well before the veto meeting, so I’ll be back in time!


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