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Big Brother 24- Mels Recap 7/18/22

July 18, 2022 | 13 Comments
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Author: Mel

God morning all, I hope you had an amazing weekend! It was good weather to stay in and watch live feeds since it’s been so hot! I finally got about 2 hrs of rain yesterday! (I know rainfall is measured in inches, not hours but I only know how long it rained)

Before I get into the feeds, thank you so much LaDonna for the donation and it was very thoughtful of you! As for the feeds, it looked like the plan could change a couple of times but that’s only due to the dislike of Taylor. Since Taylor was put up as a pawn, I keep feeling that it could change at any time and for the slightest reason.

I found myself hoping she’d stop talking anytime she starts. It isn’t because of what she’s saying but rather, the hgs twisting everything she says. (She also says too much for the position she has in the house. Ya, it may not be fair but it’s the situation she’s in)

Jasmine put Taylor and Pooch otb, Michael won his 2nd veto and the plan is still to take out Pooch. Pooch was getting nervous after the noms were made. He talks non stop and over people on a regular day but he kicked it up a notch after noms. He mostly reminded everyone that he did this as a favor to the house and to build trust with Jasmine. (He was really just trying to WILL the plan to stay the same) Pooch also said “when did we all stop hating Taylor?”

He definitely felt comfortable in the house but he started worrying there may be a bigger plan happening. He said it was possible Michael could take Taylor off the block, if there was a plan to put someone up beside him who was the REAL target. (Really, that’s the ONLY possibility that came to mind Pooch?)

In less than 10 minutes, Pooch went from saying he could never suggests a bigger target to Jasmine to tossing out Monte, Kyle and Terrence as targets. (Good ole self preservation kicking in)

Pooch isn’t the only one in the house with sloppy game play. I think I’ve already gone into Monte coming up with the idea of inviting Nicole into their alliance. (I know last night’s episode made it appear it was Ameerahs idea but that’s not how it happened) I started wondering how quickly he’d regretted that decision. As soon as the plan went went from Taylor to Pooch, Monte tried to be ok with it. However, paranoia and some bad gameplay changed how he felt about it. For some reason, Ameerah thought it was a good idea to tell Monte that Tyler would target him next week if she won hoh. (Taylor did say that but why the hell tell him, especially now?) Monte told his alliance and Jasmine, he was fine with Pooch leaving but he wanted to vote for him to stay. He thought it was smart to vote this way so he’d maintain cover with Turner and Joseph. Soon after, he was pleading his case to Nicole and Ameerah, saying Taylor had to go.

They pushed back and while not their exact words, it was a version of ‘too bad, so sad’ and ‘tough shit.’ Monte said he couldn’t trust Taylor and Nicole told him she wasn’t asking him to trust Taylor, she was asking him to trust her. (good line) Ameerah, who was equally direct, told him if he wanted Taylor out, he should win the hoh, stop throwing comps and take her out himself. (Haha)

If Monte thought he was gonna come in, make an alliance and also make all the decisions for that alliance, he was wrong. If we’re keeping score, it was bad for Monte to bring Nicole into the alliance, bad for Ameerah to tell Monte that Taylor would target him if she wanted Taylor to stay and also bad for Taylor to name targets to Ameerah. I know Taylor is trying to get in with the women but she doesn’t know the house dynamics since she’s a week behind. (Just say you’ll target guys and stop there) Pooch still has the lowest score by volunteering for the block.

Ameerah, not learning her lesson, told Indy about Joseph naming her as one of the next 5 people he’d like to get out. Indy was furious, said she wasn’t cooking for him anymore and even said she’d like to spit in his food. (Gross and hoping that was a joke)

I swear, the entire house feels like they have a special friendship with Joseph and so does Indy. Ameerah and a couple others floated the idea of taking him out this week but said Jasmine would never do it. (They should, he’s gonna be hard to vote out)

Indy said she wouldn’t say anything but she did. She asked Joseph, he lied and they moved on…for now. Indy also made a comment to either Alyssa or Ameerah (can’t remember) about going to the end with Monte. They’ve discussed letting the guys take her out sooner than later. They’ve also seen how personally she takes everything and the way she holds a grudge. They don’t think they’ll get her vote if they piss her off so feel maybe she shouldn’t make it to jury. (I like Indy but it’s probably true)

Turner, who barely exists on the show or the feeds, was told he needed to shower more often. Indy also made him wash his feet before getting into the hot tub. I don’t know how big of an issue this is in the house but it’s been discussed. Other than some trash talk about Taylor with the guys, there isn’t much to say about Turner.

Brittnay touched base with him this weekend since they made that final 2 early on. (Its not real for either of them) She’s another one who doesn’t learn because she discussed the ‘what ifs’ of Michael using the veto with him. She’s barely hanging on in the game and is another one who needs to STOP TALKING. It didn’t appear to have much effect on Turner either way tho. Turner, Pooch and Monte are the worst for getting info but discarding it because they don’t value the person giving it to them. I don’t know if this is strategy but here’s Turner licking his elbow. Maybe he’s trying to show his value for when they have the traditional elbow licking comp??

Jasmine told Monte about Pooch suggesting him as a renom but later, he told Kyle he wasn’t sure if it was true. (She came out of it better than Taylor did when she gave him info at least) The only other things Jasmine’s been doing in the house are trash talking Taylor and having everyone wait on her constantly, while never bothering to say thank you. She has 0 self awareness in my opinion. She’s talked about making sure people wash their hands but she NEVER washes her hands after using the restroom. She’s talked about how they shouldn’t make the game personal, how you shouldnt judge people before you get to know them, you get the idea.

