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Big Brother 25-Weekend Recap for 9/10/23

September 11, 2023 | 16 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning, Wow, what a weekend! Cameron’s in the HOH trying to put fear in everyone, pig costumes, a new romance, a kayak and Jared doing whatever Jared’s been doing. It’s been alot and it will be this afternoon before things settle down for most of them.

I left Friday wondering what kind of move Cameron would make. Would he play it safe or go foe one of the big 3? I have to admit, I was kind of torn on my feelings after Cameron made his noms. I don’t mean anything game related. (It’s that feeling of needing to applaud someone that you can’t stand. Its uncomfortable and I don’t mind admitting it)

Luckily for my emotions, Cameron went about it in such a terrible way, my applause was short-lived. He could’ve done so much more with this HOH if he wasn’t such a know at all. Like Jared, he’s a talker, not a listener. I mean, I liked the way he went about it for good feeds and a good episode but it was completely stupid. There was no strategic value in the way he made this move. On Friday, I mentioned Cameron was interested in “shock and awe.” He got that but he didn’t get anything else.

Sure, Cirie’s group will take a hit which is good for the game but Cameron will still need to win the veto next week or he’s done. Even Bowie asked him (more than once) If he was doing enough to set himself up moving forward. I don’t think I remember him even answering the question. Cameron is all ‘don’t you worry about it little lady, I got it under control.’ (News alert: Cam doesn’t have shit under control)

I’ll finish the recap talking a bit more about Cameron’s hoh but for now, I’m gonna move on. I loved the nominations with the pies! It felt like the old key wheel was back but with a twist. I wish the episode had given us more from the nom ceremony. Don’t get me wrong, I thought last night was a really good episode. It just seemed from the way some of the hg”s talked, there was a lot more to it.

America was really pumped after the feeds came back from the nom ceremony. She was talking about the way Cameron hesitated, walked past people and then backtracked to keep them confused. She also mentioned a couple of Camerons comments like ‘you guys wanna play, let’s play’ that Cam had made. I would’ve liked to see more of it. Since what we get is edited, it’s easy to forget the ceremony is much longer than it shows. It was enough time for Cameron to bring out the pies, discuss and most of them choose which pie they’d like to get hit with if he picked them. I’m fine not seeing all that on the episode. I’m only pointing out the ceremony was a lot longer and a lot more intense than it appeared on the show.

Izzy taking off her glasses and Felicia taking out her tooth prior to the pies was funny to me. Seeing Felicia put her tooth back in after Jag got a pie was even funnier. We know from the feeds, the key lime pie was the one Felicia said she’d like to have. Once Jag got hit with the keylime pie, Felicia knew she was going otb. (I’m with my girl Felicia, key lime is my favorite pie. I only eat it once a year on my birthday. That keeps me loving it because it makes it special) Ya, I know that’s not relevant.

Of course, everyone was shocked. Jag especially, was relieved and Cameron was king of the castle. Cirie was paranoid and felt sure she was a back door target. I’m skipping over the important convo’s Cameron had with people Friday, leading up to the nom ceremony. That’s because, he didn’t have any important conversations. He lied to everyone about what he was going to do then simply made different noms.

Theae are the only tidbits I’ll point out from Cam’s one on one convos:

Cameron telling Felicia she lied to his face and was still doing it was pretty good. I also liked hearing Felicia ask Cameron “why not Cirie?”

I especially liked the look on Jared’s face when Cameron was talking about Cirie to him. He was retelling Jared the convo he’d had with Cirie. Cameron said “I just wanted to tell her to sit down and shut the hell up.” Haha

Cameron sat back and according to his plan, waited for everyone to scramble. The scrambling didn’t go exactly as Cameron hoped. Felicia had a brief moment of feeling like she should leave if it was between Izzy and herself. She said she knew it meant a lot more to Izzy to be there. Mimi talked her out of it.

