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Big Brother 24- Mels Recap 7/25/22

July 25, 2022 | 11 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all, Wow, what a BB weekend! I took Saturday off from the feeds for a river float and had to spend half the day catching up yesterday. If things are gonna go down, it’s always when I’m away from the feeds so, you’re welcome. I’ve spent this morning waiting for a game talk that was supposed to happen but it doesn’t look like it will. On top of that, the veto meeting’s today so I I’d better get to it. (Todays feeds may be just as good as the weekend feeds were)

The Leftovers have stayed up all night hoping to have a meeting before the veto ceremony. Ameerah and Alyssa have stayed up with them so it hasn’t happened yet. If you’re like me and had to miss some things over the weekend, here’s a recap of how I ended up waiting for a 5 am meeting and hoping a strong alliance of Bros will wipe out the womens alliance. (Ya, that could be a first for me!)

I wouldn’t have guessed Turner would have the most entertaining HOH so far…

especially with these noms…

and Taylor being the backdoor target AGAIN.

BB has a history of eventful birthdays and Joseph’s was too. (Keishas is still the best) I’ve seen so many jokes about 24 year old Joseph vs 25 year old Joseph. Yes, the man turned 25 and suddenly matured into a BB player. Joseph doesn’t get all the credit because some of the guys were already suspicious of the women. Monte and Kyle especially, didn’t like the way everything went down with Pooch’s eviction. First, Ameerah told Monte that Taylor wanted to target him. (stupid decision) Second, the ladies didn’t worry about optics during Jasmines hoh and spent way too much time together in the hoh room. Third, Alyssa has a big mouth and gave Kyle way too much info. (She told him there was a womens alliance AND about the new Old Skool alliance) Fourth, Alyssa’s jealousy and the way some continue to treat Taylor finally became too much. Joseph’s Bday:

Alyssa gets mad every time Taylor talks to Kyle. She overheard an innocent conversation between them and Kyle ended up apologizing to Alyssa, just to keep the peace. Taylor tasted some slop soup Alyssa wanted Kyle to try and you would’ve thought Taylor had asked Kyle to father her children or some shit. Alyssa, Jasmine and Nicole talked about it as if Taylor had seriously done something wrong.

For once, Ameerah said she didn’t want any part of it. She and Jasmine also discussed not wanting to be portrayed as bullies. I noticed they said “portrayed.” They didn’t say they “didn’t want to BE bullies.”

Indy had an overreaction of her own. She was pissed and pouted when she became a have not, even though they were the only duo available that had 2 people who hadn’t done it. After Taylor said the soup tasted pretty good, Indy was offended. (It was ridiculous but the one positive I’ll point out is Indy going to Taylor directly instead of behind her back) Indy basically let her know it was an insensitive comment and of course, Taylor apologized. They hugged and moved on.

Nicole seemed to begin a spiral over the weekend. She talked a big game about going up against Taylor and taking one for the team but I think the closer it got to happening, it got to her. From the way she spoke to Daniel, it also sounded as if she’d had one of those DR’s where they hint at something. Nicole came out of there worried she’d be seen as a bad person, balling and having a complete meltdown.

No one knew why she was upset and everyone was worried it was something about Nicole’s mom. They all know Nicole’s mom is ill and worried she’d gotten bad news. While Taylor was asking Monte if he would pray because she wanted everything to be OK for Nicole, Nicole and Daniel were in the bedroom trashing Taylor. They both said they didn’t believe Taylor was a good person and if they got any heat after the season, they would explain that to the fans. (Good luck with that) Eventually, and I mean after a long wait, they sort of let the other hg’s know Nicole didn’t get any bad news about her mom.

Everyone consoled Nicole, hugged her, etc. When Taylor spoke to Nicole, she told Nicole she was there for her, and said “whatever you have to do at any point, do what’s best for you.” (This was BEFORE Nicole was being clear why she was upset) Nicole said she was a fighter and Taylor told Nicole it was ok if she ever had to “tap out of the fight.” (Nicole is Taylor’s bestie so this comment coming from Taylor makes sense. If Nicole abruptly left the game, for all they know, it could hurt Taylors game. Taylor was letting her know, it was ok and some things were more important)

Nicole retold this convo (a lot) as her being mature, calm and the perfect way to handle the situation.(Nicole wanted praise for it) Nicole said she felt Taylor was taking something personal and trying to get Nicole to leave the game over it. (These people are nuts!)

Daniel took it upon himself to go off on Taylor on Nicole’s behalf. (We didn’t see this) Apparently, along with other things, he told her she was the reason Paloma left. (From the way the other hg’s talked about it, it sounded pretty bad)

Taylor and Nicole also lost the veto comp and Nicole talked nonstop about how she’d fought hard and Taylor didn’t even try. It was weird because she kept telling this to the same people who knew Nicole wasn’t planning on winning it. Their plan is for Nicole and Taylor to go up as replacements so Taylor can be evicted. No one called Nicole out on this but it didn’t go totally unnoticed.

Taylor finally started to question why all this was happening. (to herself and the cams) She’s been very focused on trying to make sure she doesn’t “hurt anybody again.” I’m sure she’s questioned some of this before but when you have an entire house telling you you’re wrong, it’s easy to be gaslight into thinking you’re the problem.

It was honestly sad watching her “come clean about her big secret.” She told a few people the secret she’d withheld was being awarded Miss Congeniality in the Miss USA pageant. She didn’t say this as a brag but rather to try and prove she’s a good person.

After noticing more and more the way Taylor is treated, Joseph reached out and told her she could talk to him if she needed to talk. He admitted to her, he gets questioned every time he has a conversation with her. People want to know WHY he’s speaking to her. (mostly from Ameerah) He told Taylor he doesn’t care anymore after she apologized for getting him in trouble by talking to her.

