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Big Brother 23 – Wednesday Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s Wednesday in the Big Brother house, and we’re in one of those weird weeks where things have finally settled down and the house begins to prepare for next week without actually knowing how Thursday night will go.  What I mean by this, when you have a houseguest who has just accepted defeat (Travis) and there is no new HoH yet, the house begins to make plans on who to evict the next week without actually knowing which side will have power.

I guess it’s kind of like a lesser-scale night before a lottery drawing where everyone is planning on what they’ll do with the win before the inevitable letdown when they don’t win.


For me, I think the biggest question heading into the weekend will be if Frenchie actually becomes vulnerable or if he managed to secure another few weeks with all the alliances he has formed. I originally put him as a second week exit, but I am starting to think he may actually survive another week or two simply because the house is really terrified of him for some strange reason. I guess it’s not too strange when you think about it from a psychological level. Frenchie with power is the only thing this house has known so far.  Once they realize someone else has all the power tomorrow evening, the Frenchie fear will quickly dissipate and he’ll become a target.

From early chatter, it appears other than the obvious DerekX, others like Sarah Beth, Claire, and Britini as new targets on the radar with Christian and Alyssa reemerging as other targets. This of course depends on who you ask. While Britini may nominate Sarah, you have people like Brent who would nominate Briniti. The girls also know they’re being a target this week for ‘balance’, and have agreed that Alyssa and Whitney are expendable because they’re really close with the guys (and they don’t even know those two are the only two girls in the detonators, err dominators, err, cookout, err, bbq, err… oh right, slaughterhouse.  These names are weird.

Before I begin, a huge thank you to Shannon and Theresa for your super generous donations!  You are all amazing!

  • 10:45 am – Let’s begin the feeds
    • Frenchie chatting small game with DerekX.  He is telling him how he wants to work with him blah blah. Just Frenchie being Frenchie
    • Oh, super late start for me today because I was up until 4 am watching Loki but that’s how I roll.  Time to set an alarm again so I can wake up fairly normal now that Loki is done
    • Back to the house. DerekX is making a small push to keep Travis. I wonder if this will gain steam as the day rolls on
  • In the storage room, Whitney and Frenchie talk
    • They want Xavier out and hope that the other side of the house takes him out. They just don’t feel secure with him
    • Oh jeez, Frenchie is telling Whitney those two have something others don’t if it comes to the final 5 (referring to kids).  All right, bro. We know Frenchie and Whitney are the only parents to ever enter the Big Brother house.
    • And they confirm their final 2.  I don’t even keep track of final 2 deals because there are always so many every season.
  • 11:30 am – Feeds up and down again today.
    • House is mostly still having breakfast anyway so we’re not missing a lot
    • In the bedroom, DerekX and Travis are talking about the vote.  They are going to try and rally for some votes and Travis points out if a girl wins HoH and gets another guy out, it’ll be 8-6 and game over for the guys.  Let’s pump the brakes on that.

A huge thank you to Daina for your wonderful donation!  You are a special friend!

    • Frenchie talking to X about how those two, Christian, and Brent are the strongest in the house with competitions.  Frenchie just loves lumping himself in with that
  • 1:30 pm – So much chatter in the house. Let’s recap…
    • Frenchie and Whitney had their final 2 deal.  Azah and Claire’s name came up a lot but Whitney eased off Claire when she found out that Claire wanted to get more big targets out
    • Frenchie says he can flip this vote in a heartbeat if he wanted because hes’ the ruler of the house (the ruler part was my words)
  • Later on, Frenchie moves to Big D, Hannah, and X
    • This is where he plays up the minority role.  “It literally hurts my heart to see minorities go home before jury every season”. All right, bro. Stop pandering. You put Kyland on the block. Your main target was DerekX.
    • Frenchie claims when the new person wins HoH, they are going to pull him aside and ask him what to do (the ego)
  • Moving on – Tiffany and Hannah talk
    • They are wondering why Frenchie can just go ahead and bring in more and more people into the alliance. Hannah calls him erratic and impulsive (bingo)
    • Hannah also mentions how Frenchie told everyone he wasn’t sending a woman home first and then put up Alyssa.
    • She then brings up how Frenchie talks about how he hates when minorities go home yet he nominates a black man and a Latina woman.
    • Hannah is more annoyed because it sounds like he’s exploiting real social issues (which he is).  She says it’s fine he put them up but don’t use social issues as your cause.
  • Moving on – Christian and DerekX
    • This conversation was mostly to clear things up. Christian heard DX threw his name out there and DX denies it.
    • DX tells him that before Wildcard, Frenchie asked if he’d support him if he threw up a big name like Christian.
    • DX says “If a girl thing is forming it, who is leading it” – Frenchie is lol.  Because that’s BB23 for you
    • Christian thanks him for using the veto because it helped save Alyssa
  • Moving on – Big D and Xavier
    • They are sad then when it comes down to it, Azah and Tiffany have to go.  Everyone has to go, like the Titanic. Except for Jack and Rose.  Ummm, D. Jack died, bro.  I know there was enough room for him on the plank, but Rose needed her space so she watched him freeze to death.  That may be the perfect metaphor for Big Brother because everyone thinks they’re going to be the Jack to someone’s Rose but in the end, they’re going to watch Rose comfortable on a board while they sink to the bottom of the ocean.
    • They then talk about hinky votes. D wants to vote out Alyssa but X points out that DX is likely already doing that. And if that happened, the second vote would likely be pinned on someone on his (X) team (he’s right).
  • All right, we’re about caught up. Feeds have returned from their 100th unscheduled downtime of the day. Let’s get in a solid 5 minutes of blogging before they’re down again
  • 2:00 pm – Brent, DX and a few others were making jokes about having a show ‘Big Bros’ where it’s all a bunch of meatheads in the house talking about their gains and shit.
    • It was actually getting funny until they cut the feeds.  So, if any comedians are out there, feel free to make your own jokes about a ‘Big Bros’ scenario because that’s all we can do
  • Downstairs, Christian and Xavier are talking about the all-girls alliance
    • They want to tell Whitney they were just feeding Derekx garbage because she feels she’s the leader of the all-girl alliance.  They want to bring in Frenchie as well because she trusts him
    • Christian mostly wants Whitney to still trust him because they – again – just assume she’s running an all-girl alliance
  • Whitney has been crying, I think she’s missing her kids.  X is comforting her
  • 2:45 pm – Feeds down again. Going to run out for dinner be back shortly

Check back for updates


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