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Big Brother 24- Mels Recap 8/1/22

August 1, 2022 | 27 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend! Anything I was going to write may be irrelevant because the Leftovers could be changing targets again. They’re discussing it now, as I’m typing so if I’m wrong, it’s because I have an early work day and can’t wait them out.

The decision over getting rid of Nicole vs Alyssa has been discussed a lot since Monte won the HOH. It could have been complicated further with Daniel winning the veto but a bad twist has prevented that from being a problem. Either Daniel or Kayle can use it so Daniel can’t prevent the Leftovers from doing whatever they want this week.

I haven’t turned against the Leftovers and I still want them to wipe out Nicole, Daniel, Jasmine and Alyssa.(never thought I’d be rooting for boring BB but here we are) I’m fine with waiting a few weeks for the game get exciting again in order to get these people out of the house. I’m only pointing out that this is a bad twist. If the situation and numbers were reversed, we’d be hating it.

For as long as this twist is going on, the Leftovers can do almost anything they want. I was thinking the twist couldn’t get worse, but we found out it could with the veto situation. Say someone we like had their life on the line in the game and they manage to pull out a veto win. Well, their Bestie can prevent them from making a move, other than them being safe. (Twists almost always benefit the large alliance)

I’m fine with it for the moment because of the situation. I’m only pointing out, it’s still a really bad twist and the game could be more exciting without it. If The Leftovers hadn’t came together the moment they did, we could be watching a steamroll but in reverse. How much fun do you think we’d be having if that were happening?

Taylor playing checkers and smiling with the hg’s:

Like most weekends in the house, this one was spent with a lot of down time and hanging out in the backyard. The Leftovers have started playing games and having fun together. It was a strange juxtaposition watching half the house run around having a good time while the other half complained, trash talked and obsessed over Taylor. (No, it hasn’t stopped)

Jasmine scooting by and noticing Taylor dared to have good time:

The dilemma for the Leftovers is this:

Nicole needs to go because she’s probably a better competitor, Daniel is also good at comps and he’s very close to Nicole.

Alyssa needs to go because it will force Indy to join another Bestie duo and Alyssa’s s been driving Kyle crazy. Plus, Michael and Brittnay are the only leftover pair who are vulnerable to being on the block against each other.

In order for Nicole to leave, Taylor would have to go otb AGAIN. She seemed a little uncomfortable at first but soon said it was worth the risk, in order to take out Nicole. Around the same time Taylor was telling Monte she would put her trust in them and go on the block, Kyle was pushing pretty hard to take out Alyssa instead. Taylor practicing her speech:

Unfortunately for me, (because I want Nicole out first) Kyle had backup from Michael and Brittnay. They know it’s (potentially) better for their games if Alyssa leaves first. They’ve been spending some time with Indy dropping seeds, hoping she’ll join their duo. To be fair, it could be easier to hide the alliance if they take out Alyssa. Michael and Brittany can pretend to be working with Nicole if Alyssa goes. Once they evict Nicole and keep Taylor, they’ll know for sure Taylor is working with a group.

Terrance just chillin’ trying to not be noticed until the F3. I’m already starting to have nightmares of Terence and Jasmine with one of the Leftovers in the F3:

Honestly, neither plan is a mistake but I do think one is better than the other. I think Alyssa can be manipulated easier if she stays in the house and Nicole & Daniel as a pair should be split up. On top of that, I don’t see a world where Indy chooses to join Michael and Brittany’s duo as soon as she remembers they’ll be the have nots next week. (I could be wrong but that’s my 2 cents) Basically, it’s better for Michael and Brittany for Alyssa to go, assuming Indy joint their duo. It’s also better for Kyle if she goes, if he doesn’t want a shomance. It’s better for the Leftovers as an alliance for Nicole to leave, as long as they’re ok not hiding the alliance anymore.

Michael cutting his birthday cake, Jasmine looks miserable, doesn’t she?

Kyle, who’d been practically running from Alyssa for a week, spent some time cuddling with her last night. Now suddenly, he says his moral compass may have him changing his mind. (Kyle needs to be careful, haha) I know Alyssa has driven Kyle nuts but he seems to always want the opposite of his group after they’ve made a decision. It also didn’t go unnoticed how hard he pushed to stay off the block this week and have Daniel as a target.

