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Big Brother 23 – Wednesday Afternoon Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s Wednesday in the Big Brother house and we’re still on Brent-Watch to see if the house ever slips up and lets him know he’s doomed tomorrow. Surprisingly, they’ve done a phenomenal job lying to him all week. Especially the people on his team who he’s been strategizing with all week for plans on what to do once X is blindsided. Yes, this dude is going to be heading home tomorrow night but he’s in the house making plans for the next few weeks of nominations. Awkward.

Moving on.  The house has to start planning on the next two weeks because this could actually be the most important part of the season.  You only have 2 more shots at removing potential toxic jury members before they are able to influence finale night so the good players will be thinking long and hard on that moving forward. I know it sounds weird putting so much importance on the people who finished 12th-16th place but in recent seasons, bitter juries have completely changed the outcome of the season.  Let’s be real – Paul should have won both of his seasons. Dan should have won 14.  Those situations happened not just because of poor management of the actual jury, but poor jury selection.


You see, a huge part of winning a court case is not about convincing the current jury you deserve to win as much as it’s about selecting the right jury who is likely going to believe the crap coming out of you or your lawyer’s mouth. That’s why jury selection in court cases is such a huge deal because lawyers get to interview potential jurors to see if they’re more or less likely to give them favorable results in the end. That’s what the house will be doing over the next two non-jury members and it should be huge.

So with that, I’m going to jump right into the feed updates because Tiffany is talking with Kyland about that very thing…

  • 10:10 am – Tiffany pulls Kyland into the HN room with the chessboard for a visual guide

    • Unfortunately, the feeds cut as Tiffany was explaining which piece represented which person so I’m stuck trying to figure it out
    • She says Whit, Alyssa, or Chrisitan need to go soon.  Most likely Christian.
    • Then she continues ‘we need to lose our people’ referring to their partners Claire and Sarah (Tiff and Claire are close as is Kyland and SB)
    • This is so frustrating trying to decipher who is being talked about when they cut off the legend
    • Kyland says ‘A king can’t win this week’. Tiffany says ‘obviously’.
    • Kyland tells her it’s going to be tough because Whitney doesn’t want to win this week. Tiffany is tired of these people who don’t try to win
    • Tiffany is basically using the buddy system in the house.  Everyone in the Cookout have a buddy who they have to be willing to cut when the time is right.
    • Tiffany-Claire, Kyland-SB, Azah-Britini. Not sure who the other 3 are.  I’m guessing X-Whit, Hannah-DX, Big D-?
  • 10:30 am – Tiffany and Kyland go do the chess thing to X. Maybe they won’t cut feeds and it’ll make sense this time

    • Okay, Tiff’s plan is to get Alyssa and Whitney out next and that will fill out the pre-jury phase
    • In this situation, the pairings are basically what I said above except X-Christian instead of X-Whit
    • Her plan is weird.  She’s basically paired up the cookout so when one person in the cookout loses someone, the other pair has to lose their someone.
    • Like Ky-Tiff. Hannah-X. Azah-BigD appear to be the pairings
    • So if Christian goes (X’s ‘buddy’) then Hannah has to cut DX.  This means X and Hannah become ‘buddies’
    • I wonder if X is picking up that Tiffany is basically telling him she has a final 2 deal with Kyland by making these arbitrary pairs.
    • Kyland thinks Tiffany’s plan is brilliant but I think she’s dramatically overthinking things.   This is all a huge plan just to prevent a scenario from Tiffany not having Claire while Kyland still has SB.  She doesn’t want Kyland to have two close female allies
    • X kind of changes the topic and says people are growing suspicious of Hannah because she’s under the radar but super intelligent.
  • 12:25 pm – Whitney is forced to entertain Brent in the living room
  • 2:00 pm – Brent and Briniti have been going around doing their one-on-ones
    • Brent is still confident he’s staying.  One thing that is going on is Kyland and DX are trying to figure out when to warn Whitney that she’s basically going home if she doesn’t win the next HoH
    • I mean that’s nice of them to warn her but good way to shake her up right before a comp
  • 4:00 pm – Updates have slacked this afternoon, but I’m back!

    • Britini making her campaign push to Hannah. I mean this is all just nothing at this point because we know nothing changes tomorrow
    • She is talking about the all-girl alliance Brent said she created which she didn’t create that nobody really even cares about
    • Britini tells Hannah that Brent jokingly went in and asked for her vote earlier
    • Hannah says Alyssa worries her as a competitor because she has all the guys wrapped around her finger (she’s right)

OKay, this post was really bad so I’m going to start a new one


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