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Big Brother 23 – Wednesday Feed Updates

September 1, 2021 | 55 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

It’s Wednesday in the Big Brother house and that means it’s campaign day! Or I should re-phrase that… It’s ‘waste your time having useless one-on-one day!’ woohooo. There is nothing more exciting than watching people try to talk their way out of an impossible situation when the outcome is basically set in stone. A bit of sarcasm there, it’s more like awkward and uncomfortable watching these conversations because they go nowhere.

There have really only been 2 evictions this season when the week was in question, and that was during Christian’s eviction, and the other during DX’s eviction (which was ironically caused by Christian’s eviction). Those have been the only two who had a remote chance of saving themselves, and really both almost did except for the fact that this season has been pretty set in stone on who they want gone. The eviction of SB is basically the complete opposite of those two where there is absolutely no moving the needle no matter what words come out of her mouth.

If you merged Dan and Dr. Will together and created a super child Big Brother player, even they couldn’t get out of this situation. Doesn’t matter how good of a talker you are if you can’t change the color of your skin. And let’s be real, that’s all that is to it this week. Kyland is a highly intelligent person and a physically gifted player who has won the HoH 2x this season. They are wasting a prime opportunity to get him out because they’re sticking with the ‘cookout until the end’ theme.

And hey, I’m not going to shit on them for being loyal. It’s truly remarkable to see 6 players stick together all season long to make the final 8 – and very likely the final 6. But this is the time of the season when it’s hard to pass up a shot when it’s sitting right in front of you. There are 3 comp wins between 60% of the remaining houseguests (Azah, D, Claire, Tiff, Hannah, and SB) and 2 of them came this week. They’re really going to pass up knocking out a strong player so they can get the white girl out, so that’s on them when 4 of the cookout members are bitter and casting their vote to win the season.

I know they claim they’ll be happy for whoever wins, but everyone says that until they’re not the one sitting there on finale night with a chance to win half a million dollars (now 3/4 of a million).


  • 11:50 amPer Hamsterwatch, Thursday’s HoH will be endurance (not sure if it’ll be on the feeds. Maybe not considering they haven’t been begging us to promote it)
    • Meanwhile, inside the house, there is a lot of gossip going on about SB and Kyland.
    • You see, those two did a very bad thing last night worth tons of shittalking today.  I’m really not even sure if I’m allowed to type it on the Internet – it’s that bad.
    • Alright, let me try –
    • Are you ready?  Warning – Viewer Discretion Advised –
    • Kyland and Sarah Beth both slept in the HN room together last night.   There, I said it. It’s out there.  The world now knows.  I can’t take it back.  Ahhhh I feel so dirty for writing that.
    • Yes, that’s it.  They slept in the same room.  Seriously.  No, not the same bed.  Not snuggling. Not anything like that. Just in the same room.  And that little move had the house talking all morning about how bad that looked. Sure, it looked bad to the house because they weren’t in the room and they’ve speculated that SB and Kyland had a secret showmance, but it definitely didn’t look bad to us.
    • I’ve watched the feeds all summer and I get zero romantic connection between them. There has legit been more flirting between Big D and Kyland than SB and Kyland. But obviously, the house doesn’t know how they are in private. It’s just funny to see them gossip like that.
  • 2:00 pm – SB’s  1on1’s are just about over.

    • She is with Alyssa now which is the interesting one because she’s shit all over Alyssa while campaigning
    • SB says she doesn’t want to throw Kyland under the bus (I wish I could read Al’s mind here)
    • Alyssa casually calls her out on being thrown under the bus. She disguises it as wondering if Alyssa offended her personally after mentioning how many different people SB tried to get after her
    • SB backtracking on it pretending she didn’t really throw her under the bus all that bad
    • SB claims she is going to lay low the rest of the season (if she stays).  But a reality is, it sounds like she’ll be laying low regardless because she won’t be gaming from the jury house lol
  • Talks break up with nothing really accomplished as expected.
  • 2:45 pm – Alyssa goes and re-tells her conversation with Sarah to Xavier
    • They then talk about Kyland and X says ‘prepare yourself. I’m preparing for at least an hour’ lol  true
  • Things break up again so Alyssa and Claire begin to make crazy faces

  • 5:30 pm – Kyland has been having his one-on-ones and really I’m not even going to listen to them because I’m having a hard enough time staying awake as is right now
  • 6:15 pm – Alyssa begins her long conversation.  She’s going to try and cut some deals and feel all special which will be irrelevant as soon as the conversation ends
    • She tells him he’s safe. I’m sure he’ll be able to sleep soundly tonight knowing he has her vote.
    • Seriously, this season is so uncomfortable watching so many people completely in the dark over an alliance and actually try to play like there isn’t one. These deals Alyssa is trying to make. Claire thinking there are pairs.  SB actually thinking Kyland is loyal to her.  Awkward.
  • Going to go watch the CBS episode
  • 7:00 pm – I’m back.  That was just frustrating to watch Claire win and be so in the dark about the alliance that she is basically letting Tiffany control the HoH.
    • Oh, a comical thing from tonight on the feeds is that Hannah still plans on waiting to find out if they’re having a battle back before she tells them about the cookout.  Such a bad move. If she waits, she will have to wait until the next person is evicted (after SB) to see if there is a battle back.  I’m going to just assume it’ll be Alyssa or Claire.  That means Hannah will be dropping that info to one person. She’s then going to rely on that one person to go to the jury and tell the rest and then not automatically assume Xavier and Tiffany are running the show (which is the truth).
    • She would have been much better off telling people from the start of jury
  • 7:15 pm – Alyssa whispering to X

    • She is talking about the jury house how those two (X/A) would be better off with the pre-jury people inside the jury.  No kidding, but you sent them home lol.  Whitney was in love with X, she was a guaranteed vote for him. Christian would vote for X or Alyssa.  X basically tossed away two lock votes to secure his alliance making jury.
  • Tiffany is still talking to Kyland because of course she is
    • Kyland tells her he dropped the hint to SB that there could have been a larger alliance that they’re not seeing.  This guy is so dumb. I can only imagine the DR session after this with Tiffany. She’s totally going to want to get rid of him first.  He’s telling Tiffany like it’s something to be proud of, but all I can see if Tiffany hearing Kyland confess he’s ratting out his alliance
  • Conversations are over and now general chatter in the living room
    • Oh, talks aren’t done lol.  Kyland tells production he is sorry he is not ready for goodbye messages. He still has 3 more to do.  I bet production groaned if they’re really holding up his goodbye message for him to finish talking.  Hopefully they’re earning OT pay waiting on Kyland to talk
  • Kyland has now trapped Claire in a conversation. Good luck to her.  Everyone else hanging out in the living room

So with that, I’m off to bed.  Nighty Night Junkies

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