Kyle told Alyssa repeatedly he doesn’t want anything to happen between them until they get out of the house or at a minimum, if they end up injury together. While he’s having these conversations, Alyssa is kissing his arm, licking his fingers, etc. At one point this weekend, he put a stop to it, went to take a cold shower and she came back to ask if she could get in the shower with him. (She gives pushy a new meaning) His mom made a hilarious Tweet that included “Kyle, just say no.”

Michael and Brittnay have given it a good effort this weekend to try and switch the target to Alyssa. When they saw that probably wasn’t going to happen, Michael especially, realized he shouldn’t push it. (You know the way Monte did over Pooch) I thought it was pretty much settled yesterday but now I’m not sure what’s going to happen. They were also talking about it this morning, without having any sleep yet and the decision is being made today. We’ll know soon enough which direction it’s going to go.

Although I prefer Nicole to be targeted, it’s not the end of the world if she isn’t. I don’t mind Nicole being in the house for a while longer knowing she’s screwed. It would also be hilarious to see Alyssa leave after a week of her throwing herself at Kyle.

As for other happenings over the weekend, Nicole went back-and-forth over wanting to go on the block against Taylor. She had moments when she was confident and felt she would stay and other times, she was panicking and convinced she’d be evicted. I’ve seen delusional houseguests but she’s really up there on the list. What I’ve noticed that’s not as common, is the way she manages to argue both points of something simultaneously.

In back-to-back sentences, Nicole said it was stupid for Pooch to volunteer to go up while planning to volunteer herself to go up. While talking, she did appear to catch herself on this one but she had a ready explanation. She told Monte her situation was different because she was volunteering to go up against someone who was a much bigger target than herself. (It’s the exact same target Pooch was up against)

Nicole will also talk nonstop for an hour about how terrible Taylor is and then spend the next hour saying Taylor was never her target. I know people lie while playing the game but she will have these opposing conversations with the same person. (It’s bizarre) The most ironic thing to me about Nicole this week this has been her strategy. If Nicole really wanted to stay off the block, her best strategy would be explaining to Monte how Taylor wasn’t that big of a threat and they could take her out later. She can’t bring herself to do that though. She’s so wrapped up in this “we have to get Taylor out because she’s terrible” that she can’t even see the strategy imo.

This was possibly my favorite moment from the weekend. Nicole attempted to lay her head on Kyle’s shoulder. He jumped back to avoid this happening:

Nicole proceeded to lay her head over in the most uncomfortable looking position. In her attempt to act as if she’d never intended to lay her head on Kyle, she sat in this bizarre position (haha):

More information came out about the Po’s Pack alliance. For some insane reason, Nicole and Alyssa have continued to deny being in it. Brittany decided to fill them in and told them all 6 people. Now, Jasmine doesn’t trust Alyssa as much and Indy and Alyssa had an arguement over it. They already didn’t trust Nicole very much and this just made it worse. Jasmine, Indy and Alyssa don’t like Daniel and I don’t think they’ve ever liked him.

Daniel came up with a plan to convince Kyle not to use the veto. He was really proud of himself and spilled all his future game plans to Kyle. Kyle did a lot of head nodding and smiling but just took it all in. Daniel thought he could tell Kyle that Monte and Joseph looked pissed when Daniel won the veto and somehow, that was going to turn Kyle against the other guys.

Jasmine still scooting on her behind up and down the stairs:

Jasmine spent her time complaining as usual. She and Turner are have nots together so she was annoyed with him because he wasn’t offering to do everything for her. She feels like more people should be offering to make her slop, bring her things back and forth, etc. She also doesn’t like how Taylor has finally integrated herself in the house. All the women in the house (minus Brittnay) have mentioned the way Taylor seems too comfortable and they don’t like it.

Jasmine and Alyssa while Taylor had a bit of fun:

Jasmine moved the fastest I’ve seen her move when she thought a bug was after her:

Turner has had an extremely hard time on slop. He’s one of those people who’s digestive system has a hard time with it. It’s made him sick and he’s thrown up. On top of that, Nicole has used up all his vegan food for cooking and Indy took it upon herself to use all the vegan snacks he got in his hoh basket.

There’s a push on social media to get Taylor a Lays potato chip commercial. She should because she’s always walking around with a bag of them.

Check back later to see what happens with the veto and have a great Monday!


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