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Big Brother 24- Mels Recap 9/14/22

September 14, 2022 | 7 Comments
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Author: Mel

It’s not good morning anymore even though I started this around 7 am. Sorry, it’s so late but with this groups schedule, it’s more like lunch with Mel instead of morning with Mel this season.

I’ll just pick up where I ended it yesterday. As I was finishing the recap, Monte and Taylor were starting a make out session in the hoh room. The feeds cut off but later, Monte said something that kind of confirmed the accuracy of calling it a “make out” instead of something else. Once everyone finally got out of bed, Monte and Taylor made little inside comments about their morning.

I don’t think anyone caught on but it’s only because they’re preoccupied with other thoughts. If they keep this up, it won’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

Taylor said something about their mic’s picking up everything, even the quieter sounds they make. This was the look on Monte’s face:

Monte suggested the feeds may have been cut (they were) or since it was early morning, people would be at work so not as many people would be watching. Haha

Meanwhile, Brittnay was crying in the bathroom.

I’d assumed Brittnay was stressing over having to address lying about her job. (She’d found out the night before what Michael had said before leaving) Nope, that wasn’t it. Instead, it was her usual crying over having to win to stay, feeling alone, Michael’s betrayal and thinking Taylor was betraying her too. (same shit, different day)

Never being one to let anyone ‘out cry’ her, Alyssa joined her in the bathroom. She began campaigning to Brittnay AND it began to work too. A little later, Alyssa called Taylor into the room because she realized they’d been in there too long. She pretended they’d been talking about the people who’d done them wrong and embarrassed them on tv. Taylor hugged them both and they started rehashing everything AGAIN.

Brittnay talked about Michael doing her ditry, Alyssa talked about Kyle and Taylor said something about Joseph. Alyssa hasn’t given up on the lie that Joseph spilled the LO’s before Kyle did, even tho everyone knows by now, it isn’t true. Taylor questioned her about it but it was quickly dropped. (I guess I don’t understand the need to keep saying it)

Well, maybe I do, but I’m only speculating. Alyssa is hurt and feels used by Kyle. I don’t think she wants to be the only one who feels that way. It’s easier for her to feel like Joseph played Taylor too. It’s obvious, neither she nor Brittnay, sees the humor in it when they start telling old game secrets.

Alyssa is still upset from the day before when she had to sit and listen to everyone tell her how Kyle used the info she’d given him. She was also upset when Taylor jokingly told her about the speech she was going to give about Alyssa taking the trip, if she’d put her otb that week. (Its all fun and games until it’s about you)

It’s the same with being on the block. Alyssa’s talked about how stressful it is to be on the block on eviction night. The fact that Taylor has done it so many times should be no big deal, right? It’s different when it’s you, it’s human nature.

Brittnay, who was in the bathroom listening to Tayor and Monte talk about Michael being amazing, was probably upset with that too. (See, she can be mad at Michael and still scream “that’s for you Michael” when she wins a veto but it’s not cool for anyone else to respect his game right now) She’s also still pissed off over her last convo with Monte. (The one I mentioned that was really dumb on Monte’s part) He let her know he’ll never trust her again so she’s feeling like ‘what the hell?’ There isn’t anything to lose, may as well do what she wants if she has to win comps to get further anyway.

After Taylor left, Brittnay and Alyssa continued talking. Brittnay told Alyssa what she and Turner had talked about the night before. Brittnay said she was sure Turner made a deal with Monte to vote Alyssa out, in order to stay off the block. She insinuated he was lying to her and told Alyssa that Turner asked Brittnay not to say anything. She said “he plans on telling you Wednesday night, you’re going home.”

Brittnay gets emotional, blames other people for her lack of being social and spills info. It’s what she does, it’s what she’s done all season. Yesterday was no exception because she started spilling everything to Alyssa. (Her f3 with Monte and Taylor for example)

I could maybe see her as a decent player if she did this logically and with a plan. It’s too much of a stretch to say that’s what she’s doing. She was upset that Taylor wasn’t with her enough, found out Taylor was looking for her and then proceeded to pretend to be asleep when Taylor found her. (This is ridiculous!)

I’ve mentioned that in my opinion, it was better for Turner and Brittnay’s games to get rid of Taylor this week. If she turns on Taylor, it isn’t because she sees it as the most logical move. She’s trying to do it because her feelings are hurt and that’s different. (I don’t even mind the tears if they’re strategy and if it works)

Everything she was telling Alyssa that Taylor had done to her are things Brittnay’s actually done. She was saying she didn’t think she could trust Taylor anymore and bought into Alyssa saying Taylor was scheming to get her out next week. Brittnay said “Taylor has had a final 3 with everyone, she’s has a final 3 with Michael, she’s had a final 3 with me…” (Ya, it’s the same F3: Brittnay, Michael, Taylor)

I suppose I should be giving Alyssa more credit for flipping Brittnay (at least for now) but it’s hard. Brittnay was already feeling this way and Alyssa didnt’ really make it happen. If Taylor isn’t ran up Brittnay’s ass all day long, she starts to spiral. All of her anger and frustration are from things she’s caused to happen on her own. It isn’t Taylor or anyone else’s fault that she’s been perfectly content playing for 2nd all season.

