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Big Brother 23- Thursday Recap for 7/22/21

July 23, 2021 | 29 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good Friday morning!  It’s nomination day or the day that Brents ego takes a big hit.  With Xavier as the new hoh, things seem to be going according to plan for the Royal Flush alliance. (Kings, Queens and the Ace up their sleeve that is Derek X)  Xavier had said he didn’t want to win a comp this early but with so many people throwing it, here we are.  There has been a lot of talk in the house about Brent having a huge ego and making everything about himself…..well today is finally the day that it actually gets to be about him. There’s still a chance it won’t happen today because even tho Xavier said he wanted to put Brent straight up otb, he also said if most of the alliance felt it should be a back door, he was open to it.

Here’s a recap of what happened after the hoh comp.  I’ll circle back around to Xaviers potential noms at the end:

  •  You could tell during the hoh comp Hannah and Derek X threw it. They even signaled that they did. You could also kind of tell Whitney threw it but it wasn’t as obvious with Claire. (I’m assuming we could see them but the eliminated players couldn’t) Hannah and Derek X joked about throwing it later in the evening. They said they didn’t feel it was that hard, it gave them confidence they would be able to win comps going further and they laughed about Brent going out on the first question.
  •  Brent with very happy with the new HOH and told Derek X they were in a great spot this week and we’re perfectly safe. He also told Alyssa they were in a great spot and mentioned how his team had even considered throwing it. (His team did throw it)
  •  A few of the ladies did some tic toc dances last night and this is Sarah Beth learning one of them:
  •  Derek X and Hannah also discussed the need to break up Christian, Alyssa and X before jury. Hannah feels those 3 are pretty tight and she doesn’t want them to be a voting block at the end. Derek X mentioned the possible need for Derek F to leave soon but Hannah didn’t seem as convinced on that one. (He has good instincts because Derek F talk alot about wanting to target Derek X)
  • This was just a cute pic of Whitney and Kyland that I haven’t used. I dont think I’ve posted one with Whitney yet:
  • There was a little drama over the sleeping situation when Brent decided to take X’s bed. It’s right beside Alyssas bed and had a bed so there was no need to switch according to Alyssa. It was made worse by Brent having a convo with her and saying he could read her lips when she’d been talking earlier. He claimed she’d said he only wanted to work with her in the game because he wanted to date her.  (Brent has talked about being really good at lip reading)  She told him he was wrong and said she was having a conversation about something else. She also asked him why he was trying to listen to her conversations. (Haha)
  • X said he wanted to follow Kylands hoh idea and have 1 on 1 meetings today rather than last night. (This may become a thing this season)  He also said he wanted someone from his team in there when he did the meetings so technically, doesn’t that make it 2 on 1?
  • X cried a little while looking at his hoh pics when he was alone.  He also got questioned about one of the pics of him in a sports uniform. He was asked if it was a high school photo and he said yes but this was after stumbling around a little. (X played ball in college and that’s what the photo was from)
  •  Alyssa made a point to tell Britini she was safe this week which is weird since she isn’t the hoh.
  •  Hannah, Derek X and Whitney all really played up how safe they felt this week for their entire team because X was the HOH. Hannah laid it on really thick but really well. She may be young but I’m starting to think she has a bit of a BB evil side that I’m loving!
  •  After mourning the death of Frenchies game for the entire week and giving him a sympathy vote, Derek F seems to be moving on just fine. I even caught him standing up a couple of times. His inability to say the words “I vote to evict” on both evictions so far gave me a little laugh.

Today should be interesting if for no other reason, the entire house felt safe last night. (A couple of people are going to be really pissed today) As Steve mentioned last night, assuming Claire and Derek X are safe, along with the cookout alliance, X only has 3 possible noms he can make.  These are Brent, Whitney and Britini. X said last night he doesn’t want to put up Britini because he doesn’t want her to have to go up back-to-back. Brent is certain he’s good this week and it hasn’t occurred to Whitney that she could be used as a pawn. Britini might be mad but I don’t know if she would be that surprised because she doesn’t appear to have any kind of relationship with X.  As I mentioned earlier, X said he was open to possibly back dooring Brent. However, many of the same people who would like to see Brent back doored don’t want Britini to have to be a pawn 2 weeks in a row either. Today’s decision will probably just be a matter of the groups willingness to put up both Whitney and Britini as the initial noms.

There’s one last thing I want to mention today that I’ve noticed. Last night, when Derek X and Hannah were cracking a few jokes about Brent, Derek X made a point to say that he didn’t want to say anything too bad about Brent and that he felt he was a good guy and person. It’s something I’ve noticed with a lot of the house guests. I’ve noticed the players this season talk about the game in a cut throat way but it isn’t personal. Granted, it’s only the start of week 3 but so far, it’s been very nice to see.  I love when a player realizes they can play a ‘take no prisoners’ kind of game without having to demonize the target in the process.  To have a house full of players like that is fantastic!

Have a great Friday!

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