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Big Brother 24- Mels Recap 8/16/22

August 16, 2022 | 11 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies! It was an active but bizarre day in the BB house yesterday. There was just a weird vibe in the air. I think it’s always that way when you can feel things are about to happen. The Leftovers breaking up are what’s probably about to happen. In a way, it happened the night before but since the next HOH hasn’t occurred, it isn’t official. I skimmed over Indy’s eviction because it really doesn’t matter. She isn’t a value to anyones game and hasn’t bothered to play the game.

I rarely talk about Indy because there’s nothing to say. I guess I could say she’s used to BB Brazil where the fans vote people off so to her, she’s playing the game. She reads her Bible, cooks, likes her sleep, has a connection to Joseph and makes alot of threats and nasty comments.

She’s told half the house she doesn’t plan to stay in jury if evicted but she isn’t the first to say it. Obviously, anything could happen but I’m guessing she’ll stay. Her vote will be based solely on who she likes and we’ll probably never hear from her after. She’s also said she isn’t wearing her costume on Thursday for the live show. I don’t believe they’ve told her she has to yet but if they do, she said she isn’t doing it. Ok, I just dedicated 2 paragraphs to Indy so I’m basically done.

The veto ceremony was yesterday and Kyle didn’t use the veto. Taylor pretended to be pissed at Kyle but it was weird since she kind of was anyway. She apparently yelled at Kyle after the ceremony but it was planned. It was at least planned for Taylor to be mad but Kyle said he didn’t know she was going to yell at him. He said it was the 1st time in his life anyone had ever yelled at him. (Really? How odd, I’ve been yelled at alot. Parents, friend, spouse, maybe I just give people reasons to yell at me??)

Kyle tried to convince Jasmine and Indy he was afraid Alyssa would go up and couldn’t use it. Taylor told them she didn’t know why he would think that and and said she’d promised Kyle and Alyssa they were safe this week. For now, they believed Taylor but that could change. Jasmine told Alyssa she was afraid not using the veto meant Kyle was working with Monte.

Kyle also told Jasmine that Taylor wasn’t surprised at the ceremony and was faking it. This could’ve hurt Taylor but because Taylor had already told Jasmine she found out BEFORE the ceremony Kyle wasn’t going to use it, it was fine. Jasmine assumed Taylor wasn’t yelling because she was surprised, she was yelling because she was pissed.

Kyle is worried now over the alliance knowing he chose Alyssa over them. (Not really, half of them wanted her to stay) He told Alyssa they needed to distance a little, sort of broke up, then made out and then became official boyfriend and girlfriend. Yeah, it’s weird but so is this entire shomance. I ran across this and thought it was funny tho:

They’ve moved from the pool float to the bedroom now and Kyle expressed his disappointment over lasting about 10 seconds. I don’t have anything else to say about that situation. I will bring up another situation which is why in the hell hasn’t Kyle told Alyssa about the Leftovers yet? It’s obvious he’s done with this alliance and wants to form a new one. It not only hurts Alyssa’s game, it hurts his own by leaving her in the dark. It’s time for Kyle to put his big boy pants on and come clean if he wants any help with it.

Indy went around telling people she wasn’t campaigning but just wanted to make sure she had their votes. It was awkward and when she asked Michael and Brittnay, she did it with Terrance in the room. Lol

Taylor and Monte discussed the way Kyle was behaving differently now. They said they hadn’t seen this side of him and Taylor said he messed up her HOH. (Taylor has forgotten that she never wanted Alyssa out this week) That plan only evolved after a lot of pushing from Brittnay and Joseph. Getting out any of the non leftovers is a win for Taylor this week. By Kyle saying he would take the blame, he may have really helped her game too.

For what it’s worth, the non leftovers appear to believe Taylor. I don’t think it will last because they don’t like her but if it can last thru the next twist, it could keep her safe. It’s at least possible Terrance and Jasmine would target someone over her if they win next week. Taylor is in a good position if she can make it thru this twist.

Taylor and Kyle talked and she said she didn’t want him to feel like the alliance was going against him. He said he didn’t want her to feel like he was taking a stand against the entire alliance. He explained that in private convos, Michael, Brittnay and Turner spoke very differently about Alyssa staying. He said Joseph and Monte both said they didn’t care either way. In his mind, that meant the majority of the alliance was in favor of taking out Indy. (true) Taylor said, in her convos with them, they said the opposite. (also true)

Michael, Brittnay and Kyle talked about the LO’s and when to make a move. They see Monte and Joseph as big obstacles. (they are if they want to win) They know Joseph’s social game is amazing and said Monte studies a lot and knows the days. They also know they’ve both thrown comps. Kyle asked if it was too soon and if they should take the 1st shot. Michael said whoever took the 1st shot would have the advantage. (He’s priming Kyle to do it for him)

Taylor’s been thrown under the bus this week by Michael and Brittnay. They’re not after Taylor, they’re after Joseph and Monte. Because Taylor is the hoh this week, she’s being included. I think the only concern they have with Taylor is the amount of influence Joseph seems to have over her game. Here’s an example: The entire alliance, minus Joseph because he wasn’t in the room, agreed Kyle made good points and said Alyssa should stay. Taylor was completely on board, Joseph came in, argued against it and within a minute or two, Taylor was saying Alyssa HAD to go. The point is, Michael and Brittnay don’t want Taylor out, they want Joseph out.

