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Big Brother 23 – Thursday Recap

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Good afternoon, everyone!


What a week yesterday was in the Big Brother house. Frenchie is making his mark on this season which is great for us, but very bad for him.  He has this house swirling because it’s typical to start seasons off slow and just evict some random person who was mostly forgettable to begin with. It’s safe, it’s easy, it’s clean.

Does Frenchie go that route with his HoH?  Not even close.  He began by telling people that he had no intentions of evicting a female or a person of color. This automatically narrowed the list down to 3-4 people with the snap of his finger (I say 3-4 because there is debate whether DerekX is considered a person of color. I really don’t want to get into that topic and hate that Frenchie even brought it up. But, for the sake of using his logic this week, I’m going to include DerekX in the non ‘people of color’ group).


Seriously, so fucking ridiculous this is a thing. Nobody should be safe or be a target based on the color of their skin and Frenchie is a damned fool for even mentioning it. This was supposed to be the season where race wasn’t an issue, but CBS pushed the issue so far on the houseguests that people are going out of their way to make moves around it. And yes, I blame CBS because I am certain they drilled it in their heads during quarantine about the sensitive racial issues the last few seasons so nobody wants to be the next Aryn or Jackson.  So now players are going too far to not look racist which ironically makes them look terrible and/or stupid (ie Frenchie).

Speaking of CBS, this is apparently going to be another season where they block out the best stuff on the feeds.  That happened last night when, after a day of all this gossip, Frenchie finally pulled DerekX into the HoH room to confront him on the rumors.  The second he entered the room and they began to chat, the feeds cut for 30 minutes and all four returned to just the backyard group chatting.  So, I gave it two days of pushing the feeds, but you won’t see me pushing the live feed links in my blog posts. I simply can’t recommend a poor product. Not when it comes to people actually spending their money on it.

Moving on to the actual game, let’s try to recap it doing what I do best, randomly throw out thoughts into bullet points

  • Christian won the Wildcard Competition.  He also saved Xavier during it.  This means Frenchie’s pool to evict has been reduced to 3
  • Big D has a core four type of alliance with Azah, Tiffany, Xavier, and Frenchie.  Yes, math.
    • Note on that – Hannah walked by D and Tiffany yesterday and they told her they have her back as well. So perhaps the core four is those five plus Hannah?  Core four with six people?
  • Another alliance report – Frenchie, Kyland, Christian, Big D, and Xavier called ‘The Butchers’
  • Another alliance report – The Butchers plan to recruit more into their alliance for a larger one called ‘The Slaughterhouse’ (get it?  The butchers will take out the remaining people in the slaughterhouse?  Clever)
  • The day started off with Brent being a guaranteed target to it switching to DerekX after a 10-minute talk between Brent and Frenchie. Seriously, that’s all it took. Brent went up to the HoH room and told him the two didn’t speak much on day 1 because Brent was giving him space so he can have alone time to unwind with photos and stuff.  Frenchie melted from this gesture and immediately apologized for Brent being a target. Although he then said other people were namedropping Brent which caused the mess of the day.
  • Alyssa took about 30 minutes of the backyard being open before she started bouncing around doing one-handed cartwheels.  Something she said she wasn’t going to do in her opening clip because she didn’t want to seem athletic. I guess that changed when she saw her competition was also clearly athletic as well.
  • Potential alliance report – DerekX wants to form ‘The Firefighters’ with Travis, Tiffany, Claire, and Kyland, but that’s unlikely to go anywhere
  • Frenchie basically went around all day begging people to be a pawn without much luck.

Basically, it was a wild first full day in the Big Brother house. And despite CBS trying their best to ruin it, it was still very entertaining.  Noms are likely this afternoon which should bring some more entertainment!  I will begin my live feed thread once feeds return and we actually have noms.



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