Jasmine ASKED Taylor to make her dinner, told Taylor how she wanted it made and afterwards, she told Pooch she was annoyed by Taylor wanting to make food for her. I suppose there is strategy In reinforcing to Pooch how much she dislikes Taylor. I’m just not convinced it strategy because she trash talks so much and lies all the time. I will give her this tho, she a convincing liar. While watching her lie to Pooch several times, it was obvious why the house believes the stuff she says about Taylor. Shes good at it! (She makes up conversations between Taylor and herself that didn’t happen, not just trash talk)

She has a scooter now so maybe she doesn’t have to be horizontal ALL the time. She also said she got her x-ray results back and has a level 3 sprain. I guess that’s supposed to be the worst sprain you can have before something is actually being broken. (I also may not know what the hell I’m talking about)

Anyway, if that’s the case, this won’t be a ‘stay off it for a couple days’ kind of thing. This will be healing for the duration of the season. For that type of sprain, I was surprised her brace wasn’t a much larger and stiffer boot. (Yes, I’m beating around the bush because I feel bad asking the question) Did the DR tell her what was wrong, make some comment to her like “at least it’s not a level 3 sprain because that’s the most severe kind…” and she came out and told everyone it’s a level 3 sprain?” (It’s just a thought) I’m only hoping we don’t end up with a Derek F situation. If she can’t compete the rest of the season, I could see her being taken to the F3. Plus, most of the house really seems to like her (go figure) and they’ll feel bad because she’s injured. Alyssa looked miserable being a footstool.

Michael tried to work Jasmine because he wanted to use the veto. He tried to plant some seeds and if it worked, wanted to make her think it was her idea. It wasn’t a bad plan because that’s exactly what happened with Pooch leaving this week. She’s constantly patting herself on the back for the move she’s making but without Ameerah, this would NOT be happening this week. Initially, Jasmine wanted the veto used so I think its fair to say, the other people in Michaels alliance not wanting it used caused him to back off of it. The super fan almost oozes out of him and I loved this image of him in the pool. He’s living his dream!

Ok, this has gotten wayyyy longer than I’d intended so let me hit a few other highlights and wrap it up. Alyssa and Kyle have been flirting quite a bit and they’ve been sharing info. After Taylor had a brief chat with Kyle yesterday, Alyssa asked him if they were a thing now and appeared a little jealous. (Lol, these people are ridiculous)

Kyle, who seems to be enjoying Alyssa’s attention, is also worried about being a target. When they spoke last night, it kind of seemed like he was putting her in the friend zone.

They had the backyard again, enjoyed the pool and most of the house did some working out, with Monte and Joseph leading it. I got worried for Taylor when she was working out with the guys in her bikini but luckily some of the other women joined in. (I’m telling ya, it wouldn’t take much for the target to go back to Taylor this week)

Terrence has been sleeping on the floor because he didn’t have a pool float. (They gave the have nots a couple new ones last night) I know some you may like him but that’s all I got. Unless he’s shit talking about Taylor, he’s almost nonexistant.

Daniel, who is also a have not, has ALOT to say. He spent most of the weekend trying to convince the house, Taylor is following him everywhere and is stalking him. (He’s became very dislikable to me, also whiny) I know he’s a have not, which makes people irritable and his targets stayed in the house so he’s probably paranoid too. Maybe that’s contributing to some of it. (Nicole doesn’t talk as much trash except when she’s with Daniel and then she falls right back into it too)

I think something was said in the DR that got into his head. Suddenly, he’s worried that he’s being portrayed as a villain. He’s also made comments about not wanting to be shown as having a Frenchie hoh. Nicole assured him he wasn’t a bad person but said, maybe he should lay off a little of the Taylor talk. Michael stood there looking like he was trying not to laugh.

Jasmine told Daniel that Taylor may have a crush on him and maybe that’s why she was following him around. I thought this was completely stupid when I heard it but…..

After an outside pool day, they got a cake mix and some alcohol for Joseph’s birthday.

Now, I don’t know how much they drank but I woke up to the women discussing Daniel. Taylor was talking about wanting to make out with him. There was a lot of good natured teasing but I have the feeling they’ll use this against her when it’s convenient. I don’t think Taylor has a crush on Daniel. I think she’s in her 20’s and wants to have some fun. I think the same about Alyssa.

I don’t know the details and if there even are any details. I needed to get this recap out so that’s as far as I’ve gotten with it. (I liked the camera angle on this one)

Initially, I thought ‘oh no Taylor, what are you doing?’ It may not be the worst thing for her though because of the other thing I heard discussed. Nicole and Daniel were chatting and both in agreement that either they or Taylor really needed to win the next HOH. Taylor is still pretty oblivious to how alot of the house feels about her so I don’t think this was a strategy. Even if it was more alcohol and less strategy, it could still benefit her. Daniel appears alot more comfortable with keeping Taylor around a bit longer.

The noms should stay the same today and there’s been chatter over when to tell Turner and Joseph about Pooch. They all have a different idea so it could be interesting to see who beats who to it and who, if anyone, gets credit for being honest with them. Brittany has already hinted at it to Joseph. (Same bad strategy, girl, it’s not working!)

Have a great Monday!


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