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Big Brother 24- Mels Recap 8/3/22

August 3, 2022 | 15 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BBJunkies! Yesterday, we gained a sho-mance and lost a scooter. Nicole did some campaigning. Some of the LO’s put in some work, trying to gain the upper hand over each other in the upcoming weeks. That was pretty much the day.

Kyle spoke to the cameras to give us another one of his house updates. He talked about his alliance, how things were going and his potential plans for the end. I’d mentioned I thought his alliance with Brittnay and Michael formed early on, could be his true intention and he confirmed that yesterday. He also made a F2 with Turner the other night and he told us his preferred final 4 would be with those three.

For anyone wondering if Kyle actually likes Alyssa or if this is about game, we have the answer to that too. He REALLY likes her. I see now why he was trying so hard to avoid this situation, saying it wouldn’t be good for his game. This began less than 48 hours ago and he’s already talking about vacations together, kids, pets, a future, etc. He said he hopes this doesn’t make him a bigger target but he can’t help it and said he came here to have fun. (Weird, I thought he went for 750k)

After his camera talk, he spoke with Monte and asked his opinion. Kyle said he didn’t want it to be weird for any of the LO’s. Monte told him it wasn’t a big deal and said no one would care. (Ummm, not so fast there Monte)

Joseph joined, Kyle told him what they’d been discussing and Joseph added his opinion. Joseph mentioned Alyssa being a social threat, said she was really smart and said everyone in the house liked her. Kyle couldn’t tell Joseph who Alyssa would target and said he didn’t want to talk game with her. He said it would lead to things he couldn’t tell her.

Joseph was the person who initially told Kyle to stay away from a shomance. He tried to sound casual about it but still put it out there (without saying it) that Kyle can’t have it all. They kind of agreed Alyssa can go later and when they talked about the next target, Daniel was at the top of the list.

Kyle said he doesn’t want to throw the next HOH so Joseph said he was fine with that and they could take out Alyssa instead. (Joseph was basically telling him, you can be HOH but you may not get to keep you girl OR you can keep your girl a while longer but you may have to sit your ass on the block against Daniel) I really like Joseph.

Kyle’s already worried about Monte and Joseph pairing up and trying to take him out. That’s one of the reasons he’s trying to avoid sitting next to Daniel. He’s also been playing dumb to Daniel and spent more time with him since they became Besties. (Daniel and Nicole have figured out who is in the Leftover alliance, except for Kyle. Daniel thinks he has Kyle on his side)

If Kyle could manage to keep both Alyssa and Daniel in the house longer, it could be great for his game. Kyle can see that Joseph and Monte have Terrance and Indy so keeping Daniel and Alyssa could even that out.

Brittnay has been putting in time with some of the women in the house. She knows they don’t trust her and she’s trying to change it. From listening to them talk, it hasn’t worked but it’s not because she hasn’t done a good job. (I can’t remember the last time week 1 impressions have stuck around around so much)

Terrance finally talked to the cameras to let us in on what he was thinking. The Leftovers don’t need his vote but it would be helpful. It would avoid Monte having to break a tie. I don’t know if he’s going to help the LO’s but his camera talking didn’t help me. He said Taylor has been nothing but loyal to him so far but he also said, he’d like to keep Nicole and keep working with her and Daniel. (I was NOT expecting this from him based on the things he’s been saying)

Jasmine still wants Taylor to leave but she does seem more worried about being on the wrong side of a vote again. During a talk with Brittnay, Jasmine said she understood why Brittnay was talking to Taylor but didn’t think she do it too much.

I don’t like to keep harping on the situation with Taylor but it’s still playing into the decisions people are making in the game. Jasmine’s attitude comes off as stubbornness and just being a mean girl rather than being oblivious to how the vibe in the house has changed. She knows it’s changed but it’s never going to for her. Indy is a bit more oblivious to all of it and all Alyssa can think about is Kyle. Nicole and Daniel have gone down some kind of hatred rabbit hole they can’t see out of anymore. It’s almost as if those two have lost touch with reality.

This is Monte giving Taylor a hard time over having so many bags of Lays open:

Jasmine isn’t going unnoticed anymore tho, even with her injury. It’s actually the opposite because her milking the injury has brought more attention on her. People have continued talking about her dependency on the scooter and how she was refusing to even try to walk. Initially, I thought it might be strategic on her part but I really just think she likes people to wait on her. Plus, I don’t thinks she’s a stratagic player. When Terrance mentioned to her, Taylor would probably join Indy and Alyssa’s duo if she stayed and explained why, Jasmine seemed genuinely shocked. It’s as if having a strategy for the duos hadn’t even crossed her mind.

Turner has been miserable as a have not and Jasmine’s made it worse for him. She’s wanted him to make all her food and expects everyone to do everything for her. The Leftovers have teased him about it this week. Yesterday, they asked if he ended up making her the dinner she wanted. He said no but did admit he gave her half his meal. They all have Jasmine stories to tell and they’re funny when they talk about it.