Izzy said she’d rather the noms stay the same if it meant Cirie would have to go on the block. Izzy wasn’t volunteering to leave like Felicia had briefly considered. She just planned to work hard for the votes if she stayed up there. It was pretty funny when Izzy mentioned it to Cirie. She didn’t do anything to try and talk Izzy out of it. Instead, she started counting all the votes Izzy would have and gave her a hug. (That’s a game player folks)

They also had a great conversation before they went to bed. A lot of people wondered if Cirie was playing Izzy or if it was sincere. (I think it was both) Cirie was telling her how much Izzy meant to her and and in all the experiences she’s had on different shows, she’s never felt like this with a friend. Now I don’t know if that was sincere or if she was stretching it. What I do see is how well these two gel. Yes, Izzy annoys the hell out of Cirie but they also have a blast together. They can talk game with complete honesty, They’re on the same page with things way more than Cirie and Jared and they really like each other. No, I don’t see Cirie giving up her game for Izzy the way she said she would Jared. However, when she’s telling Izzy that she’s family now, I actually think she means it.(Cirie could also be just that good that she’s convinced me too!) Unless something nasty happens in the game, I absolutely think these 2 will be friends after the show.

Luckily, Cory talked to Izzy and got her to realize she had to take herself off the block if she could. Izzy even talked to Cameron and said Cirie told her, the game didn’t mean as much to her as it did to Izzy. Cirie did say this to Izzy but I was surprised she told it to Cameron. We’ll never know since Izzy didn’t win the veto but that’s a dilemma I wish we would’ve gotten to see.

Izzy spent Friday after noms socializing which was basically early campaigning. Jag and Blue had a convo about it. They were sort of making jokes about how the ‘campaign was starting early’ and they didn’t understand why. (It’s because Jag and Blue don’t understand this game is played 24/7) Everyone waiting for Izzy’s meltdown when she went on the block must’ve been disappointed. She went to bed, cried a little and got right back to work.

Moving on the the veto on Saturday, it was the prize/punishment comp. I’d wondered if it might be that comp, simply because it fit the theme of punishments and being humiliated this week. Jared won his 2nd comp and once again, he won it by default. I’m not trying to be petty (maybe I am) and I’m only mentioning it because Jared talks like he’s a comp beast. He beat Izzy in his HOH comp because she hit the wrong button before he answered. He won this Veto because Matt chose what he thought was a prize over taking the veto. (Winning 2 comps by default does not a comp beast make)

The results of the comp put Izzy and Cameron in pig costumes. I loved Izzy’s move of choosing Cameron to do her punishment with her! Cirie put it best when she told Felicia “Izzy’s got a bigger set of balls the most of the men in this house.” She’s right. She’s otb already and it’s not like Cameron’s gonna have any pull to save her this week. (Not that he would) Why not be a little petty? Unlike Jared’s pettines to come this weekend, it wasn’t going to cost her anything.

Izzy very happy Cameron was being punished too:

Felicia and Cirie hauling that kayak around is one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a long time. That was only a bonus because the real effect of that punishment was the way it’s prevented Izzy or Jared from talking almost any game with Cirie.

Izzy was gonna have to deal with her Cirie withdrawals on her own. Jared was gonna have to have all those Cameron convos and veto discussions by himself. (Luckily for Jared, Cirie told him to tell Cam the votes may be flipping last week. It was to build trust with Cam and it worked)

I like the kayak and the pig costumes but my favorite punishment was probably Matts. It’s not because the punishment was a big deal. It was later, finding out Matt thought he chose a prize. (Haja) He thought he was going to actually get to hang out with Josh Duhamel. He said he thought maybe it was one of those where you get to briefly leave the house to do something. It was obvious in some of his conversations, he felt stupid and was embarrassed that his mistake would be on tv. He quickly moved past that tho and fully embraced his punishment. (I liked that about Matt)

Was the that 18th houseguest some of you speculates about?

Before the veto was the first time in the game, I felt like you could see Cirie was nervous. She told Jared privately “you’ve got to win this veto and keep noms the same.” Since Jared walked away with the win and got to save his mom, he spent the weekend super happy and feeling like the hero, right? Hell no!

I guess he’s crankier than usual because he’s on slop. Except for Cameron, the entire house is on slop tho and they aren’t being complete asshats. Speaking of slop, they’ve been pulverizing the slop oats to make their own slop flour. This is something else I’m torn over because while I think it’s pretty creative, I want to kill them all. The noise the grinding and pulverizing makes is insane!

Over the weekend, they tried several different ways of making fried pickles using their slop flour as batter. Blue also made some dish that everyone said tasted just like risotto. Bowie even said she would order it at a restaurant. (Good job Blue!)