Now, everyone’s supposed to feel sorry for her because she might have to win her way into that 2nd place spot? Get over it, no one told her to go trash talk everyone TO everyone last week or make F2’s with everyone. No one made her lie about her job, only to tell Michael the truth later. No one made her spill Ameerah’s game to Pooch in WEEK 1! (That’s really why the women didn’t trust her) Brittany’s where she is because it’s where she put herself.

Alyssa’s full of shit too. She wants everyone to feel sorry for her this week and keep her simply because she’s friendly? Because leaving would make her sad? (GTFOH) At least Brittnay’s worked her butt off all season, bad work, but still work. Alyssa wanted to spend the entire season focusing only on Kyle and then miraculously, have her friendship with Turner take her to the end. (Don’t get me wrong, it could work but it’s annoying)

Brittnay was worried thinking someone would think she’s a ‘Karen’ but maybe she is because one of the things she’s pissed over is everyone staying up late. She found out about the hoh ‘slumber party’ from the night before and that made her mad too. She said “the rules say you have to be up from 10 am to 10 pm.” She said she stayed up until 2 am but had to go to bed. (She said all this even tho she slept past 10 am too, haha)

Anyway, I’m just ranting now so I’ll stop. I just get annoyed when I have to watch a whiny game over a strategic one. To sum this part up, Brittnay has convinced herself that Taylor has betrayed her and is justified in keeping Alyssa. (To me, the justification is Alyssa is the only person she could possibly beat, enough said) Basically, after another convo with Alyssa, Brittnay said she wants to keep Alyssa and wants her to convince Turner to keep her too. She told Alyssa she’s 99% sure she’ll keep her unless something crazy happens.

At first, Brittnay thought they could flip Turner but eventually, she realized they needed to do it differently. She told Alyssa to do whatever it takes to get Turner to vote for her to stay but NOT to tell Turner that Brittnay’s keeping her too. That way, Turner won’t have to convince Monte to keep Alyssa. He’d just need to convince Monte he wanted to give her a pity vote and let Monte break the tie. (Brittnay wants a blindside at the F5, Ok I’m with her on this one)

By this point, I was thinking ‘holy shit,’ this may happen! I hate it for Taylor but selfishly, I don’t want to be bored the last 2 weeks of the game and this makes things interesting. Alyssa went to Turner and asked if he was voting her to stay. He promised he was, said she didn’t have to worry about his vote and said she should be working on Monte or Brittnay instead. She made him promise and let him know, she wouldn’t be friends with him anymore if he screwed her this week. (See? Whiny game play.) Alyssa being the genius player she is, may have caused a good plan to backfire in that moment.

Alyssa had already told Brittnay this was the strategy she’d use with Turner. She said she was basing her entire game and strategy on her friendships with people. Brittnay said her game was based on that too. (Maybe I’m an asshole but in my opinion, this is one of the reasons they both should lose)

Brittnay talked to the cameras again and said she doesn’t trust anyone left in the house. It included Taylor and Alyssa. She said the only person she trusted was herself. (That at least made some sense)

Turner talked to Monte and told him he didn’t like the way Alyssa approached him about the vote. He said he didn’t appreciate having their friendship outside the house used against him for a game decision. (I would have to agree…unless it works) Instead of being bummed over voting her out, he said it was actually causing him to WANT to vote her out.

Turner told Monte that Alyssa said Monte and Taylor obviously have a F2. Turner said he trusted Monte, he didn’t think that and was only letting him know that’s what Alyssa said. Monte said “those words have never been said.” (Turner was definitely trying to gauge how close Monte is with Taylor)

Monte, Taylor and Turner decided to sleep in the HOH room together…again. Alyssa stayed up late too but slept downstairs. Brittnay had gone to bed long before the other 4 and they mostly played cards.

Taylor and Monte trying to wait Turner out:

After yesterday morning, I don’t think Taylor and Monte wanted another sleepover with Turner but it’s what they got. (Haha)

What looked to be an incredibly boring week, may end up with a little excitement. We have to take our entertainment where we can get it. This isn’t a season of being entertained by amazing strategic gameplay. If Alyssa is playing better than you, there’s a problem. Even if she got to Brittnay through whining, tears and Brittnay’s own insecurities, she still got to her. They all better wake up and focus….