At the same time, Kyle’s wanting to make a move against the womens alliance plus Daniel. He’s also wanted to work with Taylor but was trying to find the right way to go about it. (He and Michael spoke about this last week) Kyle, Monte, Joseph and Turner formed an alliance called the Pound. (in honor of Pooch) Kyle and Monte don’t care Pooch is gone but they know Turner and Joseph do. As a group, they discussed bringing in Michael, Brittnay and Taylor to have the numbers to go after the others. Monte spoke of it as using Taylor but Kyle and Joseph kept pushing back. They said “work with, not use.”

They started trying to get Taylor upstairs to talk without any of the other side noticing. (This was hard because Ameerah patrols the house, seriously) Joseph worked his ass off trying to get her attention, tried to tempt her into the kitchen with fajitas and everything else you can imagine.

The funniest moment from the feeds for me was watching these guys watch the monitor from the hoh room. They were watching downstairs to see which direction Taylor would go. Honestly, it was as if they were watching a sporting event and when she finally headed that direction, they cheered.

Once they got the group together, with Brittany and Michael too, they made the pitch. They were explaining how they came to see what the Ameerah, Daniel and Nicole group were doing. Monte stumbled a bit by trying to acknowledge they realized Taylor was telling the truth about Paloma but without making himself look bad. Thankfully, Kyle took over and said they knew Taylor was just trying to help Monte out. They all participated (even Turner) but Kyle was the most vocal. He said he didn’t like the way Taylor had been treated and said she hadn’t been given a chance to play the game. He told Taylor he knew if any other person had said what she said to Nicole, it wouldn’t have been a problem.

It was obvious they (Taylor, Brittnay, Michael) were apprehensive it could be a set up but eventually they all started sharing. Kyle said he couldn’t believe he overheard Nicole giving Taylor a hard time about the veto either. He told her things Nicole said behind her back and about making fun of her. He said it was a set up to get her out this week. Brittany confirmed it too but acted like she didn’t know as much. Turner, the most relunctant in this group imo, told her Nicole came to him and said she deserved an Oscar for what she was doing this week.

They agreed Nicole and Daniel needed to go but felt Ameerah was the ring leader of the group. They said they were all getting played and were going to work together as a team to turn it around.

They came up with the name Leftovers for their alliance because they said they were the Leftovers that nobody wanted or were just being used.

There were hugs all around and I mean with everybody! Kyle said he wanted to see Taylor be the bad ass woman he saw the first week who said “I’m here to talk game.”

Joseph told Taylor she was an alliance member, not a shield. (I still don’t trust Monte but it was a feel good moment and I shouldn’t ruin it yet) They came up with the plan to let Nicole continue thinking she and Taylor will go on the block but put up Ameerah and Terence instead. Turner has continued to appear nervous about doing this but so far, he’s still on board.

Initially, I wondered who would be the first to ruin it. (my guess was Brittnay or Turner) Taylor did her part yesterday, stayed in bed and pretended to be sad. Michael gave Monte a heads up that Nicole doesn’t believe his job and thinks he’s a cop. Kyle told the group about Alyssa coming to him and saying the Old Skool thing isn’t a big deal. He said, she realized she’d made a mistake by telling him and was trying to fix it. They’re sharing info and that seems to be convincing the hesitant ones that this is real. (Brittany)

Nicole finally let Taylor apologize to her AGAIN. Nicole said she accepted Taylor’s apology but would like Taylor to be more self aware and think before she speaks. It was sooooo condescending. Taylor, who still isn’t sure who she may have hurt, asked Nicole if she thought Taylor was why Paloma left. At first, Nicole said no but then back tracked and said she wasn’t there for all of their conversations. All I could think during this convo was how this would make Taylor feel if she hadn’t been given the info the night before. I also thought about when they’d started discussing Ameerah being the target. The group all agreed she is smart and a tough competitor. That’s all that was said and that was enough. There were no personal attacks on Ameerah to justify her being a target.

Kyle and Michael said they should tell the Ledtovers about the Po’s Pack alliance since Ameerah would use it against them. They planned to meet late and tell them but Michael wanted to tell Brittany separately before the group. (Kyle told Monte and they said they should tell Joseph and Turner separately too, the Pound)

Ameerah was NOT going to bed and they all went outside to rescue Taylor from her and hoped to wait her out.

Michael did get a chance to tell Brittany and she told him about Girls Girls. (Michael and Brittany have an alliance with Kyle too called the Outsiders) When Kyle was telling the Leftovers about Alyssa spilling old skool, Michael had acted surprised. He actually wasn’t because Kyle had already told him.

It’s funny how some of the same people who talked shit about Taylor are noticing every time someone does it now. I believe its group think and is quickly habit forming. It fascinates me to see the thing that bonded some of them be the dislike of someone else. It’s equally fascinating to see people recognize the moments they didn’t see before. It just took a couple of people to say something and now, they notice it all the time.

Turner was irritated yesterday because he felt a few people took over the HOH room and just sat there talking crap about Taylor. He said it pissed him off. Joseph (I think it was Joseph) said the group was talking about Taylor being a good or bad person. They decided, if they were wrong and Taylor was in fact a good person, she could convince them of that with her exit interviews.

I don’t know how today will go but I’m excited for it. Ameerah is the kind of player I root for (not including some of her behavior) but here I am this morning, cheering on Turner, (who barely speaks) Kyle, (never thought I’d be a fan) and Joseph. (I was actually OK with Joseph but didn’t think he’d be much of a player)

What’s the best leftover food or a food that is better the next day? For me, I think it’s chili.

Hoping today is fun feeds and even if it’s not, have a great Monday!


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