Back to Jared… after he won the veto, he needed to have a chat with Cameron. Cameron told him they wouldn’t make a big move if Jared didn’t want to do it. Keep in mind, all Jared needed to do in this conversation was tell Cameron he wanted to play it a little safer and didn’t want to use the veto. Of course, he would’ve needed to throw in a couple of reasons as to why and let the conversation end.

Instead, we listened to both Cameron and Jared talk over each other for most of the conversation. Cameron talked about fly by’s, dropping grenades, scaring the hell out of the house, etc. Jared spent his time venting about Cory and America, his distrust of Jag and Matt and saying “bro” about 500 times. In one conversation, he managed to throw Cory, America, Matt, Blue and Meme under the bus. That would have been quite the accomplishment if he’d been trying. (He wasn’t) It was just a bunch of word vomit.

After FINALLY getting Cameron’s plan out of him, which was to put Cirie otb, Jared tried to change his plan. Cameron said he wanted Jared to take Felicia down, put Cirie up but still send Izzy home. Jared began telling him it wouldn’t work because the votes wouldn’t be there. Jared said the votes would be there to get Izzy out against Felicia.

Here’s the problem with that one. Cirie has put in 2 weeks worth of work to make Felicia an upcoming target. Cameron correctly assumes Felicia would go home over Izzy. (Well, sort of) This part with Cameron is a little confusing. Now it’s possible he’s lying and Cirie is his real target I dont think so because he can’t stand Izzy, thinks everyone else feels the same and doesn’t want her in jury. I think he just wants to read and easy on the block together so they’ll spill secrets and turn on each other.

Loving Cirie’s hat sitting so high on top of her bun:

Here’s the dumb part, if that’s what he wanted why didn’t he just put both of them on the block to begin with? Cirie’s not exactly known for being a comp beast and in fact, she’s known for the exact opposite. The arguing against Felicia vs Izzy on the block doesn’t make sense either. It’s because, if the entire house wants Izzy gone, the way Cameron thinks, it shouldn’t matter who she’s sitting beside on the block.

Cameron didn’t make sense but neither did Jared. Jared made a brief pitch to take out Jag instead but Cameron shot it down. Jared said he didn’t think they’d have Blue or Matt’s votes to do what Cameron wanted. (Jared’s been pretending like he doesn’t trust Matt but is working towards it) They agreed to ‘look into it’ to see which scenario was best to take out Izzy and meet again after.

Before leaving the hoh room, Jared told Cameron he’d tell him something later that would blow his mind about Cory. Jared said it was something very personal and he couldn’t believe Cory would say it to America of all people. The 2 of them have this whole theme going that Cory’s fallen in love, America’s some type of man-eater and Cory’s lost to it now.

Jared said he’d tell him next week but his hinting went on so long, Cameron even said “if you keep going, you’re going to end up telling me anyway.” The feeds cut and I think Jared went ahead and told him because you know, word vomit and all. I I think he told Cameron about Cory’s brother being on Survivor. I don’t know that for sure, but what I do know is Jared was pissed off when he found out Cory shared this info with America. Jared thought the only people Cory told was Jared, Cirie and Izzy. (Yep that’s the earth shattering info that would make Cory an outcast in the house)

Seperate from these Cam/Jared convos, Jared is really mad at Cory. He’s talked about it to both Bue and Izzy. It’s been the topic of most of his convos the entire weekend. All this anger towards Cory has been building and it’s coming from multiple places. It just came to a head after the veto.

First, I think Jared was mad he won the veto. Not that he didn’t want to win it, I think he was mad he needed to win it. He talked to Blue about not getting the trip Cameron won and not getting the money Jag won. He spent most of Saturday in a bad mood over it. He talked a lot about Cory and America throwing comps again and this was pissing him off. I’m not sure why this was on his mind so much on Saturday. Remember, neither Cory or America were chosen to play in the veto comp. Last week he was mad at America for throwing a comp they hadn’t played yet. This week, he’s mad at them for throwing a comp neither one of them played in at all.

He bitched about their positioning in the game. He said he wished he had it as easy as they did. He also said it would be nice to sit back and not have to worry about anything and throw comps. This is all coming from the guy who has his mom in the house and and has never been mentioned as a potential target…BY ANYONE. I said this over the weekend and I’ll say it again, I bet Cory and America would love to change game positions with Jared.