Yesterday, I looked at potential jury votes. Today, I’ll look at mistakes I think they’re all making:

Alyssa: She played the game yesterday and with Brittnay, it worked. She was for sure leaving this week and now, it’s at least a little up in the air. She approached Turner in the wrong way and if this doesn’t work, its probably on her and her approach. Turner is loyal to Monte but he’s also been loyal to Alyssa. If she could hammer home actual strategic reasons he should go against Monte this week, she maybe could convince him. She doesn’t understand the game so she doesn’t understand the strategic reasons Turner should keep her. No, she threatened to take away a 2 month friendship from him. (A life long friendship is different but a new one vs 750? Ah, hell no, I’m going for the win and maybe I’ll buy you a nice ‘forgive me’ present later…if I haven’t forgotten you after I get back home)

Brittnay: Even with her irrational reasons, she played the best yesterday. Keeping Taylor gives her a better chance to get to the F3 but it still isn’t guaranteed. Keeping Alyssa is her ONLY chance to win the game. (If she’s still fine with 2nd place, I think she should stick with Taylor) So what if she pisses off Monte? He already doesn’t like her anymore. Even with Monte being mad at Brittnay, he’d still need to get rid of Alyssa next week over her. If Turner makes Monte mad by keeping Alyssa, maybe Turner goes ahead and takes Brittnay to a F2 since the bridge would already be burned. If Alyssa gets taken out at 4, it’s possible. She said if she makes this move, she’ll be burning Taylor’s jury vote and hopes she isn’t burning Michaels. She also said she doesn’t care but she should. (Girl, every vote is important, especially for the game you’ve played)

Turner: He had a right to feel the way he felt about the way Alyssa approached him. However, if he doesn’t wake up and realize he needs to keep Alyssa this week, he deserves to lose. He’s trying to keep things smooth to ensure Monte takes him to a F2, if he can’t win it himself. Maybe he should spend his time quietly convincing people why going to the end with Monte would lose them the game. Try to take him out next when he can only play in 1 comp.

Monte: He made things harder on himself with the way he treated Brittnay. He had a right to question her about the timing of sharing the Kyle info. He had no business using that same condescending tone when he spoke to her about her conversations with Turner. He damn sure overstepped when he used that tone to bring up her reason for being there. He was mad because he thought Brittnay saying she wanted to use the money to start a family was her trying to use it for pity. What this egomaniac was forgetting was that everyone has shared what they would do with the money. If he could have stopped talking At her for 2 minutes and actually listened TO her, he could’ve grasped what she was saying. Brittany was giving a compelling reason as to why she was ok getting 2nd place. (I won’t fault Monte for becoming frustrated with Brittany and having to listen to her talk on and on and on….and on) It IS his fault that he couldn’t hide his frustration. If Alyssa goes, he’s definitely in the best spot heading into the F4 but he could’ve been in an even better one if he’d kept Brittnay against Turner.

Taylor: Taylor is a unique player. She does things that aren’t necessarily wrong but yet, they’re still wrong. It’s something I’ve observed all season but I’m not sure how to explain it. Oftentimes, she’s being friendly and just making conversation but it backfires. For example, they were all talking about funny moments, dumb game mistakes and things they hadn’t known in the game. There wasn’t anything wrong with Taylor joking around and telling Alyssa about a speech she was going to give against her. She didn’t do it, it was in the past and that’s the type of stuff they’d been talking about already. On the other hand, WHY? Everyone knows Alyssa is oversensitive about everything! Why even bring it up?

It’s the same way with her relationship with Brittnay. The fact that Brittnay needs constant attention shouldn’t be Taylor’s problem. Guess what, though? If that’s your choice for a F2, it IS your problem. If you’re F2 is someone that needs you to babysit them, then you damn well better babysit them. (In her defense, she had a convo with Brittnay just the day before, confirming their F2 AGAIN) Taylor’s game is simple. She trusts who she trusts and her people are her people. Her biggest problem is not realizing that everyone isn’t similar to her. She may not need that constant reassurance but other people do. The recent make out with Monte could could be a problem too. Talk about her leaving this week is already happening and if anyone finds out anything about it, she’s probably gone.

I’m anxious to see the veto comp tonight! I’m enjoying the chaos today and tomorrow could bring but in the end, I still want Alyssa to go. It’s mainly because I’d like Taylor to win the next HOH and intentionally take out Monte. After some of the crap he’s said about her, I’d like her to make out with him and then evict him. If that doesn’t happen, I wouldn’t mind seeing Monte win the game.

Have a great Wednesday.


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