Kyle approached Turner to feel him out about turning on the 7. He’s smart enough not to come out and say it. He only asked Turner if he thought anyone in the 7 would flip against the others. Turner said it would be stupid because usually, the 1st person to do it, leaves immediately after. (This isn’t necessarily true but it told Kyle what he needed to know) He’ll need to do a lot more work on Turner to get him to change his plans.

For me, Taylor and Turner are opposites in some ways but very similar when it comes to their alliance. Taylor feels the need to to fill any silence in the room. A lot of people are like that and I think it’s why she spills more info than she gets. Turner’s the opposite because he can sit in a room for 2 hours with people he’s comfortable with and say nothing. I think the similarity comes from the simplistic way they see the game. They have an alliance, it’s with people they like and that’s it. Turner likes the fact that his alliance is with people whose company he enjoys. Taylor is similar because this isn’t just her alliance, these are her friends. They are the people she feels stood up for her when she needed it most. I don’t think it occurs to either one of them that turning on the 7 is an option.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with either strategy. If an alliance can get you to the end, why not be loyal to it? If you aren’t positioned well in your alliance, why wouldn’t you turn on it? I think Turner is loyal to the 7 and once they get there, he’s loyal to the Pound, after that, he’s loyal to his F2 with Kyle. Simple. I think the final 3 Taylor has with Michael and Brittnay is blinding her a little to how much they contributed to complicating her hoh week. She’s loyal so she isn’t going to see it as quickly.

Jasmine is still planning for her b-day. Now, she wants gifts and cards from all the other hg’s. She told Michael they could recite what their cards would’ve said or some stupid shit like that. Jasmine’s also continued to complain about Brittany. Now that she’s having to be nice to Taylor, she needs someone to pick on. I will give Jasmine one thing, she’s on to the way Brittnay tries to play dumb about everything. She did an impersonation of Brittnay to Terrance and nailed it.

Turner did some fake game talking and planning with Jasmine. Now that he’s cleared up everything from the day before, he’s back to messing with her in the game. He (along with others) went around the house stealing all the food Jasmine and Indy have hidden too. That should be fun when they realize it.

Terrance had to keep putting on temporary tattoos and I believe has to put on 182 of them by Thursday. Some of the tattoos are actually pretty cool since they’re BB related. I think “Ink 182” is supposed to be the idea behind this one and it’s kind of a cute idea.

Taylor and Joseph’s punishment on the other hand, wasn’t well thought out in my opinion.

2 people being connected for 48 hours, no problem there. Silly costumes, no problem there. Making them use fake accents, (although they are both cringeworthy bad at them) still no problem.

The Sid and Nancy theme, kind of a problem. I guess I just don’t get it. Not only do none of the hg’s know who The Sex Pistols were or who Sid and Nancy were, it just “feels a little ick” as Alyssa would say. Of all the things they could have chosen, production went with 2 sad drug addicts, one of them was murdered and the other was accused of murdering her. For BB purposes, they are now Skid and Fancy.

None of that is Taylor or Joseph’s fault and so far, they’ve been good sports about it. Both of their accents are terrible which makes it even funnier. They’ve been told they have to use the accent the entire time or could get some type of penalty. They need to give them a little more direction tho, I think.

Joseph says the word “mate” alot and said he only eats tea and biscuits. (He’s trying, lol)

Monte seemed really enjoy it.

Turner got into it with them too.

A lot of people kept staying up and hoping for another late night leftovers meeting. Let me clarify, I think they were hoping for a Taylor, Joseph, Monte and Turner meeting. I wasn’t because honestly, I don’t know what everyone thinks is going to happen. Sure, there’s a chance they’ll get together and start figuring out they can’t trust Kyle, Michael or Brittnay.

There’s also a decent chance that doesn’t happen yet. Other than Taylor and Turner, I think Monte and Joseph are the most loyal to the 7. Joseph has definitely put some work into making sure he has the advantage with jury votes but otherwise, he’s focused on the LO’s. I think Monte has picked up on what Michael and Britrnay are doing the most but so far, he hasn’t vocalized it to the others. I also don’t think Turner automatically goes against Kyle once they have the conversation. I could see Turner trying to talk Kyle out of it and don’t have any clue where that could go.

The only game move, (other than blowing smoke up Jasmines ass) that Turner made yesterday was telling people Kyle and Alyssa had sex. Alyssa made him promise he wouldn’t but he did. In Turners defense, I can at least say, he did it with good intentions. He told Monte and Joseph both but it was to explain Kyle’s move. He wanted them to know the relationship had changed and because of it, the timing would’ve been terrible for Kyle to take out Alyssa. I also think Turner truly feels this way about it. He basically told Kyle the day before the veto ceremony, it would be a real asshole move to get rid of her right after having sex with her.

It definitely should get interesting very soon. Like I said earlier, I don’t have a problem with either strategy for the LO’s.. I’m just anxious to see how it plays out. (I still wanted my Turner and Taylor final 2, which I don’t see happening) I’m curious if Michael and Brittnay can push enough to get Kyle to take a shot for them, screwing up his own game. I’m also curious to see if Monte, Joseph and Taylor talking more could get them to go after Kyle and Alyssa. There’s also a chance things could backfire on Michael and Brittnay and they could be targets over the shomance, in spite of all the work they’re doing.

I’m not going to get too excited over any plans anyone starts making yet because this twist could derail them. Who knows? The remaining convenience store could pull out the HOH wins and really mix things up.

I expect today to be ALOT of birthday talk but these slow day allow the paranoia and boredom to set in. Maybe something exciting will happen. Have a great Tuesday!


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