As I said, this has been building. If you remember, it started when Jared wasn’t chosen to play in the comp with the fan vote. It wasn’t confirmed but there was speculation that Cory might have been chosen for it. This was when Jared was telling Cory, he didn’t have a good enough personality to be one of America’s favorites. It seemed to escalate when when America (the one in the house) started liking Cory More. I don’t think that Jerry can handle Corey may be well received on the show. I think the entire thing stems from jealousy and childishness.

I also think it’s why he despises America. If she could like a guy like Cory, there muat be something wrong with her, right? That’s just my opinion and obviously, I don’t know that for sure.

Jared’s also pissed off at Jag. For some stupid reason, Cameron told Jared about the deal he made with Jag before noms. Both Jared and Blue are mad because Jag didn’t tell them. Cameron told Jared about the part ‘if Jag breathed a word to anyone, he’d put him on the block this week.’

Jag, the guy who is hanging on by a thread and has already been evicted once. He can’t be trusted because he was probably waiting until after Mondays veto ceremony to tell his allies this information.

Because Jared wanted to make Jag squirm, he spent yesterday acting like he was considering using the veto. Jared told Jag and Blue that Cameron wants him to use it. Jared made up some story about how Cameron was feeling bad and wanted Felicia’s stay in the game. Simultaneously, Jared was saying he was thinking about taking Izzy off the block. Jag tried questioning Jared about it. Jag asked why Jared why wouldn’t be taking down Felicia if that’s what Cameron wanted. (Didn’t think this one thru, huh?)

After Jag was sufficiently scared and left the room, Jared told Blue, he wasn’t using the veto, he just wanted to make Jag sweat. Blue spent the rest of the day going along with this plan, even to Jag, her BFF in the game. Look, I haven’t turned into an old softy. I don’t have a problem with lying to people or doing things to make them squirm. However, Jared doesn’t have anything strategically to gain from it. He’s simply doing it to be an asshole. For that reason, I think its mean and stupid.

Along with America and Cory becoming an actual showmance over the weekend, It also opened up more game information between them. (FINALLY!) I’m gonna try to keep this section as brief as I can because all the making out isn’t relevant to anything. Yes, they kissed. Yes, they’ve made out. Yes, they’ve actually requested the have not room 2 nights in a row and that’s enough of that.

As for the game, Cory and America agreed not to tell anyone about it. More accurately, Cory made America promise not to tell anyone because let’s face it, he knows she has a big mouth. (Meme’s already heard them so it would’ve gotten out anyway) America promised but almost immediately told Blue. Cory also told Izzy.

America’s annoyed with Izzy now because America also decided to tell Izzy. Izzy acted as if she didn’t already know so America doesn’t trust her as much now. Cory tried to mend it when America talked like maybe they should vote Izzy out. Cory said it may sound weird but Izzy is basically “his closest bro relationship” in the game. I’m sure he meant this when he said it too. Even before America and Cory kissed, he’s asked Izzy’s advice on things. He talked to Izzy about things being on the feeds or tv forever and worried it might effect employment opportunities in the future.

Although America and Cory had agreed, they couldn’t trust Matt and couldn’t trust Jag as much as they’d like, America went on to do what America does best. America has no idea that Matt wants to target her. She wants to work with Matt so therefore she assumes he wants to work with her. She and matt had a long talk. I’ll give her credit for her convo with Matt going well because he did spill some info. Unfortunately, she always gives up more than she gets and anything she says is going to get back to Cirie.

Between makeout sessions, America told Cory that Matt won the power comp and he was the one who saved Jag. (This is the info Matt told her) Matt also told her that Cirie was one of the people chosen to play. Matt asked America if Cory was the fourth and America lied and said no. Amwrica related all this back to Cory and now he’s panicking a bit. America didn’t get why it was such a big deal. Cory explained if Cirie was comfortable telling Matt and not him she6d played in the power comp, he was screwed. Now he finally knows, he doesn’t have Cirie anymore.

He also knows from Izzy that Jared is mad at Cory. He’s realized Jared is lying to him about things too. He told America last night, they have to win now. (Thank you, it’s about damn time!) They talked about potentially trying to move forward with Matt and Jack. America who think she has a good relationship with blue wants her included. Cory was trying to get her to see that any intfo she tells blue will go strike to Jared. She didn’t seem to agree with him. Cory pointed out that Blue tells Jared everything in the same way he and America share everything with each other.