This was when Turner just stood up to leave and Jasmine asked if he was going to make food. He said no. (He’s over it and her, lol)

Michael mentioned bringing her food and Jasmine saying “you didn’t bring me a napkin?” Joseph talked about bringing her a drink but she only complained the cup wasn’t clean enough. He said he wasn’t the one who washed the cup so he told Jasmine he’d get the manager. He brought Alyssa over and told her she was management and said to take it up with her because I guess she’d cleaned the cup. Taylor made her the pickles she likes to dip in sugar and Jasmine said there wasn’t enough sugar for dipping. It’s just on and on and on…

If I haven’t gotten it across so far in the recaps, let me be clear. It’s not only that Jasmine wants people to wait on her constantly, it’s that she ALWAYS has a critical comment when they do. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard her tell anyone thank you and I can’t remember a time she didn’t criticize something when it was brought to her. It’s one of the reasons Alyssa started spending less time with her because she’s complained about it to Kyle.

Well, shits changin’ whether she likes it or not. Production took her scooter away from her yesterday. They’ve already given her crutches, a cane and a boot but she wanted the scooter. She’s even admitted they’ve been on her to put pressure on it and walk. I guess they’re even fed up with it and decided to give her no choice. I feel bad for anyone with an injury so don’t get me wrong but Jasmine with that cane was pretty hilarious. Here she is trying to use it getting down the stairs:

I like this one better because doesn’t it just scream “get off my lawn?”

Surely, they’ve explained to her how to use this stuff but she’s so awkward with it. I actually held my breath a couple of times yesterday, thinking she might fall down the stairs. She was trying to have the cane do all the work and that’s not very safe. I mean, the boot is called a WALKING boot. What’s not to understand? You can just WALK ON IT. (My daughter had to wear a boot almost her entire senior year of high school. After the first week, she drove her car for months while wearing the damn thing. Ya, I know, not the best parenting decision but we live in the country so don’t judge me! Where I live, people have driven tractors to school)

Anyway, Nicole made her pitches to everyone. I won’t go over them all because everything just gets repeated. It was a little interesting with Brittnay because Nicole once again, was trying to blame everything on Ameerah. I personally loved Brittany stopping her and telling her, anything Ameerah said isn’t relevant because she isn’t in the house anymore. (Go Brit!) It’s not possible that Nicole hears herself because she actually said as part of her pitch: she’s someone who doesn’t have drama, who doesn’t talk shit and doesn’t spread rumors. She said she’s played an honest game, has integrity and for the 876th time, she’s a 41 year old woman.

Nicole told Kyle that he was the swing votes this week. (He’s not) Later, Kyle told the Leftovers he had a hard time keeping a straight face during the conversation.

Terrance checking out his weight since he’s been working out a bit. (This isn’t from yesterday):

Nicole’s pitch to Terrance was letting him know he’d go on the block with Monte and Joseph if she stayed and won the hoh. (Strange approach but ok)

More free advertising for Lays:

Taylor also campaigned, trying trying to help make the vote closer to unanimous, to help the group. Most of it isn’t worth mentioning. She has the LO’s already and people like Jasmine and Alyssa were only humoring her, the way the LO’s were humoring Nicole.

Michael and Kyle talked a little more about the end game. Kyle brought up Monte and Joseph being better positioned so the wheels are turning for when this twist ends. They talked about the possibility of being able to use Daniel for a while and Kyle told him, he knew the group would want to take Alyssa out if they couldn’t get Daniel. Michael is hesitant about Daniel. Michael also reminded him, if Taylor joins Indy and Alyssa’s duo, they could possibly go after Terrance or Jasmine. He said the rest of the alliance wouldn’t expect Taylor to have to go on the block again so soon. (this is true)

I think I recently said Turner was becoming one of my favorites. I’m going to change that to Turner IS my favorite person in the house. These two are the most fun for me to watch together:

I dont think they’re the best two players by any means, I just enjoy them together. Taylor is very sweet and kind and Turner is so unintentionally funny. He told Taylor “goodnight brother” last night and I dont’ know why but it made me laugh. He’s soooo tired of the other side of the house and all their shit talking. He said he just wanted to “wake and bake and hang out with the Leftovers.” (Me too Turner, me too) I loved when Nicole was campaigning to him and Turner told her “there’s a well liked person in the house and there’s someone who everyone wants to get out.” ( He didn’t get more specific than that) Everyone is also sick and tired of hearing Nicole say ‘Hey Kyle’ from South Park. Turner admitted, he told the DR he was surprised she was allowed to say that because they aren’t allowed to say other tv and movie lines. He said he was hoping they’d make Nicole stop saying it. (Haha) Actually, all the LO’s are fun when they’re able to hang out and they make me laugh. I enjoy them as a group but Turner the most.

Enjoy the episode tonight and have a great Wednesday!


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