Cory’s also nervous about who he may need to work with now. Before, Cory was on the inside with Izzy, Cirie and Jared. America needed Cory to bring her into things. Now, that may all be getting reversed. America feels closer to Jag and Matt and she would actually be the link to bring Cory into it. I’m not sure where all this is heading but it’s good they’re finally talking and sharing more info. There was also some discussion about trying to keep Cameron around a bit longer.

Ok, I know this ones too long but back to my thoughts on Cameron’s hoh anyway. He had two huge missed opportunities. His one on one with Jag was the first. He was so busy wanting to talk, he didn’t bother to ask any questions and listen. (See the recurring theme here?) If he’d actually let jag do the talking, Maybe he would have spilled some info. The only person more nervous than Cirie heading into this week was probably Jag.

Maybe he still wouldn’t give up the 7 Deadly Sins alliance. No big deal. What if they’d talked about Cameron’s last HOH? You know, the one where Cameron tried to take Jag out but he was saved by a power. It could have came out that Matt saved him with the power. Even if Jag didn’t spill that info, it could’ve came out that Cirie and Jared were the only 2 other people who knew about it. Why is that? Maybe Jag does spill the 7 Deadly Sins alliance and then what? We’ll never know because Cameron doesn’t ask questions. He doesn’t need to because he already has all the answers.

If there’s any conversation at all where Jag gets to talk, maybe something about Jared being the HOH last week comes up. Jared blamed Red being told lies about Cameron on Jag. Jag could have had the opportunity to defend himself and put it back on Jared. Remember Jared, the guy who put Cameron on the block last week? The guy who Cameron hasn’t worked with at all this entire game.

Jared was the 2nd missed opportunity. Jared gave Cameron all the information he needed to make the correct move this week, even without asking any questions. Cameron doesn’t need to know Cirie and Jared are related to do it either. First of all, Cameron as HOH, has the chance to get to the bottom of what happened with Red. Why was Red really so upset? Who got in Red’s ear last week? Who was the HOH last week, hmmmm?

Besides the stuff with Red last week and Jared being the HOH, what else could Cameron have observed? Well, it was obvious Jared was trying super hard to avoid Cameron’s plan of putting Cirie on the block. Everyone in the house knows Jared is very close to the mama’s. Because Jared has such a big mouth too, it’s no secret he’s working with them in the game. Everyone also knows he’s close to Izzy. Why did Cameron think Jared would be the guy to help him with his plan to take one of them out?

Here’s a crazy idea: you want some combination of Cirie, Izzy and Felicia on the block. You want one of them to go. Jared’s working with them. Jared is the biggest comp threat to take one of them off the block. Jared put you up as “a pawn” last week. Maybe, out Jared up with your target (Cirie or Izzy) and ta da, you’re got 2 of the 3 biggest players otb. You’ve done all that only using what is easily observed in the house. You didn’t need to know Cirie and Jared were related to do it.

You never learn any info when you already know all the info. That’s been one of Cameron’s biggest problems this entire game. I can’t count the times someone’s said something to him and his response was “I already knew that.” He never asks for details or more information because he can’t admit there might be something he doesn’t already have figured out.

I don’t know if the veto ceremony will be before or after Cirie gets out of the kayak. (I’m guessing before) Either way, Jared isn’t using the veto. He may have briefly considered it, hoping Cameron would put Jag up, but he’s not going to risk it. It will be Felicia vs Izzy this week.

I guess the biggest things to watch for will be:

Do America and Cory make moves to work with Jag and Matt moving forward? Matt seems loyal to Cirie so not sure how that will go. Jared spent the weekend trying to turn Matt against Jag so I guess there’s a chance that could help. Jared spent the weekend trying to turn Matt against Jag so I guess there’s a chance that could help.

Will America finally stop sharing so much game info with Blue? Forget them being related, Cory knows Cirie and Jared are working together. They can’t make a move against Cirie until America stops talking about it with Blue.

Is Cory going to finally realize Izzy is more loyal to Cirie than she is to him? He has to stop sharing everything with her.

How mad will Meme be when she finds out Izzy isn’t her groups target this week? She thinks it’s a given they’ll save Felicia.

How much clean up will Cirie have to do this week? Jared’s done ALOT of talking.

Sorry this one was so long and therefore, so late getting posted. Have a great Monday!


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